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The transatlantic bond remains crucial for responding to today's geostrategic challenges & climate change. 🇪🇺🇺🇸

At 4th EU-U.S. Trade & Tech Council, we agreed to deepen joint work on economic security, including export controls & approaches to non-market economies. #TTC

1/4 ImageImage
EU & U.S. are committed to leading the clean tech revolution.

The best way to do this is by creating a real 🇪🇺-🇺🇸 marketplace for green goods & services.

As 1st step, we aim to quickly land a Critical Minerals Agreement & share info on clean energy subsidies. #TTC

2/4 ImageImageImage
At #TTC 4, both sides called for more measures to ease transatlantic trade.

We agreed on such measures for sectors related to machinery standards & veterinary medicines.

We aim to improve use of digital tools to cut red tape for business.

But we can – and will – do more.

3/4 ImageImage
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We're here at the TTC Board Meeting this morning, January 8!

We will be live tweeting this meeting!

Currently, we are going through a slidedeck about TTC data from 2022 and the operating budget and priorities for 2023 /1
as a reminder, we have covered the changes happening in this operating budget on our website including service cuts, fare hikes, and increased policing budget - seen here:
Deputations have begun!

Adam Cohoon says "the TTC is not really invested in all in trying to figure out a path to get the TTC to work with new technology" - that buttons used to connect riders to customer service and staff during emergencies are not accessible for everyone /3
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🇪🇺🇺🇸 The EU-US Trade and Technology Council just concluded. It has moved from agenda-setting (Pittsburgh) to policy-setting (Paris). My main takeaways🧵1/4
Supply chain resilience is the biggest single global issue post-COVID and amid Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.
The #TTC has set up an early warning mechanism on semiconductors to be better prepared for supply disruptions.
Trade must flow for our economies to succeed. 2/4
Increased transatlantic trade and investment is a key priority under the #TTC. Ministers agreed today to work even closer on public procurement, conformity assessment, and avoiding potential trade barriers.
Open trade is critical for economic resilience for both sides. 3/4
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A thread by MERICS Analyst @RebeccaArcesati on this weekend’s #EU-#US Trade and Technology Council #TTC meeting in Paris-Saclay. 1/7
Compared to the 2021 meeting, this #TTC ministerial takes place against the backdrop of a radically different geopolitical environment. The war in 🇺🇦 makes reducing strategic dependencies from and preventing unwanted tech transfers to authoritarian powers a necessity. 2/7
What does this mean for 🇨🇳? 1)The #TTC was instrumental to allied coordination leading to a swift imposition of 🇷🇺 sanctions. The policy space to discuss the future of export controls on emerging & foundational techs has broadened. 3/7
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Good news everybody!

The excellent @J_B_C16 and I teamed up (again!) to analyze what #China's rise in #semiconductors means for #EU. It's not 60 pages and 300 references like the last one (sorry).

Reading this are 20min well spent, promise! Image
This is the second paper based on our (@snv_berlin) cooperation with @merics_eu to make a deep dive into #China's #semiconductor ecosystem. The first paper assessed China's competitiveness in #chips and can be found here.… (it's a "long-read").
In today's paper we distilled several #policy recommendations for the #EU in great expectation of the upcoming #EUChipsAct, future conversations at the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (#TTC) and in light of EU's #IndoPacific strategy.
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This is EVP Margrethe @Vestager speech "Democratic values in a digitalised world" @HumboldtUni 25.10.21. It explains rationales, set up basis for what I think will be a successful #EuropeanDigitalLaw! A speech that will continue to resonate for us #Thread…
Late 1990: large platforms “emerged and started organizing the internet for what would soon become millions of users around the world.” For 1st time "the platforms acted as global “match-makers” B2C. With “ever-growing match-making” platforms have power, & control. 1/1
Power & control are particularly important 4 #socialmediaplatforms. "Clicks matter. The more content is seen and shared, the higher the income from advertising. Hence, it is not so much the quality or the truthfulness of the content that matters but its “virality”" 1/2
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PITTSBURGH, PA: There is an item that is not on the US -EU TTC agenda which is actually really quite pressing — Trump-era US tariffs on European steel and aluminium.

by @Aime_Williams (from the Steel City)…
have edited @Aime_Williams to resolve any confusion from her non-US audience Image
their other "football" team is the Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC
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US & EU senior officials meet today in Pittsburgh to talk tech & trade. It's part of efforts to rebuild the transatlantic relation after Trump's 4 years.

Here's a thread on what you need to know about today's meeting and what it means for US-US relations.

<<cracks knuckles>>
First, the basics. The EU-US Trade and Tech Council was an idea dreamed up by @EU_Commission president Ursula von der Leyen to pigeonhole US thinking about digital policymaking and trade. The goal: to get DC to follow Brussels' lead
That, obviously, did not happen. The US quickly pivoted the conversation to "let's use this against China!," including efforts to stop Beijing from buying up EU & US companies and creating a Western alliance to set the next generation of tech/trade standards
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Scarborough #TTC riders face 7 years on the bus because transit has been politicized over the last decade.

