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Comme convenu, un premier #thread sur le #vieillissement des centrales #nucléaires. Je préfère parler durée de service et durée de vie, le vieillissement est souvent synonyme de délabrement ce qui n’est pas le cas ici. Je vous explique ⬇️
Cc @EDFofficiel @SFENorg @IRSNFrance @ASN
La durée de service d’un matériau ou d’un ouvrage correspond au moment où il atteint un critère qui constitue l’arrêt de son utilisation. Ce qui ne veut pas dire qu’il n’est plus utilisable. Dans les #Eurocodes (Code de génie civil), on appelle ça la « durée d’utilisation » :
« Durée pendant laquelle une structure ou une de ses parties est censée pouvoir être utilisée comme prévu en faisant l’objet de la maintenance escomptée, mais sans qu’il soit nécessaire d’effectuer des réparations majeures ».
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To date, more than 5800 launches have resulted in over 44,000 tracked objects in orbit, of which more than 20,000 remain in space and are regularly tracked by surveillance networks around the globe
~26% of catalogued objects are satellites, and only a small fraction of those - about 2000 - are still operating today
~17% of tracked objects are used upper stages of rockets and mission-related objects like launch adapters and lens covers
A drifting thermal blanket,📸1998
More than half of the #spacedebris population was generated by 500+ in-space break-ups. The two major fragmentation events are clearly visible as jumps in the graph:
2007: Chinese anti-satellite missile test
2009: Collision between Iridium 33 and Kosmos-2251 satellites
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+++Thread+++ Perché il sequel di Alien diretto da Cameron si chiama "Aliens" e non "Alien 2". Spoiler: è colpa di un napoletano.
Nel 1980 Ciro Ippolito, regista partenopeo che qualche anno dopo ci avrebbe regalato una perla come 'Arrapaho', un giorno vide al cinema "Zombi 2" di Lucio Fulci, horror sulla falsa riga del capolavoro di Romero. In quel periodo era in sala anche l'Alien di Ridley Scott.
Ciro ebbe un'idea: girare il suo Alien 2 - Sulla Terra, un falso sequel ambientato nelle profondità terrestri firmandosi col nome di Sam Cromwell. Assieme al suo amico e produttore Angiolo Stella, Ippolito si lascia travolgere dall'entusiasmo e trova anche dei finanziamenti.
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People are seeing comms for Snowden returning - Q Confirmed he wasn't in Russia, I believe he was always in Hong Kong... Now that I read that Q post, Q seems to imply that too - interesting as I concluded that independently based on China comms #Qanon
Here is a 19 tweet thread regarding a secret nuke plan failing. Very interesting, but what does this have to do with Snowden? Well...
I think the bad guys were trying to create a Katrina situation (redo history of when Bush became unpopular) It helps to realize that while Trump's approval hovers around 50% - Bush's sunk to 27%…… #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening
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THREAD: Israel believes a Trump/Rouhani meeting is a done deal. It is impossible to overstate the failure for Benjamin Netanyahu's claims regarding his statesmanship. Imagine for a moment Netanyahu's reaction had Obama announced his desire to meet Rouhani.…
Blue&White isn't blowing it up either because 1. they're still operating under the impression one does not criticise the prime minister about foreign affairs (lol) or 2. because they don't want to provoke the inevitable Trump/Netanyahu public kumbaya over Iran, if they criticise.
How stressed is Netanyahu? Speaking with his cabinet, the prime minister just confused Boris Johnson with Boris Yeltsin (RIP).
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This is an enlightening article. It doesn’t state that toxicity via inhalation or contact with skin is impossible but does state it is unlikely. More work to be done here because of the LARGE disparity in news reporting vs what these folks are saying.
Here’s the deal - the left has come flooding me with angry tweets about how wrong the reports about OD and exposure by contact and inhalation are, and on a topic like this, I’m truly not interested in partisan bickering. I want to know what the hell is true. I’ll be researching
I’ll have a story with my findings when I’m done. Straight up facts, even if they conflict. I’m not looking for a truth to align with my political ideology. I’m looking for a truth - which is something we should ALL be doing. So I’ve now got a project. I HOPE what (cont)
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@agentura14 @rivarola_lives @JelenaLalatovic @CyberWanderlust Zwingen kann man keine Liebe.
Svoje ću srce otvoriti toj opciji nakon što me svaka od njih odblokira, te izgovori sljedeće riječi: "Odričem se Queera, i svih djela njegovih (LGBTIQ in primis), i svega sjaja njegova. I kao kći se razmetna vraćam Patrijarhatu".
@agentura14 @rivarola_lives @JelenaLalatovic @CyberWanderlust U međuvremenu pokušavam pretpostaviti seksualnoidentitetski status osobe imena Igor Ilić. Igor Ilić je osoba rođena kao žensko, predstavlja se kao >>trans-muškarac<< (a ne kao "muškarac").......
@agentura14 @rivarola_lives @JelenaLalatovic @CyberWanderlust Ista je osoba svojedobno imala crowd-funding kampanju za >gornju operaciju<, međutim link sada pokazuje Error 404:
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Quelques remarques, très imparfaites, sur l'affaire #Linky et les problématiques autour du #NoFakemed. Mes remarques sont uniquement juridiques et reposent sur la lecture des décisions rendues par le TGI de Tours.
D'abord, c'est une ordonnance qui a été rendue. Concrètement, cela veut dire que le fond n'est pas tranché et qu'il s'agit d'une décision PROVISOIRE.
La décision rendue est fondée sur l'article 809 du code de procédure civile qui permet au juge de "prescrire en référé les mesures conservatoires ou de remise en état qui s'imposent [...] pour prévenir un dommage imminent".
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BECAUSE we are at a moment of national crisis,
Last tool in the CONSTITUTIONal toolbox,

