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Worried about Hunt? Unsure where the blame lays in this disappointing tale? Again, the
@NRL_Dragons are in the news and in #crisis and there is a decent scoop you may not all be aware of. A thread: 🧵 1/
What many don’t know is Hunt tended his request for release upon Griffin’s axing. Both he and the club (wisely) determined to keep it out of the papers and attempt to resolve it, but Hunt was clear that he was not looking to see out his contract. 2/
Flanagan called Hunt to try and turn him around. Sadly, the incoming custodian was not convincing enough and despite his plea's to get him to come on board, Hunt has persistently advised that he’ll keep to his word – and not his signed contract – to leave rather than rebuild. 3/
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An #Excel #error in the Austrian social democrats leadership election occurred when aggregating results together into a spreadsheet. #Doskozil was leader from the 3rd to the 5th of June. Following the correction #Babler leads the party. #risk #Excelgate… Image
We have countless examples of spreadsheet errors in political organisation. The mistakes made are elementary and often occur when passing information from system A to system B manually. A basic lack of checking, corroboration and validation has derailed democracy once again
These errors are great examples of how little thought is put into the use of spreadsheets for critical decision making. So much confidence was bestowed on #Excel, no one bothered to check if it was correct. Its a mistake we repeat time and again.
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[RG911Team] In a bizarre coincidence, the #crisis management software company that NYC contracted to handle city emergencies in Aug 2001 has the same name as a group of #artists that did projects in the Twin Towers in 2001: “E-Team”. What are the odds of that? Image
[RG911Team] The E-Team art group’s project included a March 2001 plan to illuminate the side of one of the Twin Towers to draw out the group’s name, as depicted above. More info about the group at:…
[RG911Team] The E-Team crisis management software company had a contract with the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM), located in WTC Building 7. Read the archived details on page 22 of this city report (view on desktop only):…
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Let's take a look at shortages of primary care providers in West Virginia. A short story with maps in this thread. #healthcare #westvirginia #crisis #folkreporter Image
Compare to publicly funded healthcare recipients. (Data from 2000) Image
And now overlay where people of color live in West Virginia... Image
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cc: @ AnonymousCitizen
Minister Olivia #Grégoire cancels the first stage of her trip to La Baule where a welcoming committee was waiting for her to go to Guérande (France Bleu) #MacronChallenge #Casseroles #IntervillesMacron #ministers #ReformeDesRetraites
cc: @ AnonymousCitizen
Public #hospital #crisis: more than a thousand people demonstrate in the streets of #Feurs (8300 inhabitants) in the #Loire to defend the #emergencies and the SMUR closed for 3 weeks #HopitalPublic
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US banks witness $126B withdrawal by March 22, with the top 25 shedding $90B in current financial unrest! 🚨

A thread 🧵:

#banks #svb #silvergate #crisis
(1/6) Post Silicon Valley Bank & Signature seizures, smaller banks rebound by reclaiming $6B (seasonally adjusted) 💪
(2/6) Total industry deposits at lowest since July 2021, now at $17.3T 😲
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[1/🧵] A short synopsis of Joachim Nagel's most recent speech on the future of #economic and #monetary union, presented and released by @OMFIF (@OMFIFDMI). 👇

[2/7] Joachim Nagel, a member of the @bundesbank's Executive Board, discusses:
🔸 #Inflation
🔸 #Monetary policy
🔸 #Fiscal development, ...

... among other topics.
[3/7] According to Nagel, the ongoing #energy #crisis in #Ukraine has resulted in:
🔸 Greater #inflation
🔸 Higher #energy prices ...

... influencing:
🔸 #Industrial costs
🔸 #Financial insecurity.
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🚨Portland EMS 911: -scanner
10:25AM -12:33PM (Under 2 hrs)
Chest pain / Cardiac
Possible death
Chest pain / Cardiac
Chest pain / Cardiac
Cardiac arrest
🚨Portland 911: -scanner
8:00PM - 8:59PM
Cardiac arrest
Fainting/ Collapsed
Chest pain
Chest pain
Cardiac arrest
Cardiac problem
The new normal #Cardiacarrest #heartattack #EMS #911
Portland 911: 3 reported #Siezures in under 30 minutes. The new normal. #cardiacarrest #heartattack #stroke #seizure #diedsuddenly
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#Biden backs strength of #banking system after collapse of #SVB, #SignatureBank | Mar 13
- When fed auths bailed out depositors in insolvent lenders SVB (NASDAQ:SIVB) and #SignatureBank on Monday,
Joe sought to reassure the public Image
#Ukraine-#BanderasBox opened.
#RAND Co | Jan 25
- There is an urgent need for #resources to flow into the national econ, especially the #banking system. Only European countries bound by #EU and #NATO commitments will be able to provide them
#SVB #SignatureBank #BanderasBox.
#Rand Co | Jan 25
- The key objective is to #divide #EU by placing #UsefulIdiots in political positions in order to stop #Russian #energy supplies from reaching the continent
- The entire #EU #economy will #collapse
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Mar. 1:
1/ #Russia Near #Fiscal #Collapse

#Putin's #Money for the #War may run out in the summer - @Forbes. A few important figures:

🔸#Russia is approaching a #Fiscal #Collapse

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine .@ZelenskyyUa .@DmytroKuleba…
Mar. 1:
2/ #Russia Near #Fiscal #Collapse

Report by #Telegram @CrimeanWind
See for yourself:

- In 2022, #Russia's #Monthly check for the #War averaged $9.5 billion, @Forbes.

