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#POTUS tweet: 16 Oct 2019 - 6:29:35 PM
"Nervous Nancy's unhinged meltdown!" = 3201
Their Words Are Childish With No Substance=3201
[07] Delta
Capital letters: NN = 28
Bad Bad Dead = 28
@realDonaldTrump #QPosts 3201, 629, 7 & 28
' According to one report, the Army had at least one
observer at every demonstration of more than twenty people.28
@realDonaldTrump Here we go.
Watch the water!
#POTUS has its glass of water closer to the middle of the table. Very different from the other glasses that follow a symmetric line. He is showing Pelosi & Shumer they had been disrespectful.
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Looking for catchy suggestions of hashtags to help my Dan Schneider campaign take off. We need something memorable and catchy that we can all use to link our posts together. Please suggest ideas in the comments and I will make a poll shortly.
We need a catchy hashtag like #metoo or #timesup that we can brand around taking down Dan Schneider if we really want this to work. We need your suggestions in the comments and overall effort to make this work.
#Schneidergate and #Schneiderfile don't work too well because it's hard for the layman to quickly spell his name. #Pedogate is too easy for the mainstream media to discredit. Maybe we call it #Nickgate or #Nickghazi or something like that instead?
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Serious question? 🤔 How many of you have ever looked into the past of VP Pence, placed in position by Establishment, just like Bush was to Reagan? Well, I have and to say it’s disturbing is mild! Thoughts??
Research for yourself...TRUTH is not for All!
Memo warns Attorney General Jeff Sessions of VP Pence and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi after Minnesota court rules on international child trafficking evidence…
General Flynn’s List Exposes DC Pedophile Network…
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The Standard Hotel is in > Liddle' #AdamSchiff District

The officer noticed an empty 50-gallon tank labeled “muriatic acid” under some stairs near the pool.....

#LiddleAdamSchiff What GOES ON @ #TheStandardHotel

#MAGA #MAGA2020 #KAG #KAG2020 #USA…
Hotel maintenance workers initially admitted pouring a small amount of chlorine down a rooftop drain. But investigators did not believe that would have accounted for the noxious cloud..........
A FBI agent,who specializes in environmental crimes and who is known 4 her pit bull-like tenacity,conducted follow-up interviews in which employees eventually acknowledged emptying the majority of two 50-gallon drums of muriatic acid and chlorine into the drain,complaint alleges.
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Since @RepAdamSchiff decided today was a good day to LIE to YOU about @realDonaldTrump, I think it’s a perfect day for YOU to learn TRUTH about him... Ever wonder why @POTUS calls him Liddle? Let’s start here...
The Liddle Kidz Foundation & Adam Schiff..…
What is the Liddle kidz foundation? Schiff knows! 🤔
It has operated/operates in Haiti.
They have a fondness for touching children.
Mayo Clinic (organ harvesting), #BillGates #Google #Microsoft are main sponsors
The connections go Deep... This is why these people want to destroy @realDonaldTrump! He’s coming for them ALL!
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Dimo's Pizzeria Pedo Thread

Went 2 Dimo's Wicker Pk last night, 2 see if what I had heard about the sick, #Pedogate art on the walls was real
Sad 2 say it is, & it is disturbing
Wonder if the Patrons know
I was tempted 2 tell them
Pt 1)

When I first walk in, there is a 'display' of drawings hanging high above head, taped 2 the blood red wall.
The thing I thought was perhaps customers drew these, as they were simply taped directly onto the wall.
Only a few drawings that I would say had illuminati 'hints'
Pt. 2)
I'm going 2 you 'down the path' that I traveled last night, showing you what I saw, what I recorded, as I recorded it.
I must tell you that the 'energy' in the restaurant was very eerie... from the blood red walls 2 the lighting which exacerbated the feeling of 'yuck'.
Pt. 3)
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Tell us what happened at the #standardhotel. #QAnon
Watch video
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So MI6 is helping to cover up Prince Andrew's sex crimes.

I knew 007 is a womaniser but this is beyond ridiculous now.…
1) British intelligence chiefs are concerned that Russia may have obtained kompromat, compromising material, on Prince Andrew over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

MI6 is understood to be concerned about the activities of a former Florida police officer who had access to the
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What did #QAnon say about this?

see thread 👇
Obama family $40mm+ (pre election less than $1mm)?
Disguised under book deals?

Those who take are offered more powerful positions within the party (controlled).

