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Don't ya <3 a good Classic?

Paul does too.

Especially when it
details his continued
corruption + disloyalty
2 America since,
September 1, 1990

But, it's a grt point
2 exposing Donald tRUmp,
Ultimate Phoney
"After the Gold Rush"
by Marie Brenner
Highly recommend this read.

Phoney Orange Mob Blob
had just purchased
118-room former estate of
Emily Post,
aka Mar-a-Lago.

"tRUmp was seen
on the news shows
offering his services
2 negotiate w
the RUssians."📌

"Talk he might run 4 pres."📌

National Register of Historic Places, 1972
National Historic Landmark, 1980

Due 2 unfortunate circumstances,
Dina Merrill
Adelaide Breevort Close
Eleanor Post Close,
decide 2 list the Palm Beach estate.

Extorted the hm
"Ivana Trump had has SO MUCH
publicity [poor dear],
she now offered interviewers a
press kit of flattering clips."📌📌📌
[Don't say it. Very B Sanders.]

Business *bond btw Donald + Ivana📌

"Had become less man + wife,
> like 2 *ambassadors,
each w separate agenda."📌
"Those phonies!
Do u think if I wanted 2B member
['the B & T']
they would turn me dwn?

I wouldn't join club,
bc they don't take
blacks + Jews."📌

Oy. Bhubbie. Relax, all ready.
No one invited u.

Nice lawyers ya had then.
Very mob-like n smear tactics.
Did ya use press kits?
More on Blob's Palm Beach extortion
involving race + religious issues,
sending out fuqqing *tapes
thru mob *lawyers.

Landed tRUmp his lease deal
4 tRUmp golf course action.

Airport noise? Huh?
Someone needs an
extortion abortion.

This is 1986👇
Ivana toasts tRUmp.
"Well, I'm done", DJT says
tossing his napkin on table.

Palm Beach
had been Ivana's *idea.📌

"Ivana, like Donald,
living out a fantasy.

She had seen in tRUmp life,
everything + everybody
appeared 2 come w a price."📌
"I would never buy Ivana
any decent jewels or pictures.
Y give her negotiable assets,"
says DJT

Ivana "had gotten out of
Eastern Europe by being tough
+ highly disciplines,
+ she had compounded her skills
thru her husband,
the master manipulator."📌
"Ivana [tRUmp]
had learned
the lingua franca
in a world where everyone
seemed 2B using everyone else
in a relentless drive 4 power."
Time 4 detour.

Let's talk
Czechoslovakia’s Státní bezpečnost (StB)
4 quick sec.

"Czechoslovakia’s Státní bezpečnost (StB)
carried out long-term spying mission
against tRUmp following his marriage
in 1977 2 wife, Ivana Zelníčková.

Operation run out of Zlín,
provincial town
in south-west Czechoslovakia
where Zelníčková was born."
"Donald [tRUmp's]
wknd guests were
4 he trusted few people.

Invited 1 of his construction execs,
mayor of West Palm Beach+
frmr governor of NY,
▪️Hugh Carey,
"Society Carey",
boosted by HUGE
tRUmp *donations,
had been crucial 2
tRUmp's early *success[fraud|failures]."
Hugh Carey
rose 2 power as Democrat
outside his party’s machine.
Began 1974 campaign
4 governor as
recently widowed congressman
from Brooklyn,
long shot who was not taken seriously,
yet he cruised 2
1 of the most resounding victories
in state’s history.
"Ivana's imperial-couple syndrome."
"they knew Ivana,
like Donald,
inventing + reinventing
herself all the time."📌

"When she had 1st come 2 NY
she wore helmet hairdos +
bouffant satin dresses."

"[Ivana] had never seemd 2 lrn
real way of truly rich,
the art of understatement."
"Dozens of silver frames
on the many end tables.

The frames did not contain
family photos, but magazine covers.
Each cover featured face of
Donald tRUmp."🤣

"In 50 yrs Donald + I
will be considered
old money
like the Vanderbilts,"
she once told Dominick Dunne.

[In dreams]
"This past April,
when [tRUmp's]
empire was in danger of collapse,
tRUmp isolated himself in
small apt on lwr flr of TT"

tRUmps had separated.
Ivana remained upstairs
in family triplex w
its beige onyx floors +
low ceilings w busy murals.

"Ivana had been completely humiliated"
Donald humiliated Ivana
thru his public *association
w Marla Maples.
[A five-six-seven-eight!]
Talent, she was NOT.

Don Jr. Tears.

"How can u say u love us?
U don't even love urself.
U just love ur money."
12yo Jr. tot said
w tears running down
his ugly chinless face.
"Ivana now considered tabloid heroine
+ popularity seemed in inverse 2 [Blob's]."


"Ivana tRUmp negotiated
4 marital property agreements
over 14 yrs,
she was suing her husband for half."
Donald J. tRUmp:
"When man leaves woman,
especially when it is perceived
he has left 4 piece of ass
- a good 1! -
there R 50% of population
who will love woman who was left."

Ivana's PR guy:
"This is all very calculated.
Ivana is very shrewd.
She's playing it
2 the hilt."
"4 days,
Mob Blob
rarely left his bldg.
Hamburgers + French fries
sent up 2 him."

"tRUmp had millions of dollars
signed away in personal guarantees.
Personal debt on tRUmp Shuttle alone $135M.

Bear Stearns📌
had been guaranteed
$56M 4 tRUmp's
Alexander's + Amer Air positions."
"Taj Mahal casino
had a complicated
set of provisions
which made tRUmp
responsible 4 $35M📌

tRUmp personally guaranteed
$125M 4 Plaza hotel.📌

In West Palm Bch,
tRUmp Plaza so empty
it was nicknamed
"the tRUmp See-Through."
$14M debt.📌
tRUmp's mansions in
Greenwich + Palm Beach,
awa, Trump Princess #Superboat
promised 2 banks 4
$40M in outstanding loans.
[That seems low value 4 assets]

WSJ rpts tRUmp guarantees
could exceed $600M📌
A History of Donald Trump's
Net Worth Publicity👈🤣

His boasts👈
+ outsiders' estimates
range from $150M - $7B.

