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#USDT depegged today!

What happened?

A thread.🧵 Image

About 12 hours ago, whale"0x3356" created a new address to deposit 52.5M $USDC and borrowed 40M $USDT on #Aave and #Compound.

Then he started depositing 40M $USDT into #Coinbase and #Kraken 6 hours ago. ImageImage

$USDT started depegging after whale"0x3356" deposited $USDT to exchanges.

And whale"0x3356" withdrew 25M $USDC from #Coinbase 4 hours after depositing $USDT.… ImageImage
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Durante las últimas horas #Tether se ha ido alejando del #Dollar, experimentando una caída de más de un 0.3%, lo que vuelto a levantar polémica en torno a #USDT 👀

Os EXPLICO que está pasando: 👇 Image
2/ Pues Bien, todo esto tiene que ver con las Ballenas🐳 y el 3Pool de #tether

Y es que durante las últimas horas, el 3Pool de USDT se ha descompensado muchísimo, superando la concentración de #USDT el 50%

El nivel más alto desde noviembre de 2022, durante el Colapso de FTX Image
3/ El 3Pool de Curve, básicamente es uno de los principales Grupos para el trading de Stablecoins en finanzas descentralizadas

Un Pool que se ha desequilibrado enormemente durante las últimas horas... Image
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P2E, NFTs, and gamefi (games that incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology) have all experienced a decline in popularity in recent months. However, there are a number of reasons to believe that these technologies will make a comeback in the future.
The underlying technology is still sound. all 3 are based on blockchain technology, which is a secure and decentralized way to store data. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry, and it's only a matter of time before it's adopted on a wider scale.
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0/n #GryphsisAcademyWeeklyCryptoDigest When Regulatory Actions Shake Markets (2023.06.05–2023.06.11)…
1/n Contents - 1
1) Macro Overview:US Stock V.S. Crypto
2) Big Story: @SECGov sues @binance and @coinbase ; June 9 Market Crash
3) Protocol Spotlight: @fraxfinance
4) Narrative Pick(Trading Tool): Unibot, the Telegram Uniswap Sniper Bot
5) VC Funding Highlight
2/n Contents - 2
6) Alpha Threads: @ChadCaff’s analysis of $GMD;
@defi_mochi’s tutorial on whale hunting;
@louround’s research on Spin;
@rekwang’s insights on Radiant;
@VitalikButerin’s take on Ethereum’s technical transitions
7) Upcoming Events: Crypto; Macro
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The main points of the Glassnode newsletter of 5 June: Image
1/9 🧵@glassnode Insights: Stagnant digital asset prices and underlying indicators suggest a shift towards risk-off capital rotation, with an increasing preference for stablecoin capital. #CryptoMarket #RiskOff #Glassnode
2/9 Despite flat $ETH price since mid-March, beneath the surface, growing divergences hint at a risk-off environment, with depressed trade volumes and automated DeFi usage. #Ethereum #DeFi
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Stablecoins are a crypto barometer.

They're crucial to the crypto ecosystem, but they're also highly centralized. #USDT, in particular, holds a monopoly and carries significant risk.

Here are some numbers and my thoughts on stablecoins. 🧵

1/10 Image
The market capitalization of stablecoins has been experiencing a decline for over six months. As per the most recent data, it stands at $129 billion, a significant fall from the previous year's value of $186 billion.

2/10 Image
The market capitalization and the volume of trading assets are falling, which is concerning.

This is especially important because stablecoins are one of the primary assets traded on the crypto market.

3/10 Image
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Dominance of #Bitcoin supply has seen a dramatic shift over the last two years.

US entities are now holding 11% less $BTC than they were in June 2022, whilst investors active during Asian trading hours have picked up 9.9%.

This is a distinct reversal from the 2020-21 bull cycle Image
We can see major shifts underway in stablecoins, with #USDT supply at new ATHs, whilst #USDC and #BUSD fall to multi-year lows.

Given stablecoins are non-interest-bearing, and regulatory pressure in US is building, it suggests US capital is now less active in digital assets. Image
If we look at exchange on-chain flows, we also see considerably weaker demand since April.

