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1) Here's my premise:

The Republican Party doesn't exist. It's just a shell, and we've been getting royally fooled for decades. Follow along. #QAnon
2) Mental exercise: what's the last substantial thing a Republican has done in office?

Some'd argue Bush tax cuts, Gingrich balanced budget.

For me, it's all the way back to Reagan & ending the Cold War. Since then, R's have started a few wars, but name me anything REAL. #QAnon
3) Remember, in good faith, Reagan made the deal granting amnesty for border security.

In good faith.

Look where we are today. 30+ years on. What have Republicans done? #QAnon
4) GHW Bush came after Regan, after his 1981 coup attempt failed, and this is where, I believe, it all began.

Bush did nothing about the border, just like every Republican in every office after him. A few tried. Nothing happened. Now we're in crisis. #QAnon
5) Here's my theory: GHW Bush handed the party over to the globalists.

How? The C_A. His presidency was a reward for killing Kennedy, but in that deal with the devil, he handed the party over to them and it's been the Great Republican Shell Party ever since. #QAnon
6) What I speculate happened is that he started building a Hoover style body of information against everyone and with that control started to slowly turning the screws on the party's fundamentals and shifting it's priorities towards the New World Order. #QAnon
7) For 30+ years, lip service has been paid to all Republican positions, nothing has happened, yet people continued to vote the party in on fake promises and the horrid alternative, the destroy everything they touch Democrats. Catch 22, right? Pitfall of a 2 party system. #QAnon
8) In this 30 years drugs, prostitution, child trafficking, drugs, porn, and outright social subversion have become rampant.

Why? No Republican party. They are the Fox News of politics: CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. FAKE NEWS. FAKE PARTY. #QAnon
9) Look at the leaders.

Bush 1 & 2, warmonger globalists
Gingrich, serial cheater
Denny Hastert, PEDOPHILE!
Paul Ryan, Soros puppet
John McCain, too much to name
Mitt Romney, RINO
Trent Lott, corruption convict
John Boehner, RINO
Tom Delay, slime
Dick Cheney?

Seeing a pattern?
10) This isn't a party, friends. It's a clown show.

During the Tea Party era, people started to wake up to this ineptness. A few gains were made, and today we have a few real classic Republicans in the Freedom Caucus.

But we're ignoring the obvious: this party is fake. #QAnon
11) I'm sure many come into R election wins with good intentions, but when they hit a national office, the machine takes them on/in... I believe it's the C_A machine.

Compromise or threaten them.

The goals of the New World Order are what rule America now. #QAnon
12) So lets stick with the premise of a "Shell Party" that isn't real.

What came next? The Clintons. Their obsession with the C_A make more sense now? Clinton came from the Barry Seal Arkansas era of C_A drug trafficking. In C_A terms, Clinton was a made man. #QAnon
13) Bushes, Clintons, they are all on the same team. I still don't think we grasp just how in control the C_A and other intel agencies are of society. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Ask me a week ago if the R party was just a fake shell, I would have said no. #QAnon
14) Anyway, the Clinton's took the control structure to a new level. Blackmail-city, pedo quid pro quo, addictions 7 worst of all selling out to foreign interests. I suspect that the Clinton machine, not Obama, are the core of the Deep State and it's fight against Trump. #QAnon
15) Then comes the Manchurian Candidate, Obummer. A C_A asset thru & thru, now a President. Taking orders & actively destroying America from within. With Brennan.

30 yrs of subversion groundwork laid, he was just there to move a few dials & sound good on camera. #QAnon
16) Subversion:

The military
Southern border congressional districts
Identity politics
Muslim Brotherhood
Net neutrality
Iran deal

100's more. It's endless.

Why? #QAnon
17) No push-back from the "4th estate" - the fake news media.

It becomes easy when you spend 30+ years eliminating any shadow of responsible journalism and replace it with propaganda and fund it with our tax dollars.

Meanwhile, Republicans just sat there & did f___ all. #QAnon
18) Is that an accident?

Are we to really believe the Republican problem is that they are too nice as many have speculated?

If you do, you're REALLY naive.

No. The problem is they're fake.

And Trump has exposed it badly. #QAnon
19) Evidence? Two things.

First, this thread I wrote the other day. Protecting the Military Industrial Complex comes WAY above party to these Republicans. Huge tell, red flag city. #QAnon

20) Second: after 30 goddamn years the Republican party STILL hasn't managed to de-fund Planned Parenthood??

Are you kidding??

This is not inept people in office. This is a fake party feeding money to the other side intentionally because they are controlled opposition. #QAnon
21) I left out uni-party in this thread intentionally.

The other day I said 👇 without understanding why, but I do now. It's a mental shift: MAGA's not Republican. Rewind The Matrix DVD & take the blue pill if you think Republicans represent you. #QAnon

22) Donald Trump is not a Republican, he's a revolutionary. And so are we. #QAnon #MAGA

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