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Thread: 3 August 2022: Day 161 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Ukraine likely disabled the rail link between #Russian-occupied Kherson and Crimea; the Russians can repair it, but will remain vulnerable. Russia has begun using civilian ferries to cross the Dnipro after the destruction of the Antonovsky Bridge. Image
Instructive: #Germany’s former chancellor, Gerhard Schroder, goes to Moscow and meets #Russia's ruler Vladimir Putin, comes back insisting on the need for "peace", i.e. a ceasefire that freezes Russian gains in place and gives the Russian Army a break.
Yup 👇🏻 Pretty obvious that #Ukraine and #Taiwan understand this, too, hence the tightening of relations to face a common enemy
#Ukraine's "Army of Drones" initiative, to buy and repair drones, using the United24 platform, has raised raised Hr 755 million ($20.3 million). Largest donors are America, Australia, Britain, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Ireland.
The #Russia-installed junta in #Mali continues pushing #Western influence out of the country.
#Ukraine says it managed to hold out most of #Russia's missiles launched from the Caspian yesterday, but one did get through and - unusually - actually hit a military target, an air defence system in Lviv.
Olga Kachura ("Korsa"), a colonel and artilleryman who was among the founders of the "army" of #Russia's "Donetsk People's Republic", was killed today in unclear circumstances, according to the "mayor" of the collaborationist regime in Horlivka.
Oleg Farniev, a Russian pilot who twice deployed as part of #Russia's criminal war in #Syria, has been killed in #Ukraine.
#US Senate votes 95-1 to admit #Sweden and #Finland to #NATO. Rand Paul, Republican from Kentucky, voted present, and Josh Hawley, Republican from Missouri, was the sole vote against.
In @TheNatlInterest, Hawley justified himself by saying #China was more urgent, as if it is a separate issue from #Russia, and that Sweden and Finland aren't spending 2% of GDP on defence, though this didn't stop his vote to admit Macedonia (1.2%) in 2019
The eternal problem with the Corbyn faction remains disentangling malice from stupidity
#China not being exactly subtle about what it plans for #Taiwan
Thread. And do check out this article, which I can't recommend too highly, on the errors in the narrative (which has infected terrorism analysis, in the way these fads do) about a "far-Right (foreign fighter) threat" from Ukraine…
Kremlin says it's ready for a "peaceful solution" to #Ukraine "on its own terms", which are indeed "well known" - the liquidation of the state, its officials, and anybody who objects to #Russia's occupation or just happens to be in the Russian Army's path.
#Ukraine's President Zelensky minced no words about #Germany's former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder tonight.
#Russia continuing its massive plunder of #Ukraine's agriculture.
#Russia contributing to murder and mayhem in #Burma, as well as #Ukraine and #Africa and ...

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Aug 5
There has been some surprise about Amnesty International's report attacking #Ukraine for defending itself against #Russia, but, under the banner of "human rights", the group has been a hard-Left, anti-American/Western activist organisation for quite some time. A short 🧵
#Israel and her supporters have been, entirely fairly, most prominent in saying "we told you so" about Amnesty International. When AI jumped on the "apartheid" slander earlier this year, they were quite clear it was because it was popular with the far-Left
In calling #Israel an "apartheid" and racist state, making tendentious if inexplicit comparisons with the Nazis, Amnesty International was channelling the #Soviet active measures campaign from the 1970s, one of its most successful such operations.
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Aug 5
Thread: 5 August 2022: Day 163 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update focuses on with the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant #Russia occupies. Moscow seem to be using the plant to rest troops, since it has protected status and #Ukraine won't attack it. Are using adjacent regions to shell the western bank of the Dnipro River. Image
Seems #Ukraine's HIMARS have been in action in Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson Oblast, destroying an ammunition depot.
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Aug 4
Thread: 4 August 2022: Day 162 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Ukraine's missiles/artillery continues to target #Russia's military personnel clusters, supply bases, and ammunition depots, straining RU combat logistics. First Ukrainian ship at the Bosphorus. RU using pyramidal radar reflectors to try to avoid HIMARS Image
Putin speech on 3 August declared "liberal-globalist American egocentrism" over and a "truly multipolar world" dawning, one not based on "self-serving rules" but on "international law, ... sovereignty of nations and civilisations, ... democracy, justice, and equality" (lol).
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Jul 31
Thread: 31 July 2022: Day 158 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update focuses on the de facto annexation of #Belarus by #Russia: notes the missiles fired from Belarus at #Ukraine, the escalating repression, concludes: "likely indicate that [Lukashenko] has become almost wholly dependent on Russia."
#Russia's "Wagner" unit is encouraging illegal migration across from #Libya to #Italy. This causes immediate chaos for border authorities and then, when it leads to broader social tensions, the Russians will exploit those, too.
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Jul 30
Thread: 30 July 2022: Day 157 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: likely that #Ukraine has "repelled small scale Russian assaults" around Donetsk city. "Highly likely" that #Russia has "established two pontoon bridges in Kherson. Russia is tightening control in the occupied zones to prepare for annexation announcement.
Oleksiy Arestovych argues #Russia putting out the video of castrating #Ukrainian soldiers, something known about for a long time, is designed to provoke a reaction, allowing Moscow to argue its a two-sided barbarian war the West must stop with a ceasefire.
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Jul 29
Thread: 29 July 2022: Day 156 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update is on the "Wagner" unit, says its "new level of integration [with the #Russian Army in eastern #Ukraine] further undermines the Russian authorities' long-standing policy of denying links between PMCs and the Russian state". Which is British understatement Image
The #Biden administration continues denying #Ukraine weapons, in this case ATACMS surface-to-surface missiles, because of its deranged fear of #Russia "escalating", as if that is an actual Thing at this point.
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