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Alright, let's do this.

In this thread, I'm going to rank every single municipal flag in British Columbia.
1. Feel VERY free to mute this thread. It will go on for a while.

2. All images/information comes from the invaluable Flags Of The World website:…

3. Here's all the information on scoring/rankers/miscellaneous stuff you may or may not find interesting.
130. TELKWA (1.38 points)

- Just wrote their name on a piece of paper
- Great letterhead, terrible flag
- Seriously, why did you make this a flag, there's no need
129: SILVERTON (1.5 points)

- Looks like a VHS tape or cover a children's book
- Those things are not flags
- The logo could be for anywhere in B.C.
128: OSOYOOS (1.96 points)

- "Let's dress up the typeface," said a foolish person
- why are there three colours
- what is happening with the two Os coming together
127: SQUAMISH (2.00 points)

- Squamish is trademarked?!?
- Overlapping of the lettering = bad
- Not to belabour the point, but a banner and flag are different things
126: SALMON ARM (2.01 points)

- This is a logo for a car company, not a flag for a city
- tails on the A and M in "Arm" are VERY aggressive
125: SLOCAN (2.1 points)

- The flag website we're using has some that are clearly done in MS Paint as representations, so we don't know how 100% accurate this is, but still: no.
- Way too busy; looks vaguely like a graphic from Oregon Trail
- Five separate lines of text!
124: WEST KELOWNA (2.4 points)

- Our first "let's put our logo between two bars" flags. GET READY FOR MORE
- Bars are too skinny, text is too busy
123: METCHOSIN (2.5 points)

- We scored this, but then the image mysteriously disappeared from the Flag website, so we couldn't find it. Sorry!
122: PEMBERTON (2.58 points)

- Again, a banner is different than a flag
- Stop putting your names on flags
- Very generic, the "blue green and mountains!" thing is very overplayed in B.C. graphic design
121: WHISTLER (2.58 points)

- did pemberton and whistler use the same company to design their flags
- very corporate feel
- the trees look like a "W", that's not bad!
120: KENT (2.67 points)

- The text should be smaller than the logo
- This is fine, as far as logos go, but is not really a flag
- Just a big old "meh"
119: FORT NELSON (2.7 points)

- Would be a good sticker or pin
- Delighted as the inclusion of a transmission tower
- The more recent flag for the actual municipality wasn't on the site, but is below average in very different ways
118: FRUITVALE (2.81 points)

- Say it with me: Too. Much. Text.
- One of our rankers is from Fruitvale, he's very cross that the buildings are not up to date, and thinks a flag should not have elements that are subject to change
- Ooh, a rising sun! Bet we won't see that again!
117: TUMBLER RIDGE (2.9 points)

- The "TR" is the worst thing here, hiding a perfectly good mountain
- That "R" certainly goes on for a while
- Why did they change from their previous flag? It wasn't great, but it was certainly more memorable/frightening
116: SPALLUMCHEEN (2.91 points)

- The shadowing on the text is certainly a choice!
- Stop putting when your town was incorporated on your flag, all of you
- The brown soil is weird, and the yoke looks like a hand
115: MCBRIDE (3.0 points)

- Choo choo!
- NUMTOT special
- <3 the completely unnecessary "B.C." in the bottom left
- Points for trying
114: GOLDEN (3.06 points)

- I get why there's the "golden" ribbon around the sides, but no
- There are good thoughts here, but overall far too busy
113: KAMLOOPS (3.19 points)

- Whyyyyyyy did you put the name of the city on here
- Otherwise it would just be another version of "a boring colonial crest does not equal a flag", which you'll start seeing more of
112: CITY OF NORTH VANCOUVER (3.25 points)

- The lions are sad? Concerned? Why are they red?
- Wavy lines denoting the ocean? Yeah, get ready for lots of those, some on flags that are good!
- This is just a crest though, not a flag, so
111: NEW HAZELTON (3.26 points)

- 👏 logos 👏 aren't 👏 flags
- Mountain is far too detailed for a flag
- Flowers are pretty though
110: UCLUELET (3.3 points)

