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The #RefugeeBanBill is a deplorable, illegal & unworkable attempt to rip up the human rights of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

It comes from a Tory Government desperate to divide & distract us during an economic crisis exacerbated by their policies.


Instead of offering safe routes to sanctuary in the UK, the Government is attempting to ban asylum and human rights claims from people who have escaped some of the worst horrors in the world and forcibly remove them instead, with sweeping new detention powers pending this.

It flies in the face of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, drafted in the wake of the Holocaust: “refugees shall not be penalised solely by reason of unlawful entry or because, being in need of refuge and protection, they remain illegally in a country”.

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RSE workers are either housed in motels & camping ground cabins; rental houses owned by the RSE provider and rented out for RSE workers; & purpose-built units. RSE workers that we spoke to were charged between $150 to $175 per week for accommodation, which included power & water.
RSE Workers’ most frequent question to us was whether this cost was reasonable when the standard practice was for two to seven workers to share a bedroom. In some situations, this meant an employer was charging over $1,000 per week per bedroom.
We visited some of the motels or camping ground cabins rented out by employers which the RSE workers paid in weekly rent. The rooms were often cold, damp, and in some cases mouldy. No one in Aotearoa New Zealand should be living in these conditions!
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Every worker that we spoke to said that the total weekly deductions were too high, leaving them with little to spend on themselves. Some were left with as little as $35 net pay at the end of a fortnight.
* Disclaimer: Some details may be distressing.
Some RSE workers told us they were being charged for the tools of the trade, such as gloves, boots, and pruning and trimming equipment to perform the job when they were employees and not contractors.
All workers we spoke to were charged between $20-$45p/w for transport between the accommodation & work site. One group bought their own vehicle but was told by the employer they couldn't use it & must use company van instead. The workers said they were forced to sell the vehicle.
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For #HumanRightsDay2022 let’s remember that #ModernSlavery is a #HumanRights issue first and foremost & so the surest path to ending this severe form of exploitation once and for all is to put #HumanRightsFirst.
Why do we fight to end #PrisonSlavery? Because every person has an inalienable right not to be held in #Slavery or #Servitude. Put #HumanRightsFirst and take action today:…
Qatar still has yet to effectively end its #Kafala system leaving its majority #Migrant worker population vulnerable to continued exploitation. Tell @FifaWorldCup to put #HumanRights before #Football today:…
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A🧵 on the necessity of protection as the most sustainable strategy at scale that we have to protect people at risk of being forced into #modernslavery.
Having tracked NGO, government, church and business responses to human trafficking and forced labour for 15 years, it remains common thought to focus on solutions centred on awareness and risk reduction activities, sometimes referred to as prevention.
What this doesn't acknowledge is the reality that in almost all instances, slavery thrives in a culture of criminal impunity. The violence of slavery is perpetuated when those responsible to stop the violent, simply stand by.
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New British Red Cross research with @UNHCRUK out today documents the risks of exploitation faced by people seeking safety in the UK.…
People seeking asylum in the UK should be safe from further harm.

Instead, we find that they are at risk of exploitation and #ModernSlavery. This includes being forced into sexual and labour exploitation. "My worry is particula...
Opportunities to identify and address risks are frequently missed throughout the asylum system. This is due to over-reliance on people self-identifying as victims of human trafficking and a lack of effective vulnerability screening at all stages of the asylum process. "It's like many times ...
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The World Bank estimates that more than 200 million people can be forced to migrate due to climate change by 2050. There is no doubt about it: the climate crisis forces migration.

#CHOGM2022 @CMW87network @WalkFree
Climate change exacerbates vulnerabilities for those already most at risk of modern slavery and human trafficking. It increases inequality and drives migration – which are both risk factors for exploitation.
The links between climate change and modern slavery cannot be ignored.

We will host an event with @CMW87network and @WalkFree, discussing impacts of the #ClimateCrisis on #ModernSlavery, exploring challenges, good practices, and the roles of civil society and State actors.
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Today changes to #SaudiArabia’s labour law come into effect. The government says this ends the exploitative #kafala system. But @Equidem is concerned the reforms do not address discriminatory laws and policies that put millions of #migrantworkers at risk of #modernslavery. 1/18
Saudi Arabia hosts the third-largest migrant population in the world; foreign workers account for about a third of Saudi Arabia’s 30 million population and more than 80 per cent of the kingdom’s private-sector workforce. 2/18
Previously, migrant workers in Saudi Arabia were required to be sponsored by an employer to work in the country. They had to seek the permission of their employer to change jobs, open a bank account, travel out of the country and do other administrative tasks. 3/18
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New @SlaveryPEC report published today backs the need for the Government to take greater role in enforcing Modern Slavery Act’s business supply chain transparency measures to make them more effective.

Research carried out by @BonaveroIHR & BinghamCentre 👏👏👏

2. In 2015, the UK Government introduced section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act, requiring big businesses to publish an annual modern slavery statement. The intention was to enable civil society to hold business to account for addressing modern slavery in supply chains.
3. Researchers analysed civil society’s efforts to monitor business reporting, finding a "spectrum of effectiveness" in evaluation of the statements.

The statements didn't necessarily translate into meaningful changes in corporate behaviour and reduction in #modernslavery
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#Uyghurs The implications of this new evidence, impacting 20% of the world’s cotton: Companies must consider all cotton produced in Xinjiang *may* be tainted with forced labor.

This has immediate implications for supply chains across the fashion industry.

The this new evidence on forced labour in #Xinjiang to produce cotton should impact govts considering implemention of new human rights due diligence laws, to ensure companies can no longer turn a blind eye to abuses in their supply chains. #modernslavery…
Today I am giving evidence to @CommonsForeign on accountability in international law for atrocities in Xinjiang against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims.

