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Hindus should brace themselves for a referendum in year 2024, people of India should be allowed to choose between Present Constitution and the new Constitution for Bharatvarsha.

#ReclaimTemples , #Gharwapsi should be an integral part of the new.
The present Constitution of Bharat was never accepted by the people of Bharat via a referendum. Many of its provisions are based on Govt of India Act 1935 passed by the British.

A reason why the rich, mighty and minorities gets benefits denied to Hindus and ordinary citizens.
Indian Constitution based on Victorian moralities and legalities has failed to protect Hindu Dharma and it's age old traditions. It has relegated Hindus as second class citizens.

Lets adopt a Constitution based on Hindu Dharmik traditions via a referendum in 2024.
#DharmikConstitution need not be as elaborate as the one now.

It need have only the pillars defined which is unassailable, undisputable.

The only objective will be to ensure peace, prosperity and self actualisation for the people of Bharat.

1. Present Constitution of India was not ratified by people of India via referendum, hence need to be ratified.

2. Bharat needs a new Constitution based on Hindu Dharmik traditions.

Will you support the demand for a referendum by year 2024?
Present Constitution of India was never ratified by people of Bharat, and was drafted by British appointees.

Hindus should understand that the Constitution which makes them second class citizens has no legal validity and is a modified British relic.

Hindu orgs fail to protect Hindu Dharma as they are playing by the unjust rules and within the Constitution framework designed by British crown.

If fair rules are ensured via a #DharmikConstitution, Hindus will no longer be second class citizens in the land of their forefathers.
Indian army prides itself as a secular institution.

When the Muslim Generals of Vijayanagara kingdom defected at the crucial moment during Battle of Talikota, the blood of Hindus flowed in Tungabhadra river and Hampi burned for six months.

Present Constitution of India include provisions to appease Muslim League and was a desperate attempt to prevent partition. Those who wanted seperate nation for Muslims was part of the Constituent Assembly.

Lets correct the historical injustice and demand a #DharmikConstitution
Would like to exhort the students of law, legal luminaries and eagles to ponder over why the Constitution of India is a British relic not binding on people of Bharat as they never ratified or accepted it via a referendum.

Give your views, comments #DharmikConstitution
The present Constitution of Bharat has made Hindus 2nd class citizens with lesser rights. All we have is the voting rights as same as others. Don't surrender it before any, lets use it to demand Honour and our due Rights from elected governments.

Lets stay focused and work to establish a Dharmik Republic by year 2024, a nation whose cornerstone is Dharma.

For this to happen, we may have to think beyond the failed Hindutva politics of Dhimmi Nationalists.

A constitution should never be the turf of only lawyers and elite, as is the case now. It's provisions should be understood by all.

Dharma, the principles of natural justice is what Hindu civilisation always stood for, fought for, and should form part of #DharmikConstitution
Sabarimala verdict is glaring example of how the Indian Constitution based on Victorian moralities and British values is slowly causing the extinction of Hindu Dharma.

Lets work towards a #DharmikConstitution imbibing the essence of Sanatana Dharma.
Please raise and support the demand for a referendum on the present Constitution.

A new #DharmikConstitution needed which will end the British era laws, colonial legacies and administration in Bharat.

Bharat will then become a land where justice alone prevails.
People of Bharat never ratified or accepted the present Indian Constitution, was rather forced on us. It's colonial character relegates Hindus as second class citizens.

Read why there is a need for a referendum and demand a new #DharmikConstitution…
Wars are faught for victory, not status quo. Are not we loosing more than we gain by fighting for equality, and not superiority.

The answer will determine your support for #DharmikConstitution or the Dhimmitude exalting the present Constitution of India.
Indian Constitution is a British instrument to continue the oppression of native Hindu populace, and its institutions display colonial traits.

It's legitimacy need be questioned, as it was never accepted or ratified by people of Bharat.

The British origins , colonial institutions and Victorian morals make present Indian Constitution antithetical to the principles of Dharma

The colonial era ecosystem has made it incorrigible.

As such amendments will not help, it's time to work for a new #DharmikConstitution
Are the people's will supreme in Bharat?

No, because Its constitutional supremacy in India as against Parliamentarial supremacy which is a hallmark of democracy.

As a result Indians are hostage to the British era provisions in Indian Constitution.

The source of all ills, discrimination and disabilities suffered by Hindus in Bharat is the Indian Constitution which was British sponsored and derived from British statutes. The grundnorm is colonial.

People of India will be free only when Bharat has a #DharmikConstitution
Articles copied from Govt of India Act 1935, Institutions like SupremeCourt and Civil services which denigrates Hindu traditions and make Hindus 2nd class citizens.

Indian Constitution is the root of all evil thats haunting Hindus. Demand a #DharmikConstitution for Bharat.
Please do follow @CodeOfDharma .

An analysis of the colonial laws and institutions of Bharat. A campaign to reinstate the #CodeOfDharma in Bharat via a #DharmikConstitution
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