- Says the name twice!
- Feels like the badge for a swimming program
- is the whale trying to escape?
109: RUSHMERE (3.33 points)

- Is the bear happy or angry?
- I am aware Rushmere is not a municipality, it wasn't in my song, but it was on the flag website and the bear is fun
108: ENDERBY (3.38 points)

- Looks like the beginning of a choose your own adventure book
- Also looks like a bumper sticker
- Points for doing the whole "we're near water!" thing from a different perspective
107: SMITHERS (3.4 points)

- Too many dark colours
- Still just a crest
- Why is the "Town of Smithers" thing on a pretend scroll, this is a flag
106: ASHCROFT (3.45 points)

- The gang's all here!
- a LOT going on here
- seriously, why do all of these things have to say "B.C." on them, WE ALL KNOW WHAT PROVINCE WE'RE IN
- What's the deal with the star, why is it yellow
105: SAANICH (3.5 points)

- Still just a coat of arms, but this one is sort of graceful
- Why is a man vacuuming his carpet at the bottom
- Wait, are there chains around the animals' necks?
104: WILLIAMS LAKE (3.57 points)

- You can barely read the "hospitality" and "opportunity" because it's so squished in, just like everything in this flag
- This could have been good with like 65% of the elements removed
103: QUALICUM BEACH (3.58 points)

- Spacing on "BEACH" is not good
- Very bland, but not the worst "shield+text" example out there
102: LUMBY (3.64 points)

- I have several questions about "Simply The Best" being in quotes
- Also, don't put that right under "Gateway to the Monashee", choose one
- Why is one of the trees yellow?
- Strong font for LUMBY though
101: PEACHLAND (3.67 points)

- So many fruits! And so few of them actual peaches!
- The panels look like sub-games on a menu screen for an early-90s computer game
We shall take a brief break before we begin the Top 100 so I can eat some food and you can all question my sanity
100: CUMBERLAND (3.69 points)

- France, but with coal!
- The thing around the mining stuff is too small, get rid of it
- still confused about the blue and red bars to be honest
99: VICTORIA (3.7 points)

- So about that illuminati thing at the top
- What's going on with the guy to the right, he seems overly pleased about something
- Is that a knight's helmet at the top, but on fire?
- overall very on brand for Victoria
98: NAKUSP (3.71 points)

- The town had a perfectly good flag (image one), and then got rid of it for something very corporate and bland (image two), I AM OUTRAGED
- Now it looks like a hotel logo, I'm sad
- Points for doing the mountains/ocean thing in a way that makes an N
97: FORT ST. JAMES (3.72 points)

- Enjoy how it makes it seem like it's near the ocean, when it is definitely not
- A decent job with the sun/mountain/water tropes, even if it's all very generic
96: SALMO (3.75 points)

- So indy it hurts
- Salmo has a giant penny and the world's oldest telephone booth, but instead they choose to highlight the town's welcome sign
- What's going on with those trees
95: GRAND FORKS (3.76 points)

- Another one where the website we took the images from may have MS Painted it in a way that skews our opinion, but still: a bit too much happening
- Why did some leave that coal all alone
94: MONTROSE (3.77 points)

- Flags should not have names; if they do have names, flags should not have italics
- The flag was designed by a councillor, but not "officially adopted" by Montrose, I demand to know the backstory there
- The rose is bold and not bad!
93: FORT ST. JOHN (3.78 points)

- Too many elements do not a good logo make
- Is that a sun *within* a sun?
- Get points for gusto, lose points for gradient
92: COURTENAY (3.83 points)

- Coat of arms alert, but not a bad one!
- Still too many elements though
- Also Mt. Washington is not part of Courtenay, you don't get points for that
91: PITT MEADOWS (3.84 points)

- The usual spiel about putting your name/crest/coat on the flag
- The words say "Prosperity through endeavour", which...what?
- Purple and gold is an okay colour scheme!
90: WEST VANCOUVER (3.85 points)

- Everyone thinks about bluebirds when West Vancouver is mentioned, right?
- Does the ship represent wealth?
- Clever way of taking a banner of the arms and making a flag out of it, even though that's not how it's supposed to go
89: HARRISON HOT SPRINGS (3.86 points)

