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Today @bsrnews is publishing a human rights assessment of Meta’s planned expansion of end-to-end encryption (E2EE) across its messaging services. A (necessarily long) thread, 1/23: #bizhumanrights…
The assessment took place over 2 years, and was informed by extensive research, interviews, and peer review. It's 100+ pages long, so we’ve also published an executive summary at the link above, and a blog here…. Below are our key findings. 2/23
A human rights-based approach can bring needed nuance to the encryption debate and help break out of the binary privacy vs. security framing. The reality is far more complex. Looking at impacts on *all* human rights helps reveal this. 3/23
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CO-WEST-PRO’s first working paper is out today!
“The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s 'Uyghurs for Sale' Report: Scholarly Analysis or Strategic Disinformation?”
#ASPI #WorkRights4Uyghurs #bizhumanrights #humanrights
(1/4) Image
There isn’t a strong tradition in Australia of grass-roots legal activism, so don’t expect, just because CO-WEST-PRO’s paper is a strong legal analysis of ASPI’s work, that it will be acted upon by Australian institutions (parliament, universities, etc.)
The success of this paper will depend on the actions of the 5th estate (i.e. the global citizenry) who care about the real human rights violations of the Uyghurs. The paper’s call-to-action recommendations are just a starting point. Please go further!
(3/4) Image
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@BIICL & @UCPH conference on Human Rights Due Diligence & Systemic Inequalities is happening now. #bizhumanrights @siddhartesse @cepri_law @jura_ku… (thread)
@KMhumanrights: Must look at causes & effects. E.g. reasons for forced labour in a factory or mine. Can be climate crisis, result of land acquisition. #SystIneq21
@KMhumanrights The reality is that many of the violations are very much apparent & it doesn't or shouldn't take much HRDD to actually discover them. #bizhumanrights #SystIneq21
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The @europeancommission just announced it will work on a proposal for an EU ban on products made with #forcedlabour. This is a historic announcement - how did we get here? A thread 👇(1/9)
Over a decade ago, the @EUparliament called for such a ban. It never went anywhere. As the #BizHumanRights discipline continued to develop, the focus was on creating obligations for companies to conduct due diligence to guarantee #humanrights and environmental protection (2/9).
Last year, when the EP negotiated the due diligence law in INTA, I tabled an amendment calling for an import ban on products linked to severe human rights violations like forced labour.This would be complementary to the law, to block such products coming to the single market(3/9)
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Historic #bizhumanrights victory! France's Supreme Court ruled: Cancelling the indictment of multinational Lafarge for complicity in crimes against humanity in Syria was wrong! Case must be re-examined by the appeals court.
👉Press release:
🔥Striking: The Supreme Court found very clear words and stated: Knowingly transferring millions of dollars to an organization whose sole purpose is criminal (like IS) is enough to characterize complicity.
What is this about? From 2012-14, Lafarge made payments to armed groups like the IS to maintain its factory in Syria open. We claim: Doing so, it made itself complicit in grave crimes of the IS, financed terrorism & endangered its Syrian employees.
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#SriAgenda starting now 💥 #July5 3pm CEST

What it means for corporations | 3rd in a series of 6 webinars (until #July19) by The EU Platform on #SustainableFinance
Hosted by @ClimateBonds…

#eutaxonomy #sri #esg #climatecrisis @SRI_Natives @andytuit
@ClimateBonds @SRI_Natives @andytuit about 1,500 partcipants registered for today's webinar, says Mr #GreenBonds @seankidney in his opening remarks

#eutaxonomy #corporations #eupsf
@ClimateBonds @SRI_Natives @andytuit @seankidney the recording of the webinar will be soon available on @ClimateBonds' #Youtube channel, notes @seankidney

#eutaxonomy #corporations #eupsf
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🧵 I have (another) update on my friends' experience with racial discrimination at @ZalesJewelers. A before, I'm going to use this to #TeachBHR #BizHumanRights on reparations. When the @winlawjournal symposium videos are up, you can see me do this here:…
This is the letter my friends received from @ZalesJewelers regarding the outcome of his complaint of racial discrimination when he was a customer in one of their stores.

(sorry for the weird cropping... I'm old. Not ancient like @scottjshapiro, but still old.)

As a reminder from the earlier 🧵🧵: all businesses, including @Zales, have a responsibility to respect all internationally recognized human rights (including the right to non-discrimination on the basis of race).

