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One need not hold a brief for @dewamavhinga to realise how shocking, outrageous & unacceptable it is for Strive Masiyiwa to accuse Dewa of cyberbullying his wife; & top that by peddling his crap accusation on the Internet while name dropping, in the hope of costing Dewa his job!
1/24 The self-righteous outburst by #StriveMasiyiwa, supported by his fellow bible-quoting juntapreneurs, in response to a polite & genuine concern by @dewamavhinga reveals he holds himself as an untouchable who is beyond criticism. Yet his closet is full of despicable skeletons!
2/24 #StriveMasiyiwa has escaped scrutiny, thanks to Zimbabwe's flawed public discourse which has never been about facts, truth or ideas but about "good guys" versus "bad guys"; presumed to be such by definition, not by deed. So Zimbabwe, sadly, has no culture of truth-telling!
3/24 When #StriveMasiyiwa was caught with his pants down after defending his wife's indefensible outburst, smearing some human rights groups; he responded with an outburst smearing @dewamavhinga, labelling him a bad guy, inciting @hrw to fire him, while posturing as Mr Good Guy!
4/24 Taking himself to be "the good guy of them all" & presuming his critics to be bad guys, #StriveMasiyiwa went berserk. For calling him out on his uncouth attack on @dewamavhinga, he smeared me with false & defamatory allegations, laced with epithets; best handled by lawyers!
5/24 The issue about #StriveMasiyiwa, as it is about anyone else, is not whether he's a good or bad guy but whether his deeds match his self-righteous claims. Is he the champion of human rights & democracy, that he claims to be? If he is, does that make him a God above criticism?
6/24 For the avoidance of doubt, it must be acknowledged upfront that #StriveMasiyiwa has supported worthy philanthropic initiatives in & outside Zimbabwe for the benefit of society. This commendable support should be appreciated in its own right, as an inherently good thing!
7/25 All things considered, #StriveMasiyiwa is a bundle of falsehoods: he lies about his feats & failures of others, with reckless abandon. He lies that Econet is the biggest employer in Zimbabwe when government is. Small businesses are also employing more & well, as a sector!
8/24 #StriveMasiywa's biggest lie is his claim that he's a champion of human rights & democracy. There's no known or respected institution in Zimbabwe dedicated to the promotion of human rights & democracy in the country created by or from #Masiyiwa's philanthropy. None!
9/25 #StriveMasiyiwa owned the #DailyNews, as a political investment to massage his political ambitions & not to promote democracy with a free & professional press. Edited by the ever reckless Geoff Nyarota, #Masiyiwa's #DailyNews distinguished itself by publishing falsehoods!
10/24 The difference between #Masiyiwa's #DailyNews run down by Nyarota & today's #DailyNews, is like that of day & night. The former was a political pamphlet & the latter is a newspaper. But this is a story for another time. Suffice to say #Masiyiwa is an enemy of press freedom!
11/24 Over the years, #StriveMasiyiwa & his fellow juntapreneurs have conflated the fight for democracy & human rights with their personal fights against former President Mugabe. For them, to be anti-Mugabe became synonymous with being a champion of human rights & democracy!
12/24 #StriveMasiyiwa's fight with Mugabe did not originate from any concerns he had about lack of democracy & human rights in Zimbabwe but hail from a contractual dispute over a shoddy job that #Masiyiwa's Retrofit company did at the former President's rural home in Zvimba!
13/24 Recently #StriveMasiyiwa declared that Mnangagwa is "sincere", signalling his support for the Harare junta. He capped this by calling for the removal of Zidera sanctions. #Masiyiwa is fully entitled to his views, as is anyone else. But his views invite public questions!
14/24 When #StriveMasiyiwa says Mnangagwa is sincere, is he himself sincere? And when he calls for the removal of sanctions, having been party to their imposition in 2001, is he sincere that their targetted objectives for democracy & human rights in Zimbabwe have been achieved?
15/25 Parenthetically, & given his loud claims that he has supported MDC in his self-proclaimed quest for democracy & human rights in Zimbabwe, which party did #StriveMasiyiwa support in the July 2018 elections? What explains his loud silence on the Army atrocities of 1 Aug 2018?
16/26 When & how did #StriveMayisiwa start working with Mnangagwa to know he is "sincere"? Is it from their Zambian days? Or their IBDC days? Or their 2008 runoff days? Or their 2013 election days or their 2018 election days? Or is it all these days plus some more in between?