I am going to re-post my thread from almost a year ago explaining Impeachment so it can be rolled into one page. It is an 80 tweet thread; I may add new info.

So a coworker brought this to my attention—law review article from 1975 outlining the definitions of impeachable offenses. I will be threading it over the course of the weekend! Folks seriously need to understand you don’t need indictment to impeach!! Cc ⁦
1/ Let’s begin at the beginning, there are misconceptions about what is an impeachable offense. It is defined in the US Constitution as “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Now words matter. Each and every word in the Constitution matters when it comes to legal interpretations.
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After threading the Declaration of Independence I’m sitting here overcome with emotion. To all of you out there walking next to me as we attempt to inform and enlighten the people as to what is going on - to all of you - think about the courage of the forefathers.
They did not give up. They understood freedom and liberty. They didn’t buckle in the face of a totalitarian rule- they doubled down. They declared their freedom - their GOD GIVEN rights. We are not granted our rights by the government. We are granted them from our creator.
It would do many of our elected officials well to remember that a small group of passionate and honorable men did indeed change the world.
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[ ÉVÉNEMENT ] #TutoFest, le festival des tutos vidéo ! Vous savez mieux que tout le monde coder un 🤖lumineux, apprendre à résoudre une équation 🧮, monter une cloison en placo🔨, préparer un semi-marathon🏃‍♀️, créer une cathédrale dans minecraft 🎮, fabriquer de la lessive 🧼...?
📹Vous faites des tutos pour partager sur Internet ?

😉Alors le #TutoFest est fait pour VOUS !

▶️Venez partager votre talent à #Toulouse, au #QuaidesSavoirs, en participant à la première édition du Tutofest le 18/10 !
[#TutoFest ] Le #QuaidesSavoirs, soutenu par un réseau de partenaires motivés, souhaite mettre les tutos en haut de l’affiche en créant un nouvel événement autour des modes d’apprentissages 2.0 !

