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The story of Black people in the #EnvironmentalJustice movement is rooted in the civil rights movement and the fight for racial justice. #CJABlackCaucus

Check out the Black EJ Timeline and webpage
The Black #EnvironmentalJustice movement helped birth the #ClimateJustice movement of today. CJA’s Black Caucus is working to archive and tell these stories. Building narrative power through the collection of written, oral, song, and visual historical preservation.
The Black Caucus is working to develop a Climate Justice Peoples’ Teach-In geared towards Black communities and designed to spark the next generation of Black climate and environmental justice leaders.
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#Defundapalooza was EVERYTHING!!! Amazing resources from amazing organizers & thinkers across the country for campaigns to #DefundPolice #RefundCommunities #DefendBlackLives many HOT off the presses, like authors hadn't actually seen the designed version of some! Missed it? 👇🏽
We shared @projectnia's #DefundthePolice video , disponible en español tambien aqui:…
As well as the Police Abolition 101 zine collabo between @projectnia & @interruptcrim, based & expanding on @MPD_150's resource - disponible en español pronto!… #DefundPolice #DefundthePolice #Defundapalooza
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The 1st round of negotiations of the @UN_CFS Policy Recommendations on Agroecological and Other Innovative Approaches has started. Follow this thread for highlights from CSM in English, French and Spanish. 👇
#AgroecologyPolicy Image
We fully support the statements of @FAO and @SwissAmbUN_MIRO noting that assessments of the sustainability of agriculture must be #participatory and #inclusive. Both are basic notions which should be upheld as part of a human rights approach to food systems and nutrition.
Food systems need to be radically transformed through #agroecology, not merely enhanced. Argentina and Brazil's systematic rejection of the terms 'transition' or 'transformation' in the text is alarming!
#FutureIsFoodSovereignty #JustRecovery #AgroecologyPolicy Image
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Since a lot of my fellow Texans are going to apply for aid through @FEMA let’s talk about the agency and some of the barriers disaster survivors encounter and persisting program flaws.
First things first, @FEMA is part of the Department of Homeland Security. Here’s a blog I wrote about its history and shortcomings in how the agency is funded:…
Many people will be applying for Individual Assistance (IA), but past disasters have shown us that help isn’t evenly distributed and frequently struggles to reach those in deepest need. This unpacks some of the class bias in accepted/rejected apps:…
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Albertans have loudly, clearly, and in their thousands demanded that coal mining on the eastern slopes of the Rockies be stopped and prohibited.1/n @CBCFletch @DrewPAnderson @CanadianPress @globeandmail @JonathanWNV @HMcPhersonMP @ryanjespersen
@JenCrosby @660NEWS @RachelNotley
More than 16,000 have signed a petition to the federal minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada.…
(The petition closes Friday. Sign now!) 2/n
Nearly 2,000 have written comments to the Joint Review Panel, with about 98 per cent of these opposing the Benga coal strip mine and other mining in the Rockies.…
(Opportunity for comments also closes this Friday.) 3/n
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Of 853 individual comments on the Benga mine currently on the Impact Assessment Agency's registry, 97.9 % express strong opposition to the Grassy Mtn strip mine. You can read them for yourself, here:…
@TheNarwhal @CBCFletch @DrewPAnderson #StoptheBengaMine
I read or scanned all of them. The authors appear to be almost exclusively Albertans, and they are fiercely opposed to the approval of any further coal mining on the eastern slopes. @GeorgeMonbiot @Martin_Lukacs @guardianeco @HMcPhersonMP #abpoli #cdnpoli
The opponents are impressively well-informed about the environmental risks and socioeconomic arguments surrounding the proposed Grassy Mountain coal mine. @ABWilderness @cpawssab @TheTyee @AlbertaViews @ABlawg @ABEnvNet @APTNNews @CBCNews
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Covid cases are ravaging LA. We are at the most deadly point of the pandemic and it will only get worse after these holidays. #CancelRent & #CancelMortgages with targeted landlord relief is the only solution that will truly help people in need of economic stability. A Thread 1/
Rental assistance is not enough. Most low-income tenants can’t work from home. To stay safe, they need to know they can stay home without falling deeply in debt to their landlord. All eligible tenants need relief - not just those lucky enough to be chosen for rental assistance 2/
Estimates show that over 600,000 tenants in the LA area are behind on rent and could owe hundreds of millions of dollars come January 2021. Rent debt will continue accumulating as people remain out of work. 3/…
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THREAD. After months of demands by people across the country to #ExtendUI and more - a short-term relief bill was passed by Congress. It’s far from enough, and in the new year we will demand they provide more support to ensure a #JustRecovery. Here’s what’s in the new bill...1/9
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) extended:
- Expansions of unemployment eligibility to those excluded from state UI programs under PUA are extended for 11 weeks to mid-March
- An additional 11 weeks of PUA for up to 50 weeks total… 2/9
Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) extended:
- PEUC extension of unemployment payments to those who exhaust maximum weeks of state UI renewed for 11 weeks to mid-March
- An additional 11 weeks of PEUC for up to 24 weeks total… 3/9
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Every city needs a local Green New Deal. Here’s our plan for a #BostonGND & #JustRecovery:
Cities have tremendous power to lead the charge to mitigate the threat of climate change, eliminate the violence of poverty & economic inequality, close the racial wealth gap & dismantle structural racism. #BostonGND #JustRecovery
We must change the narrative around what is possible. Our #BostonGND & #JustRecovery plan features 15 policies for transformative municipal action
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“It’s unsafe and irresponsible to reopen schools in non-green zones”

Keeping open schools in non-green zones, as is the case in Australia currently, is unsafe & irresponsible.