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We have baby geese on campus -- and 5 more jobs with @EssexLawSchool!

In order of my own personal interest... the first job is for a Lecturer in corporate governance. #CSR #BizHumanRights…
We're also hiring a Senior Lecturer interesting in leading in one or more of the following areas: international criminal law, terrorism, international criminal procedure and evidence (including digital evidence), and international environmental law.…
Job #3: Senior Lecturer in our Law Clinic:…
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So it's been 3 days since I tweeted this story about my friend facing racist treatment @ZalesJewelers. Zales asked for a contact. I gave them a phone number. They never called. My friend's wife reached out via FB & got a reply...
And now I'm going to use my expertise to explain why this answer is an inadequate #remedy & why @ZalesJewelers has failed from a #BizHumanRights perspective to address #Racism in its operations.

The tl;dr: Zales needs to do better. This is shameful.

So when businesses (@ZalesJewelers) causes or contributes to a negative impact on human rights -- in this case, a violation of the right to non-discrimination -- it owes the victim (my friend & his family) an adequate remedy.

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Facebook’s new human rights policy, published today, is a significant step forward in the journey to embed human rights at Facebook. Based on @bsrnews #bizhumanrights experience with companies, here’s what to look for when reviewing the policy 1/9…
Human rights policies provide the groundwork for improved performance over time. Here the commitment to a wide range of international human rights instruments should provide an essential foundation 2/9
Stakeholders need transparency and disclosure to assess company progress against policy commitments. If implemented well, FB’s commitment to annual human rights reporting should enhance accountability for progress against the commitments 3/9
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Very good news on EU #bizhumanrights!

The European Parliament voted today on amendments to the due diligence proposition of the JURI Committee, and swept away some last minutes threats.⬇️
🟩Exclusion of all SMEs: rejected
🟩Passing on due diligence obligations to suppliers: rejected
🟩Restricting the notion of "control" of an undertaking over another (related to civil liability): rejected
🟥Forum necessitatis and proposition to amend Brussels I bis and Rome II : rejected (as expected), but...
🟩Mandatory overriding provisions: adopted

This position on private international law is a not perfect but sends a signal: we know there an issue there that needs solving.
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Have you heard of Emerging Towns and Cities Singapore Ltd (ETC)?🧐 Its a #Singapore-based developer & lead investor in Golden City. Golden City complex is built on land controlled by #Myanmar military. It channels millions of $$ to office of Quartermaster General of the army 😲
ETC channels their biz through shell companies, with additional investment flowing from 4 biz incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and whose ownership is hidden. Golden City is ETC’s sole real estate development 1/
Golden Land Real Estate Development, & Nature Link Co. Ltd., the Myanmar-based project partners of ETC, signed a lease agreement w/ Quartermaster General’s office in 2013, back when military's Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) governed the country 2/
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Today we participate in the @ISHRglobal event to welcome the new president of @UN_HRC, ambassador @nazhatskhan.

We take the opportunity to pose to the ambassador three questions about #BizHumanRights that we consider essential to address in her new period.
Hoy participamos en el evento de @ISHR_esp para dar la bienvenida a la nueva presidenta de @UN_HRC, embajadora @nazhatskhan.
Aprovechamos la oportunidad para plantear a la embajadora tres preguntas sobre #EmpresasYDDHH que nos parecen fundamentales de abordar en su nuevo periodo.
🔴 Sigue la transmisión de la bienvenida a la nueva presidenta de @UN_HRC:

🔵 Watch the online welcome meeting with the incoming President of the @UN_HRC:

@ISHR_esp @ISHRglobal @nazhatskhan @UN @ONU_es
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#Uyghurs The implications of this new evidence, impacting 20% of the world’s cotton: Companies must consider all cotton produced in Xinjiang *may* be tainted with forced labor.

This has immediate implications for supply chains across the fashion industry.

The this new evidence on forced labour in #Xinjiang to produce cotton should impact govts considering implemention of new human rights due diligence laws, to ensure companies can no longer turn a blind eye to abuses in their supply chains. #modernslavery…
Today I am giving evidence to @CommonsForeign on accountability in international law for atrocities in Xinjiang against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims.

This new evidence on #forcedlabour shows again why govts must take concrete steps to ensure corporate accountability too.
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EU companies are getting away with #HumanRights violations & environmental destruction around the world.