Prêt·e·s à tenter votre chance ? 3, 2, 1, filmez !
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#Balkany : Bonjour à tous. On est de retour devant la 32e chambre du TGI de Paris pour la suite du procès des époux Balkany et consorts. Cet après-midi, on devrait (ré)entendre Mohamed Al-Jaber, le magnat saoudien, au sujet des tours de Levallois.
#Balkany : Pour mémoire, selon l'accusation, Al-Jaber aurait payée une partie de la villa de Marrakech après avoir été désigné pour mener le pharaonique chantier des tours de Levallois. Chantier qui n'aura, au final, jamais vu le jour...
#Balkany : Patrick Balkany assure, lui, qu'il a trouvé la maison de Marrakech pour le compte d'Al-Jaber en secret car sa tête était menacée en Arabie Saoudite. Al-Jaber, lui, dément avoir jamais eu besoin de lui pour s'offrir une maison...
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George Nader worked for Erik Prince in 2010 trying to make the Nissor family lawsuits go away. Nader also recently helped get Prince/Frontier Services Group back into Iraq. Nader was zapped in 91 for kiddy porn and 03 for kiddy fiddling. #ThirdTimesACharm…
George Nader worked with Ron Lauder and Netanyahu, he bagmanned Russian arms deal with Iraq, he set up Prince's meeting with Dmitriev, he got Broidy a gig with the guy in charge of killing Khashoggi and he helped shape Simple Jared's middle east policy.#SomebodyOpenAFuckingWindow
George Nader put the UAE and KSA on the trail of Trump and he was in and out of Trump Tower and the White House plugging dodgey arms length services during the whole Prince/Zamel/Broidy/Trump Jr debacle. #SomethingStinksInHere.
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My daughter just informed me that her social studies teacher has been making them watch @CNN the last few days in the classroom. To say that this will not stand is an understatement. #StayTuned
Additional comment from “Helga”: it’s like she’s trying to brainwash us.
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I’ve got a really interesting piece coming out today. I’ll be speaking with someone who isn’t all that knowledgeable about spygate and gets all of their information from the MSM. We will be walking through the story together. I am hoping it will help folks who want to know more.
I should have this posted today and will share the link when it’s complete. You’ll be able to share it with your friends and family who may be on the fence - a conversation from THEIR perspective. I’m excited and hope it goes well! #StayTuned
Spygate 101: An Overview
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Présentement en train de tenter de joindre l'@urssaf au tel, ne m'oubliez pas...
- Essai 1 : 10 minutes d'attente à 12 cents/minute.
Conseiller : "Ah c'est pas le bon service et non, je peux pas vous transférer moi-même au bon service, rappelez et refaites tout le cheminement depuis le début"
Échec critique.
- Essai 2 : 10 minutes d'attente à 12 cents/minute.
Conseillère : "Rholàlà, c'est la CPAM qui se plante dans le papelard qu'elle vous demande. Nous on peut rien vous fournir d'autre que ce que vous avez déjà!"
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Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Aujourd'hui mardi, je souhaite vous présenter l'historiographie du handicap dans les périodes prémodernes. Comment les historiens ont commencé à s'intéresser à ce sujet, et qu'en est-il aujourd'hui ?

Mais d'abord, c'est quoi l'historiographie ?
L’historiographie est l’histoire de l’histoire. Plus concrètement, cette discipline demande à mener le travail d’historien SUR le travail d’historien, c’est-à-dire à prendre du recul, de la distance, pour se regarder soi-même (et les autres bien sûr) en train d’agir.
C’est réfléchir sur sa documentation, sa démarche, sa méthode et faire preuve de réflexivité. L’historiographie est essentielle pour les historiens, car elle questionne la discipline historique et les changements que les différentes écoles et historiens ont entraîné.
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#Balkany : Hello à tous ! On se met en place doucement pour le troisième jour du procès des époux Balkany devant la 32e chambre du TGI de Paris. Après deux journées consacrées à des recours procéduraux, on va entrer dans le vif du sujet dès 13h30. cc @20Minutes
#Balkany : Patrick Balkany doit, en effet, être interrogé à la barre sur les accusations de "fraude fiscale" dont lui et son épouse font l'objet. Pour l'accusation, ils ont dissimulé un patrimoine estimé à 13.006.052 euros, notamment dans des villas à Saint-Martin et au Maroc.
#Balkany : Hier, le président Blanchet a lu l'ordonnance rappelant les faits. Où l'on a découvert, via des témoignages, que l'argent liquide était planqué partout chez les Balkany :
dans la coiffeuse
dans les poches de peignoir
dans le coffre (bien sûr)
dans les cendriers

