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Life comes at you very fast. One minute you’re balling with the richest and hottest sugar mummy in Abuja, the next minute you are back on the streets looking for a job.
Life wasn’t easy after getting dumped by Mrs. Clark.

Brethren Issa thread.
The hurl of insults from Bolaji on the missed opportunity didn’t help matters.
“Femi, You had a cougar who gave you everything. Money, cars, house, mouth watering allowances, including a bomb p**sy to die for. Yet, You still went ahead looking for a job. You will die poor.”
“I didnt want my degree to waste.” I said.
“Your degree kill you there. How many times would I tell you that School is a big scam?”
“But what? I am also a graduate and My certificate would never give me the life and freedom I have now. If not for the sugar mummy I found, do you think I would have the connections to run my company?” He asked.
I kept mute.
“Femi, You f””K up O! If we were not related, I would have sent you away.” He said.
The hurl of insults had become a national anthem.
I embarked on several interviews to no avail. All I heard was the familiar “We will get back to you” line.
As months passed, my taste for a high paying job began to reduce. All I needed was a job to put food on my table.
While I pondered on the next move to make, I received a phone call from a private number.
“Hello, am I speaking with Femi Johnson?” Said the female voice.
“Yes Ma” I replied
“You have been selected for the next phase of interview with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. You are advised to be at the Abuja head quarters by 10am on Monday.”
The EFCC was one of the uncountable companies I had applied to while I was with Mrs clark.

With excitement, I arrived at the towering EFCC building on Monday.
As I opened the glass door, I bumped into a lady. Her files scattered on the floor.
I quickly picked up the files amidst the hurl of insults that came from her with a foreign accent.
I was startled by her beauty and command of English despite the vulgar words she poured on me
“I am sorry.”

“F**k you!” The lady in her late 20s replied as she collected the files and headed straight to the Range Rover that was parked outside.
I managed to compose myself and approach the receptionist.

The interview with the HR was brief. I was told to wait for a confirmation of appointment in 2 weeks.
I had barely stepped out of the premises to take a taxi when the same Range Rover pulled over.
As the window wound down, I saw the same lady I bumped into.
“Hop in.” She said.

I hesitated.
She opened the door and approached me.

 “I sincerely apologise for my actions. It was a case of transferred aggression. I had to hang around till you came out so I can apologise.” She said.
“No problem ma.” I replied.
“Can I offer you a lift?” She asked as she opened the door for me.

I entered after a little hesitation.

 “I am Jessie and you are?”
“Femi.” I replied.
“Do you work with the EFCC?” She asked.
“No, I was called for an interview.”
“Same here. Hope it wasn’t as bad as mine. Cos I’ve never been this humiliated in my life.”
 “How?” I asked.
“Several shareholders invested in the company and lost their capital before I took over the company. My Chief financial officer absconded before I took over. He is still at large....
EFCC summoned me for interrogation. I went there and couldn’t defend my company. I’m at the verge of losing a company I inherited 3months ago. I now have to find another CFO to sort out the loop hole before the next interrogation.”
It dawned on me that her interview was different.
“I’m so sorry ma.” I said.
“How was your interview?
“Mine was a job interview.” I said.
There was a long and awkward silence after she said “Ok”.

I understood we weren’t on the same level as the conversation died a natural death.
“Ma, I can be of help.” I said to break the silence.
“You? What’s your qualification and experience.” she asked.
I graduated with a 2nd class upper in Accounting at University of Lagos. I also passed ICAN, and other professional courses with flying colours...
....I may not have the experience to attain the position of your Chief Financial officer but I believe I can help you get out of this mess. All I need is a chance to prove myself” I said as I handed her my certificate.
“I admire your courage and determination. But I can’t risk my company at the moment. I’ll hire a team of financial experts to sort out this mess." She said as she pulled over.

 “Ma, Test me. give me a copy of your financials and I will sort it out in a matter of days.” I begged.
“Okay, come to my office tomorrow.” She said as she handed me a complementary card.
I gladly collected it and stepped out of the car.
As the car drove off, I gave a victory jump.
The next morning, I arrived at her office. I was taken to a room with large files to sort out the finances.
“I have also given a copy to an audit firm to sort out. I don’t want to risk doing it with you alone. Goodluck!” She said.
Jessie offered to pay 10k per day for my services.
From time to time, she checked the progress of my work.
She had a calm personality and joked with everyone irrespective of the organisational hierarchy.
As days passed, our bond shifted. Yet, I didnt lose focus on the Job at hand
It took me 12 days to find the loop hole.
About 310million was missing. I showed her the financial statements of several illegal transactions that occurred in the last 10 months. She was impressed.
“Ma, I didn’t just find the loop hole. I have also drafted a repayment plan. I believe the shareholders will drop the case if you follow the plan.”

