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Pictured: One of the most dangerous creatures on earth.

Regularly chew on crocodiles while teething (and the crocs let them, because otherwise mom will eat them).

Pictured: Danger Mlem.

I love them so much.
I was being quite literal, by the way. They use Nile Crocodiles as chew toys.
Because this is mom. Mom is being chewed on by lions and doesn't give a fuck.
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The politics of disgust unite seemingly-disparate political philosophies and not knowing that is misleading people. Like how some people can't see how SWERFs, TERFs, and fascists are uniting because of their shared politics of disgust.
First off, the politics of disgust is politics based on actual disgust. Nazis are where I learned about it, and they are the classical example. They are very concerned that no one think or do or *be* anything that disgusts them and unite with others with similar disgusts.
The shared disgust against excluded groups defines the in-group that they create to counter and remove the source (ie, people) of their disgust. The in-group is usually an ahistorical use of a group term and a site of important myth-making to their politics (eg, "Aryan" to Nazis)
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So 7 cis boys storm into the girl's bathroom because they were upset a trans boy was in the boy's bathroom & wouldn't let the cis girl out of the bathroom so she kneed one of them. & she's the one who EXPELLED.

Not suspended, not detention

EXPELLED for self defense.
*who got expelled

Ffs just kill me now
Just imagine what else these boys will do now that they've been effectively told any attempts at self defense against them will be punished.
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Iโ€™ve been thinking about it more and more for months and... I think itโ€™s becoming time for me to set up a GoFundMe for bottom surgery. Thatโ€™s the #1 thing that caused me to realize I need to transition over two years ago, and the one thing Iโ€™ve seen almost zero progress on.
Iโ€™m really scared of the prospect of asking for so much help, and thereโ€™s so much more to talk about regarding that than I can fit here right now. But when I think back on the past two years and all the effort Iโ€™ve made for this, I finally feel Iโ€™ve done all I can short of this.
Iโ€™m sitting here in bed recovering from wisdom teeth extraction - the first time Iโ€™ve ever been sedated, much less gone under the knife. The fear of that has held me back for so long, but now Iโ€™ve faced that small version of it and Iโ€™m more ready than ever.
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I need a cis lesbian rant. This one is about London Pride.

Ok. Terfs are going to claim it's their right to wave their transphobic horse shit banners because "lesbian erasure". WRONG.

Picture this:
1) Terf Lesbians waving banners "Get the B out!" cuz Bisexuals give lesbians a bad rep!!

2) Gay men waving banners "Get the B out!" cuz Bisexuals give lesbians a bad rep!!

3) Bisexuals waving banners "Get the B out!" cuz we ALL erase their identities pretty fucking often.
There's no chance in hell that this shit gets allowed during OUR PRIDE because its a load of bullshit!! So if this shit doesn't fly, why the hell should we allow terfs to pull this crap on our trans siblings??? The answer is WE DO NOT ALLOW IT.
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EA surveyed people who play games and found the majority want more diversity and the backlash comes from a vocal minority.โ€ฆ
Check out my soundcloud by clicking on this hashtag: #TransCrowdFund
Btw don't be racist in my mentions.
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Just in case anyone's forgotten, Graham Linehan is misogynist, transphobic, and homophobic. He harasses women he deems to hold the wrong opinions or just for being trans, he calls trans-related surgeries Cronenbergian, and he tries to lecture lesbians on being lesbian.
This man has 645,000 followers and is a well-known comedy writer. He currently lives fairly comfortably while many of the people he targets are poor and lack platforms that make it likely for them to be invited to lie about trans kids on television in Ireland or the UK.
This man harassed a trans women and lied about her, claiming that she doxed his wife by mentioning his wife's business (a matter of public record). He then participated in doxing that trans woman. He considers bisexual people to be opportunistic straight people "appropriating
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Dear rich people. We have to talk.

If your gross income is under $100k a year skip this thread. If it's $100k or over (INCLUDING MONEY FROM FAMILY), even if you don't think so, you're rich.
Even if you think you can barely make ends meet or "can't afford to" give money to the poor, you're wrong. People in your city make do with less than half of what you have and they are likely more generous than you are.
Not to be too moralistic on you all, but if you are hoarding money or spending money it on luxuries, you are part of the problem. Even if you hate Tr*mp and love @AOC and think gentrification is awful, you are part of the problem. WE are part of the problem.
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Reminder lovely folks that as well as always being available for tarot anytime as I'm saving for medical expenses

I'll be here from 9pm GMT continuing with part 11 of my crystals of Steven universe series
Just over 40 mins till we continue onto part 11 of our crystals of Steven universe series

Part 10 below

Good evening folks it's Wednesday 23 January 9pm GMT and that means it's part 11 of the crystals of Steven universe series ( link to part 10 above)

Id like to take a moment to remind you that I'm live for #tarot & have a variety of decks to chose from

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two weeks ago someone zapped a single spot on my face with a laser. sure enough, that spot is hairless now

I would very much like the rest of my face to be hairless too. I need $1130. can anyone help? please? #TransCrowdFund
should I use an actual crowdfunding site for this? it seems silly to give another website a cut, but seeing that progress bar fill up really seems to motivate people
but you know what? I can make my own progress bar

$0 <โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘> $1130

let's do this
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This is not an isolated incident. Trans people who've had their names and gender markers legally changed on all of their documentation for years are suddenly being refused passports or being told that their current passports are invalid. This keeps happening. Please listen to us.
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During #TransgenderAwarenessMonth, can we talk less about trans murders and more about how, as a society, we drive trans suicidality?
FORTY PERCENT of trans people will attempt suicide in their lives. That number is MASSIVE.
In contrast, among the general population, that number is 0.6% (โ€ฆ)
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