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(1) Here's a multimedia thread about the Kavanaugh hearing on 9/27/18. The body language of our opponents is so obvious it takes no professional skill to read it.

Photos and videos that support my opinion follow.

#ConfirmKavanaugh #ProsecuteFeinstein #RuleOfLaw #BillOfRights
(2) After preparing the photos I will add to this thread, I noticed this video that was published today. "Bombard" is an outstanding body language analyst & has done several videos re the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

A must watch:…
(3) This is also a must watch. I had already formed the same view of Ford's testimony before I saw this video. Ford is a faker and tried to use a "little girl" voice & body language to MANIPULATE us all.

I DO NOT tolerate manipulators. Female, or male.…
(4) Also, the same analyst took a look at the Kavanaughs' interview before the hearing:…
(5) After I watched the Kavanaugh's interview, I referred to this 1992 interview with then candidate Bill Clinton and his despicable wife.

His defiant stare-down of the interviewer is a manipulative tactic that was used by Ford at times.

(6) Now for some photos. Bear with me, there are a lot of them. Tweets showing that you've taken one tweet in isolation from the rest of the thread will be ignored.

Feinstein's clasped hands suggest a defensive wall around herself. Has she lost a lot of weight? Looks unwell.
(7) I think this was at the start, when Mitchell introduced herself to Ford & her team. Ford's expression is appropriate but the others look nervous/standoffish. In my experience, that's unusual for lawyers when meeting "the other side."
(8) Obviously, Mitchell wasn't literally "the other side" but, if Ford's lawyers had been confident that she was telling the truth, would they have looked like this upon meeting the committee's expert questioner? Of course not.

Mitchell did an outstanding job of her task, btw.
(9) On several occasions, Ford and her lawyers appeared caught out.
(10) It was clear that the lawyers wanted to carefully control her, but also that they ignored her, too.

If I was a lawyer for a genuine survivor giving testimony I'd sit back & let him or her tell the truth (not, importantly "her" truth. There's only one reality.)
(11) Why on earth would you give a *lawyer* a hug in the hearing room? Bizarre. The only person who warrant a hug is the client. And even then, it's not normally considered appropriate INSIDE the hearing room. All theater.
(12) Some more examples of the team treating Ford like the least important person in the room. That suggests to me that she had been coached to act. A genuine survivor would be reserved, vulnerable, and everyone would be visibly taking care of her.
(13) This is just weird. Don't ask me where Katz' head went, I don't know.

If Ford is looking at the GOP side of the committee and wondering "did you believe me?" I think we know the answer to that.
(14) I have NO hesitation in what I'm saying about Ford. She chose to pull this stunt, with enormous ramifications for innocent people like Kavanaugh, his family, genuine survivors & essentially the entire population bc the #BillOfRights itself is at stake. Unforgivable.
(15) This is the "little girl" / "pretty pose" routine talked about in the Bombard's Body Language video above, that goes with the fake voice.

We were not manipulated by it. Those who were, are just ignorant. Thankfully, they are a small minority in the country.
(16) This is a great thread on just some of the holes in Ford's story and her flagrant attempt to construct a narrative that's believable enough to stop the confirmation.

I'm glad she was such a sloppy liar. Makes this easier for us.

(17) If you haven't done so already, you can read my previous and current Kavanaugh threads here:

(18) There's more photos (way more.) In a 4 hour testimony I'd expect there to be a few less intense moments where the person looks somewhat relaxed.

This woman appears to have not a care in the world, though. She is enjoying the attention, fame, money and sympathy.
(19) When I first saw the photos from her testimony I thought her main issue was psychological/emotional as a result of some trauma (that was NOT caused by Kavanaugh.) Then I understood how much of it was simple acting. Probably the other issues, too.
(20) Part of her coaching was how to fake looking scared. I guess this ties in with the "little girl" look, too. But she can also do "arrogant," which might not be acting.
(21) "How dare you question ME!"

#DueProcess #BillOfRights
(22) In contrast, I don't think the pain on these faces is acting.
(23) I estimate that over 80% of Americans have a red hot rage about what's been done to these innocent people.

I get that Democrats were desperate to obstruct the winners of the election, but this was a supremely stupid idea for them as a party.
(24) Elections have consequences. Do your best to win &, if you lose, be an adult & work on trying harder next time. Voters have the right to chose who governs them. Americans KNOW you're trying to disenfranchise them, with malice.

Please, voters: Drive the message home in Nov.
(25) Booker trying to look like a nice guy. Ford seeking Blumenthal's approval. Sheila Jackson-Lee inserting herself into the festivities, when she's not even a Senator.

We see you.
(26) Feinstein desperately trying to maintain the facade that she's done nothing criminal or unethical.

I can't wait to see what legal proceedings are made public over the next few months. Remember, it's best if we DON'T know what law enforcement are doing until later.
(27) These are some of the best legal and political minds in the country. I trust them.
(28) They are resolute.
(29) I haven't spent much time since Friday focusing on Flake. I think most of the talk about him is theater. Grassley & the rest of the GOP leadership know how to work with him... far better than I do. If he ends up voting yes, will people walk back their comments? Doubt it.
(30) I like this photo because it shows how defiant Kavanaugh is. Normally he would look at Ashley and smile at her as she sat down, but he's just plowing ahead, knowing she has his back 100%. He's all "let's do this."🔥
(31) Their expressions are natural, not forced one way or the other. They also have total trust in their federal agents, who are among the best in the country. No one is getting near this family. And every time a crazy person threatens, they are getting caught & prosecuted.
(32) Walking in, Ashley smiled at someone, probably her friend or in-laws sitting in the front row. She's a very special person. Which is probably why GWB hired her in Texas in the 90s & made her his personal secretary in the WH for 4 years. His love for the Kavs isn't recent.
(33) I've learned more about Senator Grassley in the last few weeks than I ever knew before. Highly intelligent, strong, and frankly, dangerous to those who cross him.

Glad I'm not a Democrat.
(34) God bless this great American.
(35) He wasn't at the hearing, but his leadership in this process will turn out to be everything. A lot of people underestimate Senator McConnell, which is very foolish. Here he is waiting for the GOP conference meeting to start, after the hearing.

>Grabs popcorn
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