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AMERICA'S @wesbeal: @PacheduZW's LYNCHPIN

1/24 Recently, @PacheduZW, which falsely claims to be wholly run by Zimbabweans, boasted that in 2021 it "SPENT THE ENTIRE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY" demonising me.

The boast was in a hateful response to the 'Apology letter' to ZanuPF members!
2/24 Since its launch just before the 2018 general election, @PacheduZW has routinely claimed that it is a wholly Zimbabwean entity, formed and run by CITIZENS; some domiciled in and others outside the country.

But this claim is false, in dangerous ways!

3/24 A week before the 2018 general election, @PacheduZW introduced its 11 team members, all presented as "patriotic" Zimbabweans; six based outside the country and five supposedly based in Zimbabwe but "chose to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals"!

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1/24 Why did @ZECzim embark on a voter registration blitz when:
*There are major by-elections taking place?
*Likely voters who turned 18 have no IDs?
*It has 9,000 opaque BVR kits?
*It can't detect multiple voter registration instantly?
*CSOs are paying likey voters to register?
2/24 The five questions are necessary to unpack because, as @ZECzim began 28 days of its first phase of voter registration blitz yesterday ahead of the delimitation exercise; there're worrying signs that unless it is stopped, ZEC is setting the stage to rig the 2023 elections!
3/24 First, it's incredulous that @ZECzim has started a voter registration initially meant for 2,700 mobile registration centres, when the country is seized with major by-elections whose import is as good as a mini general election. Can ZEC folks walk & chew gum at the same time?
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1/10. I thought it would be a good opportunity to review the financial and operational performance of #Bitcoin miner @ArgoBlockchain during 2021. Listed on the LSE #ARB and NASDAQ $ARBK they currently have #Bitcoin mining operations in N America.

See thread below 👇
2/ From the financials, 2021 was a great year. Revenues up 388% and Net Profit currently estimated to be over 2000%, YOY, based on #Bitcoin price of $46.3k as at the 31 Dec 2021. I’ve also provided 2022(E), based on Texas, #Bitcoin price of $50k and including mining difficulty.
3/ The LSE SP for @ArgoBlockchain closed at 33p on 31 Dec 20 and closed at 97.8p on 31 Dec 2021, YOY increase of 296%. It reached an intra-day ATH of £3.60 in February, but has since declined to a current price of 70p. #Bitcoin reached ATH of $69k but is currently at $37.5k.
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New ERC20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet
✅ e-Radix (#EXRD)
✅ HEX (#HEX)
✅ Highstreet (#HIGH)
✅ KleeKai (#KLEE)
✅ UniCrypt (#UNCX)
✅ WagyuSwap (#WAG)
✅ Proton (#XPR)
New BEP20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet
✅ Altura (#ALU)
✅ BitTorrent (#BTT)
✅ BinaryX (#BNX)
✅ Lightning (#LIGHT)
✅ Ontology (#ONT)
✅ Position Exchange (#POSI)
✅ WagyuSwap (#WAG)
✅ Ellipsis (#EPS)
✅ Zcash (#ZEC)
Easily manage 400+ coins, including #ATOM, #AAVE, #DOT, #ETH, #BTC, and #CRO

Launch DeFi Wallet 👉

🔑 Your Keys, Your Crypto

* DeFi Wallet Listings are separated from App and Exchange Listings.
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#کریپتومان مهم در خصوص سرمایه گذاری در فضای کریپتو:

۱. از افرادی که میگن قطعا فلان اتفاق می افته به شدت دوری کنید، مگر بازار قطعیت میشناسه؟
۲. از #ماکسیمالیست ها که میگن فقط بیت کوین یا فقط اتریوم یا فقط bnb یا فقط فلان رمز ارز قطعا دوری کنید، روی وب۳ ما به همشون نیاز داریم:
#بيتکوین امن ترین و غیرمتمرکز ترین شبکه است و فقط ۲۱ میلیون عدد ازش وجود داره، بهترین برای ذخیره ارزش پول، #اتریوم بزرگترین اکوسیستم رو داره بیشتر برنامه های #دیفای و Nft رو داره و رشد آنها رشد اتریوم رو در پی داره، همچنین با بروزرسانی هاش اکنون با رول آپ ها و
با اجرای #شاردینگ در ۲۰۲۲ مشکل مقیاس پذیریش رو حل می کنه و اینکه اعجوبه ایه به نام #ویتالیک پشتشه که توی ۱۹ سالگی اتریوم رو خلق کرد و با نبوغش به این راحتی ها تسلیم نمیشه،توکن bnb متعلق به #بایننس که یکی از کارکشته ترین صرافی های دنیاست و به شدت کاربردیه، همچنین
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Herkese merhaba;
Bu floodu uzun araştırmalarım sonucunda uzun vade satmamak üzere aldığım ve düştükçe alım yapmaya devam ettiğim #kriptoparalar için hazırladım. Yatırım stratejimi anlamak için de bu floodun en sonuna eklediğim flooda göz atın..
#strax bu ürünü ilk aldığım fiyat 1.4$ ve sonrasında %300 yaptığı zamanları hepiniz gördünüz, bir tane bile satmadım. İlk satış planladığım fiyat 100-150$. Ben uzun araştırmalar yaptım evet ama tüm araştırmalarımı buraya sığdırmam çok zor olacak.…
#egld bu ürün de en çok güvendiğim ürünlerden birisi. Düştükçe ekleme yaptım hep. maliyetim 90$ seviyelerinde. Audi ve farklı şirketlerin haberlerini sizinle paylaşmıştım daha önce. Çok dolu bir ekibi var. İlk satış yapacağım fiyat 1500$ fiyatları olacak…
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موضوع: تحلیل سبد سرمایه گذاری 15 شرکت معتبر سرمایه گذاری #کریپتوکارنسی
1-اعلام #رمزارز های مشترک در #پرتفوی شرکتها
2-معرفی پروژه ها و توکن های فوق ، پتانسیل رشد و ارائه توضیحات شخصی
در صورتی که محتوا مناسب و دارای جنبه های آموزشی برای سایرین است لطفا #ریتویت کنید.
لیست شرکت های سرمایه گذاری بررسی شده:
#a16z #polychain #boostvc #dcg #hashkey #pantera#Placeholder_Ventures #cms_holding #blockchain #Coinfund#fabric_ventures#CMS_Holdings #binance_labs#Multicoin#DragonFly
خیلی مهم- رمزارزهای ذیل صرفا انتخاب کارشناسان شرکت های فوق است و زمان خرید آنها توسط شرکت های فوق فاکتور خیلی مهمی است، به نفع شماست که بدون تحلیل، تحقیق و بررسی، آنها را معیار سرمایه گذاری خود قرار ندهید.