- This is a pin, not a flag
- It's a fine pin though!
88: VERNON (3.9 points)

- Is that a cow or a moose?
- What is it with Vernon and SMASHMOUTH symbols?
87: KELOWNA (3.92 points)

- Oh look, another shield
- Why did they use highlighter over the motto
- Are the bear and giant seahorse going to rumble? Or take over the world?
86: OAK BAY (3.94 points)

- Can't find a better image, but just imagine this centred, but with more red
- That sea lion is fierce
85: PORT HARDY (3.95 points)

- The tagline isn't the worst (North Coast Trail + Inside Passage ferry)
- Looks like your printer ran out of ink but you still had to print it
84: SPARWOOD (3.96 points)

- Gooooooooo Spartans!
- The diagonal lines are fine
- S + Name + Stars + Circle = TOO MUCH
83: REVELSTOKE (4.01 points)

- Brought to you by Rickard's Red!
- The date at the bottom of the R is infuriating
- The rest is perfectly adequate
82: FRASER LAKE (4.06 points)

- Gradients! Loads of them! Too many!
- Sunset is nice, but why is the swan in a different time zone?
- Microsoft Powerpoint Presents: Fraser Lake
81: TERRACE (4.08 points)

- What was your your favourite thing from Nelvana as a kid, mine was probably Rupert
- Not bad, but in need of an update
80: COLWOOD (4.17 points)

- We were very divided on the colour palette
- Points for not sticking the main stuff in the centre of the flag
- Nice use of the X-Men Castle
- Again, nobody cares when you were incorporated
79: HUDSON'S HOPE (4.31 points)

- What a hot mess of a flag
- "Land of Dinosaurs and Dams" HECK YEAH
- It's not good in any technical sense of the word, but they went for it and that's admirable
78: PRINCETON (4.32 points)

- Honestly, what an adorable tree
- but why are his feed dislocated from his body
- Apparently, "Peter is of mixed heritage as his father is a pine, and his mother is a fir/spruce."
- A good retro T-Shirt, regrettably not a good flag
77: BARRIERE (4.33 points)

- Grow with us!
- The color scheme looks like a 2004 web interface for submitting property tax adjustments
- The tree looks like a dancing artichoke
76: PORT MOODY (4.42 points)

- Trees! Railroads! Giant ships (?) Castles (??)
- Why isn't the ship on water?
- An excellent example of why not to simply transfer your heraldic stuff over, because there's good elements but it defeats itself
I've got a bachelor party to help plan now (you may all make obvious jokes here), so we'll wait for a couple hours to kick off the top 75.

Or maybe we'll wait until tomorrow!
75: HOPE (4.43 points)

- The very definition of "not good, but not terrible"
- What is going on in the middle there above the sun
- Have a big H or type out your full name, don't do both, please and thank you
74: HIGHLANDS (4.43 points)

- Oh look, more green/blue/white
- The arbutus tree is actually representative of the region, and is done in a graphically pleasing way!
- One of the best examples of "please, don't put your name on the flag, otherwise it would be good" in all of B.C.
73: ZEBALLOS (4.46 points)

- The gold pan looks like an egg yolk
- I understand why green and yellow were used for the sides; that doesn't make it a great choice
72: LAKE COWICHAN (4.48 points)

- So crunchy
- Indeed, that is a lake in the middle
- There's potential in the design, but for the 100th time, text = nope
71: KIMBERLEY (4.5 points)

- Not to belabour the point, but yellow and green don't mix well
- Rectangle in the middle represents Kimberley itself, so why is it just 5% of the flag?
- This is the worst "good" flag — doesn't break any cardinal rules, but doesn't come together
70: TRAIL (4.51 points)

- By law, every image of Trail must include the smelter
- You can't read it, but apparently the text inside the circle says "Gold must be tried by fire," which is pretty cool
- The fact you can't read it, or really see anything, is, um, a problem
69: HOUSTON (4.52 points)

- A lot of bold choices were made in this flag, and that's to be commended
- Sadly, none of them come fully together
- Get rid of the H and the trees and you might have something really good here. MIGHT.
68: STEWART (4.58 points)

