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Me, waiting in an overcrowded pharmacy for my #COVID19 booster

Woman of Color (#WOC) in front of me: It is NOT safe to have this many people in one place!

Me: I hear you. This is not COVID-19 safe at all. I'm here for my booster.

WOC: Wait, I have some questions about that.
Me: I work in medicine. Maybe I can help.

Her: See, what I don't understand is: why are there two shots?

Me: Yeah, fair. This kind of virus confuses your body, so the first time your body sees it, it is CONFUSED.

Her: Yeah, yeah.
Me: And the second time your body sees it, it's like "wait a minute, I KNOW this" & it's ready to FIGHT.

Her: Now that makes sense.

Me: Mm-hm.

Her: You know, I'm just here to pick up my prescription. I have to work tomorrow, you know, third shift.

Me: Yeah, you work hard.
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Losing the best leader I’ve had today, so sharing a few lessons she taught me (not an exhaustive list). 9 lessons for 9 months:
1 - Always. Choose. People.
When you act to stand up for your values and for other people, everything else falls into place. It’s really as simple as caring about people.
2 - Understand people.
Get to know your team as humans and co-workers – what are their hobbies, how was their weekend, what are they good at, what do they enjoy doing, what do they hate, how do they need/like to be supported. The best leaders adapt to their teams.
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A rant...,

The words that I express here are my own and have no affiliation to @ADOSorg @BreakingBrown or @tonetalks. If you would like to talk about their agenda, they are always available to clear up misconceptions from what I have noticed.

But I'm finna say this... 1/11
Africa celebrated the first AA president in America, not because his family had descended from American Chattel Slavery and made it to the point where he could matriculate at a #PoisonIvy institution and become the leader of the free world, NO! They celebrated because... 2/11
He is the first generation of his African family to be born in America. It was an accomplishment that should have been celebrated. That, IMO, should have been the point where we began #Diaspora repair. People where congratulating me like my brother won, lol 3/11
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👋🏽 this is a great time to re-introduce myself.
I'm Dr. Krishana Sankar, a molecular & cellular biologist w/ a PhD from @UofT. I'm a researcher, #science communicator, founder, speaker & advocate.
🙏🏽 @IWS_Network for spotlighting me & my work this week. #WomenInSTEM #scicomm
Besides science, my other passion is dance. I trained in ballet for >10yrs and dabble in many styles including latin, bollywood, afro, soca & dancehall to name a few.
I also run FREE weekly virtual 💃🏽 classes. DM to join!
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS #WomenInSTEM #dance
I'm also an immigrant #woc hailing from the beautiful country of Guyana! Fun facts:
▶️ 🇬🇾 only english speaking country in South America!
▶️ It has the largest single drop water fall in the world
▶️ It's known for it's El Dorado rum!
#WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS @IWS_Network Image
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Today I was asked by two well-meaning white women at @USIIns to speak for free at a #DEI event for their clients. They came to the mtg with no ideas on what they wanted to cover during this conversation. 1/5
When I asked them if it was a free or paid engagement, they said they might have a budget but were "hoping for flexibility" (read - free) "because it might help get more business" 2/5
When I pushed them to share metrics on what kind of business their speakers get from the engagements, they had no data, only anecdotes that other speakers had gotten contracts from free-speaking engagements. 3/5
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A year ago today somebody thought it would be cute to print out my tweets & humiliate me publicly on a meeting.

I had lost my voice from the stress and I came home and collapsed.

There are some days you never forget. #life
That was the day that I knew I couldn’t go on like that. I realized that my job was not sustainable without larger organization change. I could not fight that battle 4 yrs more feeling attacked all the time.

Something in me was snuffed out that day & I never recovered.
It was public humiliation after humiliation with no protection.

No one I know has been embarrassed like that even when they deserved to be.

Hit after hit after hit for years.

People have no idea the toll that took on me, my mind, and my family.