Now, that's what we call a spread.
Autumn 1980
"Did u see
NY Times
said I looked like
Robert Redford?"

"tRUmp is a
head swiveler,
always looking around
2 see who else is in room."

"Donald was child
who'd throw cake
at BD parties,"
brother Robert says.
"D would come +
glue all my bricks"
"tRUmp was all ready married 2 Ivana,
former *model + *athelete
from Czechoslovakia."

"1 night in 1976,
tRUmp had been at bar
Maxwell's Plum.📌
The very name
evokes era of frantic singles
underneath the Art Nouveau ceiling"


Maxwell's Plum
More like Caligula's Bath House.

The Romantic Encounter
"MP was a place where flight attendants hoped 2 find bankers, + models looked 4 dates.

Donald met his model,
Ivana Zelnickova,
visiting from Montreal."📌📌📌

tRUmp + Ivana
were married in NY
[April 7,] 1977.📌

Mayor Beame

Roy Cohn,
tRUmp's longtime
mob lawyer + mentor,
had prepared paper 4 Ivana.

"U have 2 sign this agreement."

Cohn offered 2 find Ivana a lawyer.

Friends said
"[Ivana] was terrified of Cohn."📌
"Ivana was terrified of Cohn
+ his power over Donald.
1st [prenup]agreement
gave Ivana $20K/yr."

2 yrs later, Cohn says
"U better redo agreement, Donald,
or ur gonna look hard + greedy."

Ivana resisted.

"I want 5 children,
like in my own family,
bc w 5,
then I will know 1
will be guaranteed 2 turn out like me."

"tRUmps + their baby,
Donald junior,
lived in a Fifth Ave apt"
w furnishings from
"Casa Bella"

"tRUmp just completed
Grand Hyatt
on E 42nd St,
+ considered a comer."
"He'd put together
Fifth Avenue parcel
that would become tRUmp Tower
+ had enraged city estab w demolition of
Art Deco friezes
that had decorated
Bonwit Teller bldg."

"Who cares?" he said.

"Even then,
tRUmp's style
was 2 turn on his audience."📌
"He tooled around in a
silver Cadillac w "DJT" plates
+ tinted windows
and had a former city cop
4 his driver."📌

At lunch that day,
"He had invited
▪️Stanley Friedman
2 join us.

Friedman Roy Cohn partner,
Part of Bronx *political machine,"
who would later go 2 jail.
tRUmp + Friedman
spent most of lunch
swapping stories about
Roy Cohn.💃

"Roy Cohn could
*fix anyone in the city."

"He's a lousy lawyer,
but [Roy Cohn's] a genius,"
tRUmp said.

▪️Bob Tisch
▪️Laurance Tisch [once hd of CBS]
Developers in NY + FL real estate.
As tRUmp's world crumbles...

Random House
rushing 2 publish,📌
'tRUmp: Surviving at Top'
🤦‍♂️ *Timing -
B4 he crashes + burns; again.

"tRUmp *standing up 2
numbers guys repping
Chase Manhattan📌
Bankers Trust📌
whom he was N2 4
hundreds of millions of dollars."😱
"Get me the
Sultan of Brunei📌
on the phone,"
after lawyer tells
"Plaza hotel might
never bring $400M
he paid 4 it."

"I have a personal guarantee
the Sultan of Brunei
will take me out of Plaza
at immense profit."
"Bankers + lawyers
in conference room
looked at tRUmp
w combo of awe + disbelief.

The line between a con man
+ an entrepreneur is often fuzzy.

"They say Plaza worth $400M?
tRUmp says it's worth $800M."

Orange Mob Blob
has always lived in fantasy land.

Everything make-believe.

Maxwell's Plum Opens
in San Francisco

"Herb Caen,
SF Chronicle
who probably comes as close as any1
2 being an arbiter of taste in this city,
was more or less speechless
after visiting new $7M
Maxwell's Plum rest."

Raymond, Epstein, Wexner?
Do people really think I'm finished?


"Just wait 5 yrs.
This is really a no-brainer.
Just like
▪️Merv Griffin📌💃
"How could a man [Merv Griffin]📌💃
who is smart enough
2 make $400M,
B so dumb
as 2 buy losing proposition
at an outrageous price?"

"Entrusted his fortunes
2 slimeballs
w mob ties."📌

Griffin lawyer = $2M.
"They were willing 2 let
Griffin overpay."
Merv Griffin
Donald tRUmp



Griffin Wins Resorts In Deal With Trump

When Millionaire Griffin Took on Billionaire Trump, They Said It Was a Mismatch. They Were Wrong.
When Paul rents limo,
he wants
tRUmp Limo

Bad yr 4 tRUmp
“He was just buying up things w loans,
+ that’s what caught up w him.”
▪️Barbara A. Res
Trump Org VP
“There was never enough 4 him.
Nothing satisfied him.”
tRUmp Princess🚢⚓️📌

tRUmp bys from

Adnan Khashoggi,
Saudi arms dealer
flips it 2
Sultan of Brunei
who then flips it 2 tRUmp,
who ultimately sells 2
Saudi Prince Al-Waleed
4 $19M

tRUmp Princess
featured in 1983
Never Say Never Again.

"tRUmp won't do a deal
unless there's something *extra,
in it."

"I made a lot of money
+ I made it too easily,
2 point of boredom.
Anything I did worked!
Took on Bally, made $32M.
After a while, too easy."

When u mob, it's *easy.

The List of Assaulted
from very paranoid tRUmp:

his own deals
his companies
"New York phonies"
"Palm Beach phonies"
most social people
"negative" writers
"negatives" in general

*tRUmp is biggest of the *phonies
*tRUmp is Negative Nancy
Oh dear.
When Forbes magazine
drops tRUmp from list
of world's richest,
placing net worth at $500M

Mob Blob came out attacking.

"Same Forbes writer
who wrote Merv kicked my ass!"

tRUmp pts out writer
under investigation 4
outdated police cred.

tRUmp lies.
Same lies today as then.

tRUmp is a pathelogical liar,
either thru a *condition
or pre-meditated.

Opting 4 later...

Forbes + tRUmp lies

tRUmp knows 1 thing,
how 2 feed press
2 destroy lives thru lies.
Oh. Sorry.

