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Gather 'round, I have a story to propose. This is a gathering of data points. If anyone has the missing pieces, please speak up! We must come together through shared understanding. Our topic today: #SNCLavalin, #Libya, and, as always, Russia. 🇨🇦
Canada's Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau is currently roiled in controversy. In brief, SNC-Lavalin, a Cdn engineering firm, has been charged with bribery. They have lobbied HARD to get a "deferred prosecution agreement" (DPA) to avoid real punishment.
Canada's Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) decided they didn't get a DPA. The Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Reybould, decided they didn't get a DPA. Trudeau's team asked "are ya REALLY sure?" so often that the AG resigned in protest.
An election is coming up, so naturally there is blood in the water. In Canada the AG is not properly independent of the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), so really Trudeau COULD shop around until he gets an AG who allows the DPA. #ThatsABadLook
The equivalent would be Trump shopping around for Barr... oh.

Ok, anyway. This is all a huge he-said/she-said THAT'S RACIST/THAT'S FEMINIST/YOU'RE A TRUST FUND BABY fiasco so let's look at what SNC is actually in trouble for.
#SNCLavalin is actually charged with bribery and other fun stuff. You see, they paid Gaddafi's sons a lot of money that was funneled through yachts and condos, etc.
"Investigators tracked the flow of bribes from SNC-Lavalin accounts in Canada and the United Kingdom to offshore companies controlled by Ben Aissa. The money was then allegedly transferred to offshore companies owned by Gadhafi."
So the SNC VP at the time, Ben Aissa, was hauled in by Swiss authorities and thrown in the clink while THEY charged him with fun things. He pled guilty July 2018 to something TOTALLY DIFFERENT but still SNC-related.
Here's the rest of that fun article. See Arthur Porter's name, the CEO of the McGill University Health Center? He died, but the guy who he took the bribes from sure isn't.
Enter stage left one Ari Ben-Menashe. He has (had?) a Montreal lobbying firm, Dickens & Madson. He's a crazy mix of Roger Stone, Manafort, and .. oh, some Israeli spy guy.
2014: Menashe files for FARA in the US as a lobbyist for the Govt of Cyrenaica, which is Eastern Libya. It proclaimed itself independent after Gaddafi left, you see. Menashe is going to help them get Putin's help, military, and oil.
Relevance, you ask?
2010: Menashe made a deal with Porter (MUHC) while Porter was fucking HEAD of the body that oversees CSIS, Canada's intelligence agency. #NatSec issue, oui? On discovery, Porter fled Canada and ended up in jail in Panama. Then dead of cancer.
Want a wild ride? Here's some background on Menashe's other dirty tricks.
So we have an Iranian-born Canadian Israeli Mossad lobbyist running arms and scaring up oil and guns and training for a faction of Libyan warlords. Cool.
Back to #SNCLavalin . They have a proud history of business in Russia going back 30 years. Did you know they built the biggest transportation project for the Sochi Olympics? Gazprom needed a road to their new ski resort, so they hired SNC.
Stockwell Day went to Sochi with 30 Canadian companies to get them work in the Sochi preparations. Did you know Putin gave him an honorary Doc from St. Petersburg Uni?
2005: SNC gets $60m deal for reducing SO2 emissions at a Russian Copper smelter.
"SUMZ will be the first copper smelter in the Ural region to reduce sulphide dioxide emissions to internationally accepted standards"
2005: SNC gets $13m contract for a major Rosneft oil field project.
2009: SNC purchased 48% of Vnipineft, a Russian engineering company.
"we (SNC) now look forward to further strengthening our strategic position in Russia and to becoming a leader in the oil and gas market in Russia"
Remember when the BRIC countries were the Next Big Thing and all companies needed to get in on that? SNC didn't care. They didn't want Brazil or India. They wanted Venezuela, North Africa, Russia. Weird, right? Maybe a bit.

According to a 2010 SNC internal presentation, SNC-Lavalin Eurasia LLC is a subsidiary company that operates only in Russia but has both Russian and foreign clients.

So they seem to be pretty entrenched in the Russian market. Fairly well established.

Back to Libya. Gaddafi had some kids. Khamis, the youngest son, died (I guess.) He trained in a Russian military school and then formed an elite group of rapist torturers to keep Libya safe for his father.