- In 2023, #Putin increased ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #Budget…
Mar. 1:
3/ #Russia Near #Fiscal #Collapse

.. increased the #Defense #Budget to about $12 billion a #Month.

The #Cost of the #War in tandem with a record drop in #Oil & #Gas #Revenues will empty the ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #Money #War…
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1/8 Amazing vid from @EPBResearch

Debt #Crisis - Yup, It's Coming. Check it our ⬇

2/8 What we've been saying: banks and the consumer are no longer the problem. #Banks are the new utilities.
3/8 The #government and business sector are the problems. Businesses have seen record #debt and record low #tax rates help inflate margins to unsustainable levels.
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1/10 Have you read our recently published #whitepaper?

The Art of #Stock Picking #Returns

Highlights below ⬇
2/10 “We’ve had 40+ years where all the money went into broadband, or internet, or #Netflix or the cloud and no money went into basic productive capacity…”

–Robert Friedland, CEO, Ivanhoe group of companies
3/10 What follows is KCR’s attempt to create a simple walk-through of the #risks and #opportunities offered today. We believe both the structure and implications of this paper are easy to grasp.
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Russia's suspension of #NewSTART, 🇸🇪 & 🇫🇮 role for nuclear disarmament, prospects for US-Russian-Chinese cooperation & Iran’s uranium enrichment: our #STAND team's regular thread on recent news and analyses to #underSTAND #nuclear #deterrence and #threats (no endorsement).(1/9)
Putin’s announcement to suspend Russia’s🇷🇺 participation in the #NewSTART treaty may signal the end to formal #arms #control ( @WarOnTheRocks, @HannaNotte argues that the US should use all means to reverse Russia’s decision (
Also @WarOnTheRocks, @ProfOnderco and Clara Portela discuss the consequences of NATO’s Nordic enlargement on Swedish🇸🇪 and Finnish🇫🇮 bridge-building in the field of #nuclear #disarmament ( Joining NATO could impede their role as mediators.(3/9)
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En la investigación "Violencia cotidianda y sepulcros de miedo en #Esmeraldas", surgen interrogantes en relación a la ausencia de posibilidades para despedir a los muertos.

Muchas personas fallecidas -sobre todo desde 2017- son consecuencia de la ola de #criminalidad y 🧵⬇️
#violencia vinculada al #narcotráfico, #sicariato y la #crisis carcelaria de #Ecuador.

La incapacidad del cabildo y del #gobierno de @LassoGuillermo para gestionar la #crisis agudiza la desaparición de rituales mortuorios.

Estos, no son solo un andamiaje cultural lleno de 🧵⬇️
de música, cantos y bailes, sino que se constituyen como un elemento fundamental de identidad en la población esmeraldeña.

En ese contexto de violencia e incertidumbre, la población ha acelerado los procesos de enterramiento para evitar riesgos. Sin embargo: 🧵⬇️
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1/ This is so abysmal that I had to actually read the Illinois Teacher's Retirement System acturial and valuation reports for the pension's FY 2022 (ending June 30). #Illinois #Pension #Crisis