#get2zero #lockdownNSW #elimination #SchoolsMustShutdown #JustRecovery #covid19nsw #covid19VIC #MMT
Australia is currently a red zone, VIC, - NSW is likely on the same trajectory if policy makers continue to resist implementing effective measures - have dangerously high numbers of community transmission. Schools should not be open.
Here’s how green, yellow and red zones differ - here’s the website link

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.@RepMcEachin My daughter is an emergency room RN in RVA. She's on the frontlines of COVID19 rationing PPE Meanwhile, Congress is working to pass a $738,000,000,000 military budget!! PLEASE support the Sanders-Pocan-Lee-Markey Amendment for a #JustRecovery @GreenNewDealVA🌻
The support that communities facing COVID need isn't going to come from pouring more money into the Pentagon .@MarkWarnerVA .@MarkWarner please support this amendment redirecting 10% of the Pentagon budget to the communities that need it most!…
.@timkaine How can we afford a $738,000,000,000 military budget while 94% of US teachers are forced to spend their own money on school supplies? We can do better!! Cut the bloated Pentagon budget and give that money back to taxpayers to ensure a #JustRecovery
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#SriAgenda abt to start 💥 #July14 at 3pm CEST

Parliamentary Report Launch: Financing #climateaction w/ positive #socialimpact: how banks can support a #justtransition in the UK "@APPGSustFin…

#sustainablefinance @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit
@APPGSustFin @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started 💥 #July14

Parliamentary Report Launch: Financing #climateaction w/ positive #socialimpact: how banks can support a #justtransition in the UK "@APPGSustFin…

#SustainableFinance #JustTransition
@APPGSustFin @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit here are the hashtags to join the conversation on Twitter, @PollyBillington just said in her opening remarks


(no doubt 😎)
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#GreenRecovery principle 1/7: Aligning support with the ambitious climate action Canadians need by driving a zero-emission transition that prioritizes the #1o5 global warming scenario. Image
#GreenRecovery principle 2/7: When taxpayer funds are supporting industry, that money needs to have strings attached—let’s safeguard economic stability and secure jobs. Image
#GreenRecovery principle 3/7: Prioritize people. We need to train workers for the green jobs of a sustainable economy as part of a #JustTransition to clean energy. Image
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1/ This July, the people who control the budgets of the world’s 20 richest countries will decide how they spend trillions in public $$. They need to spend our money on a #JustRecovery. Find out what you can do:
2/The interrelated crises of wealth inequality, racism, and the climate crisis, were in place long before COVID-19, and now are being intensified.… #G20
3/ Yet, #G20 countries have acted directly against the Paris Agreement by providing at least USD 77 billion/year for fossil fuel projects through their public finance institutions.…
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Close to half of women are feeling more anxious, depressed, isolated, overworked or ill because of increased unpaid care work caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

New survey out today 👉🏾
with @MenCareGlobal @Promundo_US
#InequalityVirus #HowICare Image
The #coronavirus care workload continues to fall disproportionately on women – particularly those from ethnic & racial minorities, those living in poverty and in communities without access to basic infrastructure and services. #HowICare Image
Women do more care work in every country across the globe because of a lack of investment in public services, a labor market that ignores people’s care needs, and harmful stereotypes that consider care work to be women’s work and less skilled or valuable than paid work. #HowICare Image
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The #EU wants to become climate neutral by 2050 and @Lagarde , the new head of the @ecb, has acknowledged the importance of green investments in combating the #climatecrisis. Still the financial policies of the ECB are in contrast to that.
A thread 1/10
#PeopleNotPolluters Image
Price stability is the most important task of the ECB:…
The economic consequences of the climate crisis will be so devastating that this will be in danger in the long term. The ECB must therefore take responsibility + protect the climate! 🔥 2/10
The ECB sees itself as a neutral market participant and intends their purchases in a way, that the market gets equally represented and prevents market interferences. 3/10
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#SriAgenda abt to start 🔔 #May19 3pm CEST


Leading Climate Ideas: From taxonomy to the broader #sustainablefinance #revolution "@ClimateBonds
🎙Helena Vines Fiestas

#sustainablefinance @andytuit @SRI_Natives
@ClimateBonds @NVJRobins1 @seankidney @andytuit @SRI_Natives the #EUTaxonomy is already having an impact, even though it has not come into force yet, says Helena Vines Fiestas starting her speech

#sustainablefinance #revolution
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1. Great news: today, 42 faith institutions from 14 countries, including 21 in the UK, announce their #divestment from fossil fuels. This is the largest-ever fossil fuel divestment announcement from faith institutions. @CathClimateMvmt @Greenanglicans @WCCclimate @greenfaithworld
2. UK organisations divesting include @Oasis_UK, @JesuitsBritain, the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton @ABDiocese, 3 @UnitedReformed Synods, 4 @BritishQuaker meetings, 3 @MethodistGB churches, Westminster College Cambridge & several local churches @WestCollCambs Image
3. Today's #divestment announcement comes from institutions with a total of over £1.1 billion in assets under management.
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