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Mueller: Bannon and Prince deleted all comms from their phones before March 1, 2017. Right after they realized they had been busted re the Seychelles disaster. Gerson did the Russia deal points with Dmitriev in Dec 16. Apr: Steve got canned from the NSC…
Prince kept bugging Bannon's asst to do a meeting When he got back Prince says he met Steve at his house mid Jan and dished on everything. Steve says never happened, never discussed Russia. Both nuked their texts.

Someone is lying on their proffer. Who?
Mueller shows that he nailed Nader after UAE funds were sent to Broidy and just after he got $36M. Nailed him at IAD. Then he lawyered up and dimed out Prince. Then Bannon comes in on a proffer. Takes a month to see who is lying, Then bam, Prince comes in twice.#NeedMoreSharpies
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Surprise, surprise : je viens de recevoir une convocation à la direction de la police judiciaire dans le cadre d'une enquête préliminaire pour "provocation publique à la commission de destructions, dégradations et détériorations volontaires dangereuses pour les personnes".
À l'origine de ce branle-bas de combat diligenté par le parquet de Paris, un tweet humoristique posté il y a trois mois :
Bon, la blague était sans doute de qualité moyenne, j'en conviens. S'il y avait une loi en France punissant les vannes pas terribles, je pourrais comprendre que la justice me cherche des noises.
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I’m working on a piece about the @DevinNunes lawsuit. It may interest you to know that Liz Mair (one of the people named) worked for the RNC as online coms director during the campaign for McCain, and authorized this piece about his daughter 9/2018…
Liz writes for a number of left leaning publications and was responsible for the nasty ad about Melania in Utah during Trumps campaign. In a Wikipedia entry marked for deletion - likely because she or someone close to her wrote it - it mentions she passed oppo to media in 2016
More on Liz? I’ve got a lot more. This lawsuit is about more than Twitter. #StayTuned
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NEXT UP: 6th-seeded Lion-Tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) vs. 11th-seeded Cat Snake (Telescopus fallax) #2019MMM
Though named for its lion-like, black-tufted tail, both male & female Lion-Tailed Macaques also boast a leonine silvery mane. Accordingly, this species is called "Bartaffe," which translates to "beard ape" (*not an ape), in German. #ServingLooks #TheRachel #2019MMM
One of the smaller macaque species, a large Lion-Tailed Macaque tips the scales at 10kg (about 45 stoats). Males are significantly bigger than females (Harvey et al 1991), with large canines they use to compete for mates. #2019MMM #StoatsAsMeasurement
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Since you have decided to join multitudes to do evil because of Blood Money, I will expose you and those you work for. The real Yahoo Baba will be known Nationally. Your mental issues should at least know those to avoid while malfunctioning. I pity that poor young lady. ⏰
This is what Blood Money does to your brain. It makes you forget your destiny helpers. This is someone I took in from homelessness & lack of purpose who piled bills on my account for months. I stood as parent at his 4th wedding yet he turned blackmailer because of BMC?
Wedding pictures loading. This homeless fraudulent albino seeking crumbs must be exposed for who he really is. I’m thankful my life is open and there’re no hidden secrets, what won’t these kind of murders do or say if I didn’t live right?#StayTuned
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Our system of funding higher education allocates money according to which campuses make old hedge-fund tycoons nostalgic about their first kiss.

Harvard got $1 out of every $30 donated to universities last year. It serves one out of every 3,000 students.…
This is why we urgently need tax reform, so our society's priorities aren't set by gilded whims.

And why it's time for Harvard and other universities to issue a "declaration of independence" from donors. No donation should come with any discretion over how the money is spent.
I will discuss this and related things in my acceptance of the @Harvard Rushdie Award next month.

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