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Imagine, a country is doing rapid tests on the whole population.

Everyone who tests + (or refuses to test) has to isolate. After a week, they repeat the routine.

If the test&isolate theory works roughly as expected, we will find only a few sporadic cases afterward, right?
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#Slovakia used this approach.

This is a dream come true for the pro lockdown "experts" of #TeamPanic.

If everything we learned about the importance of track, trace, and isolate, this should be the super nuclear weapon for Covid19.

It wasn´t.

In Slovakia, cases haven´t vanished. They are still there and follow the same pattern as other EU countries.

Again, our ideas of viral transmission are too simple.

If this superweapon doesn´t work, it sheds a light on the effectiveness of more unfocused TTI strategies.

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Monday's #Coronavirus thread starts here, as we hope Europe continues to make progress against the spread of #Covid19.
All the news as it happens throughout the day but I'll particularly be watching two things
Countries heading back up again
Deaths falling 10-14 days after peak
#USA continues to surge - initial figures for Sunday not yet in (this total always increases anyway when regions which didn't report over the weekend add their data)

But one big headline came from #Florida, where the Sunshine State went back over 10,000 #Covid19 cases in a day's the first time since July #Florida hit 10k, and for the last 3 months FLA has not even touched 7,000

Today #USA should experience a total of between 158,000 and 180,000 cases as it edges towards 200k in the coming days. I'm predicting 172,000 by the end of the day
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Here is Sunday's #Coronavirus/#Covid19 megathread with the important news and data as it unfolds.

New lockdowns planned, two more big, badly hit countries turn things around as Europe continues to recover, but death rates still increase.
First good news
I said the turnaround was imminent for #Germany
Late last night we got confirmation that they had lowered the infection rate

By Saturday night Germany had registered just over 16,000 new #Covid19 cases, 1000 fewer than the previous Sat

#Austria is still the most #Covid19 infected nation in Europe, but it too saw its first fall in numbers for weeks.

That didn't stop Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announcing an even stricter lockdown from Tuesday when all schools will also close for two and a half weeks
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#Slovakia #RimavskaSobota #Coronavirus #Drunk

In Slovakia, millions of people took part in corona mass tests on the weekend. On Saturday alone, 1.3 million people were tested, Prime Minister Igor Matovic told journalists on Sunday.
At 0.63 percent, the proportion of those who tested positive was significantly lower than a week ago. This proves the success of the restrictions imposed by the government, said the founder and head of the populist-conservative movement Ordinary People OLaNO.
According to media reports, there were only a few minor disruptions to the mass tests. In the northern Slovak district town of Tvrdosin, the test station could not be opened on Sunday due to a break-in. Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad announced that strangers stole 750 test sets,
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

The Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic would like to carry out corona mass tests on a regular basis. That would be an alternative to a strict lockdown, the liberal daily “Dennik N” quoted him on Saturday:
“If we ask ourselves whether it is better to lock the whole of Slovakia in a nationwide lockdown, so that millions of people without work and the Shops are closed (...), or whether we all go to a test like this once a week, maybe spend an hour there (...),
then I believe that 99.9 percent of working people are in favor of the nationwide testing. " Since Saturday morning, Slovakia has continued an unprecedented mass test of a large part of the population. Within two days,
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

The Slovak government has extended the current nationwide curfew until November 14th. If you cannot show a negative Corona test, you are not even allowed to leave your apartment to go to work.
Only urgently necessary errands and taking a corona test are allowed. People arriving from abroad run into a particular dilemma. Due to a government ordinance,
one may enter unhindered from Germany or another country not qualified as a risk country without having to show a negative corona test or having to go into quarantine.
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

In Slovakia, almost the entire population is tested twice for Sars-CoV-2. At the beginning of the first round of the free mass tests on the weekend, there was a great rush in front of the almost 5,000 acceptance points.
Waiting times of up to three hours had to be expected in the capital Bratislava. On Sunday, the situation in the EU member state with just under 5.5 million inhabitants relaxed to a large extent.
The conservative Prime Minister Igor Matovic had presented the logistical mega-project as an alternative to a hard lockdown: "We have a great opportunity to show Europe and the world that there is another way, without the economy closing and millions of unemployed people."
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LIVE UPDATES | Mexico confirms 6,151 new coronavirus cases
UPDATE: Kazakhstan records over 460 new COVID-19 cases in last 24 hours

