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“I watched her bleed to death, it was the most relieving sight to behold. I could feel the adrenaline rush come to an end.”

“Joe! I don’t believe you. You can’t hurt a fly.” Said Jenny.
“Believe me. I did it for you.”

Issa thread.
#feetheeagle #terrifictuesday
“I’m ready to confess everything to you. If you chose to hear me out.”

Jenny gave a long pause still trying to process the shocking confession she was about to hear.

“Ok Joe, go ahead.” She said in a low tone.
“I had just gained admission into the prestigious University of Lagos. Mum and Dad died in a car crash en route to my matriculation. It was the worst day of my life.
With no relative to cater for my younger sis and I, a wealthy couple based in Abuja adopted her. I was left to fend for myself. Bricklaying became my means of survival.”
Adapting to a new phase of life was tough.
6 years on, I was working at a site when a white G-Wagon drove in.
“Oga don show.” Said the chief mason as he signalled me to stop whatever I was doing.
I cleaned my hands to greet the man who owned the Massive building we were constructing.
Behold, I felt my eyes deceived me.
It was Steve. Steve was my mate in secondary school. I felt like running but it was too late.
“Joe, what are you doing here?” Steve said looking at the work rags I wore covered in cement dust.
shame swallowed every word I tried to pronounce.
“Let’s catch up tonight at Eko hotel.” He said as he gave me his number.
When he was done with the chief Mason, he zoomed off.
It wasn’t the first time I hid from my mates. I cried every time it happened. But there was something unique about Steve. He was from a very poor background.
I was keen to find out how he turned life’s lemons to lemonades.
With much expectations, I arrived Eko hotel by 7pm. We hung out at an open bar beside the pool.
He asked how I got myself into the condition he saw.
I narrated my story to him. He laughed.
I was startled and I wondered what joke he saw in my Tragic story.
“Sometimes you have to grab life by its balls, squeeze it and drink its residue till it gives you what you want.” Steve said.
“How?” I asked.
“Do whatever it takes to make it. Nobody cares.”
“How did you make it?”
“Well, Samantha changed my life. May her soul rest in peace.”
“Who’s Samantha?” I asked.
He scrolled through his gallery and revealed a picture of an old Lady.
“I dated her for a year and 6months before she passed on. She willed everything to me. I’m a free man now.” He said.
“Please help me, I’m willing to work for you” I begged.
"I wont give you fish. I'll rather make you a fisherman." He said.
“I’ll get you a cougar. If you’re interested, let me know.”
My reaction.
“When you make up your mind, Let me know.”
“I will.”
“This should be kept a secret. If I hear this elsewhere you’ll be damned.” He threatened.
I told him I understood and left.
At home, I was in a state of confusion.
Picking my tools to resume at the site the next day was a tussle between body and soul.
I spent the previous night fantasising on a beautiful life ahead. The thought of an old cougar always spoilt the fantasy.
As I got to the site, I saw other bricklayers working hard in the scorching sun.
I dropped my pan. “I can’t continue like this.” I asserted and left the site.
I phoned Steve. He promised to hook me up with one of Late Samantha’s friend.
Days later, he gave me her Number.
“I have already finished everything behind the scenes. All you need to do is introduce yourself as Steve’s friend and tell her how much she deserves to be loved.”
“Just like that?”
Yes. These women are rich, Old and lonely. They will do anything to keep a man that shows them true love. Besides, they have a thing for young guys.”
“Why, young guys?”
“I don’t know, I guess it’s because we are energetic.” He said pointing at my manhood.
“You mean, I’ll be having sex with a lady twice or thrice my age?”
“It looks like you’re not ready. Let me find someone else.” Steve said wryly.
“Haba bros, I am ready.” I begged.
He hugged me.
"Welcome to a new life." He said.
I began my chat with the Lady. Her name was Celine. Everything went smooth. It was obvious Steve had finished everything behind the scenes.
She was based in Lagos. Her late husband was Lebanese. He founded the construction company she managed. She was currently on holidays in Paris. I anxiously waited for the day she’d return.
2weeks later she arrived Nigeria. I received a call.
“Meet me at Osborne Estate by 7pm.” She said and ended the call.
I was puzzled as she didn’t sound friendly over the phone.
I arrived the Estate. As I phoned Celine to ask for directions to her apartment, A tinted SUV parked beside me. the doors swung open. “Get in dear.” Said an elderly woman I guessed to be Celine.
I hopped in.
We arrived at a plush apartment.
“You’re more handsome than your DP. I’ll blame it on your Camera.”
“Thank you Ma.”
“Call me Celine.”
“Yes Ma… Celine.” I stuttered.
“Steve told me a lot about you. I believe you can be better."
"I will do my best ma... Celine." I assured.
“Until my best friend passed on, Steve was loyal to her. All I need from you is Loyalty.”
“I can assure you of that.” I said.
She hugged me immediately. It was awkward. I felt I was hugging a foster mum.
I moved my things to her place. She gave me everything and ensured I lacked nothing. In return I gave her nothing but loyalty. Having sex with her was a challenge initially, with time I became used to her.
“And that’s how you met Celine.” Jenny said
“Yes dear. Let me continue.” Joe said.
I was back in school. Everything went normal until my second year.
At school, We were grouped in pairs to carry out an assignment. You were paired with me. I loved everything about you. I focused on the assignment we were given cos I built a wall around myself.
I did everything to avoid the temptation of starting a relationship with you.
I got home one day and saw a picture of You and I on Celine’s dressing table. Obviously, a spy took the picture.
I was Surprised.
“I got my eyes on you.” She said.
I explained everything to her. I told her you were just a course mate.
She gave a weird grin and left.
I got to school the next day. I was prepared to tell you to stay far from me.
You didn’t show up that day.
2 days had gone by without seeing you. I was getting worried. I tried your line severally, It was unavailable.
I got bored after lectures and decided to scroll through instagram.
I saw your picture on Instablog. It read, SLAY QUEEN BAPTIZED IN ACID.
I swiped through the pictures and saw a gory picture. Your face and body was beyond recognition.
I was scared.
“Do you think Celine was responsible for this?” Jenny asked looking down at her frail skin as tears streamed down her eyes.
“I’m sorry dear. Let me continue.” Joe begged.
I had a feeling Celine was responsible, but was scared to confront her.
I pretended everything was all right.

