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Switching gears. President Biden's interview on "60 Minutes" is airing now. Tune-in.
"It has been barbaric what he's done. His attacks on civilians and civilian hospitals and old age homes and schools... it's outrageous. The price the Ukrainian people are paying for this war is high. We're gonna stay with them."

-- President Biden, on Putin's war crimes
President Biden confirms he has not spoken to anyone or been briefed about the investigation into Trump stealing top secret classified documents. Basically establishes DOJ is acting independently, without his interference, as they should. Smart.
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***FLASHBACK** 2020


I. How did the state of Georgia handle the 2020 Presidential Election....?

1. Appears they had an answer for everything

2. If no answer, or unclear, they proclaimed they would "look into the allegation".…
Georgia, a one-party system?

So, why did Lindsay Graham call Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the first place? To instruct?
Is this one of those movie gigs where it "snowballs" into a chaotic mini-series in order to confuse the public?…
FACTUAL SUMMARY: p 3/31 PDF below:…
Georgia law authorizes any eligible voter to cast his or her absentee ballot by mail. With the exception of a slight change to the oath requirement,1 the procedures governing how county registrars verify absentee ballot.
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Ruben Verastigui is a 27-year-old "pro-life advocate" and ex-campaign aide for former President Donald Trump.

He has also worked as a senior digital strategist for the @GOP.

He was just sentenced to 151 months in prison on child pornography charges.…
DOJ: From Feb 2020 to Apr 21, "Verastigui was active in an online group devoted to trading child pornography and discussing child sexual abuse. Verastigui shared child pornography videos with another member of the group and made numerous comments about sexually abusing children."
DOJ: "Verastigui indicated his preference for babies, saying they were his 'absolute favorite,' and solicited another group member for videos of babies being raped. The other group member... sent Verastigui a video of a baby being raped... Verastigui responded enthusiastically."
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Without fail, the Academy Awards always winds up as one of the top 10 most-watched telecasts of the year in primetime. Until 2021. In a stunner, the #Oscars didn’t even make this year’s list of the entire top 100.
The NFL, beginning with the Super Bowl at No. 1, holds 39 of the 100 slots for top telecasts of the year, making football once again the most popular show on TV.
#NCIS continues to dominate in primetime, this year with 17 slots out of the top 100 broadcast and cable telecasts of the year. That was followed by #FBI, (seven), #60Minutes (five) and newcomer #TheEqualizer (four), all on CBS.
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Sharing live commentary on this segment with NSA whistleblower Reality Winner from @60Minutes as it airs.

Reality Winner didn’t commit espionage. She was found guilty of violating the Espionage Act. That’s an important distinction that responsible broadcast journalists should make for viewers. #60Minutes
Rather condescending opening as #60Minutes dwells on her name and says that may not be the most baffling aspect of her story
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(THREAD) Ahead of the #60Minutes interview with the Facebook whistleblower, know this:

We contacted Facebook multiple times ahead of Jan. 6 to warn about violent rhetoric in a group with members that planned on taking matters into their own hands.…
1/ Facebook did not respond to us, despite multiple attempts to reach the company for comment.

We contacted the company warning them of the violent rhetoric and organizing that we saw, and we sent our emails in the days both before and after Nov. 3, which was Election Day.
2/ The New York Times later reported that a man named Keith Lee “spent the morning of Jan. 6 casing the entrances to the Capitol.” During the riots, he carried a bullhorn. “Mr. Lee called out for the mob to rush in, until his voice echoed from the dome of the Rotunda.”
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Tonight @60Minutes @LesleyRStahl aired a shameful segment fearmongering about trans youth. Parents of trans youth could walk away with the false belief that young people are being rushed into medical transition. That is simply untrue. (1/7)
As the piece noted, every major medical association supports affirming, age-appropriate care for trans youth and the guidelines for that care are safe and well-established. And yet, the majority of the story was devoted to "raising concerns" about youth accessing that care. (2/7)
The segment also wrongfully implied that trans YouTubers and online communities which affirm trans youth are somehow brainwashing kids and turning them trans. That is dangerous and at the same time ridiculous. Aren't we past arguing that media can turn people gay or trans? (3/7)
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The Oath Keepers on #60Minutes tonight are the same group who bullied, harassed and intimidated students and senior citizens at a #BlackLivesMatter rally back in September.

It was nothing short of terrorizing under the guise of 'protecting downtown'.