Stablecoin inflows massively offset $BTC + $ETH inflows in Q1 🟩.

However we now see larger $BTC + $ETH inflows (assumed sell-side) relative to stablecoins🟥 as the market corrects lower Image
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Navigating #Crypto #Regulation in the UK 🇬🇧💰🔍

A comprehensive summary of the UK House of Commons Treasury Committee report on government's approach to #cryptoassets & how they plan to balance the scales of innovation and risk. (1/16) #ShitcoinShutdown #DLT Thread on the UK Gov's plan...
2. Shoutout to @MatthewLINY for finding this document that was published May 10 2023. 🤝

In this thread, I am going to summarize some viewpoints of the UK Gov and I will post the document link at the end of the Thread! Lets dig in⏬ #Crypto #DLT #Blockchain Image
3. The Treasury Committee has called for the UK Gov to step up its efforts in regulating #cryptocurrency, amidst rising concerns about risks to consumers.

They advocate for a pragmatic and balanced approach to regulation, recognising the potential of #DLT in financial services. Image
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Seçim öncesi #USDT yi yukarıdan hesaplayan piyasalar, fiyatı aşağı çektiler. Bu çekilme #TL ile kripto işlemi yapanlara zarar yazdı.
Bunun bir benzerini bankalar ve döviz büroları üzerinden anlatmıştım. Ne demiştim ? Bankalar fiyatı yukarıda tutarak kendisini korumaya alıyorlar.
Bunu döviz büroları da yapıyorlar.
Kripto borsalarının yapması da doğaldır..
Mantık şudur. Algoritmalar var ve trend bellidir.
Ana trend yukarıysa bankalar döviz büroları önden fiyatı yukarı çekerler, aşağıdan vermek istemezler.
Fiyat yukarı henüz gitmeden ben şimdiden yukarıdan vermeye başlayayım derler. Bunu başka bir twette anlatmıştım. Bulalım onu..
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A Setback for #Bitcoin, A Chance for #Altcoins?

🗞 Let’s dive into your weekly digest of specially curated reads by #Matrixport 🗞️

What’s #trending in #cryptocurrency? ⬇️ Image
1️⃣ #Bitcoin Slips After a Sudden Sell-off and Release of #UK #Inflation Data
2️⃣ ‘#Pepe the Frog’ #MemeCoins Rocket as #Crypto #Twitter Moves on from #DOGE Obsession
3️⃣ #CMEGroup Set to Expand #ETH, #BTC #Derivatives Product Expiries
4️⃣ #SUINetwork Sets Date for #Mainnet Launch and Plan for #Token Allocation
5️⃣ #Starbucks Introduces a New #NFT Collection on the #Polygon Network

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1. Let’s briefly look at current data regarding the liquidation levels & liquidation heat map on $ETH & $BTC:

Hyblock liquidation heat map for #BTC #USDT on #Binance in the last 12 hours. Interesting levels at $27175/$27875.

👇🏻🧵 Image
2. Hyblock liquidation heat map for #ETHUSDT on #Binance in the last 12 hours.

Interesting levels at $1810/$1908. Image
3. Hyblock liquidation levels for #BTCUSDT on #Binance.

The total cumulative liquidations delta is -10.96 billion. Image
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@SuiNetwork is 1st permissionless Layer 1 blockchain designed to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater to the next billion users in web3

Strategy cost : free 💸
Estimed time : 20/30 min ⏳

#airdrops #airdrop Image
Sui was founded by a team of Meta's engineers (Facebook), like #Aptos.

Mysten Labs, founding company of #SUI, has raised several rounds of financing, bringing it's valuation to $2 billion 💰
Among funds are : Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, and many others..
Aptos made headlines with its airdrop last year. Sui being its direct competitor, it's the most speculated #airdrop the year

I know team's statements, but my strategy is clear : it's free, I'm hunting until the end.
If there is no airdrop, I will have lost nothing but time 🤷🏻‍♂️
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We have been distributing insane yields for our depositors, ever since we launched in January.

But you are not only concerned with having high profits. There is one factor even more important.

