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Tour thread time!

So, most all my characters live in a small riverside town called Burnel. Burnel is a town that runs overtop of a magical leyline, making strange happenings rather commonplace. Due to this, it tends to be a hub for furs with unusual quirks and anatomy.
Burnel is somewhat based on the Five Points area of my riverside hometown. Lots of small businesses tailored around the tastes of the owners, everything from small candy stores and curio shops, to fortune tellers and performers. The leylines make these places slightly magical.
We'll start with the Shoping District. This is home to many of the well known stores, and extends beyond this square to the permiter of Layline Park and Plaza. There are various characters who operate stores here, usually living in appartments above their shops.
The first store we'll look at is mine! Belfry Books is a mazelike store that seems bigger on the inside. Magic has leaked into the books, and causes them to transform the owner Caudle, at random. People think many clerks work there, but it's just him in many forms.

Art by Pac.
Books are basically magic magnets. So the store absorbs a lot of the magical ambience of Burnel. Magic needs an outlet, so this led to the creation of the shop's avatar Flyleaf. Her size and form changes depending on the tidiness of the shop. She prefers not to be seen.
Next is Blue Queues a tailor shop owned by Myrtille. A kitsune who spent a few hundred years in France, no one is quite sure how old she is. Due to this she can be a bit mercurial at times, but makes the best clothes in town that are usually magic free.

Art by Pale and Lorddirk
After that is Smoke'n Scents, a smoke shop run by Yuki the resident skunk. Essential oils and other scent-based things can also be purchased here. Rumours that being around her too long can make one obedient, or that she sells cologne with hypnotic effects circulate.

Art by Pac
Next is Honeycomb, a sweets shop run by Meli, an okapi with a strange 'Honeyslug' tail. She can control how drippy it is, but it secretes a honeylike substance and no one ever seems to see her buying sugar... Anxious residents tend to shop there as the honey has calming effects
Wonderland Tea is a strange store that sells oddly pink tea...Occasionally certain bats, looking more vibrant in palor, can be seen running inside. It's only occasionally open and...I can't seem to remember anything else. let us move to pastures new.

Art by Durg and Gillpanda
The strip across the street from the main Shopping area is also filled with stores, though they tend to skew a bit more utilitarian. One must pass a perfectly ordinary photo development kiosk to get here. No one ever seems to use it, though there's always a clerk...
The Daily Grind, on the corner of the secondary square, is a coffee shop run by Dentia, a rat girl with a strangely prehensile tail. She employs a few people to help but mostly runs the place herself. All of her appendages are usually busy, best coffee in town.

Art by Pac
Strangely Dentia is often seen conversing with the Clerk of the Ordinary Photo Kiosk. They both go inside...and then seem to vanish. I'm sure it's an Ordinary Photo Kiosk, and there's no secret spy agency under it. That would be silly.

Art by pac
Next Door is Amby's Apothecary a pharmacy run by an Axolotl, Amby, who uses the toxins she produces for pain relief medicines. She is an ordinary pharmacist, who is totally not working for a rival spy agency and is not Dentia's arch nemisis.

Art by Pac.
Further down the strip is The Truffle Shuffle, owned by the Pigolin Perigord. A Garden Store, it doesn't seem to sell the usual things...just mushrooms...and cauldrons, and mushrooms. Would you like some mushrooms? Also she's not a witch, who told you that?

Art by Banga and Pac
The next store is simply...'Toys'....No other name...just toys, don't worry about it. IT's run by Ramie, a badger who loves all things toy. Rumours the plushies of the store come to life and do things to people who buy them are false. Also those aren't stitches, she's normal.
Jazzland Grocery is owned by Flana, a riversheep, and her family. She can often be seen restocking shelves, but when not doing this she has aspirations of being a singer and model. Her wool takes a lot of maintenance, but she's up to the task.

Art by Banga and Pac
Next up on the other side of Leyline Park past the restaurant district, is Academia Luna, a place founded on the study of the wild magic that makes Burnel the odd place it is. Several denizens of the town work and live here.
One of the heads of Academia Luna is Professor Humprhy Nelson, though he is better known by his nickname Neapolitan, and his tail Pistachio. He was once an ordinary panther, but messing with magic turned him into an odd pink...thing. His tail likes sweets. Don't show up late.
Academia Luna messed with time magic sometime in the 1800's. This resulted in the professor of history and the maintenance man, Grey and Parvus, who are from...'Out of town'. Both are good-natured fellows, but don't as Parvus to fix things that don't run on coal...