Forgot to drop a few slices
when speaking about tRUmp Tower site
+ his real estate kick-backs.

A lot of tax dollars he's eaten.

Wonder if tRUmp has ever
paid Federal Taxes.

My bet is hedging - NO.

tRUmp Tower
Tax Breaks

A Trump Empire Built on
Inside Connections and
$885 Million in Tax Breaks

In 1978,
Village Voice rprtr
Wayne Barrett
rqstd several 1,000 pgs
of recs from
State Urban Devel Corp,
staff there set him up in conf rm
so he could review them on site.
He sat down alone,
at long table
w stacks of papers,
+ began plowing thru them.

Donald tRUmp’s
70s Convention Center Purchase
Was as Suspect
as Any of His Deals Today

In 1974 Orange Mob Blob
embarked on some back-rm deals
2 make land purchase go thru.

5 yrs later,
Wayne Barrett reported
every last dirty detail
4 Village Voice.
Back 2 VF 1990 Story

2 demonstrate a life of crime + lies.
All supported by his media mob friends.

"tRUmp spoke in
hypnotic, unending torrent of words.
Often he appeared 2
Referred 2 himself in 3rd person:
'tRUmp says...
tRUmp believes.'"
"His phrases skibbled around
+ double back on themselves
like fireworks in a summer sky.

He reminded me of a carnival barker
trying 2 fill his tent."

At NYE party in Aspen at hm of
▪️Barbara Walters
▪️Merv Adelson
tRump wishes 4 another Merv Griffin deal.

Member, he lost.
Sorry again,
but have 2 drop this 2000 story
from Fortune.



What Does Donald Trump Really Want?
The girl + the car, obviously.
Respect, maybe.
+ could definitely
use a mortgage -soon.
Whatever he's after,
he's his own worst enemy.
Went ahead + pulled from
👇, > cmpct

"'Owner + developer of yr,'
pointed out
w his
uncommonly stubby fingers."

"It was early Jan,
+ plane headed 4 MN,
where tRUmp 2 mt
▪️Gov Jesse Ventura
2 discuss running 4 pres
on Reform Party ticket."📌
OnBoard Flt 2 MN

"tRUmp's son
▪️Donny Jr.
+ his political advisor,
▪️Roger Stone"

"gilt-framed wrks of art
w signatures like 'Renoir'.
Nobody I asked smd 2 know
if they were real,
or 2 care."

"I'm intelligent.
*Some people
would say
I'm very very, very intelligent."
Oh dear.
More names in the news.

"tRUmp had inked deal w
▪️Tony Robbins📌
by which Robbins would pay
tRUmp $1M 2 give 10 speeches
at seminars around country.

tRUmp timed his political stops
2 coincide w Robbins' seminars,
so he was making a lot of money
on those campaign stops."📌

"It's very possible
I could B 1st pres candidate
2 run + make money."
Fuqqing A.
Kennedy Krap📌

Stone when asked
2 describe tRUmp the politician.

"There's John F. Kennedy-type charisma 📌
that's very hard 2 put your finger on.
He's probably best speaker on circuit."

Once in MN,
Reform folks
whisked tRUmp off by limousine
2 hotel conf cntr.
"It was awfully disjointed"
1 of Ventura's people worried.
"Does [tRUmp] speak better than that?"

Candy Critiques:
P Buchanan - "Hitler Lover"📌
B. Bradley - "Total Disaster"
GW Bush - "No Einstein"
N Korea - "Run by some very bad people"📌
Russia - "Totally mixed up"📌
Fortune. Killin' me!

"4 Donald tRUmp
is 2 business
what pro wrestling
is 2 sport.

Which is Y
decided it was
necessary 2
investigate + uncover,
once + 4 all,
why it is
we feel compelled 2
write about tRUmp
in 1st place."
Roger Stone:
"I think people say,
'If I won lottery,
that's how I'd want 2 live.'
"Plane, boat, estate in FL,
beautiful girls;
our polling showed
people identified w it."
No. Only stoopid
Mail-Order HOTUS brides
from Slovenia
think it's *hot.
In a tRUmp book-signing line:

Greenwich Village Artist - "attracted 2 pwr of myth in our society."

Orthodox rabbi - "heard he loves the Jews."

Soccer Mom - "he's never been indicted."📌

Several 1,000 bus people
2 rank 469 bus.
"They put tRUmp's casino company
dead last."
More specifically,
bus lders
ranked tRUmp casino
worst in:
√ quality of mgnt,
√ use of corp assets,
√ employee talent,
√ long-term investment value,
√ social responsibility

"The man srsly wanted
2 seek presidency,
2 win,
as he put it,
'the whole megillah.'"
tRUmpian Universe

tRUmp's *beef w America's trade reps:
"They have no name recognition."
"Who R these people?"
[tRUmp sputtered at 1 pt]
"Nobody's ever heard of them!"

Candidates who make < tRUmp:
"They're losers.
Who the hell wants 2 have a person
like [Bob Dole] as pres?"
[tRUmp] "held notion
he was top guy,
+ therefore
worthy of nation's top office."

"tRUmp delights in the sort of elaborate shell games and impenetrably complex [mob] deals."

It's always good 2 do things nice + complicated
so nobody can figure it out."

"Steady stream of articles
debunking tRUmp's
exaggerated claims;
worth $5B" in 2000.

"tRUmp + his aides used 2
their veracity being questioned,
they went 2 almost laughable lengths📌
2 assure me they weren't lying."

▪️Abe Wallach
tRUmp's *finance man.
Quick meet + Greet

Abe Wallach
frmr top exec
tRUmp Org

Abe Wallach
former top executive in
Trump Organization.

he has been convicted of
numerous crimes
over a long period of his life
before + after working 4
Donald tRUmp.

"Abe Wallach
produced a letter
from a co.,
offering $120M
4 pc of tRUmp property."

"This isn't concocted."
"This is real."
Bring in Diane
the assistant
2 confirm deals
at 40 Wall St.
"This is unrehearsed."

[I'd even go as far as 2 say
wooden performance.]
Oh Rly

It was Abe Wallach + tRUmp
who flew to Hong Kong in 1994
4 crucial dinner w billionaire

▪️Vincent Lo

2 secure financing
4 project Trump called
“the biggest [expletive] deal
in the history of New York real estate.”