Who was the real threat?
Jim Arroyo is the Oath Keeper who asked Paul Gosar if we are in a 'Civil War' to which Gosar replied 'yes, we just haven't started shooting yet."
Journalist @azgreenday was at the event on September 4th and wrote this fantastic piece about racism in #PrescottAZ and his experience on 9/4
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So this #60Minutes segment on the origin of #COVID19 is a real error in judgment. Why are we back to the debunked Trump admin theory that China cooked up the virus in a Wuhan lab? This is presented as a #bothsides story with no conclusion that will only fuel anti-Asian rhetoric.
Jamie Metzl, a member of a WHO advisory committee, says China did its own investigation of the Wuhan lab. His and his team's argument is that Wuhan has a grade 4 level virology lab and there was no serious investigation of whether there was an virus leak in the Wuhan lab.
Peter Daszak is an expert on zoonotic diseases. He also works with the Wuhan lab. Daszak says that bats infected wild animal food farms. The WHO agreed this is the most likely transmission. Daszak says the lab did not have the virus. He is frankly more believable on this issue.
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CBS News's @60Minutes reports: the call to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on January 2nd call was not Pres. Trump's first attempt to influence Georgia's election outcome. Sources tell us last month, Trump himself phoned one of the Georgia Secretary of State's investigators
A person briefed on the call said Mr. Trump told the investigator they would be a "national hero" if they found evidence of fraud. But no evidence had been found by the investigator, and days later Mr. Trump would be similarly rebuffed by Raffensperger.
There will be more about this, Sunday on 60 Minutes.
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60 Minutes is starting now on CBS with @C_C_Krebs, fired by Trump for not agreeing with election conspiracy claims
"We spent 3 and a half years gaming out every possible scenario for how a foreign actor could interfere in an election." - @C_C_Krebs #60minutes
"I don't know if I was necessarily surprised. It's not how I wanted to go out. The thing that upsets me the most about that is I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to my team, and I'd worked with them for 3 1/2 years." - @C_C_Krebs #60minutes
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The Black Wall Street / Greenwood massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a moment of utter shame for America. It is absolutely insulting to refer to the uprisings today as a riot. The Greenwood massacre: THAT was a riot. #60Minutes
This @60Minutes segment has me disgusted and enraged all over again. “The first time aircraft were used to terrorize Americans was not 9/11. It was Greenwood, 1921.” — a quote fro the segment.
They herded the survivors into internment camps. Note that any attempts to justify this in the comments will result in an instantaneous block.
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Last night’s #60Minutes exposed Trump for playing the worst kind of pandemic politics—cutting funding for US researcher Peter Daszak, jeopardizing possible COVID-19 cure. Also exposed @MattGaetz and @TuckerCarlson for their role in the disinformation scam…
This clip from #60Minutes shows how @mattgaetz and @TuckerCarlson spread dangerous lies that Trump then amplified at a WH press briefing in a sad attempt to smear Obama. Funding for vital research cut. More time wasted by Trump & Fox News as Americans die.
This part of the #60Minutes story shows Sec. of State Pompeo trying to spread debunked conspiracy theories on national TV, then backing off in embarrassment when fact-checked in real time. People are dying. This BS doesn’t help. #TruthMatters #FactsMatter
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Documentary about the origin of #covid19 in China/Wuhan and early response
Growth per country (over 100 cases of #covid19) so you can compare the spread. You can also select/deselect the countries for specific comparisons…
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📣 THREAD: Since Bernie's "Who the hell knows how much #M4All would cost" clip on #60Minutes is causing such a stir, here's why his answer, while terrible, is actually accurate. Let's look at the much-discussed "Mercatus Analysis" which received so much attention in July 2018: 1/
Back in July 2018, Charles Blahous of the @Mercatus Center, a *right-wing* think tank which isn't a fan of #M4All, came out with a 10-year projection about how much Bernie's #M4All bill would cost *assuming it was implemented exactly as worded* 2/…
There were a TON of headlines screaming about how Bernie's #M4All proposal "would cost $32 Trillion!", which isn't surprising..but there were *other* headlines, including from Bernie himself, noting that the same analysis projected M4All "would *save* $2 Trillion!". Huh?? 3/
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1. @SenSanders says he'll get "Non-traditional voters." That's what Trump did. For a long time I'd feared what Trump finally did. Why I woke up early. Trump's non-traditional voters included KKK and Nazis. Who are @BernieSanders' non-traditional voters? #60minutes
2. It appears to be young voters who have terrible turnout numbers. If he does that he'll get a lot but they will start to question him now that he could win. Others must address his points. On school loans, make them subject to bankruptcy discharge. Two paragraphs in Tile 11.
3. And to pay for universal health Bernie's buying into @ewarren unworkable #wealthtax. That's pure baloney. He and Liz just can't say the word #incometax. I say just tax anything over $1 billion at 91%. Same as $260k in 1951. Graduate it to 30% for income over $10 million.
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Barnaby Joyce seemed more concerned about losing govt than losing lives/homes/bush.