17/24 As former President Mugabe's right hand man until the 2017 coup, Mnangagwa abused his closeness to Mugabe to groom a cohort of political & business cronies for his ambitions. He went about this in a tribal, regional & Zambian way. A key product of this group is #Masiyiwa!
18/24 It's not by accident that #Econet was created by some up & coming businessmen around Mnangagwa, including #StriveMasiyiwa who later was alleged to have cheated the others out. While #Masiyiwa has supported the #MDC, his horse has always been a Mnangagwa led #ZanuPF faction!
19/24 That #StriveMasiyiwa did not support MDC's 2018 election campaign & that, after the stolen election he said Mnangagwa is "sincere"; testify to his longstanding support for Mnangagwa. In 2008, #Masiyiwa gave #ZanuPF USD45m to purchase grain used in the #Army-run runoff poll!
20/24 On the back of the 2008 runoff grain scheme, in 2013 Masiyiwa's #Econet joined Mbada Diamonds to give #ZanuPF some $60m to fund the organisation & conduct of the 2013 elections, outside treasury then run by @BitiTendai. Mnangagwa & Chinamasa were the instrumental hands!
21/24 In 2015 #StriveMasiyiwa's schemed with Patrick Chinamasa, then a staunch Mnangagwa ally, to get $30m from #Econet to pay salaries for civil servants through a dubious arrangement, whose backdrop was the longstanding relationship between #Masiyiwa and Mnangagwa!
22/24 The're many under cover dealings invloving #Masiyiwa & Mnangagwa's Army faction, since 2008 after a damning CIO report on #Econet, that almost got its license withdrwan only to be saved by monetary authorities, who cited many cases of #Masiyiwa's cooperation with #ZanuPF!
23/24 #StriveMasiyiwa claims to be a champion of press freedom & supports this with reference to his ownership of the #DailyNews. But his relationship with the press is terribly bad. In 2015 his #Econet connived with the Police to raid & ransack @TheSourceZW offices & computers!
24/24 As a bondnote billionaire, #StriveMasiyiwa fancies himself as a big fish. But he's in a small pond. Hard currency millionaires in bigger ponds with lots of big fish don't behave like him. It's time the other founders of #Econet got the justice they have been long denied!
Further to this, in the interest of truth-telling in light of #TawandaNyambirai's lies & distortions; & given #Masiyiwa's vain gagging-threats which will be met pound for pound, I will give MORE DETAILS tomorrow on the funding of the #2013polls through #Econet's license renewal!
1/24 It's trite that the process to renew a mobile fone operator's license must be as prescribed by law. It can't be an open process subject to negotiation between the operator & the regulator as happened with #Econet & #ZanuPF when the latter needed 2013 election funds for #ZEC!
2/24 Before detailing how & why the renewal of #Econet's license in 2013 was unorthodox & illegal, as it was specifically tied to the mobilisation of funds to run the 2013 elections, I need to first tell #StriveMasiyiwa & his running dogs such as #TawandaNyambirai to go to hell!
3/24 #StriveMasiyiwa INITIATED this debate when he made false & defamatory allegations on his FACEBOOK page that I "ORGANIZED FARM INVASIONS, THEFT OF ELECTIONS & VIOLENCE AGAINST THE OPPOSITION". I responded by disclosing his role through #Econet in rigged polls in 2008 & 2013!
4/24 As advised by my lawyers, I could have responded by suing #Masiyiwa in Britain, a right I have reserved, but in the interest of truth-telling I used my @Twitter TL to disclose what I know about his dirty deals with #ZanuPF as he faked to be 100% with the #MDC in 2008 & 2013!
5/24 #StriveMasiyiwa's use of #ZanuPF's #Varakashi to peddle litigation threats after he INITIATED the debate with false & defamatory allegations against me on his FACEBOOK page confirms he's working with #ZanuPF & is a coward & a cyberbully who starts debates he cannot finish!
6/24 Only a bondnote billionaire like #Masiyiwa has time to START cyberbrawls to defame users of his company products. Imagine billionaires like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg doing that. If #Masiyiwa & his running dogs want a rumble in the dungeon, they'll get it pound for pound!
7/24 Now to #Masiyiwa's #ZanuPF dirty deal to fund the organisation & conduct of the 2013 elections by #ZEC. In February 2013 as I was researching & drafting the #ZanuPF 2013 election manifesto, Patrick Chinamasa engaged me on a need for a select group to solve election problems!
8/24 Chinamasa told me that there had been a core group in 2008 to deal with the runoff; which included Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Chihuri, Bonyongwe, Charamba, Gono, himself & others he did not name. He said this group formalised dollarisation & introduced multicurrency in Jan 2009!