"He has this ability
2 relate 2 the doorman
+ make guy feel good
+ important."
▪️Thomas Barrack
~Colony Capital
~tRUmp Inaugural Committee Chairman
+ Tom Barrack

Lovely cpl.
Friends since 1980s,
when both were prominent figures in NY real estate mrkt.
1st business trans btw 2 appears 2 date back 2 1985,
when Barrack sold Trump stake in NY Department store.

Barrack sold Plaza Hotel 2 tRUmp.

Tom Barrack

Trump Inauguration Spending
Under Criminal Investigation
by Federal Prosecutors

Probe looking N2 whether
committee misspent funds
+ top donors gave money
in exchange 4 access 2 admin.
tRUmp refrains from putting
up large sums,
instead partnering w
financial backers
General Electric Pension Fund📌
Oh dear.

That nasty Enron again.
Hiya Schwarzenegger!

Employees' Retirement Plan
Is a Victim as Enron Tumbles

Remember Pension Plans?
Mob ate them up.

Look N2 ur states fund
2 see how diversified
its portfolio.

Might B surprised
2 find a lot of MOB.

Retirees thought
General Electric [GE]
would take care of them.

Then it didn’t

Nxt up,
devels pay tRUmp $5M
4 licensing name 4
tRUmp Tower Seoul.

trump front man 4 financials interests.

"His brand
slapped onto bldgs
he doesn't own."

Paul knows what he wants 2 slap!
Nxt up,
▪️Ngaire Cuneo
Conseco Insurance Co.📌

tRUmp Tower
40 Wall Street
General Motors Building - purch in 1998

Tom Barrack
hired tRUmp 4
Mayfair Regent Hotel
condo conversion.
tRUmp's Plan Backfires
in Battle W
GM Building


tRUmp +
finance + insurance co,
Conseco, Inc.
purchase GM bldg
-$222M Coseco
-$11M tRUmp

By 2000,
Conseco wanted OUT!

Frmr GE exec
▪️Gary Wendt
now Conseco CEO
Gary Wendt proposed
tRUmp buy out

Wendt wanted
no-loss deal.

Since tRUmp close
call in 1990s
he took fewer risks.

*sells his expertise
tRUmp brand name.

Equity stake👈
mgnt fees.👈

*His share of profits
doesn't kick in
until Partners return.📌
tRUmp's Original Deal
4 GM Bldg.

He would get only
12% rtn
on $11M invested
until Conseco collected
25% rtn
awa getting principal back

▪️Stephen Hilbert
frmr Conseco Chief Exec
destructive 2 Conseco.
Stephen + Tomisue

Indiana's finest.

Scam artists.

In 1994 alone,
Stephen pocketed
$117M in
stock options,
+ performance bonuses.

Hang on,
cuz it gets ugly
4 Stephen Hilbert
+ wifey Tomisue.

No more limos 2 X-Mas Party.

Stephen Hilbert
Tomisue Hilbert


CNO Financial Group
finally unloaded
lavish Indiana mansion
formerly owned by Stephen Hilbert,
CEO who was pushed out in 2000
just B4 insurer was forced
N2 bankruptcy protection.
Steve + Tomisue Hilbert
Snake Oil

"Celebrity Apprentice
had a Hoosier feel
last weekend.

Man who started
joined show,
+ local company
got some nat'l publicity."

Australian Gold
John Menard

Oh dear.
In-house fighting?


Lawsuit claims
billionaire hardware kingpin
John Menard
pressured wife of business partner
2 have sex
w Menard + his wife.

Retaliated w firings + lawsuits
when she turned him down.
Stephen Hilbert
Tomisue Hilbert

R nasty fuqqs.

Hilbert rips off $225M from Conseco
+ his outrageous salary.

2 Pages of stories.

Tomisue joined 7 other investors
2 pay $7.2M 4
Sterling Investors Life Insurance Co.


Conseco assumed
tRUmp wanted 2 sell
his stake in tower.
Spokesman said it would B
interested in buying it,
+ once it did,
it would "do an online auction on eBay
4 fake gold letters
which presently adorn bldg,"
proceeds 2 charity.
we're still wrkng on
2 get back 2
After the Gold Rush
Vanity Fair

Hope ur still w me.
It's a road w tangents
while dropping names
dates & amts!

We still have a long way 2 go.

So, back 2 Fortune
"If only tRUmp were content.
4 rest of story
is much darker.
Nowhere R tRUmp's
self-defeating tendancies
more evident than w his casino company.

tRUmp Hotels + Casino Resorts📌
which he took public 1995.
Raised $140M
+ used 2 pay off creditors.
DJT stock: $34/ H $3/ L
Taj Mahl📌
throws off nrly
$100M in cash annually.👈

tRUmp Marina📌
almost dbld cash-flow
2 $53M; 3 yrs.

Add in
tRUmp Plaza📌
Gary, Indiana Riverboat📌
+ company generates > $240M/yr

"Donald is not blowing smoke
when says there is lot of money in that biz",
says Barrack.
In 1993,
promised 2 make
Gary, Indiana,
great again;
it never happened.👈

Orange Mob Blob
was wooing officials
in mostly black city
2 support his bid
2 dock a showboat casino
along a Lake Michigan shoreline
littered w shuttered factories.

Cash earned
goes towards
feeding $1.8B beast
of high-yield debt
since company's inception.📌

Debt servicing
eats up $216M
of cash-flow
leaving little 2 reinvest
in its properties
+ less 4 DJT shareholders.

Co lost $134M in 1999
Commingling of Funds
tRUmps use of casino
cash as personal piggy bank.

"It's not just $5M bonus he drew 1 yr,
or fact pilots of his personal 727
R on casino's payroll."

tRUmp sells tRUmp Marina
2 co. at high price,
pissing off shareholders.
tRUmp angers investors further
when he borrows $26M from co.
2 pay off personal loan from
▪️Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette

Says he'll repay $26M
in May 2000.

*People note tRUmp
trying 2 mortgage

Considers $25M - $30M
loan from Mar-a-Lago

"Cash-flow tremendous."
Projection Erection!

