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🧵 #LivingLongCovid

Some maybe already know me probably% and maybe my story.

I am a #HealthCareWorker and since before and at the beginning of #COVID19 I have worked in the #ICU saving lives and learning about #IntensiveCare

I've had #COVID19 3 times so far this pandemic.
I developed #LongCovid from my 2nd contagion that was serious at the time, I required hospitalization in #ICU and oxygen therapy.
Since Dec 2020 I have lived with #LongCovid since then and when I understood the Multi-organic gravity of #LongCovid
And I still do it daily.

A few days ago I had a 2nd #InfarctionSilent a year ago I had a multiorgan failure accompanied by #infarctionSilente

We know that #COVID19 can cause #myocarditis and that is possibly the case, I don't know yet.

I tell you now.
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See display name. Rent & utilities. Disabled & out of work, not getting disability benefits yet! I literally have nothing without help.

#showupforwishes #crowdfund #MutualAidRequest #disability
@scott_satzer I'm trying amount in display name for ease.
@TheAgentNDN Since I'm falling further behind I changed my display name.
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I’m working on a piece that will expose an invisible epidemic that regular working class people know all to well. Media and society ignore it, because they don’t want to address the complex, often absurd inequities of the US medical system. I had recently had surgery (1/3)
abdominal wall #endometriosis excision (a procedure done by only 7 Drs in USA & NONE take insurance!) I’m #disabled on Medicare but they won’t cover this, they’ll only pay to remove my uterus! But they’ll pay for men to get boner pills! I’m rejecting the #mesh they placed. (2/3)
35yrs of chronic illness & pain I’ve seen the classism racism sexism capitalism ableism & patriarchy in the US med system is literally & figuratively crippling us. It’s gross that we have to do this for basic #HumanRights but if you’re able please help at my links in 4 (3/3)
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Welp...the pressure is on me again.

I told my landlord of the situation regarding my disability pay & the delay in paying my rent, and he went OFF on me. "No more excuses, pay up by Thursday morning or you are OUT OF HERE!!!", he basically said.

Gonna need that $300 real soon.
Even though I brought the paperwork to my doctor early in order to avoid this, they still managed to dwadle and delay to the point that I won't get my disability biweekly check this week.

This is getting repeatedly stupid.

So, once again, I seek y'allz for help in this. You've come through for me everytime before; I'm hoping you have enough to help me here, too.$AnthonyJK6319…

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I'll apologize before hand for the length of this, but I think I need to explain everything to get the help I need.

In February 2020, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. I have fought to stay alive over the last 1/
couple yrs. I have been through multiple rounds of chemo, biologics therapy, two surgeries(1 that nearly ended my life), ect. I have went through scans every couple months, blood test and every few weeks. Though I have insurance, it rarely covers all costs. I have been
buried in bills. Bills that make living hard. So hard in fact that I had to move back into my parents home. At 43 yrs old, it has been no picnic. But we are all making it work.

My parents have helped me with my bills to the point where they are not in a great place
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#MutualAidRequest I have a follower who needs to stay anonymous. They're going through a tough time, have lost their job due to covid, have NO familial support as they were in an abusive situation & are close to being evicted. Pls share & donate.
They're trying to raise funds for their medications and some rent money as well. They're half way there for rent but they have no money for their meds which they need as they a diabetic. I can send screenshots of money transfers once they pay their rent.
It is absolutely a trusted person I have had the pleasure of meeting in person. They wish to stay anon as they have people who follow them who they don't want to share their current struggles with. Anything helps. Thanks all!
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mutual aid links to donate to below
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Trigger Warning: Trauma and Self harm for thread
@nolan_syreeta @manijadegarcia @BlackInMH

Today is my first trauma anniversary of the most severe medical trauma I have dealt with in my life in a critical period of my academic journey. Really, I could be in graduate school
right now. My applications to my 7 planned programs could have been so strong. This medical trauma happened 2 months before the deadlines to my graduate school programs. I had just gotten to the point where I was ready to fill out the applications that acceptance would have
meant leaving my medical teams, but I was prepared to make that change. This medical trauma was the worst 2 hours of my life to a consent that really wasn’t a full consent, to have my pain dismissed, to have wheelchair support to leave denied, to have a resident speak with
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I feel like people aren’t donating to my GFM Bc they think I have “enough” to keep from being homeless again. This GFM is from last year. I had $7945 (minus fees from GFM taking a cut) to move, pay deposits/utilities, get all of my furniture & feed myself/cover other life costs.
That…is not a lot of money. I spent over half to pay rent in advance, I got the cheapest furniture I could/borrowed some furniture from friends & I had to pay off nearly $1,000 in a gas bill that I wasn’t responsible for once I finally moved. I’m STILL furloughed bro.
I relaunched the GFM at the start of May, looking to raise $3,300 more so that I could cover rent/bills for another 3 months. So I’ve only gotten $735-ish this year, which has covered exactly one month of rent. That’s it. I’m not rolling in dough. I still need help.
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