“Wow!” She exclaimed.
“This list contains the excesses that need to be cut down. With this the company will save 3million monthly on expenditures.”
She looked at the list briefly and gave me a tight hug.
With her boobs pressed against my chest I felt something budding in my heart, I believed she felt the same.

We remained in that position for a while until her PA’s entry interrupted us.
“Femi, you are amazing. Thank you so much.
I will set up a Skype meeting with the shareholders and present your report.
I will give you a feedback tomorrow on how it goes.”
She wrote a cheque of N150k.
“Give yourself a good treat for the hard work. Expect my feedback tomorrow.”
I left the office like a boss.
At home, I broke the news to Bolaji.

“Femi, I always knew you’d make it without Lord Stallion.”
How I looked at him.
The next day I received a call from Jessie.

“Hello Femi, Your report was well received. The shareholders have promised to drop the suit if we stick to the plan for 3months. I am very elated at the moment. Can we unwind tonight to celebrate this victory?”
“Yes… Ma. Where can I meet you?” I asked.
“Send your address. I’ll pick you at 9pm.”

At 9pm her Range Rover parked in front of Bolaji’s house.
She came out and gave me tight hug.
I winked at Bolaji who observed us from the balcony before I entered the car with her.
We pulled over at a Club
As we stepped down she took off her mafia jacket. She looked glamourous. She could pass for a lady in her early 20s as she fitted in a skimpy tube top that exposed her cleavage and thighs beneath. I struggled to keep my eyes away from her commanding boobs
We headed to a private VIP table she had reserved.
“Femi, you have no Idea what you’ve done for me. I have earned my mother’s trust because of you. Thank you so much” She said.

“You’re welcome Ma.”
“Call me Jessie. The word ‘Ma’ makes me look old. I’m just 29.” She grinned.
“Yes Ma.. Jessie.” I stuttered.

“As I said earlier. Mum never believed in me. She said I was too soft for business and I trust easily."
"The man she entrusted the affairs of the company to swindled the company when she was diagnosed of skin cancer and is still at large. With all the shareholders on her neck, I was her last resort. I arrived Nigeria 3 months ago to clear the mess.”
“And you succeeded. Congratulations Jessie.” I grinned.
“And I wouldn’t have done it without you.” She winked.
She gulped the 3rd glass of champagne and rose.
“I am so happy tonight. Come and dance with me.” She beckoned as she moved her body to the beat of the slow music that filled the air.

I gave her a 1 yard distance as we hit the dance floor.
“Come on, loosen up! Hold my waist.” She said as she placed my hands on her hips. Damn she was burning hot.

“Are you married or in a relationship?” She asked.
“No Jessie.”
“ Well, I am sapiosexual.”
“Your intelligence and adroit way of handling the issue has earned this.” She said planting a kiss on my ear.
A cold shiver ran down my spine. It was too fast.
“By the way, you are handsome. I never had the opportunity to tell you.”
“Thank you Jessie. You are beyond beautiful.” I acknowledged.
“Aww! Thanks.” She pulled me closer and planted a kiss.
I could sense she was tipsy and feared she may regret every action she took tonight.
She whispered sweet nothings into my ear. I could perceive the stench of alcohol under her breath. It was obvious she was drunk. As she took another step she fell on the dance floor.
“Jessie, You need to go home you’re causing a scene.”
“Yeah, Let’s go. You’ll Follow me home.”
“But It’s late Jessie.”
“Nigeria has been a Lonely place since I arrived. I enjoy your company.”
It didn’t take much persuasions from her before I obliged.
She dozed off on our way to her apartment.
We arrived at her plush apartment.
Her driver and I anchored her to the room and laid her on the bed.

“Is there a guest room” I asked the driver.
“Femi, stay with me.” She spoke for the first time with groggy eyes.
My reaction.
I sat on the couch opposite the bed.
“Join me. There’s enough space for the 2 of us.”
Reluctantly, I joined her on the bed.
“Help me take this off. I don’t feel comfortable.” She said pointing at her zipper behind her.
Gently, I helped her unzip. She pulled her gown completely to reveal her succulent boobs. I had to take my eyes off the temptation that confronted me. Slowly she tucked herself under the blanket and rested on my chest.
I had to be careful, I knew she was still tipsy and any funny action would yield a huge consequence when she’s fully stable.
Like a gentleman, I stroked her hair till she slept off.
The next morning, she woke up in my arms.
“Femi, I’m so sorry for everything that happened last night. I wasn’t myself.”

