Here at #FairWorkweek hearing with sponsors starting us off strong - @SerenaForCO explains that single parents & working parents are left with a CPS call when they don't have predictable work schedules to pick their kids up

Unstable schedules impact 400k Coloradans #copolitics
@SerenaForCO reminds us corporate lobbyists are out numbering us.

@EmilyForCO "We are here today to address unpredictable hours... which means unpredictable pay... 1/3rd of workers in Colorado who are in the most impacted sectors - couldn't cover an emergency" #copolitics
"we continue to create communities where workers can thrive... studies show that fair scheduling builds trust for employees and employers" #copolitics

"workers who have a say in their schedule are more productive" says @EmilyForCO
@EmilyForCO says "workers deserve to not receive retaliation if they have a scheduling need"

This bill is simple folks, it is really just offering fair and predictable schedules #FairWorkweek #copolitics

Opposing this bill means you really don't like working people.
We are hearing from a worker with Safe Way - who wasn't given time off for their necessary medical appointments - and she constantly had to cancel medical appointments cause she didn't have fair & predictable scheduling

#copolitics her safety concerns were met with retaliation
Jobs Towards Justice is testified in support & now we are hearing from a man who worked at a meat plant, he said "day to day we never knew the amount of meat packing we were required to do - and that depended on whether you are written up or fired"

Predictable schedules now 🔥
@Safeway whats up with your unpredictable schedules?! Sounds like employees can't schedule medical appointments, appointments for their kids and he has examples of employees being unsafe when predictable schedules aren't available

#copolitics FAIR WORK WEEK NOW
@javier_mabrey has a question - "is it unfair to make employers pay for things that are outside their control?"

she answers "it is unfair that a workers who are low income is in charge of taking care of all of that"
Another question is "who are most impacted by this bill" - and she answers "workers of color are assigned more unstable work schedules - non-white workers are 10% more likely to get unstable schedules - so this is fighting back against that legacy"

Amen @JobsForJustice
@RepWeinberg asks about what the percentage is between towns and cities in the state and then he asks how an employee could abuse this system?

How can employees abuse predictable schedules?

Sincerely, what do you mean Rep. We are lost. 💀💀
@ColoradoFiscal Sophie is up next! 🔥"when workers have to jump from job to job - turn over costs are huge. 1/5th of a workers annual earnings equate to the cost of turn over of one employer to a business, workers are more likely to stay in jobs, retainment and boost business" ❣️
@starbucksunion is here! #copolitics as one of our newest #UnionStrong coffee shops in Denver we LOVE that they are here representing!

"our wages have been slashed, we have been under staffed & stripped of benefits" she says
She carries on "this bill would provide a lawyer of protection from corporate greed"

Sharron is next! @mochalaborchic has been a part of union and labor strong communities across Colorado and she asks us to stand #United for 1118 #copolitics
More from @starbucksunion #Workers speaks about intimidation, losing benefits, staff shortages, unlawful termination and taking workers rights away when they tried to organize

"HB23-1118 is deeply connected to the #Labor #movement " 🔥

We agree. This is about #workerjustice
@javier_mabrey asked if there is a cost to this bill and what it will cost to implement?

@ColoradoFiscal says from their studies they have only seen stronger businesses and stronger performances in other states that have passed this bill
@LindseyForCO asks a great question about "if this isbn't harmful to business, why isn't this something they may already be implementing?"

@ColoradoFiscal answers "we need predictable scheduling to make the long term investments & we need ppl centered regulation like this" 🔥🔥
@NaquettaR asks a great question about wages - and @ColoradoFiscal answers with clarity - "wages really only trail inflation, and cost of living, so people are not paid enough to survive in most sectors in Colorado"

Sophie is the labor analyst for CFI & she is killing these Q's
@ColoradoFiscal was asked a question about the perspective from employer and employee - but instead she reminds us, as a retail worker who was called into a shift last minute - it is "really stressful"

The predictability pay will vary from business to business #copolitics
We've got an opposition panel which means they hate #Workers - its the Colorado Restaurant Association (boooooooo)- and they are here to say #Workers DO NOT DESERVE #predictableschdules and #FairWorkweek

We know that a VOTE YES on 1118 is what #voters want & what #Workers need
a huge pet peeve of ours: a guy who works for the restaurant association thinks he can testify on behalf of a single mother... we hope committee members see that #copolitics

How much do the Colorado Restaurant Association pay their lobbyists to keep #Workers from their rights?
The next testifier who is opposition and does not like #workrights says that her employees can easily pick up up a job at any other restaurant - that is easy now a days she says...

we hope committee members see who is testifying and the lies they are making about #workingpeople
@lisa_frizell asks "how many restaurants are independent businesses in Colorado?"

The Colorado Restaurant Association didn't have an initial answer. #patterns #showthedata #opps #itsnotthere
Check out this quote on the Colorado Restaurant Association's website:

"Remember, if you’re not at the table, your business is likely on the legislative menu."