- OH MY GOODNESS such ParticipACTION vibes coming through here
- Imagine this flag without the text
- Very much enjoying the piece of the tri-force stuck in the middle
67: SATURNA ISLAND (4.6 points)

- Comes from "Generic Eastern European Country Flag Starter Set"
- Apparently the symbol has both a sheep, orca, wild goat, eagle AND wine tankard inside of it
- Nobody who sees the flag is passing will know that
66: NELSON (4.63 points)

- The giant text at the bottom of the flag is trolling me
- Mountains as green triangles is pretty clever
- Overall, in spite of the text and the crest, the scheme is bold enough to be somewhat decent
65: CENTRAL SAANICH (4.65 points)

- A modern looking coat of arms!
- Carmen Miranda hat represents agriculture, but also amuse me
- Very competent as far as coat of arms flags go (but you still shouldn't do this with flags)
64: PORT CLEMENTS (4.66 points)

- "What if we just put our own flag on top of the Canadian flag?"
- Trees are generally bigger than maple leafs, we get that, right?
- Still, not a crest and not a logo. Progress!
63: NEW WESTMINSTER (4.67 points)

- Con: it's a crest. Pro: the crest actually fills up the space
- The 4 classic New Westminster activities: trees, fish, boating, and whatever that top right thing is
- Hot take: crests would be better if there were less than 4 things in them
62: CHETWYND (4.69 points)

- may be my favourite guilty pleasure flag of the entire thing
61: VANDERHOOF (4.7 points)

- What are the people walking towards, I'm scared
- One of the worst examples of putting the incorporation date into the flag
- The V is certainly gimmicky, but also not that shabby!
60: LANGLEY CITY (4.71 points)

- Go Dallas Cowboys!
- Looks like the flag of a made-up country in Street Fighter 2
- Or maybe the flag of a southwestern US State?
59: 100 MILE HOUSE (4.72 points)

- The house in the middle is cute
- Wait, there's also a stagecoach on top of the hat?
- And there are poppies on the animals?
- when did this flag become a cut scene from alice and wonderland
58: Salt Spring Island (4.75 points)

- ok wow
- This is not "good", in a traditional sense, but it is extremely "Salt Spring"
- Honestly, if the Canadian flag was replaced by something else, you might have something here
57: PORT COQUITLAM (4.78 points)

- What.... what is happening with the fish in a circle
- Why are there fish on the right, but also fish up top
- These are good ideas and a good colour scheme, but it didn't come together
56: PORT MCNEILL (4.79 points)

- It is very important you read the explanation of how this flag came to be
- That is all
- Small-town mayors are great
55: COQUITLAM (4.83 points)

- Try looking at this flag once you think of it as a face
- When you think of Coquitlam, French fortresses come to mind, right?
- There are solid thoughts here, but it is too busy
54: RICHMOND (4.86 points)

- The rest is fine, honestly, if overly busy on the fish design
53: CRANBROOK (4.88 points)

- MOAR TRUCKS (we aren't complaining)
- Very 80s, nice hand-drawn feel to the "CRANBROOK" signing
- Pretty good for a "official arms in middle of flag" situation
52: LANGFORD (4.92 points)

- A few B.C. flags use red and orange to highlight Spanish colonialism; but the scheme is hard to pull off
- I'm from Victoria, but I can't understand the symbolism they're going for with all the stuff in the middle, but your mileage may vary
51: MAPLE RIDGE (4.95 points)

- We're fully into our "you understand what makes a bad flag, but not what makes a good flag" portion of the rankings
- The dashed border is...interesting. Yeah, interesting!
- Still too much going on though
We'll wrap it up there for the night, before relaunching tomorrow!

Unsure if we'll just finish it then, or do 10 a day for the week to draw out the drama/silliness.

This has been ... fun? I think/hope?


