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Day 342 of the illegal war #Russia is waging on #Ukraine

This is the start of Tuesday's daily thread with all the news that matters around the conflict and wider society.

For a check back on Monday's developments, click and scroll here:


It continues to be reasonably quiet compared to the worst days of the war, but many people are still dying at the front on both sides.

#Russia continues to make ground, and according to Britain's military intelligence, will continue to do so, but without a major breaktthrough
The Wagner deserter who trekked across snowy wastelands to seek asylum in #Noway, has told CNN those who didn't want to fight were ruthlessly executed in front on new recruits.

The President of #Croatia continues his bizarre rants. This time Zoran Milanović, seen by many in the country as Putin's poodle, came out with such gems as "NATO doesn't represent us" and "it's deeply immoral what we are doing as a collective West"

Very little Russian equipment destroyed in the last 24 hours according to #Ukraine's figures.

However soldiers in #Russia's army continue to fall like flies. 850 more victims of #Putin's madness.

#StopRussia #RussiansGoHome
I cannot vouch for its veracity, but #Ukraine channels published this document, claiming it's been found on bodies of some Wagner fighters.

The point is clear - suicide is better than becoming a POW, especially as they won't be able to testify in war crimes tribunal
#Ukraine has so far drawn a blank on getting F-16 fighter jets or equivalent. Poland, Netherlands have said they are not against, but only in an alliance. USA, Germany, UK have said no.

Today @oleksiireznikov will meet #France's President and Defence Min and hope for good news.
Worth giving this another outing for thiose who missed it yesterday evening.


Although not an exact science, #Ukraine doesn't seem to be doing too badly according to Oryx.

#Ukraine is slowly improving its position on corruption in the new @anticorruption report.
But it's clear Zelenskyy did too little to change things since his election in April 2019, but more positive signs recently.
#Denmark tops the list
#UK 18th
#USA 24th
#Russia 137th
Air raid alert over all of #Ukraine as a Russian jet takes off from Belarus.
The MiG-31K is the aircraft which usually carries the lethal "Kinzhal" hypersonic missiles which Ukraine cannot currently intercept.
This may just be a car fire in #Crimea, but the severity of the blaze lends credence to it being something more.

Some Telegram channels claiming it's an attack by #Ukraine patriots on #Russia's Guard officers who were burned alove on the road from Sevastopol to Simferopol.
The illegal #wagner group claims to have taken control of the village of Sakko i Vantsetti, about 8km north of Blahodatne and 20km from #Bakhmut.

Incidentally no coincidence that Prigozhin chose to name his mercenary group after the only well known composer with Nazi overtones.
After the initial giveaway, people in #Ukraine can now swap their old inefficient light bulbs for up to five new low energy ones.

If everyone did this it would ease the electricity crisis dramatically despite #Russia targeting power infrastructure.

Any Other Business? Each member of #Brovary town council was given a military summons at a council meeting.

Mayor Igor Sapozhko was first to be issued with the order.
Councillors must register at the territorial centre. They all promise to go, but it doesn't mean they'll serve.
Much is written about Kyrylo Budanov's statement in @washingtonpost that #Ukraine will return #Crimea by summer.

More interesting to me is #Ukraine's Intel chief repeating that Putin is terminally ill with cancer. "It's an open question whether the real Putin is before us."
For the third time today there's an air raid warning over all of #Ukraine.

When just one Russian plane takes off all Ukrainians have to scramble to safety. I'm sure they do it just to mess up lives and routines.
Reliable pro-Ukraine site says during the night #Russia's invaders were hit in a farmhouse near #Yelyseivka

It's a village in #Berdyansk area on #Zaporizhzhia and #Ukraine artillery hit weapons stored in the farmhouse and the soldiers themselves.

#France is to send 12 more Caeser Howitzers to #Ukraine
An interesting fire in a hangar in #Volgograd.

Officially only wooden pallets were stored here next to the Zhigulevskaya wholesale base.
I wonder if that's all that was there?

#France DM says "there is no taboo" about fighter jets.

However, still no commitment about Mirage, much in line with Netherlands, Poland and others.
"Death to the enemy always" - #Kherson's message to #Russia's invaders.
Message from the heavens?

Bet a few locals were scared by this in #Krasnoyarsk.
A huge and bright meteor lit up the sky. As it all burned up it's NOT a meteorite.

spotted by @CarolynnePries1
In 1994 the former Yugoslav Republic of #Serbia & Montenegro was banned from the (winter) #Olympics.

So why is Thomas Bach refusing to follow precedent?

Hopefully as host, #France and M. Macron will join a growing coalition of those willing to boycott the tainted games.
Two people have been killed, including a 12 year old boy, after #Russia shelled central #Bakhmut.

A 70 year old man also died and 5 more civilians were injured, including a 16-year-old boy.

The rocket hit a pharmacy in the "new market" area of the town.
I've been told #Ukraine still holds the #ChasivYar to #Bakhmut road, which is pretty much crucial to realistic hopes of holding Bakhmut.

#Russia's invaders had said they control this supply line.

#BakhmutHolds #FortressBakhmut
#Ukraine's Eurovision show, hosted by #Liverpool will officially begin within the hour.

There will be a handover celebration from Turin to the English city and the draw for the semi finals of @Eurovision.
#KalushOrchestra won in Italy, but Ukraine was not allowed to host in 2023
An investigation by 'BIHUS' has revealed six MPs in #Ukraine managed to spend $70,000 or more on new cars since the start of the war, with one splashing out over $200,000 to the fury of many ordinary Ukrainians.
It's also been revealed only 2 MPs have been to the front.
Two civilians have been injured in an explosion in #Sumy region.