The City shouldn't pay the price for those delays. The Province should help cover the extra $110-270 million to replace SRT service until a subway's built. #topoli
We’ll need to run one bus every minute to replace the SRT at peak times. To respect transit riders' time we need to look at adding more bus priority lanes, signal priority and new routes and keep buses moving. With the SRT slated to close in 2021, this work needs to start now.
The Fair Pass program makes the TTC more equitable and accessible. We’re working to integrate the program with PRESTO to make it easier for folks to sign up and working with intergovernmental partners to further improve access for those who need it most.
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1/ Happy New Year, #HousingTO..! Starting 2021 with our #2021Watchlist of #AffordableHousing developments (& #TOPoli processes) that we need to see this year... 🗓️

First up. The new #ModularHousing site at #150Harrison - should be "MOVE-IN" ready before Valentine's Day... ✅
2/ Next on our #2021Watchlist of #AffordableHousing developments (& #TOPoli processes) that we need to see in 2021...

We expect the Development & Not-for-Profit partners for the first Three (3) #HousingNow sites to be announced when the RFP winners are made public in Q1/2021...
3/ Next on our #2021Watchlist of #AffordableHousing developments (& #TOPoli processes) that we need to see in 2021...

The #EtobTO RFPs should be issued for the Two (2) large #HousingNow sites at KIPLING & ISLINGTON #TTC stations in Q2/2021... 🗓️

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Toronto's Economic & Community Development Committee is meeting this morning. Item #2 on the agenda is the future of the Fair Pass #TTC discount program. You can watch the meeting here:
.@BenSpurr reported that the City quietly paused new applications to the Fair Pass program in March. But some current Fair Pass users, including @Sarah_Colero and @arc23, reported that they weren't able to renew.…
The City plans to bring Fair Pass back next month. @arc23 told the Star: "I was given the run-around when trying to renew my Fair Pass discount this summer. It’s good that the program is being reinstated, but people have already fallen through the cracks."…
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The City's fight against #COVID19 has never stopped and we know it will never stop until we have a vaccine. But we have learned from this fight and we have worked to make sure we can reopen with confidence, based on public health advice and with proper safety measures in place.
Based on public health advice, we have taken many actions already that will help fight a resurgence:

✅We made masks and face coverings mandatory on the #TTC, inside public places, and in apartment and condo common areas. Our mask policy is working and it will remain in place.
✅We have worked to put measures in place to have contact tracing and proper spacing at restaurants and bars. That policy is working with good compliance.
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Starting today, #TTC customers using PRESTO will begin receiving pro-rated credits for unused portions of March and April monthly passes. This is the right thing to do and I am proud the TTC has worked with PRESTO to move this forward. Image
During these challenging times, our city has been working hard to do everything possible to make the lives of residents easier and to help support those who need it the most.
We know many residents who were required to stay home or were working from home were not able to use TTC monthly passes they purchased for the months of March and April. By providing a credit, we are ensuring that some of our most loyal transit customers are fairly reimbursed.
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Today, City Council will consider a report from Dr. @epdevilla to make it mandatory for people to wear masks or face coverings inside businesses and other public facilities. This recommendation would give clear direction on face coverings to stop the spread of #COVID19.
In many respects, from the standpoint of both health and the law, clarity is what is being sought on the matter of face coverings which has been a topic of active discussion since the beginning of this pandemic.
We know people don't want to see a repeat of what is going on in other parts of the world. Wearing masks or face coverings keeps you from unknowingly spreading #COVID19 and keeps the people around you from spreading it to you. It is about respecting and protecting each other.
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We are ready for Stage 2. I'm confident that if this reopening goes well and if people continue to follow public health guidelines, we will keep making good progress and move safely but quickly into Stage 3.
I also encourage everyone never to forget that #COVID19 is still a threat in our community and keep taking every precaution you can including wearing a face covering when you go inside a store or ride the #TTC and wash your hands frequently.
The announcement of Toronto moving into Stage 2 is a great day for our city and I know the coming days will be an even greater day for individual residents, employees, and business people across our city.
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Today, #TTC CEO Rick Leary and Dr. @epdevilla are recommending that face coverings should be mandatory on the TTC – a recommendation I fully support. This will not only help stop the spread of #COVID19 in our city, but will also support our restart and reopening efforts. Image
As the restart and reopening begins, we know there will be more people back on the #TTC and physical distancing will become a greater and greater challenge. Public health advice has been clear, if you can’t keep your distance, wear a mask or face covering.
We are moving to make face coverings mandatory on the #TTC to protect the health of everyone who rides the system. This recommendation will go to the #TTC Commission next week and, once approved, face coverings will be mandatory starting July 2.
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Today, I am announcing that the @cityoftoronto and a number of other major downtown employers, as well as Toronto’s post-secondary institutions, will continue to support a majority of employees, where possible, continuing to work from home until September at the earliest.
Telecommuting, phasing-in employees' return to work and staggering start times where possible will help businesses maintain physical distancing, it will help keep their workplaces healthy, and most importantly, reduce pressure on public transit as businesses resume operations. ImageImageImage
On the daily start time side, having some people start for example, after nine o'clock in the morning, fits a quieter time on public transit and may even fit the sleep patterns of some Torontonians.
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We are proud to support the efforts of the Canadian & Ontario governments and communities across the country in fighting the spread of #COVID19. #COVIDOnt #YQG #YYZ
We have reached out to the Mayor of Windsor, @drewdilkens, to identify local communities in need to receive donations of hand sanitizer from our #WalkervilleDistillery. #COVID19 #COVIDont
We have also contacted our partners at the #TTC, and will be donating sanitizer from our Windsor distillery for use in TTC garages and collector booths to help keep employees and passengers safe. #Toronto #COVID19 #COVIDont @TTChelps @TTCStuart
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Part of @OSCA_est2008's mission is to educate- here goes. In response to yesterday's incredible misunderstanding of an arrest by Special Constables on a #TTC streetcar (disclaimer- These comments are my own and do not reflect @TTC_CEU or anyone else at @TTC): #Toronto #topoli
Lots to unpack here. Stay with me:
1) SPCs and Fare Inspectors are NOT the same. SPCs are Peace Officers. Fare Inspectors are civilians.
2) The subject was not beat up/assaulted. He was arrested. Lawfully. By Peace Officers (SPCs). After responding to riders requesting help.
3) SPCs are authorized to carry prohibited weapons, such as pepper spray/foam and to use reasonable force BASED ON THE SUBJECT'S BEHAVIOUR.
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1 I had a thought-provoking, emotionally 'full', inspiring #StoryhouseChildless @StoryhouseLive We explored 'living in as a non-parent in a family-centric world' #childlessnotbychoice #childfree #childlessbycircumstance #ttc #childlessbychoice Here are my highlights
2 @gatewaywomen: the shame of #childlessness is a powerful tool for keeping us apart: it prevents conversation, community, it creates separation, isolation, stigma and vilification #StoryhouseChildless @StoryhouseLive
3 @gatewaywomen: #abortion is the 'taboo within the taboo' of #childlessness #Storyhouse
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1/ Today (JULY 31, 2019) is the Public-Feedback DEADLINE for the first-round of @_CreateTO Consultations on the Four (4) #HousingNow "PRIORITY" #AffordableHousing sites at WARDEN, WILSON, MERTON & VICTORIA PARK in #TOPoli...

