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Trump v Mueller (Cont.)

30Oct17: Two indictments and a guilty plea. The day after.

Brought to you by: Trump-Russia.

[New Thread]
1. Part 1 of Trump-Russia Thread:

17May17 (Mueller appointment) thru
30Oct17 (Indictments/Guilty Plea).
2. Updated Mar—Sep 2016 Timeline of Trump Campaign (critical period of Kremlin outreach).

1/3: Mar—27Apr Mayflower Hotel Speech.
3. [Cont] Updated Mar—Sep 2016 Trump-Russia Timeline:

2/3: Apr16 Dem contract w/ FusionGPS—7Jul16 Kilimnik-Manafort emails about Deripaska.
4. [Cont] Updated Mar—Sep 2016 Trump-Russia Timeline:

3/3: 11Jun GOP platform change—Sep Papadopoulos email to Epshteyn about Millian mtg.
5. Missing link in otherwise good Trump-Russia reporting: Rick Dearborn.

See Tweet 2 above—Early Apr16 in timeline.
6. Big: sources say Mueller has evidence to indict Michael Flynn (lobbying work, lying to FBI, concealing funds).
7. Veselnitskaya saying Trump Jr hinted in Trump Tower to review Magnitsky Act ISN'T legal quid pro quo.

She actually helped Trump Jr.
8. Albeit thru inadmissible stmts, Veselnitskaya corroborates Rinat Akhmetshin (who met w/ Mueller). 2/2.
9. Alexandria, Virginia court releases audio of George Papadopoulos arraignment.

Take-away: Mueller rushed to arrest Papadop & get him back on the street ASAP—before other suspects noticed he was missing.
10. Blockbuster: Flynn offered $15 million "grab fee" to secretly push for Gülen extradition (US greencard resident) to Turkey while in the White House.

AFTER inauguration, someone in the White House asked the FBI to review Gülen case; FBI denied request.
11. Mueller investigating 20Sep16 DC mtg btw Rep Dana Rohrabacher—1st Congressman in probe—& Flynn, Bijan Kian, Brian McCauley, & Michael G. Flynn (Flynn Intel Group).

Not to be confused w/ Mueller probe into Michael Flynn mtgs w/ Turkish officials re: Gülen (19Sep16, Dec16).
12. Strong implication in story of Papadopoulos relaying msgs to Stephen Miller re Russia contacts:

1. Mueller​ has evidence proving Miller lied to fed investigators about having no knowledge of Hillary/DNC hack before public release.

2. Papadop can contradict Miller's denial.
13. FBI & other agencies are investigating more than 60 Russian payments wired from the Russian Foreign Ministry (Moscow) to Russian embassies in NYC, DC, & ~60 foreign countries btw 3Aug & 20Sep 2016.

Most wire transfers referenced "financing 2016 election" on the memo line.
14. 60 Russian payments to Russian embassies (including New York & Washington DC) sounds familiar...

Steele Dossier, pg 7.

"Mechanism...pension disbursements to Russian émigrés living in US as cover, using consular officials in New York, DC, & Miami."
15. Christopher Steele, Dec 2016: Follow the sex & the money.

a. Check real estate value against bank loans (collateral)—Dmitry Rybolovlev-Trump Palm Beach mansion sale ($84 million profit: 2008).

b. Trump's relationships w/ women is "an interesting line of inquiry."
16. Mueller issued a subpoena to more than a dozen top Trump campaign officials for Russia-related documents & emails in mid-Oct.

Mueller's 1st official order to the Trump Campaign regarding Trump-Russia.

17. Remember when a NYT's reporter overheard Trump's lawyers argue in a DC steakhouse about how forthcoming & cooperative to be w/ Mueller in order to avoid subpoenas?

Mueller must have read that story...

A month later, he issued subpoenas.
18. Trump lawyers pretty sure Flynn is ready to sing like a canary to Mueller—he's worried openly abt son's criminal exposure.

Ending std prac info-sharing agreement precedes witness cooperation.

FYI: "flipping" isn't set in stone—deals can fall apart.
19. Mueller meeting w/ Jared Kushner to "make sure Kushner doesn't have information that *exonerates* Flynn"—tells us Kushner himself is in the cross-hairs if Flynn becomes a cooperating witness ("flips").
20. Mueller is asking Kushner if he has info exonerating Flynn because if Kushner became a defendant, he would have the right to cross-examine (Sixth Amendment) the cooperating witness (Flynn).

Any bias the defendant can show on Flynn's part undermines Mueller's case.
21. Michael Flynn is now 4th person charged in Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation.

1 Paul Manafort—30Oct17
2 Robert Gates—30Oct17
3 George Papadopoulos—5Oct17
4 Michael Flynn—1Dec17

Flynn is pleading guilty to lying to FBI on 24Jan17 abt his talks w/ Russian Amb Kislyak.
22. Flynn pleads guilty as part of a definitive Plea Deal—not because of a grand jury indictment.

Mueller submitted an "Information Filing" to court; meaning Flynn allocutes to lying to FBI.