50: POUCE COUPE (5.0 points)

- The bigger wheat in the middle is the king wheat, it won a competition, this is now canon
- Why does the farm have a white picket fence?
- The name in the flag is particularly egregious in this one
49: LYTTON (5.04 points)

- Only B.C. flag to feature Greek pottery
- Look out gold rush-era camel, there's an oncoming train!
- "All great flags have a comma in them," said nobody
- All in all, weirdly captivating
48: NORTH COWICHAN (5.08 points)

- A perfectly fine port of a coat of arms into a flag, but
- That coat of arms in the middle is a face and now it is haunting my dreams
- The dogwood flowers are eyes
- The fish is a nose
- The bottom river is a smile
- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
47: PARKSVILLE (5.1 points)

- Delighted by the crown on the fish, along with the smile
- The sun is also nice
- This is actually a pretty good lazy flag
- Apparently there are two Parksville flags, but the second one is just a banner, so we'll ignore it
46: DAWSON CREEK (5.13 points)

- Novel way of getting your name on the flag!
- Your name is still on the flag
- Also, the main place where this flag is flown is THE SYMBOL ON THE FLAG ITSELF
- You could rank this higher and I would not complain
45: ROSSLAND (5.14 points)

- It's a pretty good shield in the middle, but it's still Another Flag That's Just Some Other Symbol Transported over
- Solid combination of simplicity + strong colours though
- feels like i'm wearing nothing at all
44: PRINCE RUPERT (5.15 points)

- The red triangle is so unnecessary and yet so wonderful
- So is the weird green swoop into the shield, I get the symbolism but honestly why
- You might think that green swoop is an exaggeration, but I assure you it is very real
43: SIDNEY (5.2 points)

- Why are there two sets of waves?
- Only Sidney is known for ... people holding hands
- This is a "town shield flag" in disguise, but it's a good disguise
42: SAYWARD (5.25 points)

- Why is the sturgeon so angry?
- If it's in water, is the Orca in golden water?
- Seriously, how many more flags are going to be "town shield, surrounded by two bars"?
41: COLDSTREAM (5.28 points)

- So much potential!
- "So much potential!" is a nice way of saying they didn't fully get there
- "Ye Olde District Of Coldstream" font is unnecessary
- Unsure why the red in the top left is needed
We'll be back at it tomorrow with #31 through #40!

We've got 12 island flags remaining, 13 Lower Mainland flags, and 15 from the rest of B.C. — a nice mix!

(this might be my dumbest "stats tweet" ever)
hello twitter

are you ready

ready for more flags

flags from british columbia cities

because here we go
40: COMOX (5.31 points)

- Hey look, a simple colour scheme makes things nicer!
- Also look: a minimal crest in the middle is better than a complex one!
- Having said that, it's still super generic
39: VIEW ROYAL (5.4 points)

- Spot the secret face in the crown!
- 91 municipalities in and we're getting somewhere with the graphic design on these
- And the gold trim on the blue sides? Not bad!
- But booooo to the name on the flag, and "we have ships!" is not a unique thing
38: TOFINO (5.42)

- This screams Tofino
- Very nice postcard design, or for hanging in your van! Not really a flag tho
- Still, fun colours and fairly unique design
- Get rid of the name
- Also get rid of the signature, FLAGS DO NOT HAVE SIGNATURES
37: NANAIMO (5.44 points)

- Does a weirdly good job at communicating Nanaimo's brand of "strangely colonial in a way nobody finds charming" without even having to use words
- Ironic in 2018 that the 2nd biggest city on Vancouver Island celebrates coal on its flag
36: MERRITT (5.46 points)

- The ground is green and the sky is yellow and hazy and there's not much else there, you nailed it
- Looks like it comes from a generic flag starter pack
- BUT! This flag follows the rules, and should be commended for doing so
35: ARMSTRONG (5.56 points)

- Intriguing! 10% too busy, but intriguing!
- It's weird how many flags have a cornucopia in it, right?
- Needs like 10% more spacing between the circles and the railroad
- Yes, that's a railroad
34: PENTICTON (5.58 points)

- Did the city have two different proposed flags and just smash them together?
- Did you know many B.C. cities are near water and have access to the sun?
- We're so done with heraldic suns
33: MISSION (5.6 points)

- This looks like an AWESOME weapon for a teenage mutant ninja turtle
- Like, way better than Donatello's lame stick
- "Trees and Jesus" is an odd combination
- Weird, but certainly distinctive, and maybe really good?
32: LIONS BAY (5.75 points)

- The red is jarring, and the contrast with the second lion is weird
- Transition from the blue background on the left to the white for the other two panels is also not great
- We're now fully into flags everyone on our team was OK with!