Saadi was the playboy son. He was the headache who SNC paid to babysit. SNC hired his bodyguards, bought him liquor and whores, and generally treated him to a good time in Canada and around the world. SNC's payments to Saadi caused the bribery charges.
Gary Peters was one of Saadi's personal SNC bodyguards. He got deported for helping Saadi flee Libya for Niger. In this Vice piece he spins a lovely tale of peace-loving Gaddafi's struggling to bring peace to Libya.
Sure, Gary.

Despite Gary Peters' opinion, the RCMP took a dim view of Bebawi (SNC VP before Ben Aissa) paying Saadi so much. They claimed SNC shareholders were defrauded.


This is what an independent auditor thought of the affadavit for #ProjectAssistance.

Submitted without comment, yer honour.
Saif is the non-Playboy and non-dead Gaddafi son. He's the brainy one. Ben Aissa (SNC VP) had a "close relationship" with him.

What is that when you pay an "agent" who can't be located? Is that #moneylaundering? Asking for a Ben.

Here's an SNC agent who worked closely with Saif. Abdulrahman Karfakh set up a company with Ben and Gaddafi sons to collect payments (ahem) from companies who wanted to get in on the Libya thing. The name of the company was "Executing Agency."

Executing Agency cash was Saif's main source of income. Karfakh was Saif's close friend and adviser, and they both ran several CHARITIES for the Gaddafi family out of GENEVA. Yes, Swiss bank account "charities." Hah.
2011: Saif was jailed in Libya for his war crimes. A Ukrainian doctor tried to claim he was being mistreated and his hand was going to fall off. A Ukranian Dr. in a Libyan war zone, you wonder? Yes. Indeed.

Cut to Present Day: Oct 2018
Russia is flooding Libya with men and guns. **this is propaganda courtesy of the Sun in London. OoOOo Scary!
But also: Putin is in Eastern Libya (Govt of Cyrenaica.)

Dec 2018: Russia officially states that Saif has the right to run for Libya's President.
"The rebels holding him decided to free him in 2016 after Libya’s eastern-based parliament declared a general amnesty."
To put a finer point on it, Bogdanov says that BOTH Russia and America think the ICC is dumb, anyway.

"eastern military strongman Khalifa Haftar also has presidential ambitions"
Haftar is head of the rebel group over in Cyrenaica. Bogdanov (Putin) says everyone needs to get together to make this a thing. And elections are coming NOW.
April 5, 2019
Hafter (Hifter) marches on Tripoli. He and his son has hired Ben Menashe's lobbying firm to get some First World support for the effort. The first article on this page is a DEEP dive into their lobbying efforts.
Farther down the page of international brow furrowing, we see Hafter has the support of Egypt and the UAE.

And Trump has nominated Richard Norland to be an ambassador to Libya. More Norland info here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_N…
Of course Ambassador Norland specializes in Russian relations. Because that's how life is now.
So what we have now is:
1) SNC insisting they're all cool now because they fired some rogue employees who did funny stuff WAY BACK WHEN IT'S NOT IMPORTANT
2) SNC has extremely close business ties to Russia and obviously Putin's blessing
3) Russia supporting multiple parties in the Libyan 2019 presidential election, publicly telling the candidates they must work together to succeed.
4) One of the candidate's (Saif) main income was through a corruption fund that SNC VP was on the board of.
5) The other candidate is hiring lobbyists in America, Canada, etc to curry support for either/or his presidential run or to declare him president of his own, new country, Cyrenaica.
6) SNC is desperate to not go to trial over corruption charges.
7) Canadian Liberal party (federal) is desperate for SNC to not go to trial, too. In fact, they're imploding in their efforts to make this a Thing That Goes Away.
Obviously we are missing some direct connecting pieces, but I would not be surprised if SNC is going to be found in bed with some fairly dirty Russians, Venezuelans, Russians, Libyans, and more Russians.
And since SNC has been doing this for 30 years, this will touch ALL Canadian political parties that have had any kind of power in Quebec and federally. LOTS of heads will roll. Dynasties will fall.
Ok, that's it for me. Thanks for hanging in here so long! I hope you do read some of the articles I've linked. There's really fascinating stuff, especially the ones about Ben-Menashe.
Love to you all!
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