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The original thread on what you are not being told about #EU sanctions on #oil has led many people to address many useful questions. The main questions are : tehnical (why is it so hard to make the transition ) , geopolitical (what we can expect) & operational (what other /1
solutions are possible). Assuming the #EU sanctions against #Russia will be maintained here is what we will happen technically, geopolitically, operationally. 1) technically speaking it is very complicated to change The original thread is here. /2
the #EU reffineries to accept non #Russian oil.There are many different types of refinery and no two refineries are exactly the same.This reflects the type of crude oil which the refinery is designed to process and the demand for specific products in particular markets.Refining/3
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1) Last night I released a #Moonbirds at 19e (in at 31.9e); then took 6 #goblins without hesitation. I am still fully optimistic about Moonbird's long-term value, but today I want to share how this historical-level ghost project #goblintownnft makes me feel.
by @Wilsonchen1101 Image
2) The first time I saw #Goblin (5/22) at 11th place in the OS trading volume, after 5 seconds, I said "Fuck what? What a shit", I closed it because it was ugly! Ugly enough not to take a look at its #Twitter and official website.
3) Later, I heard from various channels, nothing more than unbelievable #ugliness and unbelievable #floor #growth... Yesterday I saw many ppl tweeting "Goblin language", I realized, I almost missed a #bluechip with most potential. I started to seriously study the gob project
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1. Western #antifascists & #RT watchers may want to note the differences in the #Russian leaders' justifications of #Russia's war against #Ukraine for, on the one side, #Western, and, on the other side, non-Western & domestic audiences. @meduzaproject…
2. Western audiences are fed stories about escalating human-rights violations by Kyiv. The internal war propaganda instead is informed by the idea of standing up against a Western and Ukrainian assault on Russian cultural traditionalism. @4freerussia_org @vneshpol @russia_matters
3. Here individual human rights are to be limited rather than defended. Whereas #Putin presents Ukraine with reference to Germany's Nazis who annihilated homosexuals, #PatriarchKirill sees #gayparades in #Ukraine as an issue demanding Moscow's military intervention in the Donbas.
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Looks like #western & #Australian analysts are finally waking up to what I've been publicly stating here for the last two weeks .
#Kiev & #Kharkiv are distractions , the real game is in #southeastern #Ukraine .…
In the Southeast sector #Russia has no #logistics problems with supplies getting trucked in via the DPR & LPR .If anything the #Ukrainian forces stuck here have logistics trouble with supply lines stretching to #Lviv nearly 1200km away ,nothing is getting out of #Kiev ,#Kharkiv .
To their credit #Ukrainian forces seem to have Prepositioned significant ammunition , troops & equipment in hardened dispersed storages in the east which they're using to fight on .
Of late #Russians have been Targeting these stores unerringly.
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#UkraineWar #FakeNews

#Fake: #Western media report objectively on events in #Ukraine.

Truth: The world media is actively reporting ( on the aftermath of an air defense missile explosion over #Kiev.
At the same time, almost none of the major Western media wrote about the hit ( of a Ukrainian Tochka-U to a residential building in #Donetsk, which killed 20 civilians and injured 28.
And isolated exceptions published the opinion of the Ukrainian side, and only then "gave the word" to the Russian Ministry of Defence and the #DPR leadership.
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In my first collaboration with talented @WendyZhou502 for @TheAtlantic we argue that #China primarily sees the #RussiaUkraine conflict through the prism of the #UnitedStates and more broadly of the #West. 1/11…
We analyze #China's debates about #UkraineWar on #weibo, official statements and in selective media, and find that #ProRussia leaning is rooted in anti #Western sentiments. The key protagonist in many of these posts is not #Russia or #Ukraine, but #US and #NATO. 2/11
#NATO and the #US are portrayed as the source of the conflict, #Russia (and #Europe) as trapped by the #US, and #Ukraine as a powerless proxy of great power competition. 3/11
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🔴 What's the latest on the #WarInUkraine 🇺🇦?

