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#ItsTime we all speak out against bullies, harassment, and *isms, show our anger, & hold people accountable. hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/desig…
I'm angry that my management team on @azurecat valued the team bully over everyone else. He bullied us regularly & was rewarded. Even when I reported him for sexual harassment, even when MS found him guilty. I'm angry & it's taken me years to say it.
I'm angry that friends who knew about the harassment made excuses for the harasser, some even abandoned me. Many told me to suck it up, stick it out, and move on as if nothing happened.
I'm angry that Microsoft found the harasser guilty of violating anti harassment policy yet only the harasser knows what punishment, if any, he got. I know he wasn't fired.
I'm angry that I felt protecting the team was more important than my life, my feelings, and my career. #ItsTime #MeToo
I'm angry that I tried so hard to fix it, to fix myself when I wasn't the problem. #ItsTime #MeToo
I'm angry that corporate America focuses on just enough punishment of the harasser to avoid lawsuits & not at all focused on helping those of us who have been bullied/harassed to recover and thrive. #MeToo #ItsTime
I'm angry that every time I've talked about my experience of being harassed I'm called brave for speaking up. #MeToo #TimesUp
I shouldn't need bravery to report when others behave badly. Too many of us have internalize the shame of being the victim. #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that when I tell my story so many others will whisper to me their own stories of being harassed & even sexually assaulted at work. At Microsoft. And most have never reported it. Bc they feel nothing will be done, yet they (we) will lose credibility. #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that when I talk about my lived experiences as a women who has been harassed, bullied, and discriminated against, some still tell me that I need to stop looking so hard for bias. NO - look harder for gender and racial bias. It's all around us. #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that people tell me to stop playing the gender card, the woman card. But the system is built by and for white het cis men, and the rest of us will always feel the abrasiveness of trying to fit ourselves into that mold. It's time to change the system. #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that the world moves on while I cry in the privacy of my home. I'm angry that any anger from a woman, esp a black woman like @serenawilliams, is seen as a negative thing, labeled with sexist terms like meltdown #TimesUp #MeToo
I'm angry that my work persona, @SQLCindy, was so derailed by the harassment and worse, management's response to it. I'm angry that I feel "she" is almost a different person from a different life, no longer a part of me. #TimesUp #MeToo
I'm angry that I have to carefully consider the impact to my future job opportunities every time I post about the bias, discrimination, harassment, and bullying I have experienced. #TimesUp #MeToo
I'm angry that I had to argue with the manager I 1st reported to that it was acceptable for me to be more mad at the managers who witnessed the harassment & did nothing than at the person who did the harassing. #TimesUp #MeToo
I'm angry that the 1st manager I reported to talked me out of reporting to HR with the very valid argument that the harasser would face no consequences but I would be labeled as a troublemaker #TimesUp #MeToo
Thanks for all the support and love from everyone! The DMs, calls, and online responses do help. :-) Share your own stories & listen to the lived experiences of people who aren't like you. #TimesUp #MeToo #ShareYourStory
I'm angry that most who experience harassment don't have the financial, emotional, or time resources to speak up & (try to) do something about it. Even after #MeToo people still ignore & make excuses, punishing the victim who reports. #TimesUp
I'm angry that I didn't express my anger earlier.. Women aren't allowed to be angry. Other emotions are seen as irrational (ha - emotions drive the world!) but expected, anger is not seen as feminine &stepping outside the feminine swim lane is punished.
I'm angry that I weighed my harassment experience against much worse incidents, against assaults, and felt relief + survivors guilt. #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that so few talk about "freeze or friend" as common responses 2 harassment, it's not just "fight or flight". Bc I didn't run or fight, I didn't call the police some judge that my freeze+friend response meant I wasn't really harassed/stressed/victimized #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that I my depression, my leave of absence from work, is driven by the harassment + bias I've experienced at work/in life, yet some tell me to stop looking so hard for injustice, that if I just stop looking somehow the injustices will go away #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that people (including me) expect that bc they see me as strong+resilient, that I should just move on & keep fighting+my day job. Disrupting the white patriarchy is essential. Don't leave the fight to those most affected, join the fight. #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that we as a society value men's feelings & men's careers, over women's safety & women's lives. #MeToo #TimesUp
I'm angry that ppl continue to confirm I was right not to report most of my bullying, harassment, assault, and rape. Listen to women. Learn something beyond your own life experience. #WhyIDidntReport #MeToo #TimesUp #IBelieveChristineBlaseyFord
I'm angry. My tweets exist forever. For simply discussing my experience with harassment, assault, & rape I may have alienated many future employers. For being a victim, for things men did to me, I lose job opps. #WhyIDidntReport #MeToo @TIMESUPNOW #IBelieveChristineBlaseyFord
I'm angry that most women don't have the freedom to speak out like I have, to simply state our trauma, fear, and disappointment. To call out the harm done to us. #WhyIDidntReport #MeToo @TIMESUPNOW #IBelieveChristineBlaseyFord
I'm angry that every new #MeToo story, every new story of a woman being disbelieved, ignored, or revictimized sends me into a new level of depression. STOP. Treat us as human. We are multi-dimensional humans beyond our sex appeal & deserve respect. #TimesUp
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