"tRUmp had lawyer
send letter
threatening 2 sue FORTUNE
+ me, saying,
"It is our information
article will contain false
+ misleading material concerning,
among other things,
net worth + cash flow of
Trump Org +/or Mr. Trump."

Didn't they quote him? 😏
"Cpl of people close 2 tRUmp
have said he is unfit 2B running a public co.

Low stock price +
Wall Street's allergic response 2
'the Donald factor'
would cause tRUmp
2 step down.

"Watch what I do 2 that co.
Just watch."

▪️Steve Wynn
tRUmp lawsuit
2 stop Mirage
Wrapping up

"Final nail
in [tRUmp's] coffin
was John McCain's👈
surprise surge in polls.
Roger Stone
felt robbed:
"He's running on tRUmp's message."📌

felt slighted by McCain.


Back 2 VF

After the Gold Rush

▪️Marvin Roffman
tRUmp Org
financial analyst
from Philly.

B4 Taj Mahal opening,
Roffman states
"Taj in 4 rough ride."

seemed 2 have gotten
him fired.

"Here's a guy
that used 2 call me,
begging me 2 buy stock thru him,
w implication if I'd buy stock,
he'd give me positive comments."📌

In response 2 tRUmp allegations
Marvin Roffman:
"That's most unbelievable garbage
I've ever heard in my entire life."
Marvin Roffman's lawyer,
James Schwartzman
calls tRUmp's accusations:
"the desperate act
of a desperate man."

Extortion + Lies + Media = tRUmp MOB

Roffman keeps tRUmp Org
off the bio.
The Man Who Beat Donald tRUmp

How Marvin Roffman
told the truth,
was punished 4 it
+ then fought back.

March of 1990.
Roffman, veteran securities analyst.
He had focused on gaming industry 📌
in Atlantic City since
1st casinos opened in 1978.

Marvin Roffman,
knew casino / gaming market
as well as anyone
+ had watched closely as
tRUmp made a typically bold entrance
w tRUmp Plaza and tRUmp’s Castle
in 1984 + 1985.

"He told rptr
from WSJ
Taj would fail."

"The fact that Roffman’s assessment
was grounded in reality—
that he would prove 2B right—
didn’t stop tRUmp from
attacking Roffman.

It was the reason for it."👈

Marvin B. Roffman
Donald J. tRUmp +
tRUmp Organization, Inc.

Maxwell's Plum,
flamboyant restaurant + singles bar
that, more than any place of its kind,
symbolized 2 social revolutions of 1960's
- sex + food -
closed abruptly yesterday.
Warner LeRoy, owner
C'est la vie.
"[tRUmp] is believer in
big-lie theory,"📌
his lawyer says.
"If u say something again + again,
people will believe u."📌

"1 of my lawyers said that?"
I'd like 2 know who it is,
bc I'd fire his ass.
I'd like 2 find out who
the scumbag is!"
1 of tRUmp's
1st major deals in NY
was acquiring lrg tract on
W 34th Street
being offered by bankrupt
Penn Central railroad📌

The convention center plan
submitted by tRUmp
"He told us he'd forgo his
$4.4M fee
if we would *name
new convention ctr
after [Fred tRUmp]."📌
"Someone finally read contract.

[tRUmp] wasn't entitled
2 anywhere near
the money he was claiming.

It was unbelievable.
He almost got us
2 name convention cntr
after his father
in rtn 4 something
he never really had
2 give away."

[MOB "what's n it 4 me?"]
"tRUmp's 1st
major RE coup in NY
was 2 acquisition of
Commodore Hotel📌
which would become
Grand Hyatt.

Deal secured controversial
*tax abatement from city.📌

His partner,
▪️Prtizker family
of Chicago
who owned Hyatt chain."
"Jay Pritzker
was leaving 4 trip 2 Nepal,
where he would B incommunicado.
Donald waited until
Jay was in airplane
B4 he called him.
Naturally, Jay couldn't call him back.
He was on mtn in Nepal.

Later, tRUmp kept saying,
"I tried calling u. I gave u 10 days."
"Give them the old
tRUmp bullshit,"
tRUmp told architect
▪️Der Scutt
B4 pres of tRUmp Tower design
at presser in 1980.

"Tell them it is going 2B
million sf, 68 stories."

👉"I don't lie, Donald,"
architect replied.
tRUmp bought out
▪️Equitable Life Assurance
share of commercial space in TT.
"He paid Equitable $60M.
"Equity worth $120M.
Donald saying $500M!"


Questioned about collapse of business,
tRUmp stormed off the set.
Tells Turner,
"UR rptr
threatened my secretary;
made her cry."
After a series of tough questions
about his investment in
Trump Taj Mahal casino,
Donald Trump
walked out of 1990 interview
w CNN correspondent
Charles Feldman.

"Nothing we didn't discuss on the phone, Donald."

Sidebar Salad:

"They met, they saw + they conquered:
Donald + Ivana tRUmp seemed 2 have it all"

Makes me think Gilliam + "Brazil"
every time I look at
Family Klan tRUmp member.


But damn,
Ivana was *hard Czech lady, no?


Fred tRUmp's own real estate fortune
was helped by Brooklyn political machine
▪️Abe Beame

tRUmp + Beame
shared close friend
and lawyer,
and captain in Brooklyn
political club named
▪️Bunny Lindenbaum📌

*Political Clubs

Gave FT access 2 lrgst purch;
tRUmp Village📌
In 1960
Planning Commission
apprvd lrg
*tax abatement
4 non-profit found
2 hsing coop.

FT attacked abatement as
"a giveaway."

FT followed suit.
Had Bunny Lindenbaum
go see mayor
▪️Robert Wagner
who all supported Fred.

Deep political corruption
w Fred tRUmp.
In 1966,
Donald was entering
Wharton Business School.

Fred tRUmp + Bunny Lindenbaum
were investigated
4 their role in $60M
Mitchell-Lama mortgage.

"Is there any way of preventing a man who does business in that way from getting another contract w the state?", Com Chair asks.
"Donald told rptrs
tRUmp Village
had 22,000 units.
Only had 11,000 units.

