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#Ukrainian Orthodox Church (#moscow Patriarchate) - #Disinformation #Overview Image

‘According to #Archbishop #Evstratiy, a spokesman of the #Ukrainian #Orthodox #Church, the statements of #Patriarch #Kirill are #untrue.
Since the #annexation of #Crimea, the #Moscow #Patriarchate has lost most of its #adherents in #Ukraine.
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‘There is no evidence that the #Azovstal steel plant in #Mariupol hides a "#bio #laboratory" and a #NATO base’

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
“First, #Ukraine it is not currently a member country of #NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization for defense cooperation) and on its territory they are not here therefore NATO #military #bases.
Furthermore, there are no independent sources able to confirm the existence of a base in the basement of the #Azovstal steel plant.”
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“How the #myth of #biolaboratories was born and how it spread in #Ukraine

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
‘Since the early hours, the #Russian #invasion of #Ukraine has spawned a staggering amount of #conspiracy theories. Some point to completely denying the very existence of conflict, arguing that the #dead and #wounded are actually “#actors”;
others try to raise concerns about specific events, such as the #bombing of the #Mariupol #hospital or the #Bucha #massacre; and still others perform a #propaganda function, above all that of the phantom #Ukrainian "#biolaboratories", one of the best known and most widespread.’
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The history of Man Utd is steeped in the cobblestones and the port of that city. It’s connection to the north of England, it’s working class culture and its connections to Ireland. It’s early focus on Europe gave it world wide appeal but fundamentally 1/ 🧵
The Republic of Mancunia has been built on the original drive of Newtown Heath, local business involvement, the Busby babes and the mix of local, national and international that sat at the heart of a it all. A nation state purchasing that is to fracture the very essence of 2/
what the club stands for and means for so many people. An authentic connection. Beyond money that is what the Glazers have been tearing away at. A nation state take over would now destroy it. 3/
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Here at #FairWorkweek hearing with sponsors starting us off strong - @SerenaForCO explains that single parents & working parents are left with a CPS call when they don't have predictable work schedules to pick their kids up

Unstable schedules impact 400k Coloradans #copolitics
@SerenaForCO reminds us corporate lobbyists are out numbering us.

@EmilyForCO "We are here today to address unpredictable hours... which means unpredictable pay... 1/3rd of workers in Colorado who are in the most impacted sectors - couldn't cover an emergency" #copolitics
"we continue to create communities where workers can thrive... studies show that fair scheduling builds trust for employees and employers" #copolitics

"workers who have a say in their schedule are more productive" says @EmilyForCO
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(1/24) The Glazers have decided to not back ETH this January window while the #MUFC faithful are seeing all rivals do the opposite. But in this 🧵 we look into how much #MUFC possible could spend in the summer under the new #FFP rules with #GlazersOut. #BestCaseScenario
(2/24) In this best-case scenario, we assume that the club (a) is cleared from debt, (b) deadwood including Maguire, McTominay, Henderson and AWB are sold for a total of 80m, and (c) #United finish top 4. #BuckleUp
(3/24) I mark the quality of my forecast on a scale from 1-10 depending on available information. In this case, the mark is a 7, since Manchester United plc has published both the annual accounts for 21/22 and the Q1 report for 22/23.
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#LunovaInsurance "#TwitterPlacefor Auto, Home & Business Insurance Company Quotes, Coverage, & Insurance in MA" #findour "agency Lunova Insurance" for all your "local auto insurance broker near me local at our Auto, Home, or Small Business Owners Insurance…
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Lunova Insurance
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"#Marlborough, #findourLunova Insurance Agency's "Cheap Business Auto, Home, & Small Business Insurance, in Marlborough, MA, 01752, #United #States -":… or visit us online at #Local #MarlboroughMA #Insurance"
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🏁_____ 🤴 👸 _____🏁

⭕️ ⬛️🟥⚫️
Rodney Mullen
DaeWON #SONG LZ ImageImage
10/23/2000 (99 00 01)
( #COMMS LEFT IN TIME ) Using the life of NOT A good man, the life of A #GREAT MAN …

#Transition 2 GREATNESS ! ….

Billed Weight—
•67 (58)
•13. 13.

