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I have a new article out identifying the double (private-public) movement underlying #HRDD and charting some of #Ruggie's ideas and commitments which paved the way for it.

The first 50 copies are freely available at…

#BizHumanRights #UNGPs #DueDiligence
@NadiaBernaz @TaraVanHo @KlaasEller @mouetteobscure @A__Beckers @ioanniskamp @ProfSuryaDeva @VirginieRouas @clairerabright @profsarahj (and hopefully many others), it might be of interest to you and I look forward to your feedback!
Apparently there are some issues with the link to the free copies, don’t hesitate to send me an email (a.duval(at) if you want a copy!
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@BIICL & @UCPH conference on Human Rights Due Diligence & Systemic Inequalities is happening now. #bizhumanrights @siddhartesse @cepri_law @jura_ku… (thread)
@KMhumanrights: Must look at causes & effects. E.g. reasons for forced labour in a factory or mine. Can be climate crisis, result of land acquisition. #SystIneq21
@KMhumanrights The reality is that many of the violations are very much apparent & it doesn't or shouldn't take much HRDD to actually discover them. #bizhumanrights #SystIneq21
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After a DECADE of research, we are releasing a 235-page report concluding that the grand experiment of voluntary corporate regulation and multi-stakeholderism has failed to protect against corporate human rights abuses.…
2/ It's time to #RethinkMSIs. They can be powerful tools for building trust, exchanging knowledge and experimentation, but they are not effective as tools to reliably detect or remedy human rights abuse. We need regulation for that, at local, national and international levels.
3/ Will unpack our six key insights into the systemic limitations of MSIs later, but here’s an example: Nearly a third of MSIs don't have a mechanism for rights holders to seek remedy. Those that do don't meet even the basic criteria of the #UNGPs, e.g. transparent, accessible.
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@FinComSlavery @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started 💥

welcome speech by H.E. Mr. Christian Wenaweser: feel free to pose your Q also thru Twitter using the hashtag #FinanceAgainstSlavery, he says

#SustainableFinance #ModernSlavery #BizHumanRights #BizHR #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment
@FinComSlavery @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit now H.E. Ms. Katrin Eggenberger is making her speech: the financial sector is key to tackle #modernslavery, last Sep we presented the blueprint of our initiative

#SustainableFinance #BizHumanRights #BizHR #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #FinanceAgainstSlavery
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@KsapaOrg @FBaddache#Tax evasion
✅ Ruled using #bilateral investment treaties
#Data collection, usage, sharing

the 3 key themes in @KsapaOrg's approach to #BizHumanRights being highlighted by @FBaddache

#webinar #HumanRights #duediligence #engagement #HRDD #BigData #cybersecurity #UNGPs
@KsapaOrg @FBaddache three areas directly impacting #business in respect to #humanrights:

1. comply w/ mandatory transparency & #HRDD - in operations, joint ventures & #supplychains

#webinar #BizHumanRights #engagement @UKAntiSlavery @ModSlaveryReg @pcarrier26 @InvestForRights @FinComSlavery
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THREAD on biz, human rights and tech. 1/ On this 70th anniversary of the UDHR’s adoption by UNGA, connecting dots from UDHR to tech today. UDHR-> ICCPR-> UNGPs-> GNI Principles-> #tech company human rights commitments, infrastructure, and decisions. #UDHR:…
2/ UDHR is unique in modern int'l political system (post-1648) b/c rights declared inherent in all people based on human dignity, not derived from god, a king or the state. For provisions that we relate to the tech sector today, see Articles 12 (privacy) and 19 (free expression).
3/ In the ICCPR, as one of the UDHR's implementing treaties, see Articles 17 (privacy) and 19 (free expression), which we similarly relate to the tech sector today. #ICCPR:…
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