Something in #ONpoli that gets WAY too little attention: #DougFord’s use of expensive PR companies to coach his image & shape public narratives in place of actual sound governance. Propaganda instead of policy.… #cdnpoli #NAVIGATOR Image
As this excellent piece by @RandyFRobinson outlines, #DougFord’s approach to government is NOT about governing, but about the weakening of gov’t.…
Evident from Ford’s negligent response to #Covid19Ontario, to his use of PR propaganda around his LTC disgrace Image
A question that should be asked: who is paying for all of the expensive “crisis management” PR that #DougFord has been using? The suspiciously cosy relationship between PR, lobbyists & propagandists, over sound policy decisions in the public interest, has been a disgrace. #ONpoli
2 PR & propaganda companies that show up time & again wrt to #DougFord? #NAVIGATOR & former Navigator team member, Jeff Ballingall’s firm, Mobilize Media.
Remember this anytime you see propaganda like #PremierDad or “Polyglot Premier”. PR stunts while Ontarians die or go hungry. ImageImage
Btw, a reminder of who Jeff Ballingall is. He’s behind #OntarioProud & #CanadaProud disinformation/propaganda front groups, #ErinOTrump digital strategy, the #PostMillennial online RW propaganda faux “news” site, & so on. #cdnpoli #ONpoli #TOpoli
No matter how bad, corrupt, incompetent, or even criminally fraudulent, #Navigator is there to partner with #cdnmedia to shape a false narrative & coverup for any & all wrongdoing. Botch a pandemic response, killing thousands? No problem! #cdnmedia will run with #PremierDad! ImageImage
Remember this garbage propaganda by Shawn Jeffords from @CanadianPress, that ran in every major news outlet? This is an elucidative example of the far too cosy relationship between propaganda, PR & #cdnmedia.

#DougFord is a poster boy for it.

#cdnpoli #ONpoli ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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17 Jan
It’s not just that prominent federal & provincial #Conservatives were on #NaziTwitter, aka #Parler, but that when there was an assassination attempt on the Canadian Prime Minister by a radicalized RW disinformation & conspiracy believer, Cons were silent...or worse #cdnpoli #CPC
When would-be assassin, Cory Hurren, radicalized by RW disinformation, propaganda & conspiracies on social media & by #CPC, loaded his truck with weapons & crashed through gates intent on the assassination of #PMJT, #ErinOToole’s Twitter feed was very revealing that day. #cdnpoli
You might say, perhaps #ErinOToole didn’t hear about the July 2nd assassination attempt on the day. Well here’s what #ErinOTrump tweeted July 3/2020. He retweeted his deceitful propaganda video & other willful incendiary lies & said NOTHING about the attempt on JT’s life #cdnpoli
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11 Jan
It’s absurd to equate ideologically driven propaganda with journalism, but @JohnIbbitson & @globeandmail will try.
Failure to see the direct line between the same rhetoric & tactics that led to #TrumpInsurrection & what 🇨🇦’s political right has been doing, is willful blindness.
#JeffBallingall #HamishMarshall & others on #CPC’s team, like #RebelMedia, not only use mirrored messaging, propaganda & disinformation as seditious #Republicans, there is eerie coordination in their playbook, manufacturered conspiracies & who supports them. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
From members of #CPC, including #ErinOToole, on the disinformation dumpster fire that is #Parler (aka #NaziTwitter) to provincial #Conservatives obvious chummy relationships with crypto-fascists of the #GOP, draws clear & obvious lines between 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸’s political right. #cdnpoli
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8 Jan
Take a look at this vile lie being spread by #ErinOToole #JeffBallingall & #CPC. Look at this & tell me the political right isn’t colluding to overthrow democracy. Btw, the strengthened election laws are designed to limit #DarkMoney funding. #cdnpoli #TrumpTreason

H/t @samifouad Image
I’m attaching this old thread on Jeff Ballingall, since people need to know just how dangerous to democracy the #CPC has become.
#cdnpoli #ONpoli #ABleg #MBpoli #Saskpoli #BCpoli #QCpoli
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6 Jan
The question everyone, especially law enforcement, needs to ask is: how did #Cult45 members get into the Capital building?? Someone on the inside is complicit in this fascist display. #WashingtonDC #DCProtests
#MitchMcConnell fully enabled & helped create this fascist Frankenstein monster. His empty words now mean nothing.

#Cult45 #WashingtonDC #CapitalHill #Thugs #TrumpRally
#Cult45 thugs roaming the Capital building shouting “DEFEND TRUMP”. Their goal is not truth, democracy or the constitution, it is fulfilling the delusion of a psychopath. #WashingtonDC #TrumpRally
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2 Jan
Ongoing lists need to be shared so people never forget the damage #MikeHarris caused. Tunnels for Eglington subway were already excavated. Harris wasted the $750M project & filled the tunnels in at a cost of $40M, setting #TTC & #Toronto back decades in transit. #ONpoli #TOpoli
Then there was the brutality to poor & marginalized people. #MikeHarris used them as scapegoats. Harris’ gov’t hired US firm Arthur Anderson (of Enron fame) to handle welfare cuts. Horror stories ensued, like the case of Kimberly Rogers… h/t @monicarooney
When #MikeHarris inflicted ‘welfare reform’, average rent in Toronto was over $800/month for a 1 bedroom. Harris cut single welfare to $520/month leading to a housing crisis.
The assault on Ontario’s poor has never recovered from Harris’ damage.… #ONpoli
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30 Nov 20
Disinformation, propaganda & #Conservative operative, Jeff Ballingall. A thread.

Erin O’Toole’s chief digital strategist, Jeff Ballingall, can be likened to a young Roger Stone, in terms of how far he is willing to push the envelope. #cdnpoli #CPC #ErinOToole
Ballingall has chided organizations he’s worked for, such as RW conservative outfit “Canadian Taxpayers Federation” for being too “risk averse” in their propaganda campaigns.

He found other RW political campaigns he’d supported too risk averse too....

#cdnpoli #ErinOToole
So Ballingall started his “Proud” groups on #Facebook.
#Ontario Proud, later “Canada Proud”, which became third party advertisers, unconstrained by rules...or ethics.
#cdnpoli #ONpoli #CPC #ErinOToole
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