That evening, after an exhausting sex romp. She held me close.
“I will do anything to keep my man. Tread carefully.” She said with a smile.
I was scared.
I Confronted Steve the next day in anger.
I narrated everything to him. He gave a wry smile.
“You’ve hit the jackpot bro.” He said.
“How? I don’t understand.”
“Relax, It means she really loves you.”
“I know, but not at the expense of an innocent person’s life.” I yelled.
“Why are you scared?, It’s not the first time she’s doing this.” Steve said.
I was puzzled.
“Celine is ready to destroy anyone that comes in contact with her man. If you don’t want to lose good people, avoid women at all cost.”
"This is serious" I said.
His final remark.
I got home thinking. “What have I gotten myself into.”
As I was deep in thoughts Celine walked in.
“Dear, what’s wrong? Aren’t you having lectures today?”
I lied I wasn’t feeling fine.
“Oh, come on, don’t tell me you’re still sulking over Jenny. She’s not worth it.” She said.
“She didn’t deserve it. Why did you do it?” I asked.
“Young man, let me tell you a short story.” She said.
“Years back, My husband was a serial cheat. I treated STDs every week. I did my findings and decided to take down the bitch he dated then. He had just bought her a SUV. My mechanic worked on the brakes.
Unknown to me, The bitch rejected the car earlier and swapped hers with my husband. I lost my husband in a ghastly accident. I was surprised to see our only son dead beside him.”
I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for her, or tell her she deserved it.

What I felt like telling her.👇
“I have grown to love you, and I’m ready to take down anyone that comes close to you.” She said
“If you leave me, I’ll do everything to find you. I’m not ready to lose another loved one.” She added.

I was scared for my life. I started considering my options.
“Does have a mental issue?” Jenny asked.
“I felt so. I wanted to run.” Joe replied.
“Why didn’t you run?”
“You can never runaway from a lady like that. Let me continue.”
Despite having freedom and everything around me, I still felt caged and avoided Girls of the opposite sex for fear of their safety.
Months later, I got home to see My younger sister at the front of my gate.
I was surprised. She looked all grown up. It had been 6 years I last saw her.
“Joe! I’ve searched everywhere for you.” She said.
“How did you get my address, and why did you risk coming to Lagos?” I asked
“What matters now is that I’ve found you.”
“Forgive me for not checking on you.” I begged.
“You’re forgiven brother. I have good news for you.” She said
“What is it?”
“I gained admission into Havard.”
“Havard? United States?”
“Yes. Brother, I will be leaving very soon.”

Mary was extremely brilliant growing up. I was impressed dad and mums death didn’t hinder her.
I was very happy. We hugged.
Suddenly Celine drove in. Her headlights flashed on us hugging each other.
I ran towards her. I explained she was my younger sister.
She smiled and drove in.

What i read underneath the smile.👇
**End of part 1**
I will post the concluding part same time next week.

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