Is it safe?

Let's look at these 5 safety mechanisms in DeltaPrime, and their function in the protocol.

Safety mechanisms discussed:

- Escrow contract
- Solvency checks
- Oracle
- Withdrawal guard
- Audits
Escrow Contract

What is it?

On DeltaPrime we use an Escrow smart contract, the DSC (Dedicated Smart Contract), to send collateral and borrowed funds to.

This is your personal smart contract that, similarly to your wallet, holds your assets. It is controlled by you.
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I had $200,000+ in Bitget and it got stolen.

The worst part is that they're not responding to me, instead, they're spreading lies about me: (🧵)

Here's what happened:👇

I moved $REELT & $MOVR worth over 200,000 #USDT in @bitgetglobal, they instantly froze the funds & stopped the trading declaring it as a specious activity.

The next day, the trading started & Bitget sold coins worth millions.
Not only me, but more than 300+ people have complained to me about this scam.

They are also not able to withdraw their funds.

And also aren't getting any response from the team.
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今天市场有个小fomo,主要是老马的又一次 #DOGE 喊单,通过链追,我向大家展示一下doge鲸鱼是如何操作的

Wo+ 李嘉图,每日分享链上数据和项目投研,欢迎关注

地址DE5opaXjFgDhFBqL6tBDxTAQ56zkX6EToX,在3月20日和4月3日共买入6535万u的 #DOGE ,目前出货中
地址DETAr8TofsDQM6UduNYCjNfknai1HnWcLn,23年2月19日开始吸筹,共吸1,553,995,163.77735枚doge,目前价值1.06亿 #USDT ,已经开始出货


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A 🧵 by our Official Ambassador @YelloowKnifee

Avascan keeps working in this build market and has developed a lot of new features, here is a 🧵 on how to make the best possible use of Avascan!

#Avalanche #AVAX
Avascan is like the Google of Avalanche, you can search for anything from the search bar.

▫️Do you want to check your balance? Just type your wallet address.
▫️You have an Avvy domain name? Amazing, just write your ".avax" domain name and we’ll show your wallet.
Do you need more information on a contract? Feel free to enter the contract address and we’ll display the main information about it.

Easy! ✅
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首先是 #BTC 的存量,截止到北京时间的22点50分,Huobi已知地址的BTC存量为42,666枚。而同一时间OKX的已知地址中,BTC的存量是将近129,000枚。被SEC处罚的Kraken已知地址中有79,000余枚。期货为主的Deribit已知地址还有超过43,000枚BTC。
其次是 #ETH 的存量,截止到北京时间的晚上23点,Huobi已知地址中存有ETH为83,000余枚,同一时间的OKX的已知地址中,ETH的存量是将近120万枚。被SEC处罚的Kraken已知地址中有186万余枚。期货为主的Deribit已知地址还有超过37万枚ETH。
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Yesterday we posted an announcement in our Discord with a couple of important updates.

In this smol thread we share the same announcement, so everyone is up to date🫡

- Current borrowing rates
- This week's $GLP rate
- Platypus reimbursement
- What's coming

gm! Couple of updates

1⃣ We just got a couple million extra in the pools from our DeltaPrime frens🙌This significantly lowers borrowing rates to:

#AVAX 12.32% -> (now 12.57%)
#USDC 13.68% -> (13.49%)
#USDT 8.45% -> (9.27%)
#BTC 7.43% -> (7.56%)
#ETH 7.89% -> (9.29%)

2/11 Image
2⃣Simultaneously $GLP yields will still be high in at least the next 8 days, with an expected base APR of 34.07% (-> 33.68%), leading to a @yieldyak_ $GLP farm base APY of 40%-45% (-> 49.1%).

How high can you get that?

3/11 Image
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Market microstructure is so important in trading.

Here’s some brilliant analysis from Kaiko that I’ve summarised.