Speaking of units.🍄

Sorry. *It's distracting.

tRUmp's cousin
▪️John Walter
once wrote an elaborate
Family Tree.
"We shared same grandfather,
and he was German.
So what?"
Family members say
Fred tRUmp
felt compelled 2 hide his German bg
bc most of his tenants were Jewish."

"After war,
he thought Jews
would never rent from him
if they knew his lineage,"
says Ivana.

"My father wasn't German;
my father's
were German,"
says Donald.🤦‍♂️
Donald's cousin
▪️John Walter
"wrks 4 tRUmp Org,
+ when he visits Donald in his office,
Ivana told friends,
he clicks his heels
+ says
'Heil Hitler'"

[tRUmp likes 2
make up things,
including history.
So do RUssians.]
Ivana tRUmp
told her lawyer
▪️Michael Kennedy
"[tRUmp] reads book
of Hitler's collected speeches,
'My New Order'
in a closet at his office,
as if it were a grenade.
Hitler's speeches,
from his earliest days up thru the
Phony War of 1939📌
reveal Hitler was
master propagandist."
it was my friend
▪️Marty Davis
from Paramount
who gave me a copy of
'Mein Kampf',
and he's a Jew."

Davis gave tRUmp 'My New Order'.
Davis is friends w tRUmp.
Davis is NOT Jewish.

I had these speeches
+ I'm not saying I do,
I would never read them."
says DT
"Perhaps [tRUmp's] possession of
Hitler's speeches merely indicates
an interest in Hitler's genius
at propaganda."

“There’s nobody that has
the cash flow I have,”
tRUmp told WSJ
long after he knew better.

“I want to be king of cash.”

More like King of lies!
King of Phony.
"My mother had
sense of the grand.
I can remember
her watching
coronation of
Queen Elizabeth📌
+ being so fascinated by it.

My father had no interest
in that kind of thing at all."

Oh look,
Donny persuades Fred
2 put him in chrg of his
3 siblings' trust funds.

Wouldn't U?🤦‍♂️
tRUmp Mentality

Donald became more forceful
+ grew even closer 2
his mobbed up father, Fred.

"I had 2 fight back all the time."

"These guys like my father R tough.
U have 2 be hitting back!
Otherwise they don't respect u!"

And, some things NEVER change.
▪️Fred tRUmp, Jr
became a pilot.

Fred Sr
belittled Fred
bc he didn't want 2 B in Mob Family.

Fred Jr
became an alcoholic
died age 43.

Must have been that
healthy environment
growing up, no?

Donald's "Nice Brother"
▪️Robert tRUmp

Robert + Blaine
NY socialites
After opening of Taj Mahal,
Robert told Donald
if he didn't give him autonomy,
he would leave,"
Ivana tells friend.

"So Donald did leave him alone,
+ there was a mess w slot machines
1st 3 days.

When Don exploded,
Robert packed his boxes + left.
He + Blaine went 2 her family."
Fred tRUmp had
▪️Bunny Lindenbaum
4 his fixer.

Mob always has a *fixer.

Donald tRUmp had
▪️Roy Cohn
"The Picasso of the inside fix."

"Donald calls me 15-20 times a day,"
Cohn says.

Mob - Mob - Mob

Family of MOB
*Tax abatement case,
"Judge was handed
piece of paper
that looked like an affidavit.

It had just 1 sentence:
'No further delays or adjournments.
[signed], Stanley M. Friedman'"

Friedman had become
county ldr of Bronx.
It wasn't necessary
2 exchange money 4 such favors.
This was a classic marker";
power of suggestion
of future favors was enough.

Friedman had been crucial
2 tRUmp's plans 4
Commodore Hotel.

[See Village Voice story upthread]

Friedman joined
Roy Cohn's
law firm.
"tRUmp los his moral compass
when he made an alliance w
Roy Cohn,"
Liz Smith
once remrkd.

tRUmp became
biggest donor of
▪️Hugh Carey
Gov of NY
except Carey's bro.

Donald + Fred tRUmp
*donated $135K.
So much mob...

tRUmp *empire
built on
inside connections
+ $885M
in tax breaks.

Donald J. tRUmp
Mayor Ed Koch
Gov. Hugh L. Carey

Grand Hyatt

Still costing NY City taxpayers
$360M 2 date a/o 9-17-16
Louise Fuqqing Sunshine



Yep, Ms. Real Estate
joins MbS | KSA venture
who can liqq Paul's booty!

They suqq.

Losing game
4 dominance in mrkt???

Say a lot.
i.e. more interested in people's data than real estate.

Roy Cohn

The Original Donald tRUmp

The New York Establishment
will ignore unscrupulous acts
2 serve its interests —
just look how it treated Roy Cohn,
onetime lawyer 2 the president.

Nasty Mob Dirty Mob


Man, how tRUmp
fuqqs w people,
even his partners in business.

When he broke ground
61st Street + 3rd Ave
he gave Louise Sunshine
5% share of new
tRUmp Plaza.

It's going 2 cost LS 1 mil in taxes
due 2 structure of his accting.

"Where am I going 2 get $1M?"

"Sell me ur shares."
Sunshine was pissed.

Goes 2 billionaire friend
▪️Leonard Stern
4 help.

"I wrote out chk 4 $1M
on spot so my close friend,
would not find herself
*squeezed out by Donald."
Stern was quoted.

Stern blackmails tRUmp.
"U fuqq w her,
we go 2 Casino board."

Oh dear.

Louise Sunshine.
How much more mobbed u gonna get?

Sunshine hires
▪️Arthur Liman
who repped
Michael Milken
2 handle her case.

tRUmp settled.👈
$2.7M 2 Sunshine.

He ALWAYS settles
unless he has a friend on bench.
tRUmp doesn't want public docs.

Too much truth.
tRUmp began 2 believe
his in ordinate skills
could B translated
N2 any business.

He started 2 expand N2
casinos, airlines + hotels.

Overspent on
Plaza + Eastern Shuttle deals.

"He always had rdy cooperation
of the starstruck banks,
which would later panic."
▪️Chase Manhattan Bank
Brd member:
"What in g-d's name,
were u thinking of
2 make these loans
[2 tRUmp]?"

📌 👁️🔥👁️ 👁️🔥👁️
"Bankers, like
Brooklyn-machine hacks
from tRUmp's childhood,
were blame shufflers,
frantic 2 keep game going."📌

😏 words can b a thing of beauty.