It was appalling.
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#facesofsrilanka - an ongoing thread curated by me to showcase existent diverse faces in #lka media to increase visibility.
All handles unless tagged are for Instagram.
#visibility #diversemedia
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A survey is being sent out to anyone interested in joining an INclusive walking group, which aims to be faith and culturally-inclusive and meet the needs of walkers from marginalised and minority faith and ethnic communities. Please DM me with your email address if interested.
.Just been on @BBCLeicester with @jo_bostock talking about our INclusive walking group - meeting the needs of minority & marginalised communities - to confidently & collectively go on beautiful & enjoyable walks! If interested DM me 👍🏼 @RamblersGB @countrywalking @BBCCountryfile
Interested in joining an INclusive walking group, which caters for minority and marginalised walkers, to meet our specific needs? Please DM me with your email to register your interest. #walkinggroup #culturallysensitive #POC #WOC #faithsensitive #MeetAtTheCafe
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There have been so many stories written about the history making aspects of the 116th Congress & its Members but none about the history being made daily by brilliant, dedicated aides like these two.
I am so blessed to do this Work with my #ATeam including these extraordinary leaders at the DC helm as my Chief of Staff & Legislative Dir., both are women & one is a #WOC #Latina, a rarity on the Hill. #brandnewcongress Immensely grateful for them both!
Before I close this thread, a special shout out to @DGSImagery #mwbe #blackcreativesmatter for her exquisite styling on the occasion of my inaugural DC swearing-in. The slayage was real lol
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Last week the Tennessee legislature held a summer study hearing on one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country. Senate Bill 1236 would ban access to nearly all abortions in the state of Tennessee.
Lawmakers cut off abortion rights advocates from speaking. In particular, they blocked Cherisse Scott, CEO of Memphis-based @SisterReach. Scott lifted up the legislature's hypocrisy and realities of #WOC, but the committee did not want to hear the truth.…
“You want to change the policy? You want to make sure abortions are decreased? Then it is your responsibility to work with me, a black woman, a black woman who doesn’t want to see other black women die!”
- Cherisse Scott, CEO and Founder of @SisterReach…
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We are so excited to a present this... A thread of businesses run by women and non-binary people of colour and other under-represented groups that you can support this festive season, by buying their products as gifts! 🎄✨ #TOBgifts
For #African inspired Christmas gifts and stationery, shop Bonita Ivie Prints at and follow on Instagram @ bonitaivieprints #MySweetPlantain
Shop @ayokadeco for art Prints and Phone Cases inspired by African & Black culture, designed by emerging Black Artists. Each sale supports an artist!
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@KieseLaymon @Occidental Hey Kiese: I'm handling something now for my (disabled) dad. I'll write u back later, bro. I'm a v nice person -- u can fact-check w God. 😉 But I will not allow #ZinziClemmons to get away w her drive-by to kill #JunotDiaz's career. JD didn't forcibly kiss her. #apologizetoJunot
@KieseLaymon @Occidental Hey Kiese: Too bad we're connecting abt this #JunotGate fiasco, as u're a smart brother I'd love analyzing culture w/. Listened to ur talks. Interesting kings/queens pt @DukeU. I fact-checked #Trayvon's parents' book passage @Essence for terrific exec editor, JM. U & I 4 justice!
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence Justice: This #JunotGate fiasco started May 4 @SydWritersFest when ur 30-something #WOC writer friend #ZinziClemmons took mic & publicly accused #JunotDiaz (@mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes) of harming her 6 yrs prior. ZC then tweeted JD had cornered & forcibly kissed her!
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We're honored to work with a diverse group of women. Here's a small selection of their reporting. #WOCAffirmation #Thread
Here's How the NFL Could Make #TakeAKnee Mean Something by Tiffanie Drayton… #WOCAffirmation @draytontiffanie
The Pathetic Reason White Supremacists Hate by Stacey Patton… #WOCAffirmation @DrStaceyPatton
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