MORE: Spanish PM calls for unity amid violent protests against COVID-19 restrictions

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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

The first round of nationwide corona mass tests began in Slovakia on Saturday. Long queues have formed in front of the delivery points since early morning.
According to the city administration, waiting times of one to three hours had to be expected in the capital Bratislava. According to the Ministry of Health, only 91 percent of all test sites across the country could be opened by morning.
Among other things, there was a lack of medical staff, although a bonus payment of 500 euros beckons for use. The Conservative Prime Minister Igor Matovic, who has been in power since March, presented the mass test as an alternative to lockdown:
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Will Slovakia avoid „Czech scenario“?
Health minister #marekkrajčí 16.10. first time publicly compared the second wave COVID-19 trends in Slovakia and Czech republic in a chart showing that Slovakia is following the scenario in Czech republic with a delay of 2~3weeks.: Source:
Trend chart from few days ago (22.10.) was even worse and clearly showing that Slovakia is repeating the Czech scenario: Image
Somewhere here we should be looking for motivation of the government in Slovakia and prime minister #igormatovič to solve the problem of rising second wave of epidemics and dark vision of collapsing health care by unusual way - #masstesting in combination with limited lockdown.
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#Turkey needs to create a new Europe Doctrine. Today, we witness a #European reality that is seemingly homogeneous yet in reality extremely heterogeneous. #EU and European nations are incapable of giving a monoblock response to any regional or global issue, still far from
embodying the principle of political unity, and we face with a European practice in which internal unbalances are adorned with internal fault lines.

When we draw out a general "cluster" map of #Europe currently inside, we see that at least six different "basins" formed:
1. First and formost is the famous "#Paris-#Berlin" line

2. The category of countries in #WesternEurope "administered" jointly by #France and #Germany (#Austria and Benelux countries).

3. #Latin alliance

4. #Visegrad Group based in Central and #EasternEurope
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

In view of the increasing number of new infections with the corona virus, Slovakia wants to offer nationwide test options. Citizens would be able to get tested for free at around 6,000 stations across the country,
said Prime Minister Igor Matovic, according to the Slovakian agency TASR. Children under ten years of age are excluded. At first it was unclear whether the tests would be voluntary or mandatory. The government has ordered around 13,000 million antigen tests,
which it hopes will result in quick results. The action should therefore take place on the next two weekends. The police and the military should help with the implementation. "If we can do that, we will be a role model for the whole world," said Matovic.
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Parliament #Coronavirus #PROTEST

Out of anger over criticism of the government's Corona measures, the President of the Slovak Parliament Boris Kollar has banned all MPs from entering the parliamentary canteen.
From now on, drinking water from the toilet rooms of the house is the only food that will be made available to the 150 parliamentarians, explained the head of the second largest ruling party "We are a family" in a specially convened press conference.
"So that you can see where the constant criticism has led you," the right-wing populist justified his punitive measure. He published a photo of a washbasin in one of the parliamentary toilets on Facebook.
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#Germany #Coronavirus #TRAVELWARNINGS -LIST🚨

The newly designated risk areas (see below "New since the last change") are effective from Saturday, October 17, 2020, at midnight.

New since the last change:

#Finland: the region of Ostrobothnia is a risk area.
#France: it is now all of continental France as well as the French. Martinique overseas territory as a risk area.

#Ireland: the Mid-West, South-West, Mid-East, West and Midlands regions are now also considered risk areas.
#Italy: the regions of Campania and Liguria are considered risk areas.

#Croatia: Grad (city) Zagreb and Međimurska counties are now also considered risk areas.

#Malta: the entire country of Malta is considered a risk area.
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The federal government has declared the entire #Netherlands, the entire #French border area with Germany and, for the first time, regions in #Italy and #Poland to be risk areas with effect from Saturday.
In addition, #Malta and #Slovakia are put on the risk list as well as individual regions in nine other #EU countries, as the Robert Koch Institute announces on its website.