"U cannot believe
money banks were throwing at us,"
frmr assoc mentions.

"4 every deal we did,
we would have 6 or 8 banks
who were willing 2 give us
hundreds of millions of dollars.
We would pick thru financing;
banks couldn't sign on fast enough 2 tRUmp-world."
bought more + more properties
+ expanded so much,
he guaranteed his own self-destruction.

His *fix was spending money.📌

Well, his quick fix became his Achilles' heel."
says prominent developer.
"tRUmp's negotiations,
were always unpleasant."

"Key 2 Donald,
like w any bully,
is 2 tell him 2 go
fuck himself."📌

[Oh, my! He said it. lol]

▪️Mortimer Zuckerman
Oy! Ya don't fuqq w Zionists, bitches!
🧵Marathon Thread...

Paul needs a fatty!

tRUmp is a fuqqing mobster.
tRUmp is a liar.
tRUmp is a felon.
tRUmp is illegitimate.
tRUmp is a traitor
2 the United States of America.

Reason is treason 4 this thread.
If u never knew,
now ur should!

Sorry. Got broke-dwn
tRUmp hires
▪️Louise Sunshine
Gov Carey's
chief of fund-raising,
'director of special projects'.👈


"I knew Donald better than any1.
We're a team, Sunshine + tRUmp,
+ when people shove us,
we shove back."

Intro'd Don 2 every
city + state power broker
Louise Sunshine

Let's pull a 2016
PBS interview.

She was big supporter of
Orange Mob Blob 2016

tRUmp partner in crimes
cracks me up!

She a mobbed-up-hot-mess.

Event masterminded by
Louise M. Sunshine

Never before in the U.S.
had an auction 4
multiple condos in 1 bldg
w min bids starting near $1.075M
fetched final price
averaging more than $1.35 million.

tRUmp partner
Louise Sunshine
helps her tot,
Sam Sunshine
agent at
Corcoran Group.👈🤦‍♂️


She a krafty little kitty.

And, still going...
Louise Sunshine
Hair helmet 70s alert.

U *fascinate me.
Wollman Ice Rink

Ivana + Donald tRUmp
wearing lynx fur,
"living in the moment
of their success."

Important NY dinner.

Larry King🤦‍♂️

Ivana works on her press kits.🤦‍♂️
as she readies the NY socialites + press!

"tRUmp in Slump"

Ivana greeting reporters by name.
“2 tell U the truth,🤣
I’ve made Ivana a very popular woman.
I’ve made a lot of satellites. 👈🤔
Hey, whether it’s Marla or Ivana.
Marla can do any movie she wants 2 now.
Ivana can do whatever she wants,”
~Donald Trump

+ away their careers soared
right N2 flaming dumpsters.
Don't ya hate Screamers?
Paul no like.
tRUmp is Screamer.
+ seems it rubbed-on Ivana.😏

Same Story:📌
“NY City is a very tough place,”
Ivana tRUmp told me yrs ago.
“I’m tough, too.
When people give me
a punch in the nose,
I react by getting even tougher.”

And when Ivana says *tough,
she just means,
she's a fuqqing screamer.

Screaming at her employees
had become part of her hallmark,
perhaps her way of feeling power.

Later, in Atlantic City,
she would become known 4
her obsession w cleanliness.👈
Oh dear. Not good *sign.📌
“Stockholm syndrome”📌
now used by Ivana’s lawyer
Michael Kennedy
2 describe her relationship w Donald.
“She had mentality of captive.
After a while
she couldn’t fight her captor anymore,
+ she began to identify w him.
Ivana is deaf, dumb + blind
when it comes 2 Donald.”
Here's a New York Magazine
article, tRUmp: The Soap

Dysfunction alert.

Lotta mob.

Ivana is cold Czech woman.

"Determined 2 bring glamour 2 tRUmp Castle,
she became famous 4 her attention 2 appearances,
once moving pregnant waitress
off floor + N2 clown's suit
2 disguise her condition."
What is this?”

“It is our new nuptial agreement.
U get $10M. Sign it!”

“But I can’t look at this now, it’s Christmas”

Trump seemed extra concerned
she sign papers,
perhaps bc an AC photographer
was threatening 2 blackmail him
w photos he had taken of
[tRUmp] + Marla Maples.
She signed papers
$10M + mansion in Greenwich, CN.

Later, tRUmp would tell reporters,
“Ivana has $25 million.”


"tactics he used in business
he now brought home.
“Donald began calling Ivana
+ screaming all the time:
‘Don’t know what UR doing!’”
tRUmp speaking 2 his wife Ivana:

He began belittling her:

“That dress is terrible.”
“You’re showing too much cleavage.”
“You never spend enough time w the children.”
“Who would touch those plastic breasts?”
“I think it was Donald’s master plan
2 get rid of Ivana in Atlantic City,”
1 of her assists told me.

“By then,
Marla Maples
was in a suite at
Trump Regency.

Atlantic City was 2B
their playground.”

Tacky AC 4
Tacky tRUmp +
Tacky Marla.
Trump-Marla Prenup

So what did Marla Maples,
Atlantic City Show Girl
+ Oscar-winning actress,
solely bc of Donald tRUmp,
get out of deal?

Only got $1M.
Child support ceased if
Tiffany joined Army 📌👈
or Peace Corps. 📌👈

Was it bone spurs too, Tif?
And of course,
felonious tRUmp
had 2 yammer 2
Howard Stern.

Who does this?🐷

Trump Tells Howard Stern
About Day He Stashed
Mistress Marla Maples
On Vacation
With Wife Ivana & Kids
Ivana w the zinger.
“Why expand somewhere where there is no airport?”

But by now
Marla Maples
was in Atlantic City,
+ it was close 2 New York.

tRUmp had become,
according 2 friend,
“so focused on Marla
he wasn’t paying attention
2 his business.”

I'm sorry.
Bitch Break

Still overwhelmed
Maples was
Miss Hawaiian Tropic
Panama City

Ahead of her time
I guess, as an
*Influencer of sort.