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Hey Gen Flynn Digital Soldiers #cryptocurrencyis banned!!
Bye Bye Felicia’s @realDonaldTrump #WakeUpAmerica #Q1295 reminder
3 stars 👀👇🤡🤡
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1) I’ve seen many wondering about Jeffrey Epstein, and his funeral. According to MSM, he’s buried alongside his parents, Seymour and Paula Epstein at IJ Morris Star of David Cemetary. One problem with that-they were buried at Menorah Gardens. #Epstein #Pedogate #QAnon
2) The fakenews media first reported Epstein’s body was claimed by an unidentified associate.…
3) I speculated at the time, Epstein probably donated his body to science, or was cryogenically frozen. Given his strange science fascinations, you never know! 🤷‍♀️
After all, he was obsessed with Eugenics and Transhumanism.…
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I just want to make sure EVERYONE knows of the co #CEMEX - A worldwide company tied to #pedophilia, #childtrafficking #Hillary #Obama & so many more..

#CEMEX has a patent for using BLOOD IN CONCRETE mixtures.
Yes, I said BLOOD.
Here’s the patent👇🏼by #CharlesLaleman of Poissy France.

#CEMEX is owned by the #Bronfman + #Rothschild Dynasty…
Oddly, it’s a lifetime patent (is that even normal?), but JUST TODAY the application expired. 9/6/19. WEIRD🤔

Though it still says “Lifetime” next to its expiration.
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Cindy Lopez was in Epstein's flight logs over 30 times on flights that included Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey & MANY others

1 of those flights was to the Billionaire's Dinner in 02. Pics of her are now deleted from

This girl is 100% underage
Cindy Lopez was a model for Karin Modelling Agency which is based in Paris and owned by Jean Luc Brunel, who procured children for Epstein's pedophile sex trafficking network

It is very likely that Cindy was one of those victims.
Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express with Cindy Lopez on July 13th 2002 with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, AP(?), Doug Band, Mike(?) and 8 secret service members from Morocco to Spain then to NY

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@BreitbartNews SHHH
We have a secret we do not tell...


@BreitbartNews Jim Carrey, amongst many influential others, belong to a very powerful EVIL CLUB...

And you ain't in it.

@BreitbartNews SHHH
We have a secret we do not tell...


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How Democracy Created Barriers to Freedom, Happiness, and Prosperity

🔹I read back in 2012, that Zuma earned more than David Cameron and François Hollande did, and that his salary cost #SouthAfrica five times what Obama’s did the US❗️😳…
🔹Why was that? Could we peg ourselves against America, France, or England? Hardly.
🔹Time Magazine recently showcased the abhorrent divide between the have & have nots in #SouthAfrica. So isn't it despicable? That our leaders...
... are paid above their international pay grade, in the face of their voters’ poverty and misery?
🔹The Uruguayan President, (In Uruguay GDP per capita is almost 3 times that of RSA, whereas GDP in RSA is 6 times that of Uruguay) José Mujica, lived to serve; even standing...
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This is Banu, age 12/13, pictured at the Science Dinner event in 03

Banu flew on Epstein's plane over 20 times from Mar 15th 01 - Sept 9th 01

She was very likely a victim of child sex trafficking

This thread goes through each flight

Mar 15th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu

Mar 15th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, RGR

Mar 15th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, RGR
Mar 16th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, Cheri Lynch, RGR

Mar 16th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, Cheri Lynch, Ed Tuttle, RGR

Mar 19th 01
Epstein, Maxwell, AP, Alexia Wallert, Banu, Cheri Lynch, Ed Tuttle, RGR
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Macaulay Culkin blows whistle on French Radio in 2017 - Internet scrubbed all evidence.
We obtained full PDF - RT & download before it's scrubbed again.

“I was like ‘Dude, I’m 11!’ and he said ‘You’re a man now."
#PEDOGATE #hollywoodsbleeding #FridayReads
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In Eyes Wide Shut, there is a scene that features a sign "For sale: Keith Haring" in the background. Haring is an artist from the 80's known for the ads he did for Nickelodeon. Interesting style of art, huh? @ImperatorTruth @specs1066 @SamplerBellagio @RyanRantsof
Geraldine Laybourne was the executive that lead the creative team that created Nickelodeon, and she was also on Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs. Important to note that she is also on the board of Kindercare, a children's learning center. #pedogate #jeffreyepstein #pizzagate
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Disney needs to clean house
Just look this thread over and think about all the hours your kids (or grandkids or you) spent watching this crap with subliminal bullshit added.

We will start here with the original Aladdin

#qanon #disneypervs #pedogate
The Lion King Poster
Mickey Mouse you perv what are you holding onto?
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Epstein-The Only Way Out is In
1) The first sighting of Ghislaine Maxwell was at “In N Out” Burger in LA. The Cabal loves their symbolism. There were 4 different photo’s released by media, with some clear Cabal messaging in the photo’s.
#Epstein #PedoGate
2) The New York Post reported Ghislaine Maxwell was having a burger, fries and milkshake at a branch of In-N-Out Burger while reading “The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.” The newspaper said she was sitting with her pet dog.
3) I feel the book Ghislaine was reading is a signal the CIA is losing the war against the White Hats.
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