Art by pac
Next to the school is the restaurant district. It's said going through one side of the main entrance leads one down a strange cobblestone path to a post-industrial fantasy universe. But that's silly.
Through the archway, one may find themselves in part of town. Ignore the flying ships. Instead, check out Löffel. A lovely dragoness makes lovely treats, her name is Flambe and she never needs a stove or freezer! She can adjust her temperature.

Art by Malificus
Across from the Löffel, is The Pail, a tavern and restaurant run by Memdi a big cow with a big heart that likes feeding big stomachs! She makes the er...freshest milkshakes and ice cream this side of totally-not-existant magical portals.

Art by Pac
Rumors Flambe and Memdi are sweet on eachother are the pure conjecture of gossip pages. Giant fantasy women dating, how silly.

Art by pac.
The Hibernation Club across from the restaurant district is home to Beatrice, lounge singer and model. A Bink (Bear-mink) it is said her voice is hypnotic, and her kisses are too, but surely that's just flattery. People are known to go missing there in the winter...

Art by Pac.
On the edge of Burnel are the suburbs where most of the more normal furs live and commute into work at the various shops and offices. Beyond the suburbs, there are two places of note.
Gizmet's Garage is where everyone gets anything fixed. Owned by a bunny named Gizmet, she uses the funds to work on augmentations. Called a 'Pufftush' as a child, she somewhat...overcompensates. Has also been seen at the Ordinary Photo Kiosk.

Art by Goat, Banga and Pac.
The Forrest of Smoke is a strange place, where there is rumoured to be a portal to a land of Gods and Fae. it is always surrounded by a strange mist that seems to act more like smoke, though there is never fire...No one remembers going very far in.

Art by Gryph21 and Pac
Continuing along the border of Burnel, there are a few places that usually end up doing business together. The Cerberus Stadium being home to the 'Apt Olympics' as it is called. Furs with strange mutations and abilities compete to win medals and prestige.
Frequent competitor in the Apt Olympics, and generally good-natured Doggo is Orion Perro. He can usually be found either in the restaurant district when he can get away from his trainer, or on the front of Stripe Magazine, which he is shy about.
Orion's Trainer is the owner of the Fetch gym, Broomhilda. She is from a far-off land...somewhere with ice in it? No one is sure. In juxtaposition to Orion's fun-loving nature, she is all work and no play. Get swole or get out. Do not take training with her lightly.

Art by pac.
The Stripe Office Building is where many furs from the Suburbs work. A nationwide fashion magazine, it is run by Nzuri, the clouded leopard. Most of his workers seem to have a white stripe somewhere on their body..s-surely it's just fur dye, yes?

Art by Puca, Banga and Piromane
Last but not least are four important locations in Burnel, that handle a lot of the more infrastructural and archival purposes for the town.
The Styx apartments don't seem to have a landlord...and nobody seems to pay rent person a month seems to....forget the 1st of the month? It's almost as though rent is paid in some...other way...Don't think about it.

Art by Frindle, Dirk and Pac
The BPD precinct is...not a busy place. Most residents tend to handle themselves to the point where there's only one criminal (That people can remember). This unfortunate fellow is a raccoon named Randy. He keeps his clothes in his cell, it saves time.

Art by pac.
And now we come to the end of our tour, with two of the most frequented places by Tourists to Burnel, the museum and the world-renowned therapist's office.
The Museum is run by its archivist and linguist, Fahima. A sphinx cat, she can tell you anything about history if you can get her to talk. Being furless, she tends to think she's ugly, and mostly stays in the shadows, she's working on it though

Art by pac and Happy little Cloud
And finally, we come to Sage Advice. Run by a Naga, named, of course, Sage, it is home to many hypnotherapist, him being at the top of them. He's an empath, so patients needn't explain what they need. Many have travelled far to spend a day in his care.

Art by pac and Tacokurt.
And well...That's Burnel! Hope you enjoyed your tour. Thank you for humouring me through this thread, and if anyone wants to talk about the city feel free! I'm a dork who is always expanding it. I need to come up with BPD officers at some point...

Art by pac
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