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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

Slovakia has reported a record of new corona infections for the second time in two days. The number of cases registered within 24 hours was 704, the National Health Information Center said on Saturday.
This was the highest since the March pandemic outbreak. The previous maximum value was recorded the day before, it was 679 cases. According to official information, 12,321 people have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 in Slovakia so far. 54 people died in connection with the virus.
Slovakia has around 5.5 million inhabitants. The country is not classified as a risk area by the German Robert Koch Institute.
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus
-Little Threade-

The rapidly increasing number of corona infections in Slovakia has increased the pressure on Health Minister Marek Krajci. He only stays in office because he still feels the support of Prime Minister Igor Matovic.
Otherwise he would be "on the brink" to resign, said the minister on Friday in response to journalists' questions. At the beginning of the week, the medical association had accused him of serious management errors.
Instead of drawing lessons from the first wave of infections in spring and preparing the health facilities for an expected second wave, Krajci's ministry has let the past few months slip by, criticized the medical professional.
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

Due to the recent rapid increase in the number of corona infections, the Slovak government has declared a state of emergency. When the state of emergency comes into force from tomorrow, the authorities will be given extraordinary powers.
For example, they can oblige medical staff to work while on vacation and redistribute urgently needed health supplies regardless of valid orders. The state of emergency is controversial above all because it also allows for a ban on demonstrations and
assemblies as well as further restrictions on the freedom of movement of citizens. For the first time, the emergency in Slovakia already applied during the first corona wave from mid-March to mid-June.
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#Czechia #Slovakia #Coronavirus

The Czech Republic and Slovakia want to declare a state of emergency again due to the increasing number of corona infections.
Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis says on TV channel Nova that his government will hold a special session on Wednesday to declare a state of emergency. He does not initially provide any information on the specific effects and possible tightening of the corona rules.
In the Czech Republic with its 10.7 million inhabitants, the number of infections has recently risen sharply. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the authorities have reported 65,313 confirmed corona cases and 615 infected people have died.
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Final #coronavirus numbers for Sept 26th. The world added 294,650 new #COVID19 infection cases yesterday while losing 5,306 more lives to the virus. Today total to date global #COVID deaths will surpass 1,000,000.
Yesterday #India recorded 89,010 new #COVID19 infection cases while suffering another 1,124 #coronavirus deaths. So far numbers in India continue to slowly ease off albeit from insane heights.
The #USA registered 43,206 new #COVID19 infection cases while another 737 Americans lost their lives to the #coronavirus. Total to date #COVID deaths in the U.S. could pass 210,000 by today and if not tomorrow for sure. #Trump
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#Germany has imposed a mandatory 14 day quarantine on anyone from #Denmark’s capital region, #Copenhagen and surrounding metro area, traveling into Germany. #COVID19
#Denmark is advising against all unnecessary travel to #Iceland as it now exceeds #COVID19 infection criteria. Entry restrictions/quarantine rules now apply for incoming travelers from there.
This is big. #Denmark is now advising against all unnecessary travel to the #UK as it now exceeds #COVID19 infection criteria. Entry restrictions/quarantines now apply for incoming travelers from there.
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#Slovakia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

For the second time in two days, Slovakia is reporting a record for new corona infections. The number of new cases registered within 24 hours was 290, the National Health Information Center said.
This was the highest level since the pandemic broke out in March. The previous maximum value was recorded the day before, it was 235 cases. According to official information, 6546 people in Slovakia have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 so far.
39 people died in connection with the virus. Slovakia has around 5.5 million inhabitants.
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#Slovakia #bratislava #Coronavirus

Due to a data leak in the state health system, the personal data of nearly 400,000 Slovak citizens who had been tested for the virus got unsecured onto the Internet. This was confirmed by the National Center for Health Information NCZI.
The leak has now been repaired, said NCZI boss Peter Bielik. A group of so-called ethical hackers had drawn attention to the mistake. The data included names, dates of birth, addresses, test results, disease courses and other laboratory data.
The public was only informed after the authorities closed the data leak, IT specialist Pavol Luptak told the news portal
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#Slovakia #Czechia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

Slovakia has declared its former sister republic the Czech Republic to be a corona risk country. As Foreign Office State Secretary Martin Klus announced after a meeting of the national Corona crisis team on Monday evening on Facebook,
travelers from the neighboring country will in future have to present a negative Corona test that is not older than 72 hours, or quarantine at least five days at home. The regulation comes into force on Friday.
The Czech Republic and Slovakia were one state until January 1, 1993. To this day there are close economic and family ties between the two countries. For the neighboring countries #Austria and #Hungary, the Commission issued a recommendation to avoid unnecessary travel there.
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