9/24 Chinamasa said he had sought & obtained approval from President Mugabe to revive the 2008 group to prepare for the 2013 poll. He asked for new names to add to the 2013 group, besides mine. I suggested Rtd Brig General Tapfumaneyi from #ZanuPF HQ & Kizito Gweshe from the CIO
10/24 The full 2013 poll group had: Emmerson Mnangagwa (who chaired it), Dr Sydney Sekeramayi, Patrick Chinamasa (deputy chair), Nicholas Goche, Gen Constantino Chiwenga, Augustine Chihuri, Happyton Bonyongwe, Walter Tapfumaneyi, Kizito Gweshe, George Charamba & Jonathan Moyo!
11/24 The group's overarching agenda was to:

1. Contain #Sadc mediation, so it does not derail 2013 elections.

2. Ensure that Parliament is dissolved by 29 June 2013 & elections are held soon thereafter.

3. Get #Econet & diamond companies to fund elections to avoid UN funding!
12/24 Besides the three-pronged agenda, there were other daily issues that cropped up. One was a report that lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa had blocked a police raid on Prime Minister Tsvangirai's Bath Rd offices in Belgravia. The group decided to have Mtetwa deported but this failed!
13/24 A double-edged strategy was adopted to end #Sadc mediation & ensure the election is held soon after the dissolution of Parliament on 29 June 2013: take the disputed election date to the Supreme Court & out of the hands of #Sadc who wanted GPA parties to negotiate the date!
14/24 By the time #Sadc held its Maputo Summit on 15 June 2013, the Supreme Court had ordered President Mugabe to issue a proclamation to hold elections by 31 July 2013 in the famous @mawarirej judgment. A poll date had been set. #Sadc could not interfere with a court decision!
15/24 Bouyed by its Supreme Court strategy to end #Sadc mediation & to set a date for the 2013 election outside GPA negotiations, the group got Prof Lovemore Madhuku to fly with President Mugabe to Maputo for the 15 June 2013 #Sadc Summit to explain the Supreme Court decision!
16/24 Linked to the Supreme Court strategy to end #Sadc mediation & to set 31 July 2013 as the election date, was the need to mobilise funds for #ZEC to organize & conduct the election. Since Treasury had said there was no money for elections, the UN had stepped in with an offer!
17/24 The group had problems with the UN offer to fund #ZEC for the 2013 elections. The UN offer came with a litany of conditions: insisting on an advance team to assess the situation on the ground; on the management of the elections; and on election observers. Tough conditions!
18/24 The group rejected the UN offer because of its politically tough conditions. This drove the group to find alternative sources of funding. Two were identified: negotiating with diamond companies in Chiadzwa & negotiating with #Econet, whose license was expiring July 2013!
19/24 The negotiations with #Mbada, #Anjin & #MarangeDiamonds were straightforward but by then the murmurs were that alluvials had run out. Also, these diamond companies & the Army were busy importing #ZanuPF election regalia. It's the negotiations with #Econet which got tough!
20/24 There have been comparisons between #Econet in 2013 & ANZ, publishers of #Masiyiwa's Nyarota edited #DailyNews in 2003. The two are very different. In 2003 #ANZ refused to register & approached the Supreme Court for condonation but failed. In 2013 #Econet NEGOTIATED a DEAL!
21/24 The illegality & rot over the #Econet situation in 2013 starts with the fact that it's license renewal did not follow a transparent process as prescribed by law. Instead, it followed an open-ended "scratch-my-back-and-I-scatch-your-back" process between #ZanuPF & #Masiyiwa!
22/24 #ZanuPF knew that #Econet's 15 year licence issued in July 1998 was due to expire in July 2013. #ZanuPF WANTED A DEAL for #Econet to pay $180m for a renewed license for a new 15 year period; which previously was $100m. The extra $80m would then underwrite the 2013 election!
23/24 #Masiyiwa knew #ZanuPF was vulnerable & desperate to fund the 2013 poll & avoid the @UN. #Econet played tough: reduce $180m fee to $137,5m for 20 & not 15 years; deduct $60m interconnection fees owed to #Econet by #NetOne & #TelOne; #Econet to pay $77,5m over six months!
24/24 #ZanuPF got the money to stop @UN funds for #ZEC to run the 2013 poll with no UN conditions & no UN observers. #Masiyiwa got #Econet's license renewed for a song. #Taxpayers paid $60m of the #Econet license by assuming #NetOne & #TelOne debts to #Econet. It was a MEGA DEAL!
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