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A narrative is being peddled that the #COVID19India crisis is due to these factors

1. Modi & Team claimed victory & did nothing
2. Modi allowed election rallies & #Kumbh which caused the #CoronaSecondWave
3. Now @narendramodi is not giving oxygen, medicines & vaccines to states
Let us see what facts can be ascertained by looking at the numbers.

On Feb 1, daily new cases in India had dropped to 85790. Two third of these new cases from the states of Maharastra & Kerala, blessed with best CM & best health minister in the country.

#CoronaSecondWave Image
By 15th Feb, daily new cases had risen to 15614. Punjab joined Maharastra and Kerala in the top 3 states and they contributed 12,126 new cases. 78% of all new cases in the country

Kerala had seen high cases even in Dec-Jan period when rest of country was witnessing decline Image
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NEW: #Brazil asks for help as deaths from #COVID19 are hitting record daily numbers.

To get a better understanding of the impacts of the #CoronavirusPandemic from the ground, we gathered four perspectives from across the country.…
In small towns across #Brazil like Piúma, Espirito Santo, the health system is insufficient to deal with the surging cases of #coronavirus.

Catarina Mais, a local health professional, spoke to Unicorn Riot saying: “Piúma is asking for help ... Brazil is asking for help.”
Catarina Mais said the #UKvariant, the most aggressive #COVID19 variant, had just entered Piúma, likely from “a tourist from another state or county.” This could be devastating for Piúma, as the population doesn’t have enough hospital beds available nor an ambulance.
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1/ With the #ukvariant taking over in MA, easing restrictions will backfire. Positive test rates are now rising for all age groups. #mapoli
@masslivenews @tracynovick @MarjorieDecker
2/ First column is 3/14-3/19, second column is 3/16-3/22. Previously, positivity for 70+ was declining, but it has just risen despite vaccination.
3/ Lowell case data: case count rose 26% in 1 week, with second week ending on 3/21.
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#SARSCOV2 & #VariantsOfConcern
#B117 #B1351 #P1
SARS-CoV-2▪︎Genetically related to 2003 SARS virus▪︎Named Feb 11 2020 #COVID19▪︎Feb 24 2021 Global Cases 112,409,584, Deaths 2,492,420▪︎Feb 24 2021 US Cases 28,313,003, Deaths 504,295

#UKvariant #B117▪︎Discovered Sept 2020▪︎80+Countries▪︎1st US Dec 2020▪︎Feb 24 2021 US Cases 1,881 across 45 States▪︎Estimated 30-50% more transmissible (spreads easier&faster)▪︎UK suggests the strain may cause more severe cases & 30% increased risk of death. /2
#SouthAfricanVariant #B1351▪︎Appx same time as #B117▪︎Feb 24 2021 US Cases 46 across 14 States▪︎Dominant strain in Zambia Dec2020▪︎Estimated 50% more transmissible▪︎No evidence yet of increased severity▪︎Mutated Spike Protein allowing latch to human cells easier/3
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1/ Hier is een update van de #UKvariant #B117 groeicurves in verschillende landen en regio's. De verhouding B.1.1.7/overig (odds ratio OR) zou exponentieel groeien ongeacht gedrag van de burgers. (Dit draadje eerder in het Engels: ) Image
2/ Een 'log slope' 0,08 betekent dat de OR met 8 %/dag toeneemt. Bij elke dataset staat de publicatiedatum en of het is o.b.v. S-gene target failure (SGTF, d.w.z. PCR-tests) of genetische sequencing (seq).
3/ De 'log slope' kun je vertalen naar een reproductiegetalverhouding R_B117/R_overig = exp(log_slope*4) voor een generatie-interval van 4 dagen.
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1/ Data on the #UKvariant #B117 in a number of countries and UK regions. The (odds) ratio of the B.1.1.7 variant versus other variants would be expected to grow exponentially (straight line on a logarithmic scale) independent of behavior (lockdowns etc.). Image
2/ A log slope 0.07 means that the odds ratio increases by 7% per day. The publication date for each dataset is indicated. The datasets are either based on S-gene target failure (SGTF; PCR tests with some selectivity for the B.1.1.7 mutation) or on full genomic sequencing.
3/ The slope can be converted to a ratio in reproduction numbers: R_B117/R_other = exp(slope*Tg) where Tg is the nominal generation interval (value generally assumed between 4 and 6 days).
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I'm a humanist. My faith is in human beings, so I don't pray: I hope.

That we have been through this before gives me hope.

I further hope that enough people are listening to the lessons of history and watching the Donald Trump method bring nothing but disaster and disgrace.

If The Government Can Get Away With 100,000 Covid Deaths, It Can Get Away With Anything

“What have been the cost of the pandemic lies? Well, at least 100,000 dead. And yet this government remains at 40 percent in the polls”

#LiesAreOver: if you want it

Lies give Tories power.

Their ONLY competence is lying to distract people from their crimes/failures.

We put everybody on this planet in danger because Boris Johnson and his lying Tory mates have been half-arsing this from start to finish.

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Draadje waarom het zo zorgwekkend is dat we maar langzaam zakken...

Ten eerste nog even wellicht ten overvloede:

Stijging tests => stijging ziekenhuizen => stijging sterfte

Dan even wat grafieken bekijken.
Geen getallen op de assen, want het gaat om het principe. We gaan ook even in de tijd kijken, dus kloppende getallen is niet het punt.

Dit is hoe een goede lockdown er uit hoort te zien:
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1/x The #UKvariant (a thread + references)

Prof Vincent #Racaniello offers a COMPLETELY #different conclusion to that of #NERVTAG (see 15:08)

Thus, based on his analysis,
is the world #overreacting to #UKvariant?

@profvrr is Earth's #virology prof

@profvrr 2/x con’t
“At 22:00 min, @profvrr concludes,

“I have LOW CONFIDENCE that [the UK variant] demonstrates a substantial increase in #transmissibility compared to other variants.”

3/x con't

Why are there INCREASED
- #border_closures?
- #global #lockdowns?
- #fear?
If the science is still #inconclusive and #incomplete?


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over #UKvariant, tanks op straat en laaghangend fruit.
Hoe we paniek om kunnen zetten in nieuwe hoop.

Wat zit er aan te komen? De ziekenhuizen in Londen lopen vol. Ze komen 2.000 bedden tekort in het BESTE scenario.

De variant is al 1-5% aanwezig in Nederland en daarmee waarschijnlijk onhoudbaar.
Lees dit draadje en alle referenties
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