This new evidence on #forcedlabour shows again why govts must take concrete steps to ensure corporate accountability too.
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1-#MyStory- Decade of my life is lost in search of American Dream,being labor &showing excellence in 9 to 5 job,law-abiding,paying taxes, with kids close to age-out,my dreams are crushed, American dreams are JUST that dreams!
#S386IsFair #PassS386 #HR1044
2-I wish i get back my 10 yrs stolen life,stolen with misinformed dual intent #h1bvisa , #greencardbacklog despite being vetted twice USCIS&US DOL,APPROVED for GC have2wait for150+yrs?
#EBGCountryCap make #NoSense my last hope is #S386 which is also being crushed by @DickDurbin
3-Not untill 4Yrs back was aware of this indentured servitude caused by #NationalityDiscrimination #ModernSlavery in a Great Nation while world is watching & laughing for its ages-old IMMG policy, adding to it, #Durbin who sabtoge #DACA #LegalImmigrants but doesn’t help in REAL
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@FinComSlavery @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started 💥

welcome speech by H.E. Mr. Christian Wenaweser: feel free to pose your Q also thru Twitter using the hashtag #FinanceAgainstSlavery, he says

#SustainableFinance #ModernSlavery #BizHumanRights #BizHR #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment
@FinComSlavery @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit now H.E. Ms. Katrin Eggenberger is making her speech: the financial sector is key to tackle #modernslavery, last Sep we presented the blueprint of our initiative

#SustainableFinance #BizHumanRights #BizHR #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #FinanceAgainstSlavery
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A non #COVID19 thread: When I first moved to #India, I'd open the newspaper to finds ads like these, for missing children. It made me wonder - where do they end up? Every 8 seconds a child goes missing in the country. So @Imo_Anderson investigated. #IndiasMissingChildren 👇
This is Sunita. She went "missing" from a remote and tribal village in the state of Jharkand a decade ago - a couple befriended her parents promising her an education - but were they were traffickers. Instead she was sent to Delhi to work for a family. #IndiasMissingChildren.
It’s a story we heard from others. Traffickers get friendly with a family, and dupe them into sending their children away. They’re middlemen. The children are then “sold” to others, ending up at “placement agencies” where they’re hired by Indian families. #IndiasMissingChildren.
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1/ Worrying to hear @DrRosieRiley on @doctors_kitchen's podcast talking re #modernslavery.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 It affects 40 mil people (2017)

💵 #modernslavery generates more money cf illegal #drugs trade: $150 bn annually (2014).

GDP of:
🇳🇿 $202bn
🇵🇹 $195bn

2/ Regional data from @minderoo - Global Slavery Index:…

#FOAMed ImageImageImage
3/ Regional data from @minderoo - Global Slavery Index:…

#FOAMed ImageImage
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Thanks @BBCR4Sunday for giving us chance discuss w/ @theclewer the need for #modernslavery field to adopt standard on Freedom of Thought, Religion & Belief. Starts 30m54s…
Our 3 year @ESRC study on faith responses found some FBOs already have strong policies to prevent any secondary exploitation or repeating of trauma in how they interact w/ people exiting severe exploitation.
Almost everyone agrees that influencing around religion and belief, including 'mild' forms of evangelising such as sharing materials or offering a lift to church should have no place in person-centred, trauma informed care.
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Epstein’s fellow #childsextrafficking scum, Ghislaine Maxwell boyfriend Dr. Scott Borgerson is on Counsel on Foreign Relations (front for #modernslavery) like Epstein was. He’s CEO of CargoMetrics Technologies LLC -how convenient for #HumanTrafficking.…
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1/? THREAD: What can the world learn from Brazil’s struggle to #endslavery?

This week I’m visiting Brazil to consider that question.

Combining mobile inspection teams, social action & big data, Brazil’s efforts are amongst the most sophisticated in the world.
2/ >50000 modern slaves have been rescued by the Brazilian state since 1995.
On behalf of @UNUCPR @Delta87org & @FinComSlavery I'll meet with @undpbrazil @ilo @MPT_PGT @reporterb @experian & more, focusing on policy in agriculture & finance.

Learn more about slavery in Brazil & government efforts here:…

Follow along - & send ?s!
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Efforts to prosecute Assange have expanded under
Trump administration to include WikiLeaks series on criminal organization C(I)A.
Assange faces life imprisonment for multiple charges including conspiracy, theft, and electronic espionage.
CIA director Mike Pompeo has said that C(I)A is working to "take down" WikiLeaks. The US Senate intelligence committee has tabled legislation to declare WikiLeaks a "non state intelligence service" and that the US government should "treat it accordingly".
The same CRIMINAL Organization, the C(I)A,
that are working to take down Julian Assange were involved in committing egregious crimes against me and my older brother @CharlesHiatt since childhood which include #mindcontrol #childsextrafficking #torture #modernslavery
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A thread on what it’s like to be a female academic conducting critical research into the sex industry - or a journey through my last month at work. #MVAW #VAW #EndVAWG #EndDemand #highered #academia
Invited to speak at a UN consultation relating to gender, business and human rights. Despite discussions of the Modern Slavery Act and trafficking, no-one really wanted to talk about trafficking for sexual exploitation. #humantrafficking #modernslavery
But we do, as a wonderful colleague has worked hard to have panel specifically on aspects of this. At the last minute, the line-up is changed to include someone speaking on behalf of a sex industry lobby group.
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I promised you more treats & here they are.😀🍬

For the migrant rights project that I’m working on with @LawCentres I spoke with Jamila from @ATLEUnit about their amazing work seeking redress for trafficking survivors.
Jamila gave me a mini-masterclass on trafficking compensation claims. Her positivity, despite the ‘hostile environment’, was refreshing.
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