➖ Foreign ministers from #Russia & #Ukraine to meet in Turkey Thursday
➖ Russia carried out air strike on children’s hospital in #Mariupol during ceasefire

Follow our #live for more…
🇷🇺 Foreign Minister #Lavrov & 🇺🇦 Foreign Minister #Kuleba met in Turkey Thursday in the first high-level meeting between the sides.

Kuleba said that he came in to arrange a humanitarian corridor, but Lavrov could not commit himself.
"No progress" was made on a ceasefire, he said
🇺🇦Here's what Ukrainian's Foreign Minister Dmytro #Kuleba had to say to the press after his meeting with Russia's Sergei #Lavrov on Thursday.

For more coverage on the meeting between #Lavrov and #Kuleba, visit our #liveblog
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Some people seem still to believe that during the 4+2 negociations on #German #reunification in 1990 #Baker promised to #Gorbatchev that #NATO would not expand into Eastern European states (Baker: “NATO will not move one inch further east"),and that this would somehow... 2/5
...justify #Putin's invasion of #Ukraine. This is not true. The final #treaty doesn't mention it. In addition, Gorbatchev himself clarified things in an #interview with "#Russia Beyond" on October 16, 2014:
"The topic of 'NATO expansion' was not discussed at all, and... 3/5 wasn’t brought up in those years. I say this with full responsibility. Not a single #Eastern #European country raised the issue, not even after the #warsawpact ceased to exist in 1991.#Western leaders didn’t bring it up, either. Another issue we brought up was... 4/5
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#Ukraineinvasion has shaken the world, but #US posture towards #Serbia remains the same: free pass to #Belgrade to skirt obligations to #EU & to #Ukraine. 🧵
@USEmbassySerbia praises @avucic’s “support for territorial integrity of #Ukraine” when this is a self-serving stance of #Belgrade due to (false) parallel to #Kosovo. #China also makes a self-serving ‘territorial integrity’ argument – and US, correctly, does not praise #Beijing.
In both cases, support for territorial integrity is empty, unless accompanied by unambiguous condemnation of @KremlinRussia_E’s unprovoked, unjustifiable invasion. @avucic merely called it a “mistake,” as if #Putin might have chosen better means to bring down the Ukrainian govt.
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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#Pakistan #Kashmir
This is a message for everyone who worships the #West and the #Western system
What is the #immigration tax to western countries?
You will lose your child:
Sweden kidnaps 20,000 children a year from their families
🔴 Germany kidnapped 84,000 children from their families in one year, most of them Turkish
🔴 Britain The number of children who were taken from their families in 2013 reached more than 10,000
The matter does not end when it is withdrawn only, but it will be cared by persecuted
or non-Muslim families, knowing that the number of Muslim children cared for by non-Muslim families in the Netherlands reaches tens of thousands
As an immigrant, it will be urgent to withdraw your children, as you may leave the countries of the West at any time,
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#BIN Dice #TNYTimes que los Golden Globe pasaron a mejor vida. Ya la HFPA, organización tras ellos que jugó papel preponderante, cambió su rol, como lo hizo el mundo. Como dije en #PRONÓSTICOS 2022, "todo lo viejo desaparecerá", no precisamente por los años, sino por OBSOLETOS
#BIN Para entender un poco el trasfondo, uno de los problemas está en que Netflix, no las productoras tradicionales de Hollywood, se lleva el premio de la mejor película y esto dirige la taquilla #BoxOffice a internet, desbancando a los otrora poderosos, en general, a TimPanAlley
#BIN Frente a este panorama, los organizadores tradicionales fueron acusados de "PRÁCTICAS POCO ÉTICAS" y se produce una especie de boicot que dio a "El poder del perro", de Netflix, también "mejor dirección" y "mejor actor de reparto". Lo mismo ocurre con la TV, prensa y radio.
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The Great Train Robbery (1903) - Edwin S. Porter

