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I’m joining the broadcast about 30 minutes late, got stuck in traffic..🙃
They’re discussing legalization of cannabis. Beto gave a great answer about medicinal cannabis potentially being useful to stem the tide of the opioid epidemic. Cruz says Beto wants to legalize all narcotics and briefly harkens back to his sister’s drug overdose.
Now they’re onto Obamacare. Cruz spouts nonsense about it being the devil, Beto addresses the reality that it can’t be repealed in total. Cruz counters with fearmongering about socialism and high premiums that are all the GOP’s fault.
Now onto Trump’s trade war. Beto says we’re “going to war without allies” and Texas farmers are feeling the devastation. Beto says he’s stood up to Trump, Cruz attacks him for calling for Trump’s impeachment, says he’s the radical left.
Moderator is now asking each candidate to explain how they represent Texas values, Cruz leads off by saying Beto’s a rabid liberal who gets donations from other rabid liberals all across America.
Beto claps back with the excessive number of days Cruz hasn’t shown up to work. Welp.
Cruz now just naming off cities he’s visited in Texas for a crowd response and to prove he’s earning his salary..
Now they’re onto taxes, Cruz scoring points with the stingy White folk in the audience who are obsessed with having lower taxes. Beto says he balanced the budget by not being a GOP dummy who’s addicted to tax cuts.
They just exchanged platitudes about each other’s families missing them while they’re at work. Now they’re onto closing statements and Cruz has said socialism like 80 times.
Cruz is making a concerted effort to attach Beto to Bernie Sanders and vilify them both as socialist vermin. Obviously I’m insulted af.
After Cruz made the underhanded he’s just like Bernie remark, Beto responded with “true to form”. 👌🏾
Beto used his 90 second closing remarks to deliver a very Obamaesque appeal to our better angels and thank his supporters for their support and inspiration.
Debate’s over. Takeaways: Cruz clearly thinks associating Beto with Bernie and socialism is his best shot at preventing defections from his base, doesn’t realize this may actually be appealing to White moderates who are beginning to break for Beto in the latest polls.
Takeaways contd: Beto didn’t refute the association with Bernie or socialism, rightfully knows White moderates in TX who like Bernie and are soured on the GOP are his for the taking and he needs their votes to move the needle and win the state.
Here’s the clincher though, while Beto was careful to court White moderates by not refuting the Bernie connection, he was also careful to court Black and Latino voters with very strong declarations of support for civil rights. He married the two quite well and appealed to all.
Cruz on the other hand spoke only to the TX GOP base, he made NO effort to steer clear of right wing batshit and relied entirely on Fox like sound bites about liberals, socialism and the never ending quest for lower taxes. He’s a man who’s afraid even his base will abandon him.
I’m not just saying this because Cruz is atrocious all around in general, but if his goal was stopping the bleeding tonight he failed. He wasn’t warm-hearted, likable or charismatic (he can’t be) and standing next to Beto it showed. BIGLY.
Speaking of bigly, the gigantic elephant in the room (pun intended) was Trump. Cruz is fighting an uphill battle b/c he’s forced to be loyal to Trump and therefore has to attack Beto for not being the same, even though it’s his selling point. It’s an albatross around Cruz’s neck.
In this case Beto truly has the upper hand because he gets to be the one who can attack his opponent for being a rubber stamp on a rogue, dysfunctional administration and the corruption in DC. He positioned himself as an outsider who isn’t in the pocket of corporations/SuperPACs.
Beto also positioned himself above petty name calling and came across as someone with a strong work ethic who cares more about improving the lives of everyday Texans than scoring cheap political points and throwing out red meat for his base. He was wonky and unashamed of it.
Cruz offered no new ideas, he was a broken record about tax cuts and Obamacare and couldn’t defend Trump’s indefensible trade war. He routinely chose to divide and vilify because he couldn’t argue policy on the merits. He was the #TypicalTed that nobody likes. Low energy, SAD!
So that’s my summation. Cruz gained no ground but his base will think he owned the libs regardless simply b/c he said socialism 80 times and Beto accomplished his goal of speaking to the mushy middle in a way that affirmed he’s the only serious adult in the race.
Point Beto. 🔥
Ted Cruz Confirms He Doesn't Care About Police Violence… #TrueToForm #TakeTedDownTexas
Watch Beto O’Rourke’s Fire Response When Asked What He Can Do For Black Women… #BetoForTexas #ExpectUs
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