An hour ago the blast happened at "a state enterprise" in the town of #Shostka.

#Latvia and #Poland have said they will boycott the Paris @Olympics next summer if #Russia and #Belarus athletes are alllowed to compete.
Lithuania and Estonia are supportive but say it's too early to talk of boycotting

That about the UK, @michelledonelan?
Meanwhile Britain's Culture and Sports Minister has just tweeted from Ukraine's @Eurovision

@Olympics @michelledonelan Hate predictive text. It should be "what about the UK" Michelle.
#Mariupol - several explosions reported in the occupied city, according to Petro Andryushchenko former adviser for the city.

Local chat sites though only report likely air defence downing something in the Skhidnyy/Voctochny district in the north-east of the city.
in #Kherson one subscriber to a local Telegram channel says #Russia's shelling has just hit her grandma's house for the third time.

The city was liberated 80 days ago.
Panic in the Russian city of #Belgorod tonight...

#Russia also reporting that #Ukraine attacked the Novozybkovsky district of #Bryansk.

They say “there were no casualties or destruction of civilian facilities. Power supply was interrupted in two settlements."

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
So Thomas Bach @iocmedia think Russia's athletes should be able to compete in the @Olympics?

Here the entire Russian men's gymnastics team has contributed directly to the illegal war and killing of civilians

@gymnastics just allowed Russians back in.

Not quite sure why USA initially refuses everything #Ukraine needs and then relents.

Now after a big "NO" to F-16s and ATACMS (with 300km range), they've announced the next aid package will include GLSDB (Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb), range of 150 km.
No delivery date.
In #Kherson region, popular blogger/journalist reports the irony that the pro-Russian VTV+ channel was hit by #Russia's missiles.

Seems it was aimed "Just to the editor-in-chief's office. In the photo, you can see a hole right above the window of Tetyana Kamenska's office."
Just need to keep flagging this up.

Speaking of flags: no #Austria #Cyprus #Greece #Hungary or #Slovakia. Do the leaders really represent the nation in allowing Putin to be free after this illegal war?

• • •

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Jan 30
A new week, week 49 of #Russia's war and Day 341 since #Putin took the illegal decision to invade a peaceful neighbour.

Here's another daily thread with all the news as #Ukraine fights for its very survival.

Here's the link to yesterday's thread:

Frist an update on #Russia's direct hit on an apartment block in #Kharkiv.

Remarkably so far the casualty figures are the same with one elderly woman killed and three other civilians injured.

Emergency services released these new photos of the disaster site.
Here's the British Intel briefing for Monday.
Under the radar mobilisation continues in #Russia:

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It's Sunday 29 January, but also Day 340 of #Russia's war on its peaceful neighbour.

It's been a crazily busy evening. Both in #Ukraine and #Iran.

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One of the big developing stories last night was the alleged attack on occupied #Ilovaisk.

In 2014 unarmed #Ukraine soldiers, given "safe passage" by #Russia were ruthlessly gunned down in Ilovaisk.

This video supposedly shows some of the 7 HIMARS strikes on the train station.
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Jan 28

Strange events in #Iran tonight

Looks like a dose of their own medicine with reports of a drone attack on a Ministry of Defence building in the city of #Isfahan.

This is said to be an ammunition production centre.

Media in #Iran also reporting an oil processing plant in the Salimi industrial area in the city of #Azarshahr in #Tabriz is spectacularly ablaze.

And one more video from the crazy scenes in #Iran tonight.
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Jan 28
It's Saturday. Day 339 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine.

This is the daily news thread covering all the important bits of the conflict in one handy 🧵

If you like my work, and can afford to buy me a coffee, please see my profile.
Starting in traditional way with a chance for you to check back through yesterday, in case you missed Orban's undiplomatic words about #Ukraine, the latest big blaze in the series #RussiaOnFire or anything else during Friday.

Speaking about Orbán's stupid remarks, he's not alone in the region with #Russia also having culivated useful political idiots in #Croatia #Slovakia + #Czechia

Hopefully an election in 🇨🇿 today will sideline one more (Babiš) as @motytchak explains here:

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Jan 27
Welcome to the daily news thread for Day 338 of the #RussianUkrainianWar, with all the important bits, hopefully some stories you won't see elsewhere and a bit of comment too as #Ukraine continues its heroic defence of freedom and democracy.

Read on...
Awful start to yesterday, but a quiet end to the day and still calm this Friday morning so far.

If you need to catch up on Thursday's events, here's the link to the start of yesterday's thread - scroll through at your leisure.


First let's update you on the territorial situation at the front. You probably know I seldom publish or link to maps; to be frank many are guesswork and often out of date.

The British MoD has validated my previous rebuttal of #Russia's claims of gains in #Zaporizhzhia oblast
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Jan 26
Day 337 of #Russia's war of choice.

Thursday 26 January starts with millions in #Ukraine sheltering in bunkers, as waves of drones have been threatening the country and now #Kyiv is under threat

This is the daily thread with all the news, updated throughout each & every day...
So much news yesterday afternoon and evening.

Firstly the tank-coalition news then the angry reply from #Russia.

To glance through anything you may have missed, just click and scroll Wednesday's thread here:

In #Kyiv region, one Telegram channel posted this from #Boyarka, a small town about 25km south-west of downtown Kyiv.

They claim it's one of the #Iran-made attack drones being shot down. I'm not convinced by the audio alone.

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