Sounds oddly predatory & maybe misused of a social justice proverb? 🤣 #copolitics

YES ON 1118 ppl.
Next we have @COPApower & @jwjnational among others reminding us 68% of women of color experience unstable work schedules and continuing to not provide #FairWorkweek will perpetuate inequities in our state. #copolitics
has a 14 year experienced server - who speaks about inconsistent scheduling - in 3 weeks she had to go to ER multiple times, she wasn't able to cover her shifts & when she did they weren't approved

Her story shows us why we need #fairworkweek now! #copolitics
We heard from a #worker from @jwjnational who said she doesn't know today if she works next Thursday (in one week) - truly, it is impossible for people who haven't lived the stress of that experience understand

#FairWorkweek is something Coloradans support VOTE YES 🔥
the next testifier is in opposition of the bill and he is a restaurant owner that said on public record "this bill will not impact our business" 🤣👀

You can't make this stuff up ya'll - #workerhate is strong

This bill would not impact restaurants with 250 or less employees
Owners of @McDonalds are here - somehow their charity work throughout the year is supposed to convince us why #Workers shouldn't get a predictable schedule and #FairWorkweek

He says "we are definitely not @Starbucks " 🤣

No McDonalds, no you are not Starbucks. #copolitics
Next we hear from Marcela reading a testimony of a meat packer - who was always expected to be at the factory as late as the factory kept her, she never knew if she could pick up her kid.

These stories are the stories we need @COHouseDem to hear today to pass HB1118 #copolitics
Jade from @cwa7799 ! #copolitics

She reminds us of the wide network of unions that support 1118 - she speaks to being a #worker & how precious family moments, and significant derailments come from unpredictable schedules

"this legislation is the bare minimum" she says
@EanThomasTafoya explains how the rising costs for people is absolutely unfair 🔥

"this is something I see with Latina's in my community - they have less predictable schedules" #copolitics

"this is the year of justice - no excuses - we've sent you here to do this work" 🔥
@javier_mabrey asks the #worker on the panel to share with the committee - after we've heard from opposition - who say #Workers need flexibility - that's why they hate 1118

Marcela says "employers have all the flexibility, we don't buy that" 🔥
@javier_mabrey continues to ask (the actual workers) dose HB23-1118 provide flexibility for workers? Cause opposition is trying to sell 1118 as not flexible.

Worker confirms that 1118 is flexible #copolitics for workers and is the right thing to do
@javier_mabrey asks a great question about the Gap Study - and asks if CSI knows their study may contradict the gap study

#copolitics #advocacy #goodquestions
we heard from @MichaelNeil3481 tonight! He told committee members that this is absolutely a #worker justice bill that impacts our communities and individuals with #disabilities

we know that predictable schedules is something #Workers need - we agree with Michael YES on 1118
@KaylaQFrawley on behalf of herself 5 yrs ago - testified as the new single mom she was 5 years ago - w/ 3 jobs, no affordable child care

"business doesn't know what's best for our families, we do... and us workers are lobbyists now - we are watching who votes no on 1118" 🔥
We want to take this time to thank the incredible #FairWorkweek coalition - this work isn't easy & the #solidarity in all the #Union representation is incredible - these movement make us stronger 🔥

Let's get it straight - good business will like HB23-1118, bad business will not
We missed a couple! Okay back on to opposition - former Senator has a business that would not be impacted (she confirmed she has 24 employees after Rep. Mabrey confirmed that).

I think that is 7 businesses that wouldn't be impacted that decided to make a NO statement lol 💀👀🤣
The only #Workers we saw testify tonight are all in SUPPORT of 1118 - the non-workers are all the oppositional testimony

We know good stakeholdering is important - but, we know #business hates #humanity today cause #FairWorkweek is what #working Coloradans need
This testifier is in opposition and is speaking for their worker

Notice how all testimony in opposition of #fairworkweek who mention worker perspective are employers speaking for their #workers

Not one independent worker came out in opposition of 1118
HB1118 #fairworkweek is laid over for vote - meaning committee members will vote another day - there are amendments and the sponsors want to make sure #workers agree

Thankful to @EmilyForCO & @SenadoraJulie for standing w/ workers today & carrying us forward #copolitics
@UnrollHelper porfis ✨

• • •

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They are very upset about extending a eviction 20 more days for tenants. It is verrrrry inconvenient they say.

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@WoodrowForCO asks the Apartment Association to share data on when evictions are settled or what the additional 20 day extension would really impact.

AA says "I don't think I've put my experience in a spreadsheet"

We are floored with the entitlement. 🔥#copolitics
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@VigilForHD16 gives us a lesson on group level o-zone - "which is a combination of heat and toxins, and they mostly come from oil and gas operations - and then transportation is the next big one" #copolitics

Fantastic point Rep. #ClimateJustice
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