“No problem Jessie. I totally understand.” I grinned.
“It’s been a while I shared my bed with anyone. Success can be a very lonely place. For a woman.”
“I don’t know why I feel safe around you. There’s this positive energy around you that attracts me. I feel I can share my deepest insecurities with you despite knowing you for a little while.” She added.
At that moment, I understood why her mum was reluctant to entrust her business to her. She was too soft and caught feelings easily. In as much as I knew I wouldn’t take her feelings for granted, I wondered what would be the fate of the company if she met the wrong person.
I held her close. “I won’t disappoint you. I promise.”
“I love you Femi. I can’t believe I’m saying this.” She corrected herself.
“I love you too Jessie. I know everything feels like a rush but trust me…”
“Shhh!” She interrupted.

She moved closer to me and planted a kiss.
While we basked in the harmony of our lips she undid my zip and brought out Lord Stallion.

Her reaction.
“What in the hulk is this? How do you manage to keep this between your legs and walk comfortably?” She asked
“My Ex calls it Lord Stallion.”
“Wow! This is massive. I only see this in porn videos.” She screamed.
“What will you say when I use it? ” I grinned with a naughty wink.
“Life is too short to let go of such an experience. I Can’t wait.” She grinned.
Brethren, Mekwe was in session.

For the first time in a while, Lord stallion was used for love and not money. Jessie loved it slow and passionate, unlike Amaka and Mrs. Clark who loved it rough.
In the heat of passion my mind wandered. I was scared Jessie’s love would switch from me to Lord stallion. I knew the effects Lord stallion had on women and I wasn’t ready to be relegated to a F**k boy.
It was a joy to watch as she fizzled in orgasm.
“I have never had back to back Orgasms before. I love you Femi, you are amazing. Is there anything you aren’t good at?” She asked as tears of joy streamed down her eyes.
It was the first time a lady complimented me rather than Lord stallion after a sexcapade.
I looked down at Lord stallion. “1:0” I grinned.
I held her close and stroked her hair. “You deserve the best.”

Suddenly, I received an email notification from EFCC. I quickly checked my mail.
'You have been selected for the position of Graduate Cadre. You are expected to report on Monday at 8am to discuss terms.'
“What is it?” She asked.
“I got the Job with EFCC. I’m expected to resume on Monday.”

Jessie’s countenance changed.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Femi, I wont risk losing a talent like you. will you like to be my Chief Financial Officer?” She asked.

I was thrown aback by her question. The position was far beyond my qualifications coupled with the fact I didn’t have the experience.
Indeed, life is a mystery. 2 weeks ago I couldn’t boast of a source of income. Here was I confronted with a clash of opportunities.

Put yourself in my position, what will you do?
I felt resuming with EFCC will give me more respect than working directly under her. I also had the fear that one mood swing from her will make me loose everything just like mrs. Clark did.
On the other hand, I believed I’d earn far more better working under her.
Here was I confused on how to tell her no.
“But.. But…” I stuttered.
“Don’t worry Femi, I will hire a formidable team to assist you. You will also take professional courses abroad. Whatcha say?”
I didn’t need a soothsayer to convince me to say yes.
“Yes. I’m.. I’m willing to take the offer.”
“You have 2 hurdles to cross before you are fully accepted.” She said.
“What are they?” I asked.
“Mum has to accept you first, then she’ll recommend you to the shareholders. The shareholders will interview you and give a vote.”
“Hmmm! That’s a long process. Do you believe I will be accepted with the little qualification I’ve got?”
“You rescued the company. that’s a huge bonus. I believe in you Femi.” She said holding my hands.
“Thanks Jessie.”
“Can we meet mum on Monday?”
“But I’m to resume at… Never mind” I said.
“Mum is at an Intensive Care Unit in Abuja. She’s currently battling skin Cancer. She was impressed with the report you sent to the shareholders. She looks forward to seeing you.” She said.
On Monday, I was torn between resuming at EFCC or following Jessie to meet her mum.
“Femi, hope you are doing the right thing?” I asked myself severally.
My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a Horn.
I opened the blinds, It was Jessie. She parked infront of my apartment.
It was a 1hr 45minutes drive to the clinic her mum was admitted.

As we opened the door. Behold!
I saw Mrs clark seated on the bed.

She was a caricature of herself. The elegant lady who looked 40 at 68 looked twice her age.
Her youthful energy was completely drained as Jessie tried to adjust her frail body on bed.
I struggled to process the shock. Reality dawned on me that Mrs Clark was Jessie’s mum.

Damn, I had slept with both mother and child without knowing.
“Femi!” Mrs. Clark screamed.

“You two know each other?” Jessie asked.

There was a long pause.
“Mum!... Femi say something.” Jessie yelled trying to process what was going on.
I stood motionless with arms on my head.
I felt like running straight to the EFCC headquarters to resume.
“Jessie dear, Please excuse us.” Mrs. Clark said to break the silence.
***End of PT4***

PT5 will be uploaded same time next week.
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