Over-achiever or party girl?
U decide.
"Ivana was in Atlantic City
2 please Donald,
now w Marla on scene,
was *inconvenience 2 him.
W acquisition of Plaza hotel,
he could deliver ultimatum:
“Either u act like my wife +
come back 2 NY
+ take care of ur children
or u run casino in AC
+ we get divorced.”
Trump called
press conference
2 announce Ivana’s new position
as president of Plaza hotel:
“My wife, Ivana, is a brilliant manager.
I will pay her one dollar a year +
all the dresses she can buy!”

Ivana called her friends in tears.
“How can Donald humiliate me this way?”
Oh dear.
questions answered:
“Her image is that of a very good-looking buxom blonde.”

“She’s much different than that.
She’s smart, she’s very nice,
+ not ambitious. 👈🔥

She could have made a fortune
in last 6 mos
if she had wanted 2!”
Violence is
Voice of
Ignorant Heart

No Excuses?

“How could u have
allowed Marla 2B
No Excuses jeans girl?”

“Because I figured
she could make $600,000
4 doing 1 day’s work.

4 *negative publicity,
I thought,
she can live on
rest of her life,”
New Retail Concepts, Inc
No Excuses
about ur site not working

As of 8/18/1998,
New Retail Concepts, Inc
was acquired by Candie's Inc.

Weird group
of spokespeople
Marla Maples
Monica Seles
Kim Goldman👈
Joan Rivers

Violence is
Voice of
Ignorant heart.
"tRUmp took off 4 Japan,
2 meet w bankers 2 try 2 sell the Plaza,
cuz Arthur Andersen’s Nov audit
had been dire."

Upon is rtn,
Liz Smith broke
tRUmp separation.

Japanese despise scandal.


Ichhh PR
Y don't we walk together
so photographers can
snap our yaps + BS
Scandal was seriously affecting
tRUmp children.

Donny junior👈
was being ridiculed at Buckley School.
Ivancka had been in tears at Chapin.

When Donald + Marla Maples
attended same Elton John concert,
Donny junior cried,👈
4 his father had told children
he would give Maples up.
Ivancka now comes home from school crying,
‘Mommy, does it mean
I’m not going 2B
Ivancka Trump anymore?’

Little Eric asks me,
‘Is it true u r going away
+ not coming back?’ ”
Ivana flies off 2 London w
Baron + Baroness di Portanova

Ivana had had her NY
media campaign👈
*orchestrated by👈
▪️John Scanlon📌
who handled PR 4 CBS
during Westmoreland
libel case.

Whilst in London,
Ivana meets w
Eleanor Lambert,
*fashion publicist👈
Baron Enrico di Portanova
+ Baroness Alessandra
TX Monthly
March 1982
By John Davidson

The Very Rich Life Of Enrico Di Portanova

Hugh Roy Cullen
was the classic Texas wildcatter.
His grandson is the classic Texas playboy.

What a story!
John Scanlon,
Tenacious Public Relations Consultant
4 High-Profile Clients,
Dies at 66
~Heart Attack~

Vigorously polished image of
A. Alfred Taubman👈
friend of Leslie Wexner's.📌

John Scanlon 🐎👠 Howard Rubenstein

What does Donald tRUmp want?

More tRUmp.


Donald had left 4 his
birthday party
in Atlantic City.
100s of casino employees
had been told 2B on Boardwalk
2 greet him.

Day B4,
he defaulted on
$73M owed 2
bondholders + bankers.

W/in days,
bankers agreed 2 give Trump $65M
2 pay his bills.
His empire 2B dismantled.
tRUmp in deep waters.

His bankers upset at balance sheet.

"He was reportedly over half a billion dollars in the hole."

Bankers demanded hi sign over his future trust inheritance 2 secure new loans.

Fred tRUmp bails out Donny once again.
"The Polish Brigade"
tRUmp was at federal court
set 2 testify re: hiring scores
of illegal Polish aliens
2 demo TT.

tRUmp was paying
$4/hr 2 illegals,
whereas normal pay

tRUmp is peculiarly cheap.
Obviously tacky.

Time 4 a chuckle.


Maggie Haberman
tRUmp is not a closeted pauper,
but in fact far richer
than previously reported,
w net worth of about

Told ya!

Have we mentioned taxes?

Prolly cuz he's never paid any.

tRUmp only knows how 2 spend money.
And have his daddy clean up his mess.

Guess what Orange Mob Blob,
America ain't ur daddy.


Tax Figures Show Over $1
Billion in Business Losses

Trump's parents + siblings:
What do we know of them?

NYT investigation says it has found evidence
tRUmp's property mogul father Fred
dodged millions of dollars in taxes
w often dubious strategies
that channelled his wealth
2 his 5 children.
Where Has Donald Trump's Brother Robert Been During This Election?


Once a fixture on NY social scene,
younger Robert tRUmp
has been lying low.

Like Donald,
Robert joined family business
+ was top executive w company.
And, since it's
All In The Family
Kushner, Inc.

Straight from
Kit Kat Klub,
Karlie Kloss Kushner
Josh Kushner

Josh Kushner’s Parents
Banned Karlie Kloss
From Family Gatherings

Family refused 2 meet model 4 6 yrs.
KKK ain't Jewish.👈

Donald J. tRUmp
Articles + Drama

W Timeline!
No. No-No-No-No-NO!

Donald J. tRUmp
"is more than a vulgarian."
He's a tacky-ass brat.

He believed his money
gave him freedom 2 set rules.📌

No one stopped him.👈🔥

bankers showered him w cash.
City officials almost allowed him
2 set public policy.
When n the courtroom,
▪️Milton Gould
tRUmp's lawyer
"was smiling broadly,
4 he appeared 2 believe
he was wiping floor w this case."

Yet, 1 FBI informant testified
he had warned tRUmp
about Polish workers
+ 2 get rid of them or
casino license
might not be granted.
Milton S. Gould

An End to a Law Firm
That Defined a Type


At the end of all of this.
What's the takeaway?

"Goddamn it,"
a reporter shouted,
"We created him!
We bought his bullshit!
He was always a phony,
+ we filled our papers w him."

@threadreaderapp please unroll
Donald J. tRUmp
Failure in Life
Phony in Life
Mob in Life
Zero in Life
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