The first 12 minute narrative film ever made, which turned out to also be the first #Western ever made!
(youtube link of the full film at the end of this thread)
#BeapartofCinema #HistoryofCinema
the iconic fourth-wall breaking shot that #MartinScorsese paid homage to in #Goodfellas, that may also have inspired the #JamesBond opening……
for those who know how to read, and would love to learn more…
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#Russia’s solution to EU-#Belarus #migrant crisis and #NATO’s Black Sea buildup | Nov 11
- NATO is exploring the #BlackSea region as a potential theater of war, while #Kiev is getting ready to resolve the #Donbass issue by force, the Russian says…
Moving #NATO closer to Belarus-Russia Union State described as alliance's long-term strategy | Nov 10
- #Lavrov also said that on 10 November the sides agreed they are going to step up foreign policy coordination of the ministries of foreign affairs,…
#Poland Sees #Migrant Surge at Border, Accuses #Belarus of '#StateTerrorism' | Updt: 42 minutes ago
- Concern was growing for more than 2,000 migrants — mainly #Kurds from the #MiddleEast — who are trapped at the border,…
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🇮🇷#Iran - #Terrorism - Criminal Outsourcing - An unprecedented operation involving 15 international #intelligence agencies has exposed an #Iranian terror infrastructure that was planning a series of assassinations against #Israeli and #Western targets around the world. 1/22
It started in June, when #Colombia's Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia (#DNI) issued an imminent security alert after determining two Israeli businessmen were the targets of an #assassination attempt planned and financed by a high-ranking Iranian #Quds Force officer. 2
That officer, Rahmat Asadi, is regarded by Western intelligence organizations as a dangerous #terrorist.
The businessmen and their families had to quickly leave Bogotá under rigorous security measures. 3
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"Aarif Khan was the nom de guerre of a local militant"

“We had to implement the #Shariah, the #Taliban & #AlQaeda way.”

This is the article for which #AasifSultan was taken to jail. Far from a #journalistic circus - it was highlight of a freedom struggle in #Kashmir.....

..which might be categorized as a '#TerrorSpeech' issue.

It is certainly not the #Western '#FreedomOfExpression'. The #Kashmiri expressions was not constructed that way, with Western norms.

The website is already down, so I wanted to take some snaps.
Is there a chance for this article not to attract state's wrath? By that word, I mean the #IndianState.

To all #Indians out there participating in the #FreeAasifSultan hashtag, do you respect our existence?

If you don't, what does your #solidarity, or mockery - stand for?

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#Women’ are an integral part of Western propaganda against Islam. When the West was proud of its ‘conservatism’, Muslim women were ‘haremjibi’,‘sensual’,‘objects of sex’. When the West learned to think of itself as progressive, Muslim women 1/9
became ‘captives’, ‘captives’, ‘objects of sex’. In both cases, there is the full support of the "Western Guard" for the "liberation" of #Muslim #women.

Women's liberation was called for 20 years ago to legitimize the #US invasion of #Afghanistan. 2/9
Over the past two decades, women's liberation has been repeatedly cited as an excuse for #American genocide and #warcrimes.

Today, after the embarrassing retreat of #America, many people are trying to sell this junk again. Among them, as in the #West, 3/9
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We, the #Jews , are the #INDIGENOUS people of Erets Yisrael (The land of #Israel ) . No one can deny it. Here are some interesting articles I found about the subject. MUST READ!
#Israel #Zionism #natives #Antisemitism #Jerusalem #Palestine #TruthMatters @dailyjewish
The second article is a gem from 1919 (believe it or not) published in @TheAtlantic by Harry Sacher:
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#Yemen – Having Lost the War Saudis Try Genocide – Media Complicit

ByMoon of Alabama 13 Nov 2017

#Saudi ends its blockade of Yemen’s ports and airports – Daily Mail
Saudi-led coalition says will reopen Yemen ports – Anadolu
Yemeni ports to reopen for aid, says Saudi Arabia – Deutsche Welle

The above headlines are false. The Saudi government announced the re-opening of some #Yemeni ports and airports. All of these are in the south and under control of #Saudi proxy forces who are fighting the
#Houthi west #Yemen. Some 70% of the population lives in the north-western areas which will continue to be under an extreme blockade. The most important port in their area is #Hodeida which will stay closed. Back in March the U.S. Pentagon tried to get control of the port.

