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Reminder: John Kelly's public comments are meant to keep Trump from limiting his ability to contain him. Nothing more.
It is neither accurate nor helpful to rip Kelly for saying things that keep Trump from pushing him out of the chain of command.
Our worst case scenario isn't a John Kelly saying things we don't like. It's a President Trump with no adults around him.
Someday, we will hear the truth about what John Kelly stomached to protect this country.
Until then, ease up on bashing a guy who has to do objectionable things to keep Trump from doing things that are even worse.
If you'd rather Trump was left alone with the likes of Kellyann Conway and Stephen Miller, go after John Kelly, Mattis, McMaster, et al.
If you'd rather the guy who could start a war was surrounded by men who know what hell war truly is, grit your teeth and carry on.
I'd take a thousand empty statements for Trump's consumption over even one day with no adults in the room. <end>
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