.@taylorswift13, let’s talk about the number 13.
13 is not actually ImageImage
You’re favorite number, you’re favorite number is 2 & 4 (42) (24) …
Let’s talk about the Jersey number 24, #LAKE ..
Let’s talk about The 🖕 MIDDLE #FINGER Award ..
Let’s talk about every photo that I allowed someone to take of me, why do you think I always chose the Bird?
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1) #Russia is not a good country, BUT they are standing against the #WEF. #Ukraine embraces the globalist agenda, which is why America built them up to take on Russia.
2) What we are seeing is the monopolizing of ideas. #Ukraine was a fairly blank slate that we could prop up as a puppet against #Russia. We installed a carefully selected government there just like in Afghanistan, and their leader was our hand-maiden.
3) Ask yourself, why did the noble President of #Afghanistan flee the country leaving his people behind? Because, he was nothing without the #United States. He could not lead them without the help of our influence. He was weak, just like #America wanted him to be.
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I’ve been trying to show everyone for so long, I’m no robot…
I can not say there is no Team, because there is A team & they all are absolutely remarkable human beings … Some may even see them as Geniuses but besides that, EVERYTHING else I have done was done while raising these babies by myself—Literally by myself ..
Baseball, Skating,
Finding time to make the people suffering happy while suffering alongside of them purposely because they’re suffering, finding the time/words to say too the woman I love—Making her feel & know she is loved, finding time to let the children we will have together in the future
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I have A sUrPRISE for You this evening—Stay Tuned … 🎸 🥁 🎤 🎶
Paranoia Is IN BLOOM.

You “Love” what all of you have earned throughout your lives but you will LOVE what is coming even more.
Your blood, sweat & tears put into everything you’ve earned will not be for not— Image
-You will be given back what is rightfully YOURS;
-You will be given back what has been stolen from you;
-You will be given back your soul;
-You will be given back FREE WILL;
-You will be given back your lives;
-You will be given back your FREEDOMs;
-You will LIVE again … ImageImage
GREED has poisoned the Soul of Man, that greed has caused humanity to live with stone hearts—Stone hearts to flesh is what saves the world.
You love what you have earned because you earned it being A slave to A corrupt system that was purposely making it hard for many to truly Image
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#LatAm, #SouthAmerica "there are adversaries who are taking advantage of this region every single day, right in our neighborhood" @Southcom General Laura Richardson told #AspenSecurity

"We need to strengthen our partnerships"
"#China is playing chess, they have a long-term view" per @Southcom's Gen Richardson, noting 21 countries in #LatAm, #SouthAmerica have signed onto the Belt 7 Road Initiative

"These countries are starving for investment..."
Many of these countries will get caught in #China's debt trap - "eventually they either have to pay back or other things they have to give up in terms of their sovereignty" per @Southcom's Gen Richardson
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HAPPENING NOW: @CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie & @USAfricaCommand Cmdr Gen Stephen Townsend testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee

Chairman @SenJackReed opens up talking abt #Iran missile strike in #Irbil #Iraq...
Intro remarks from ranking member @JimInhofe

"#Iran is the foremost threat" in the @CENTCOM region, he says

"Our partners increasingly doubt America's resolve" he adds, blaming what he calls "Pres. Biden's misguided policies"
"The threat posed by #Iran is graver than ever" @CENTCOM's Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie warns in his opening remarks

"#Russia's invasion of #Ukraine moreover has violently demonstrated its willful disregard for int'l norms just have we have seen thru Russia's actions in #Syria
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Everyone is being SHOWN how corruption works/has worked all these years … If someone was apart of “THAT” Club, they were above the law. The entire corrupt system is being exposed, every single day …

Just wait, the fake Pope will be going to Russia soon too ACT something
Important out for the world …

Because of this, people will start burning their bibles & shortly afterwards. someone everyone talks to will make A video speaking to the world, it’ll end up being seen by MILLIONS all over the world & pretty much stops MOST from being brainwashed
Or continuing too be apart of the problem …

Everyone is pretty much being tested, this is the
#FinalExam “…

#VE Already won. .

Everything that is being done, it’s being done in A way that bring people closer to the one person so many chose to not take seriously.
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I started this account on Sept 21.21 hoping my account would inspire some citizens to research #blockchain/DLT.

Today I hit a big milestone of 10K!🎇

United with regulated #DLT research!🤝

No giveaways, no price predictions, no bullshit!

--Quick Thread of Words--
The DLT industry is constantly growing,
Reminder to never stop learning citizens!🌱

I wanted to share my mission board below as it felt great to cross those milestones off!👇

Disclaimer: I am not here to baby step-anyone and
Do NOT provide FA!
Now a big shout out to all those that participate in my network. The ones that RT, utilize my content, leave feedback and share information!

We are creating a community of utility-driven Blockchain DLT enthusiasts!

We are just getting started!🌱
#United #Citizens #DLT #fintech
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Man Narrates How Ghanaian Died At US Airport

An angel investor, Eche Enziga has narrated how a man died at the airport in Washington D.C upon leaving a flight from Ghana.

Sharing the circumstances of the man’s death on Twitter, Enziga accused airline staff of negligence and
alleged that the paramedics failed to attend to the dying man on time.

He said, “(I) just witnessed a Ghanaian man die due to #united negligence on our flight from Accra to D.C.

