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1/ In @Kimdotcom's pre-Mueller Report @Consortiumnews interview, Kim reveals that he put #SethRich "in touch with someone that I know is in the data security space that is very knowledgeable and has worked with @wikileaks in the past".
2/ continues, "everything that happened after that is what we now know as the DNC leak/hack". Recall that Kim claims that Seth contacted him in late 2014 regarding the @InternetPartyNZ and his concerns about @DNC corruption and voter fraud. #DNCisCorrupt
3/ So who is this "data security" expert associated with @wikileaks? Candidates include @ioerror, @olabini, James Dolan, @JacobRiggs_, etc. However, @ArjenKamphuis, the InfoSex expert who vanished Aug. 20, 2018, will be the protagonist of this thread.…
4/ Notably, @wikileaks first mentions their association with Kamphuis on Aug. 31, 2018, and they point out that he authored the book "Information Security for Journalists" with @silkiecarlo in November of 2014.
5/ "Information Security for Journalists" was a handbook commissioned by the late @gavinmacfadyen's @cijournalism.…
6/ Macfadyen, a known @wikileaks collaborator, penned the forward to the book, while Arjen has trained "journalists, politicians, lawyers, human rights
workers and whistleblowers to defend their communications and
data from government or corporate intrusions or manipulation."
7/ In skimming the book, this is exactly the type of Information Security Kim mentions that he practices in his interview with @Consortiumnews, furthermore its a quintessential whistleblower instruction manual that could've been useful to Seth Rich.
8/ Now back to Gavin Macfadyen, on May 16, 2017, Malia Zimmerman/@FoxNews and @rodwheeler reported that Seth Rich made contact with Macfadyen/Wikileaks. Did Arjen Kamphuis act as the conduit between the two entities? Importantly, Kim follows Arjen.…
9/ Let's quickly revisit some images of Arjen, his profile picture and other images of him detail that the @NSAGov monitors his devices. 🤔
10/ If he was in contact with Seth Rich was this a message to potential hostile actors? He changed his profile picture sometime between March 2015 and August 2016. Rich was murdered July 10, 2016. Unfortunately, Arjen still went missing August 20, 2018 and hasn't been seen since.
11/ A year after Arjen's disappearance the Norwegian police closed his case file, but it's still possible that he went into hiding and I am optimistic that that could be the case, given it is not out of character for him. Does the NSA know his whereabouts?…
12/ In conclusion, I have been critical of @Kimdotcom, because he hasn't been as cooperative in the Seth Rich murder investigation as I think he should be, but if it was to protect a potential correspondent of Rich's, like Arjen, then it's understandable.
1/ This thread was inspired by the revelation that the Dutch AIVD provided the "Renteria Memo" to the USG and my hypothesis that if there was a real email exchange between the @DNC and @OpenSociety, this could be a reason for #SethRich's murder.…
2/ An enigma that I've always noticed about @volkskrant's report on AIVD's assistance (along with @CrowdStrike's), is that they attribute part of the @DNC hack to COZY BEAR/SVR, where Mueller only blames GRU.……
3/ Furthermore, both @volkskrant and @CrowdStrike attribute White House email server infiltration to COZY BEAR, in addition to the DNC hack, but again why didn't Mueller indict COZY BEAR operatives? The AIVD supposedly "could see everything".
4/ I propose that this is because AIVD didn't acquire the "Renteria Memo" from hacking COZY BEAR/SVR, instead they might've intercepted this email exchange from another entity. This is where my @ArjenKamphuis hypothesis originated, his government could've been monitoring him.
5/ Thus, Mueller lacked @CrowdStrike type analysis to indict COZY BEAR operatives with, so only GRU agents experienced #MuellerTime with SVR being forgotten. But, still the "Renteria Memo" was delivered to the @FBI in March 2016, did Arjen possess it? 🤔…
6/ Not sure, but miraculously in April 2016 the @DNC was "tipped off to the hack". Who tipped them off, was it really their IT team or the FBI possessing the memo? Regardless, Crowdstrike "identifies" the source of the DNC hack in May and seeks damage control along with the FBI.
7/ Let me reiterate this, I believe the "Renteria Memo" is real, and a reason that the @DNC became aware that their servers were compromised. Given it is classified adds more validity to it being authentic. At this point I believe the cover-up and the hunt for the leaker ensued.
8/ As @ChuckGrassley highlights in his letters to Renteria and Bernardo, that "the FBI did not interview anyone mentioned in the Russian document about its claims". The fix was in, and the June 2016 tarmac meeting probably cemented Hillary's coronation.…
9/ Thus, a major reason @TeamTrump was spied on is because the US was monitoring whether Trump associates would come across incriminating @DNC and/or @HillaryClinton emails. Planning all along to blame the Russians.
10/ Seth Rich, I propose, was discovered and cut off in May of 2016, his comms were monitored from that point forward. Guccifer 2.0 was created to fuel the Russian hack narrative by @CrowdStrike and limit the damage of future @wikileaks productions.…
11/ Given Seth was a Berner, I believe he only leaked emails to Wikileaks that would strictly damage @HillaryClinton before the DNC Convention. The release of the "Renteria Memo" would've not only taken out Hillary, but the Democratic party and Obama administration as well.
12/ On July 5, 2016, @Comey recommends no charges against Clinton, and the "Renteria Memo" played a major role in his decisionmaking. Five days later Seth Rich was murdered. With Hillary cleared, were various bad actors worried about Seth dropping a nuke?…
13/ What I do know is that @RealMattCouch has reported that the day after Seth's murder, Crowdstrike was paid $100k by the DNC. Plus, Crowdstrike was also paid 100k the day after DNC process server Shawn Lucas "committed suicide".……
14/ Did Seth share his information with other associates that have either died or mysteriously disappeared, including Lucas and Kamphuis? Why did Comey squash @DefendAssange's immunity deal and continue Crossfire Hurricane post-PSS interview?…
15/ This is an APPENDIX given these are just loose ideas underlying my thread. If Kamphuis was the link between Rich & WikiLeaks, then the AIVD might've intercepted their comms/"Renteria memo", leading eventually to Seth's murder/Arjen's disappearance. h/t
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