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A reminder that for the 'hate crime' of sharing photos sent to us of Women = Adult Human Female protest stickers in Belfast, @SDLPlive Councillor @seamasbelfast defamed us as a hate account. @columeastwood do you think it's hateful to defend sex-based rights & language? #AE22
@SDLPlive @SeamasBelfast @columeastwood UUP's @BeattieDoug thought so too at first, 'til women from the network we belong to (& @DreyfusJames!) told him why #peacefulprotest like stickering is the ONLY way for many women to protest the erosion of our rights, spaces & language, thanks to the #chillingeffect created
Here's Seamas's defamatory tweet, trying to stifle debate on women's rights, calling our followers bots. When they replied #notabot, he blocked them! #seamasblockswomen What will you do about this, @columeastwood? Voters are angry & want to know. #AE22
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I am #NotABot

I’ve been tweeting in my name for 10+ years

I’ve been tweeting #KeepPrisonsSingleSex since 2018 when I realised how women’s sex based rights were being rolled back, with the most vulnerable women paying the highest price

As historian & lecturer, I tweeted mainly about history

When I defended women’s sex-based rights, #twitterstorians blocked & unfollowed me

Most women can’t afford to face professional & personal ostracism

I tweeted more for women who can’t

Then came the vexatious complaints to my employer

My university supported my academic freedom and exonerated me in two investigations

Few feminists in these circumstances have been given a fair hearing

That’s why women tweet anonymously


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Researchers at the University of South Carolina have been looking at Twitter again and decided harm reduction advocates are Big Tobacco shills or automated bots.
By @_Dave_Cross_ via @PVapes
Att: @UofSC
1/ (a thread ⬇️)…
The abstract of this paper reports that "Nearly 42% of tweets showed a bot score greater than .43" and does so immediately following a sentence referring to 'pro-MRTP'(1) tweets.
1) Modified Risk Tobacco Product

While not explicitly stating these 'high bot rating' accounts are #BigTobacco shills, putting that note immediately after a sentence referring to the Pro-MRTP accounts would lead most readers to assume that those were the accounts with the high bot rating.

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A rant...,

The words that I express here are my own and have no affiliation to @ADOSorg @BreakingBrown or @tonetalks. If you would like to talk about their agenda, they are always available to clear up misconceptions from what I have noticed.

But I'm finna say this... 1/11
Africa celebrated the first AA president in America, not because his family had descended from American Chattel Slavery and made it to the point where he could matriculate at a #PoisonIvy institution and become the leader of the free world, NO! They celebrated because... 2/11
He is the first generation of his African family to be born in America. It was an accomplishment that should have been celebrated. That, IMO, should have been the point where we began #Diaspora repair. People where congratulating me like my brother won, lol 3/11
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Had a new customer come in Tuesday. She was legitimately scared of vaping because of what she was hearing from the news, but her mother is sick (smoking-related), she's tried other methods to quit, nothing worked...but she needed to do something....
She tried going to another shop for help, but "the ditsy chick behind the counter knew nothing..." (her words). She decided to give it once last shot and just happened to walk in to our shop.
All in all, I spent close to 90 minutes with this wonderful woman. I stood there and explained EVERYTHING to her: the ingredients of nic e-liquid vs. what she's hearing about in the news, how devices work, the difference between salt nic & freebase...literally everything.
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Hi, @FrankPallone

I was one of the alleged bots #NotABot defamed for that @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ report.

Shall I expect an invite to @EnergyCommerce offices to sign in, in person, to my account?

We can also discuss manipulation of #data.
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce 👈#NotABot we can discuss allegations as to why I and other's data has been used to accuse innocent people of committing what I consider crimes @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce like marketing to children.
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1) Osservatorio social su #facciamorete.
Mappa e dinamiche di un movimento di informazione online.
Nel grafo qui sotto: in verde gli utenti, in rosa i tweet, in blu gli hashtag. Image
2) Il pallino blu al circa centro del grafo è l'hashtag #facciamorete. E' il collante di tutte le conversazioni. Ovviamente partiamo con la scoperta dell'acqua calda.
3) I cluster di tweet e di utenti che li hanno scritti, ritwittati o hanno risposto dà un'idea della varietà di argomenti che girano attorno all'hashtag comune. Vediamo degli esempi.
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#Obama's Secret Army FOUND! (SES) Senior Executive Service

79 Mins

#SaturdayMorning #U1P #WakeUp #Truth #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpTrain #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #nwo #DeepState #CCOT #TCOT #StayWoke #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople #ObamaGate #NotABot
Sorry bout system sounds but Keepvid no longer allows DL of vids. whatever, I wanted u to have a clip of this long vid

#SaturdayMorning #U1P #WakeUp #Truth #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpTrain #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #nwo #DeepState #CCOT #StayWoke #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople #ObamaGate
Everything hidden comes to the light of exposure

Rewteet this video please

#SaturdayMorning #U1P #WakeUp #Truth #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpTrain #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #nwo #DeepState #CCOT #StayWoke #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople #ObamaGate
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🗽(1) Hello @SenFeinstein @AdamSchiffCA today you released a chilling letter attempting to bully @twitter into releasing private info but you didn’t publish that #twitter already told you #releasethememo IS NOT RUSSIAN more importantly they again offered to review the source.
(2) The source you two have now referenced twice and that every single article about #russiabots uses is #Hamilton68 sponsored by the German Marshall Fund (GMF)and Alliance for Securing Democracy, why didn’t you write them a letter? #Releasethememo
(3) It would certainly be very easy for either of you to approach the President of #GMF she worked for the Obama admin for four years, she’s quite involved with #Ukraine (see #Schiff largest supporter) her husband well connected in #California #releasethememo
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🤡 (1) Twitter has never been all that friendly to conservatives but more than ever accounts are vanishing, week long twitmo punishments handed out, IP bans, #shadowbans and now big accounts are under attack. Spoiler alert: it’s going to get worse and here’s why... #seanhannity
(2) We all got “the email” the one that basically debunked #RussiaBots but @SenFeinstein & @AdamSchiffCA still wrote a letter (more on that later) BUT did you read the blog $TWTR shared? Because it’s important they informed us they had partners helping now. Who are they?
(3) Let’s start with the big fish, Common Sense Media, based out of San Francisco, hugely funded and owned by James (aka Jim) Steyer and guess who his brother is??
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