@_CreateTO @TORHousing @CityPlanTO 2/ In 2018, Mayor @JohnTory announced his #HousingNow plan to build "40,000 new affordable housing units over the next 12 years" - and our @HousingNowTO volunteers started "Running the Numbers" on each of those #AffordableHousing sites from @_CreateTO...…
@_CreateTO @TORHousing @CityPlanTO @JohnTory 3/ In January 2019, we launched our Free, Public, Interactive MAP to allow anyone to "visit" the Eleven (11) proposed #HousingNow sites for new #AffordableHousing development-proposals by @_CreateTO. In Seven (7) months - we have had over 19,000+ Views...
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NDP #Transit critic @JessicaBellTO: The Ford govt is introducing its bill to begin the takeover of the #TTC despite being in negotiations with the City of Toronto.
How can they claim to be negotiating in good faith when they are pushing through this hostile takeover?
Bell: The Minister of Transportation admitted that some of the work the city has already completed for the Downtown Relief Line is no longer usable. That means millions and months of work developing the line are being tossed out and replaced with Ford's back of the napkin plan.
NDP Education critic @maritstiles: Ed. assistants, custodians, clerical workers, library staff, language instructors all play a crucial role in supporting students & keeping our schools safe. Yet *at least* 2,500 of these positions are in jeopardy b/c of Ford's cuts to education.
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NDP MPP @john_vanthof: CBC reports email addresses linked to certain UCP domain names were fraudulently attached to UCP memberships and used to cast ballots in the party's leadership race. Among the domains: Has Ford talked to Dean French about this?
Vanthof: Former UCP member has written the RCMP alleging the Kenney leadership campaign used fraudulent emails to intercept personal ID numbers needed to cast a ballot in the leadership race. Some of those addresses were linked to a site bearing the name of Ford's Chief of Staff.
Vanthof: This concerns the ethical standards Ford sets for himself and staff in his office. Has Ford instructed his Chief of Staff to turn all relevant information over to the RCMP officers who have been asked to investigate?
(Ford does not answer)
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Fact-Checking @OnatrioNewsNow: A Thread. The province says that taking over parts of the #TTC will get transit projects built on time and on budget. But relying on the private sector to build transit stations could mean even more delays, as Metrolinx has admitted.
As @BenSpurr reported in Nov, Metrolinx admits that private sector transit funding “comes with risks related to project timing and real estate market conditions.” Leslie Woo stated that market-driven stations "could be delivered sooner or possibly later."…
Vid says ON will “own the network and make sure it is maintained to be safe and reliable.” But the $$$ proposed for maintenance is (in @swanboatsteve’s words) "woefully inadequate" because #TTC "capital budget for ongoing maintenance is much, much larger.”…
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