- Wavy. TOO wavy.
- blue green white water mountains b.c. special yay!!!!!
- The geometric pattern is actually good though
Tomorrow, we go through the 30th to 21st best municipal flags of British Columbia.

(there's a first time for all sentences)

I'm sort of sad we've said goodbye to the truly weird/bad ones, but excited we can start celebrating Good Flags for the rest of the week.



30: WHITE ROCK (5.8 points)

- Textures on the rock = wow
- Is that a sea cucumber? Because it looks like a sea cucumber
- You had two good ideas, and you needed to choose one
- You clearly know this is White Rock, and that gets you points
29: NORTH SAANICH (5.81 points)

- sine wave generators are cool
- the "NORTH SAANICH" on the left makes me so angry, because the rest of the flag follows the rules! And is pretty good!
- honestly, that's a cool looking bird
28: ANMORE (5.82 points)

- The "A" is really frustrating and detracts from the flag
- We think
- Ugh this flag was honestly very divisive, but the "A" is too on the nose. PROBABLY.
- I'm not sure how the hummingbird relates to Anmore, but we approve
27: MACKENZIE (5.84 points)

- are the m and w making love
- The tree is superfluous, but also very essential to the purpose of mackenzie, so we're split
- It *fits* for the town, but also is trying like 10% too hard
26: QUESNEL (5.85 points)

- honestly, the best "worst" flag
- look at how the gold panning plate and the name form a q!
- simply delightful
- reminder: not *actually* a good flag
- but still, tremendous
25: BURNS LAKE (5.86 points)

- if they got rid of the trees and the burns lake it'd be good
- *twin peaks theme plays*
- after hours and hours of staring at flags, legitimately jarring to see a flag that alludes to b.c.'s pre-colonial history, but THAT'S ANOTHER STORY
24: FERNIE (5.89 points)

- 1st flag (on the left) is better, much more distinctive, etc.
- Fernie is still a coal-based economy today, so we'll allow the design
- But two flags = no
23: CAMPBELL RIVER (5.95 points)

- So, a lot going on here
- From our judging panel: "I dated somebody from port alberni and they described themselves as the poor man's cambpell river," and this flag is not helping
- Lots of good elements! Pick, like, two!
22: CHILLIWACK (5.95 points)

- Here's the thing: it's not bad!
- Two colours, waves well in the wind, picks a theme (green heart of B.C.) and sticks with it
- but, looks too much like the flag of "kekistan", a fictional country championed by white nationalists, so, gets docked
21: SURREY (6.0 points)

- In recent years Surrey has downplayed the "official" flag, and has highlighted the second thing
- The second thing is not a flag! It's bad!
- The first flag has problems (aka: only a crest), but waves+beaver+peace arch = very solid



well i guess it's time to rank some more flags
20: PORT ALICE (6.08 points)

- Digging the amount of white space around the eagle
- The two parts don't come together at all though, which is unfortunate
19: PORT EDWARD (6.08 points)

- We're ranking the old flag (on the left), because it's amazing
- Like it's a ripped dude on a dolphin catching the same dolphin?
- Even the "Port Edward B.C." is sort of endearing on this
- The new flag looks very generic, boo
18: PRINCE GEORGE (6.17 points)

- Simple, symmetrical, strong colours, but with interesting wrinkles: hey look ma, a real flag!
- I get the desire for both snowflakes and a flower, but they're too similar in shape and it's jarring
- also blue flowers are strange
17: CRESTON (6.22 points)

- Elegant, which is a weird but neat quality in a flag
- Swans are well known to Creston, the flag has a swan: straightforward = good
- Just a little too basic to make the Top 16 though (which may or may not become part of a bracket on CBC later on)
16: KITIMAT (6.25 points)