توکن های مشترک در پرتفوی سرمایه گذاری شرکتهای بررسی شده: Image
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.@renprotocol just launched on mainnet.

It’s one of the most underrated projects in DeFi

REN allows BTC, BCH and ZEC to be used trustlessly on Ethereum.

And unlike other trustless BTC token projects, Ren works today.

A thread : Image
1/ Ren started life as Republic Protocol, a project focused on private, cross-chain trading for BTC and ETH/ERC20 tokens.

Dark pool trading is common in financial markets, and Republic focused on bringing it to crypto, along with cross-chain order capability.
2/ As they developed Republic, the team realized that the private, cross-chain order technology could be expanded to smart contract interactions, making #RenVM much more versatile.

Republic was rebranded to Ren Protocol in 2019 to reflect this change.
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1/7 On 31 July 2018 the military got @ZECzim to invent an illegal route to transmit & collate the results for the presidential election. The irrefutable evidence of the route is on pages 67-68 of #ZEC's Report on the 2018 elections prepared in terms of s241 of the Constitution!
2/7 The prescribed route to transmit, capture & collate the results, which was violated by @ZECzim, is in ss 37C(4) & 65(7) of the Electoral Act. Malaba also cited this route in his judgment. The route is PEREMPTORY: the law says "shall", and Malaba wrote "must", be followed!
3/7 The Electoral Act peremptorily provides that results for the presidential election "shall" & Malaba interpreted this to mean "must" be transmitted from ward centres to constituency centres for collation. But @ZECzim diverted the results to Harare for illegal collation there!
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One need not hold a brief for @dewamavhinga to realise how shocking, outrageous & unacceptable it is for Strive Masiyiwa to accuse Dewa of cyberbullying his wife; & top that by peddling his crap accusation on the Internet while name dropping, in the hope of costing Dewa his job!
1/24 The self-righteous outburst by #StriveMasiyiwa, supported by his fellow bible-quoting juntapreneurs, in response to a polite & genuine concern by @dewamavhinga reveals he holds himself as an untouchable who is beyond criticism. Yet his closet is full of despicable skeletons!
2/24 #StriveMasiyiwa has escaped scrutiny, thanks to Zimbabwe's flawed public discourse which has never been about facts, truth or ideas but about "good guys" versus "bad guys"; presumed to be such by definition, not by deed. So Zimbabwe, sadly, has no culture of truth-telling!
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1/16 There was no prize for guessing that junta lies would follow yesterday's historic ConCourt hearing on the theft of the people's vote. As expected, junta mouthpieces are today falling on each other to lie about court proceedings that were broadcast live around the world. Smh!
2/16 A big lie doing the rounds is that #ZEC stole the show via Adv Tawanda Kanengoni. Besides his babyface & preacher's voice, Kanengoni didn't excel as a lawyer. You excel when you answer tough questions from the Chief Justice & judges. None were asked!…
3/16 The ConCourt, especially CJ Malaba, will see that, like a devil, Adv Kanengoni LIED that a V11 form has several pages & is based on 1 to 12 batches of ballot papers. A V11 is a one-page declaration of votes cast for candidates & spoilt at a polling station; as per attached!
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1/24 In the interest of doing right by God & doing right by the fundamental law of the land--the Constitution of Zimbabwe--this is a report on why some ZDF soldiers callously murdered fleeing demonstrators & bystanders, shooting them in the back, yesterday in Harare. See video!
2/24 The explanation for the patently criminally act, in violation of international law is linked to a plot by @ZECzim to steal the result of the 2018 presidential election in collusion with ZanuPF & elements of the Army who yesterday unleashed lethal violence against protesters!
3/24 Before making the report I wish to express my condolences to the victims, families & friends of compatriots who were murdered in cold blood or injured yesterday by criminal elements of the ZDF. Nothing can excuse what the soldiers did. Nothing. The ZDF violence was illegal!
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