A must read thread for crypto traders. 👇🏼
Volumes - Amid last weeks broad market rally, #Crypto trade volumes reached their highest level since the FTX collapse.
On 14 March, trade volumes on the 18 most liquid centralised exchanges rose to $51bn, hitting 4-month highs.
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2023 brings its fair share of challenges, but we at #TRON are more committed than ever to achieving our goals! Our focus remains on the growth of the #stablecoin, #USDT #TUSD #USDD #USDC #USDJ on #TRON. We aim to grow our stablecoin market cap from $40 billion to $60 billion.
As we navigate these testing times, we'll continue to innovate and improve upon our infrastructure, ensuring that our users have a secure, reliable, and efficient platform to conduct their transactions. 🛡️ Your trust in us fuels our drive to deliver the best services possible.
Despite the challenges ahead, we are excited to play our part in nurturing the global stablecoin market, contributing to the development of #DeFi, and shaping the future of finance.🚀With your support, we'll keep striving to make #TRON the go-to platform for stablecoin growth! 🏆
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@MantleSwap is an AMM decentralized exchange that aims to bring unprecedented speed, security, and efficiency to the world of DeFi

They just launched their Incentivised testnet on @0xMantle Testnet

#airdrop #airdrops
2/ MantleSwap offer Lightning-fast transaction processing times, Lower fees, User-friendly interface, Wide selection of tokens

Mantle swap products :
🔸AMM Exchange

📃 Find my @NotionHQ version article at then end of this thread 😉

1️⃣ To start, you need to set your #metamask wallet on Mantle Network testnet and have some $BIT test tokens. If you don’t know how to do this, check tweet 5 to 10 from my Mantle Network Aidrop hunt thread below :

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🧵on $BAX

During the #bankingcrisis people are losing faith in #traditionalbanking system. Users cannot access their funds, stock prices are plummeting, and impending #CBDC. THE WORLD NEEDS ANOTHER VIABLE SOLUTION!
$XRP $BTC $ETH #remittance #CryptoTwitter #cryptocurrency
Bank Accounts Based on Blockchain (#BABB) was created by @Rushdaverroes in 2018. The goal was to leverages #blockchain, biometrics and machine learning to offer revolutionary decentralized banking services for people across the globe building a new global banking network!
@getbabb intrinsic design has proven to be next generation as they offer a bank account on the #BABB platform, compliant with UK regulations, available to any eligible person or business in the world, instantly, without the need for a UK address or credit history.
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Herkese günaydın 🤗 öncelikle dün açıklanan makro verilerden bahsedelim.Perakende satışları,ABD'deki perakende satışlarının Şubat 2023'te, piyasa beklentilerine göre %0.3 azalması beklenirken %0.4 düştüğü açıklandı.
Ocak ayında da %3.2 artış yaşanmıştı.En büyük düşüş mobilya mağazalarında (%2.5), yiyecek-içecek hizmetleri sektöründe (%2.2), çeşitli perakende satış noktalarında (%1.8), otomobil ve parça satıcılarında (%1.8)
giyim mağazalarında (%0.8) ve benzin istasyonlarında (%0.6) yaşandı.Bununla birlikte, online perakendecilerde (%1.6), sağlıkta (%0.9), yiyecek-içecek mağazalarında (%0.5%), genel mal mağazalarında (%0.5) ve elektronik ve ev aletlerinde (%0.3) artış görüldü.
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Herkese Günaydın 🤗, dün #ABD'de açıklanan #enflasyon verisi, #Bitcoin'in yukarı yönlü fiyatlanmasına neden oldu. Rapora göre, tüketici fiyatları endeksi (#CPI) ocak ayında %6,4 arttıktan sonra şubatta %6 artarak piyasa beklentileriyle uyumlu gerçekleşti.
Gıda ve enerji hariç tüm kalemleri kapsayan çekirdek #CPI endeksi, ocak ayına göre %0.5 artış gösterdi ve bu artış piyasa beklentilerinin üzerinde oldu. (daha ayrıntılı bilgi için 👉…)
#enflasyon verisinin beklenti halinde gelmesi #bitcoin tarafında olumlu karşılandı ama unutulmaması gereken birşey var "#enflasyon halen daha %2 hedeften uzak" ve önümüzdeki süreçte #FED atacağı adımlar önemli.
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