- whoa graphic design has entered the building
- It regrettably has its name, but in a modern typeface, so I'm not that mad!
- Logo represents both the geography (snow!) and industry (aluminum!)
- Not *really* a flag, but there's so much good here
15: LANGLEY TOWNSHIP (6.36 points)

- Dogwood, waves, green blue white colour scheme: yep, this is a B.C. flag
- But the borders make an L, which is clever!
- AND Langley is at the crossroads of the lower mainland, so
- But "waves" and "Langley" don't really go hand in hand
14: MIDWAY (6.5 points)

- noooo it's another face staring at me
- like, if the boogeyman from the nightmare before christmas was canadian, but also a flag
- but it's also distinctive! and clearly connects with the geography!
13: GIBSONS (6.56 points)

- so the fish is going to be divisive
- But look beyond the fish! Those are great colours and a unique, memorable design
- Okay, look back at the fish
- This is why it's not in the top ten
12: BELCARRA (6.61 points)

- Three good ideas on one flag, not coming together but not making things worse
- It comes the banner of arms, which was only designed in 2005, which explains why it actually looks modern
- All fits in with Belcarra nicely too!
11: PORT ALBERNI (6.64 points)

- Weirdest compass ever
- But clean and with a direct message (we take in trees, and export the lumber around the world)
- Not super super great, but does well given our marking rubric

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The 10 best municipal flags in British Columbia.

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This over dramatic trope has worn out its welcome.
I'm not going to show the remaining flags (so they remain a surprise to people), but if you want to look ahead, the Top 10 (in alphabetical order) are:

Alert Bay
Gabriola Island
I've looked at every municipal flag in British Columbia, and with my friends ranked every single one.

Here are the top 10.
10: DUNCAN (6.75 points)

- The motif is not bad!
- Gets in geography, local culture, AND indigenous representation (salmon represent the five First Nations around Cowichan)
- A little too busy, a little too dark
9: ALERT BAY (6.88 points)

- By FAR the most adorable flag in British Columbia
- Yay Orcas!
- Remember when we called Orcas "Killer Whales" way more often?
- Your mileage on the aesthetics may vary: most of us loved this flag, a couple didn't, and that's fine!
8: GABRIOLA ISLAND (7.06 points)

- Is the raven trying to escape a tsunami? Because if so, it's a goner
- The blue is actually supposed to represent the famed rock galleries, which is hard for non-Islanders to tell
- But still! A nontraditional design that really works
7: VANCOUVER (7.1 points)

- Axes, castles and paddles: what everyone thinks about when Vancouver is mentioned
- Follows all the rules for flags, plus throws in a couple nice wrinkles with the waves and the triangle
- In spite of that, not super bold or inspiring
6: CASTLEGAR (7.17 points)

- Has a nice, timeless quality that is geographically appropriate
- Honestly, my favourite flag (i was outvoted)
- I get what they were going for, but there are no giant castles in Castlegar, so
- I'll take "rejected flags of Sweden" for $200, Alex
5: DELTA (7.31 points)

- But also, straightforward? (Triangle is the Greek letter for Delta, also represents the three communities)
- Circle represents the sun, and frankly may be unnecessary
- Probably the only flag that could fit in with the beautiful ones in Japan
4: SOOKE (7.4 points)

- Now THIS is a flag
- Manages to make red and yellow Spanish colour scheme work
- Looks both traditional and modern!
3: ABBOTSFORD (7.52 points)

- Honestly, this should be British Columbia's flag, intuitively works better
- We need to use the dogwood more in our iconography
- The blue bars add some nice texture
- Extremely competent, but didn't 100% wow anyone
2: OLIVER (7.67 points)

- On the nose, but simple and pretty (oliver is very warm)
- The waves add just enough flair
- Nobody had any complaints, but just enough people liked the winner more
- And that winner is...
1: BURNABY (7.89 points)

- Really bold, but it all comes together
- Little tips of white at the end of the feathers are *chef's kiss*
- Discs are Burnaby and Deer Lake, the water above and below are the Inlet and the Fraser, so many good details!
- I can't believe I did this
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