He bluffed & blustered his way through #60mins like the pro-bullshitter he is.

He had a lot to say but didn't say a bloody thing of any value

Exhibit A: 👇[at 21 sec] Transcript
#auspol #qt
Tara: Do you accept that these fires have been driven by #climatechange?

Barnaby: "I absolutely accept that, you know, we've gotta we've had a massive change and I can see it in my own area that is not my argument, ....

#auspol #qt #60Mins argument is one of, ah, immediate efficacy [raises voice] we're gonna put back in our fire breaks, we're gonna make sure we build, ah, central watering points so that ....

#auspol #qt #60Mins
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1. In August 2019, I was already convinced Jeffrey Epstein's death was not a suicide. I explained why on @NarativLive. Today #60Minutes on #cbsnews confirmed my reporting. #Epstein @NarativLive…
2. #60Minutes talks to Dr Michael Baden who was hired by Epstein's brother to monitor Epstein's autopsy. He's a controversial expert some say is an expert-for-hire. He tells #CBSNews why he doesn't believe Epstein may not have killed himself. #Epstein @NarativLive
3. In August, I already questioned the unusual way Epstein is said to have died. @lauferlaw concurred with me. Now #60Minutes Minutes adds that there is no photo of Epstein's body in the cell. #Epstein @NarativLive
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4398: Mohammed bin Salman re #Murder of Jamal Khashoggi ("#60Minutes" Interview) — #Nonverbal & Emotional Intelligence —  — #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #MohammedBinSalman #JamalKhashoggi #MBS
1/ Last week on 60 Minutes, Mohammed bin Salman was interviewed by Norah O'Donnell. What follows is a crucial portion of that interview evaluated in detail with nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage analysis.
2/ NORAH O'DONNELL: Did you order the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN: Absolutely [drawn-out], ah-um — [pause] — not.
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1. After Trump leaked the #Mossad 's treasure to the Russians in the Oval Office, I did a dive into an area that I had never explored: Who owns the treasure? Often referred to it as the "equities." Who can declassify it? On the Oval Office episode, I think Trump broke the law.
2. POTUS can declassify US treasure. But my reading of the regs and international agreements says, #POTUS can't give up a partner's treasure without following the procedures defined by the US regs. But that's for another time.
3. What about McCabe's #60Minutes disclosures? Was any of that classified? The existence of a counter-intelligence investigation was first disclosed by @FBI Dir Comey on March 20, 2017. We now know that Carter Page had an open FISA order in October 2016.
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#Venezuela's #NicolasMaduro:
"We had a large shipment of medicines to last the country for a year,a large batch of raw materials for food. The bank account was frozen,the contracts were cancelled & the money is seized. They suffocate us,steal our money & put a show for the world"
Nov. 2017:The transnational Pharmaceutical companies Baster,Abbot & Pfizer refused to issue exportation certificates to #Cancer drugs,making it impossible for #Venezuela to buy them
July 2017: The Citibank bank (#USA) refuses to receive #Venezuelan funds from the Central Bank for the import of 300 thousand doses of insulin, destined to cover the demand of 450 thousand registered patients.
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How #Egypt tried to kill a "60 Minutes" interview

During President El-Sisi's coup to power, 800+ protesters were killed in the streets, but that's ok, he serves #Israel's interests thus Egypt continues to be the 2nd largest recipient of #US Foreign Aid 🤨
#Egypt tried to stop #60Minutes from airing El-Sisi's interview
#ScottPelley & #RachaelMorehouse say such request never happened before(to them)🤥
#Israel's Amb #MichaelOren is confronted by #BobSimon,why he tried interfere to STOP this episode WATCH👇#Christians in the #HolyLand
2012 - #Israel's Persecution of #Christians in the #HolyLand. - CBS News
#Palestine is documented in this very special #60Minutes episode.
WATCH how Israel's Ambassador #MichaelOren is confronted by Bob Simon, why he tried interfere to stop this episode
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Trump: Day 632
-159th Day at a Trump Golf Club
-210th Day at a Trump Property
-Sz Gen Mattis "Sort of a Democrat"
-Adding More Campaign Locations
-SA Threatens Sanction Retaliation
-14th Mass Shooting in Oct Kills Four
-#60Minutes Interview Off the Rails
Day 737 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 588 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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