We need a tough EU law to hold companies legally accountable for their actions - here's why 👇

#StopCorporateAbuse [1/]
The people in the village of Goi in Nigeria are eating, breathing & drinking oil.

Companies like @Shell avoid responsibility even while they continue to pump - and spill - oil. [2/] Quote by Nigerian resident 'What we eat here is pure poison'
Vania Maria Soares was forcefully evicted from her home by German company @Airport_FRA to make room for an airport expansion ✈️

When companies are not held legally accountable, ordinary people pay the price. [3/] Quote from Resident of Vila Nazare 'The story of my life is
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¡Ya empieza el panel sobre captura del Estado, corrupción y derechos humanos, organizado por PODER para el #VForoRegional sobre #EmpresasyDDHH de la @ONU_es! 🔥💪

🔴📽️ Sigue la transmisión en vivo por aquí:… Image
📌 "Entender los fenómenos de la captura del Estado nos va a permitir trabajar en estrategias más efectivas para desmantelar la arquitectura de la impunidad": @fernanda_ho, codirectora ejecutiva de PODER.

#BizHumanRights #EmpresasyDDHH Image
📌 "Otro escenario que tiene que ver con la captura del Estado: empresas que son legales, están inscritas y tienen personalidad jurídica, pero en la práctica terminan funcionando como organizaciones criminales": Alejandro Silva, de @equidad_peru.

#BizHumanRights #EmpresasyDDHH Image
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THREAD: Monterrico, a UK mining company that established a mine in the pristine environment of an indigenous community in Peru and allegedly facilitated human rights abuses, including torture, of protesters by the police #CorporateAccountability #BizHumanRights 1/12 Protesters hooded and detained on a cattle platform where th
In August 2005, communities living near the Rio Blanco copper mine, in a remote and beautiful area of Peru near the Ecuadorian border, took part in an environmental protest against its development. 2/12 Communities living near the Rio Blanco copper mine set off t
Monterrico sought assistance from the PNP, a police unit that had a track record of violence. The police handcuffed, hooded and beat protesters, taking them into the mining site where they were detained outside for 2-3 days. 3/12 Peruvian police take handcuffed, hooded and beat protesters
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@FinComSlavery @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started 💥

welcome speech by H.E. Mr. Christian Wenaweser: feel free to pose your Q also thru Twitter using the hashtag #FinanceAgainstSlavery, he says

#SustainableFinance #ModernSlavery #BizHumanRights #BizHR #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment
@FinComSlavery @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit now H.E. Ms. Katrin Eggenberger is making her speech: the financial sector is key to tackle #modernslavery, last Sep we presented the blueprint of our initiative

#SustainableFinance #BizHumanRights #BizHR #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #FinanceAgainstSlavery
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🧐¿Por qué siguen apareciendo casos de abusos empresariales, mientras la justicia no llega a las víctimas?

🔎¿Qué estrategias usan las empresas para evadir la rendición de cuentas por violaciones a los #DDHH?

Descúbrelo en:
👉 El proyecto es un esfuerzo de investigación global sobre impunidad corporativa, liderado por @SOMO, con la participación de PODER, @conectas @acidhcd @afrewatch @alhaq_org @Cividep @ECCJcorpjust @Inkrispena y más.💥
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Hilo de tiras de Mafalda aplicables al campo de las Empresas y los Derechos Humanos

1. EDH no es lo mismo que RSE
EDH no es green/pink washing
El éxito de los proyectos de regulación depende de la aceptación en Europa y USA.
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#SriAgenda just started | #May26


How to design a value-creating third-party risk programmes "@Refinitiv
🎙David Rusher @aravo
🎙Maria Sanchez Marin Melero (host)
🎙Charles Minutella

#esg #supplychain #sustainablefinance ImageImageImageImage
@Refinitiv @SasjaBeslik @aravo you can't make investment decisions founded simply on the data you see on your desktop in Europe when you invest in complex industries w/ complex #supplychains throughout the world, you have to verify what's going on #ontheground, says @SasjaBeslik

#webinar "@Refinitiv ImageImage
@Refinitiv @SasjaBeslik @aravo talk to regulators, journalists, NGOs, look at the infos delivered not only thru mainstream media but also thru blogs/#socialmedia, says Charles Minutella w/regard to the various sources of infos investors need to analyse #supplychains in an #ESG persective

#webinar "@Refinitiv
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