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#USA is a free democracy, #India is a "partly free" democracy
#FOE Japan is a free democracy, India is a partly free democracy: Compare the ratio of critical/unfavorable articles, to favorable articles, in the top 3 news sources in Japan & India respectively, to find which press is freer! #SciMe 1st data, 2nd Analysis, 3rd Policy/views!🧐🤔
3/demo #Majoritarianism & freedom: Compare treatment of minorities in USA(non-christian), Japan(Korean etc) & India (Muslims): In particular plot over 70yrs th % of minority pop on same graph & compare decadal changes[summarizes it's discrimination(in cntry) & opportunities(ROW)]
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On Nov. 25, #Armenia handed the #Kalbajar district back to #Azerbaijan, in line with the Nov. 10 agreement, which also ended the 44-day-war in #Karabakh. Here is a THREAD
Thus a 27-year-long illegal occupation of #Kalbajar came to an end. Tens of thousands of forcibly displaced #Azerbaijani residents of Kalbajar will finally be able to return home.
The invasion and total ethnic cleansing of #Kalbajar by #Armenia in early April 1993 was one of the most crucial moments and darkest chapters in the #Armenia-#Azerbaijan conflict.
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#algoquemeditar 🔎💡
1) "“How can you think yourself a great man, when the first accident that comes along can wipe you out completely.”
or as @FeeriLee would say "How can you consider yourself the great S**t if you put all of your eggs in one basket."
2) Optimization is the favorite word for many people, governments or corporation, looking that input and output are "well" used, while everything extra is a "waste" or what is better called redundancy..which end up beign way better for the unkonws (as @paulportesi would stated).
3) This happens everywhere, beign even pathological, specially when not all risk are created equal, some will look at easy to spot risks, but the most terrible and common in our modern times, are the silent ones.
#fragility #optimization
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Esta semana en el Episodio 3 de #TopKuartango hablaremos del séptimo arte: el #cine. Más concretamente, comentaremos la película de género Western “Algo más que morir”, que fue grabada en Kuartango y que ganó 2 premios en el Festival Western de Tabernas, Almería.
⬇️Dentro hilo⬇️ Cartel de Algo más que morir. Se ve un fondo degradado de mSe ve a dos hombres a caballo de espaldas a punto de cruzar Se ve el poblado vaquero de Kuartango, ahora derruido, con sSe ve a varios actores, dos productores y el director en el
Mucha gente en #Álava no sabe que somos unos culo-inquietos y que en el Valle siempre andamos metidos en proyectos interesantes. Al enterarse de la película de vaqueros suelen preguntar: ¿Un Western en #Kuartango? ¿En serio? ¿A quién se le ocurrió la idea? ¿Y cómo lo hicisteis?⬇️ Dos vaqueros a caballo por Kuartango, se ve el bosque de fonDos vaqueros tumbados junto a la hoguera de noche en una finInterior del Saloon Vaquero del poblado de Kuartango. Se ve Se ve a un vaquero acercándose al edificio del saloon en el
Todo comenzó hace décadas. José Luis Murga, vecino de Villamanca, era un joven cuyo sueño era hacer una peli de vaqueros. Se propuso escribir un guion. Redactó las páginas iniciales y grabó sus primeras imágenes con una cámara Super 8. Luego el proyecto quedó olvidado un tiempo⬇️ Foto de rodaje de José Luis que fue artífice de la idea, gFoto de detrás del rodaje. Oier, Jose Luis y el actor princUn día azul y precioso. José Luis guia a un caballo por elJosé Luis vestido de vaquero sonriendo mientras otra de las
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