“Our flight lands in D.C. As we get off the plane, we notice a commotion on the walkway, a man has
collapsed and is gasping for air, struggling to breathe. Airport staff and United personnel are standing around frozen to the spot. Nobody was helping this man.

“I walked over to the man and noticed he had passed out. I started applying pressure to his chest area.
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🧵I’m both heartened and worried after just coming back from #Kyiv 🇺🇦, where @gmfus @ua_boell delegation, which I had a honor to lead, meet with key government officials, opposition, think tanks, and civil society. Here are few observations from the past days 👇
There is ZERO desire among Ukrainians to give in to Russian demands. They are determined and defiant. I don’t know what Putin is thinking, but the Ukrainian people are not going to accept a Moscow puppet government in Kyiv. If Putin’s decide to attack, Ukraine will make him pay.
Ukraine will fight, if need be. They don’t expect the West to do it for them - but they rightly expect help - both politically and when it comes to #weapons. Frustration with the #West in #Kyiv varies from moderate to extremely high.
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NCRB - National #Crime Records Bureau releases data on crimes every year. The data tells a dark tale of crimes against #women. The dignity of women is non negotiable. The #Constitution of #India guarantees Right to #Life and Personal #Liberty to all #Indians. Image
Recently released figures by the National Crime Records Bureau show that an average of 93 rapes takes place every single day. #RaiseVoiceAgainstRapes Image
Our hon'ble Courts have held that Rape is a crime against the basic postulates of human rights and is an unlawful intrusion onto the right to privacy and sanctity of a female as guaranteed under Article 21 of the #ConstitutionofIndia Image
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I had the opportunity during the past couple of days to have lengthy chats with both #United and #Southwest pilots. So this is both a bit of an explainer for what happened with Southwest’s weekend from hell as well as corporate #VaccineMandates writ large.
Southwest has had just as many problems restaffing since May as the other carriers. (Note: the airline w the worst record on this is American. They sold tickets as if everything was going to be normal, but failed to staff to meet demand. The worst seems to be behind them now)
Southwest always runs a lean ship. They have very few extra crews to step in when there is a problem. They also count on crews picking up extra shifts, because oftentimes pilot earns double pay. #NiceIfYouCanGetIt
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1/4 #CliffNotes-#PlsRetweet
Suggested Cheat Sheet/Voting Guide4 #Austinites who WANT to #SAVEAUSTIN NOW!
#AustinCityCouncil ordered special elections & agreed on ballot language for eight propositions. #Elections will take place May 1, 2021. Choices: either For/Against.#share/#RT
Time act is NOW to #SaveAustin...pls #share/#RT in all platforms.
#GODBlessAustin #AustinStrong
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Rick Feiock victimized students for 3 decades. As his latest victim said “I was scared. I didn’t know what to do...I haven’t told anyone because it’s very hard and I couldn’t tell them because I didn’t feel that I had anyone to protect me.” #MeToo…
“Feiock had been investigated for sexual misconduct before. In 1991 and 2005, he was counseled and the behavior was documented in an annual performance evaluation.”
“When the new allegations surfaced in January 2020, Berry looked for reports made of his conduct in 1991, 2005 and 2018 only to discover that his personnel file had been wiped clean, according to the report... the reports had been cleansed”
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March Newsletter

Dear Friends,
"And #pray in the Spirit on all occasions, with all kinds of #prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on #praying for all of the Lord's people" (Ephesians 6:18 NIV).
You will notice the first half of this scripture refers to all kinds of #prayers (Moffatt's translation - "all manner", Berean Study Bible - "every kind of prayer"). That lets you know there are certainly different types of #prayer which may be used in different situations.
Some #prayers in the scriptures include the ff:
🙏🏾 #Prayer of #Faith - Matt.21:21-22, Mark 11:24
🙏🏾 #Prayer of #Intercession - Ezekiel 22:30, Rom 8:26
🙏🏾 #Prayer of #Praise and #Worship - Acts 13:1-4, Acts 16:25
🙏🏾 #Prayer of #Commitment - Ps 37:5, 1Peter 5:7, Phil 4:6
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TurnTurnTurn music video

Shock the Monkey

"I caught the swamp. I caught them all."
N0th!ng can st0p what is c0m!ng
The best is yet to c0me
TurnTurnTurn music video

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

RIP @CharlieDaniels
@LLinWood @SidneyPowell1 @RudyGiuliani @JennaEllisEsq @GenFlynn
V0ter Fr@ud
Election Fr@ud

Credit to @Apoctoz for the awesome final scene
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I’m already crying. Didn’t expect that “We the people” would get me started. #DemocraticConvention #DemConvention #Democrats
Star spangled banner worth every state, kids of all different colors - Ely is now crying too. #DemConvention
This diversity?! It’s WHO WE ARE. Respecting & honoring our differences makes us stronger. #United #DemocraticConvention
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