Summary Report:…

Full Report:…
2/ Before discussing the TRS pension shortfall, a few things to keep in mind: The TRS unfunded pension liabilities are only a part of the IL state total, and Chicago is in it's own separate pension nightmare. Here are the 2020 figures from Bond Buyer ( Image
3/ And as I have highlighted ad nauseum, Illinois and Chicago's pension shortfalls are completely unsustainable. You don't want to be in the bottom right corner of this chart... Image
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📝 Hoy publicamos un artículo del economista polaco Oskar Lange, uno de los padres de la #cibernética soviética. En el artículo, Lange usa la cibernética para responder al argumento austriaco sobre la imposibilidad del cálculo económico en el socialismo.…
Hayek comparaba el #mercado con un sistema de telecomunicaciones resolviendo miles de ecuaciones de forma descentralizada. Debido a la cantidad ingente de ecuaciones, este mismo problema sería imposible de resolver de manera centralizada en el socialismo.
Ahora bien, si la economía no deja de ser un sistema de telecomunicaciones que resuelve ecuaciones... ¿no estaríamos hablando, en cierto modo, de lo que viene a ser un computador?
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THREAD: #Sunak, the man who created this "profound #economic #crisis, seems to have no clue how to fix it - less than #Kwarteng for sure!
No, I & millions of others are not happy about paying for your mistakes #Sunak!
cont. Image
Not happy because #Sunak is choosing the worst possible route forward, increasing taxation on those who have the least income to spare - remembering the truly rich do not pay income tax... he would know that, wouldn't he!
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IT'S A CRISIS: As we approach 2023, it's time to reexamine+scrutinize America's homelessness policy. What's working? What's not? @DiscoveryInst1 out w/ NEW report showing "HOUSING FIRST" is a failure. But there is hope+other solutions. @WhiteHouse @POTUS @HUDgov #WashingtonDC
HOUSING FIRST IS FAILING: In 2013, Congress passed a law requiring federally funded assistance programs to apply "Housing First" formula. Advocates said it would end homelessness by 2023—in other words, by next year. So why is crisis getting worse? READ👇🏽…
OTHER STATES EMBRACING HOUSING FIRST: In Seattle/King County… gun crimes tied to homeless encampments jumped 122% during first half of 2022. In Portland, Oregon, 50% of all arrests between 2017 and 2020 involved homeless, even though their share of population was less than 2%. Image
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🌡️Esto es tremendo | #Europa va a ser afectada por un nuevo "arreón" excepcionalmente cálido los próximos días. Valores de +30ºC en #Francia y hasta 33ºC en el sur de #España a las puertas de NOVIEMBRE. Anomalías completamente fuera de lugar y demasiado extensas para las fechas. ImageImage
La enorme extensión de esas #anomalías de +8/10ºC por encima de lo normal demuestran la increíble excepcionalidad de este nuevo evento cálido. En zonas del #Mediterráneo ni siquiera ha habido tregua en estas semanas, encadenando un episodio tras otro.
Por un lado esto es bueno en el contexto de #crisis energética actual, pues el retraso en la llegada del #frío nos otorga más margen de maniobra, pero no es nada bueno en lo #ambiental/agrícola por el enorme trastorno que puede estar ocasionando esta sucesión de eventos cálidos.
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Dit is niet de overheid die God boven wie dan ook gesteld zou hebben. Dit is de tiran uit het…
Het verjagen van de tiran is het doen van Gods werk

Of liberaal gezegd: de overheid is van ons door ons voor ons, niet over ons.

Opdracht blijft dezelfde.
De sterkste schouders, de rechtste ruggen worden als eersten gesloopt. Zoals dat al die mensen -u?- die nu nog zwijgen en tolereren, klagen en verdragen, geen enkel probleem opleveren als ze straks ook alles afgepakt wordt.
Christenen worden gepaaid met partijen als @CU =>3
@CDA en -helaas ook- @SGPnieuws maar ook die blijken als het er op aan komt, van God verlaten. Of hebben God verlaten.

De andere partijen -met hun aanbidding van het Gouden Kalf en de Gevulde Zakken- zijn dat uiteraard ook, maar die winden daar wat God verlaten geen =>4
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@MarinSanna #Polish trucks carried heavy foreign #warmachines on #Helsinki Ring I Oct 15 at 8:02 am
- According to a reader, there were six Polish trucks in the queue and they were heading east. The caravan that attracted attention was not known to the Helsinki police…
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UK's main opposition party is run like #mafia
The #establishment media will ignore it, but it reveals a serious #crisis of #democracy in Britain

Sir @TrevorPTweets said in 2019 he thinks biggest threat to democracy after Brexit was Muslim protesters Birmingham, he will be livid
@TrevorPTweets Silent since the opposition to the protesters,
‘Enemy At the Gates ‘
was exposed as #Stonewall,
the REAL playground bullies & mob of 2019 No Outsiders Panto

Please Sir, break your silence on

#Equality was core of the national debate

How can the EX-EHRC chair be silent after being wrong about the bigger threat to democracy,

The opposition, #StonewallLaw Disciples, No Outsiders misrepresented EA2010, Queering the curriculum by stealth,
Circumventing parents rights
Indoctrinating kids with a radical ideology ImageImageImageImage
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OK, so we just finished our 3-paper series on the #EUChipsAct.

The 3. paper assesses the effectiveness of the proposed #Crisis Response Toolbox.…

We see many, many problems. Here's why... 🧵

#semiconductors #chips #chipshortage #Europe Image
The proposal talks about utilizing common purchasing, export restrictions and priority-rated orders during future chip shortages to ensure security of supply for Europe.

We also added national reserves since several countries (Spain, Japan...) are thinking about those.
Let's walk through the value chain, shall we?

None of the tools are effective when applied to individual chips because semiconductors are...
- highly customized/not substitutable
- end-products (cars...) need ~1000 chips from all over the world
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Agri culture in India involved raising livestock to support farming, for milk and meat, and also to support the leather industry. It has evolved over millennia and weathered quite a variety of challenges: socio-political and environmental. 1/15
Caste was exploited. In post independent India it was eminently possible to attack caste based occupation & discrimination in farming and livestock rearing, without destroying millennia old knowledge that constituted agriculture. The opportunity was forfeited. 2/15
First by the Congress pandering to upper caste pressures, and now BJP, have targeted livestock rearing and turned the farms and livestock into a battle of political ideologies. 3/15
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