@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham Dear PM, as an ex-conservative (who voted for 4 former Tory Prime Ministers) I wish to register my 'huge horror' at the alarming pace of damaging developments since Feb'16. The history is known, and David Cameron's mistake was seismic. Your own position is compromised, with our -
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham - Nation(s) now split to an unprecedented extent! In terms of TODAY, it seems clear that the Article 50 Notice (unsupported by any detailed planning!) must be revoked or extended, to allow due time for a proper consensus to be built - whether or not informed by a further People's
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham - Vote (my own preference, once known and patently deliverable options are more clear). The rationale to support Remain (as now, with all UK/EU opt-outs intact) or a new Norway-style arrangement (within EU Single Market & Customs Union) has been developed/rehearsed, in real time,
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham - via correspondence with Lucy Frazier QC MP. Copies of our most recent exchanges are attached by way of detailed background. (note: as shared on here individually) Sadly, unlike Lucy, I view your recommended Withdrawal Agreement & Political Declaration as a starting pistol for -
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham - circa 10 years of further argument and uncertainty regarding any future UK/EU trading relationship. Nor am I persuaded that 'Going Global ex EU' would work. I see 'No Deal' as a total disaster, from which I'm unconvinced that the UK (however defined) would ever recover. So, -
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham - I urge you to reflect carefully before opting for either of the above! Hence my plea that the Article 50 Notice should be revoked or extended, now, to enable Parliament to build a properly planned, well-informed and practicable consensus -
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham - well before being asked to exercise any vote on today's unattractive and unclear options, being the unpopular (WA/PD) v the deeply catastrophic (No Deal). cc @TheIndGroup
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup My letter of today's date to Mrs May is reproduced in the above thread. I could maybe have gone in harder? but tried to Remain classy and on point! Also, if we bring in 'too much' - it gets lost. My attached letters to @lucyfrazermp provide much of that required detail!
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup ps. Even the softest Brexit would cost UK north of £200 BILLION over the first 7/8 years (and we're 3 yrs into that now!) with 'No Deal' set to cost approx. TWICE THAT on @hmtreasury estimates. It's truly inconceivable that we're even contemplating such financial insanity! Why?
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury Just tweeted @10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp to say that I'm unprepared to pay my share of something VERY COSTLY that I didn't vote for. Those who voted for Brexit MUST fund it, or work to stop it! Anything else would be grossly unfair - unless they wanted to fund it unassisted?
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury It's truly tragic that UK is still sleep-walking towards a phenomenal financial disaster that "someone else" is expected to pay for? If people took this PERSONALLY we would see a very different outcome. Disown it now!
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury Maybe this is the nub of it? Brexit is seen as someone else's problem, at someone else's cost? Spoiler alert! It's YOUR problem and you'll pay YOUR share of that £200-£400 billion cost over the first 8 years (already started as we're 3 years in). Still happy?
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury Just caught latest @bankofengland (feb'19) estimate of CURRENT Brexit damage to UK - sized at a huge £800 million per week or £42 billion per annum - that would be c £330+ billion over the first 8 years (we're now 3 in!) so my numbers are on the low side. Can't wait for @BBCNews?
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews We're now entering the final phase for sense to prevail over financial insanity! It's highly unlikely that UK will be able to affordably keep borrowing the envisaged funding shortfalls that Brexit HAS triggered so far! and the growing cash bleed that would be with us for decades!
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews For completeness, have been 'taken on' by just two folk on twitter re 'numbers & forecasts' - one sought to discredit @bankofengland for being too pessimistic, the other suggested I'd actually under-called the envisaged £££'s damage from any Brexit. Those apart, no challenge!
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews Brexit is THE most costly example of national self-harm ever prosecuted by any advanced Nation. Wannabes & Criminals fed off a collective delusional insanity, without precedent in modern times. It's totally unaffordable and growingly unwanted. Dump it NOW! #StopBrexitSaveBritain
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews Brexit isn't something to be 'delivered' but a self-induced economic financial social Insanity, to be: 1/ cancelled completely! or 2/ substantially softened. A @peoplesvote_uk MUST be applied to REALISTIC options, of which the May Deal isn't one! @HouseofCommons MUST take charge!
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews @peoplesvote_uk @HouseofCommons If voters (Leave & Remain) FULLY understood what May's Deal does, and doesn't do, they wouldn't support it! No one voted for 10+ years of chaos, during which 99% of UK gets poorer? Term 'delivery' is being badly misused! A @peoplesvote_uk is essential to refresh INFORMED consent!
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews @peoplesvote_uk @HouseofCommons As @williamnhutton @Andrew_Adonis @campbellclaret @IanDunt @thatginamiller have said, the 2016 referendum is now out date and can't be relied upon! SO many NEW FACTS have emerged, while older voters have died. We need to revoke A50 and rethink ALL Brexit options including Remain.
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews @peoplesvote_uk @HouseofCommons @williamnhutton @Andrew_Adonis @campbellclaret Tonight in the @HouseofCommons amply illustrates what most of us have known for 3 years: There's NO plan, NO consensus, NO concept or understanding of the HUGE financial damage being done to OUR country, by our very own legislature? Shameful doesn't go close. Neverendum is born!
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews @peoplesvote_uk @HouseofCommons @williamnhutton @Andrew_Adonis @campbellclaret - and no reply to my latest letters. Why? Because there is NO answer to the relentless prosecution of gross national self-harm, for which people DIDN'T vote! @HouseofCommons IS waking up to THIS - but its naked, cult-like tribalism still restrains US from facing harsh realities!
@10DowningStreet @lucyfrazermp @LaylaMoran @mrjamesob @JMPSimor @joannaccherry @WomaninHavana @IanDunt @Bakehouse2016 @spaceangel1964 @ProfBrianCox @ThatTimWalker @thatginamiller @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @TheIndGroup @hmtreasury @bankofengland @BBCNews @peoplesvote_uk @HouseofCommons @williamnhutton @Andrew_Adonis @campbellclaret There'll be scant recognition of harsher financial reality, until buyers of UK govt. debt demand higher yields (interest rates) in return for bigger risks associated with ANY UK debt! Have warned my MP @lucyfrazermp who has doubtless advised @hmtreasury cc @LibDems & @TheIndGroup
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