It's a minimum charge & means Flynn already gave some info & is a cooperating witness.
23. According to sources, Michael G. Flynn (Flynn Jr), will also be indicted. May or may not be today, but Flynn's son will be charged.

Flynn Jr. worked closely w/ his father at Flynn Intel Group & the presidential transition. He was often w/ Flynn during the campaign.
24. Why did Flynn lie to FBI about asking Kislyak (22Dec16) to delay/defeat UN Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements THAT TRUMP HIMSELF TWEETED ABOUT?

Maybe because it hints at an ongoing relationship w/ Russia that he wanted to keep secret.
25. 29Dec16—Flynn called unnamed "senior Presidential Transition Team official" at Mar-a-Lago, then discussed Kislyak/sanctions w/ all officials present.

W/ Trump at Mar-a-Lago
- Bannon​
- Conway
- McFarland
- Miller
- Priebus
- Trump Jr
- ?

* Kushner—Hawaii
* Pence—Indiana
26. Trump-Russia collusion case Mueller is building revolves around WHY Flynn lied to FBI about sanctions.

Reasons to lie:

a. Return payment (Quo) for Russian assistance in US election/business investment/etc (Quid).

b. Blackmail.

Personal gain or threat—that's all there is.
27. Obstruction of Justice Timeline
12/29—Flynn-Kislyak talk sanctions
1/24—Flynn lies to FBI
1/26—Yates warns WH; Trump briefed on Flynn
1/27—Trump➡️Comey: loyalty ask
1/30—Yates fired
2/13—Flynn fired
2/14—Trump➡️Comey: let Flynn go
5/9—Flynn subpoenaed; Comey fired
28. KT McFarland is the senior Transition Team official Flynn first called at Mar-a-Lago to discuss talks w/ Kislyak/Russian sanctions.

McFarland sacked from WH NSC (Apr16); Trump nominated her to be ambassador to Singapore—awaiting senate confirmation. 
29. KT McFarland joined presidential transition team in late Nov16.

After Flynn fired (13Feb), McMaster took over as NatSec Advisor & removed Flynn allies from NSC: Bannon (5Apr), McFarland (9Apr), & Ezra Cohen-Watnick (2Aug).
30. After Mueller reviews Trump & Kushner Deutsche Bank business & transaction records—subpoenaed a few weeks ago—Mueller will need to subpoena Rosemary Vrablic to verify real estate lending & money flows.

Vrablic is Trump's private banker at Deutsche.
31. Source w/ inside knowledge of Mueller investigation says Mueller subpoenas are aimed at ferreting out whether Deutsche Bank sold Trump’s loans to US-sanctioned Russian banks.
32. At least one White House source says WH Counsel Don McGahn *warned Trump* that Flynn possibly lied to the FBI & violated the Logan Act in early Jan 2017—weeks *before* Sally Yates told them the same news on 26Jan17.

33. Two TrumpRussia stories in less than 12 hours: Bannon & FusionGPS.

1. Both confirm legitimacy of Mueller investigation.

2. Both confirm money laundering is the tit-for-tat in TrumpRussia election meddling collusion.
34. Bomb Cyclone, indeed.

James Comey's testimony that Trump pressured him to drop the Russia Investigation?...


White House Deputy Counsel Uttam Dhillon mislead Trump about the President's authority to fire Comey w/o cause (he can)—that's how worried they were.
35. Not to be overlooked in NYT story re: Trump, Comey, & Sessions...

White House told NYT unreleased letter firing Comey didn't reference Russia or FBI probe.

Turns out, letter not only cited Russia probe—it was in the 1st sentence!

Why lie? Letter shows intent to Obstruct.
36. Wow. Too many money laundering red flags for Mueller & Schneiderman to ignore.

-Since 1980, 1 in 5 of Trump's US condominiums were secret, cash-only purchases.

-1,300 purchased by shell companies—not people—w/o a mortgage to avoid bank questions.
37. So... that's a lot of all-cash Trump condo sales to shell companies &/or potential money laundering...

It's the exact transaction type FinCEN (Treasure Dept's Financial Crime Unit) warned the real estate industry they flag for suspicious activity.
38. Mueller is giving Bannon option to forgo grand jury subpoena (last wk) if he agrees to private interview w/ special prosecutors.

Same option not offered to other witnesses.

Gifts Bannon legal cover to talk abt multiple open-ended subjects under guise of compelled testimony.
39. McClatchy story on FBI investigating if Russian money went to NRA to elect Trump makes big claim: Using foreign money to influence US elections is *illegal.*

Factually true, but not how foreign influence works anymore.👇
40. Secondly, no doubt FBI counterintelligence tracked Torshin activities in US. But criminal case for Mueller runs through US orgs passing Russian dark money to NRA Institute for Legislative Action & American Conservative Union (501c's).
41. As such, Criminal target for Mueller tracking Russian money is via legal (yes, legal) donors to NRA & ACU (CPAC organizers).

Starts w/ Torshin but snags Paul Erickson—owner of Investing with Dignity LLC & US agent of Maria Butina corp, Bridges LLC (both in South Dakota)—
42. As well as...
—Becky Norton Dunlop (ACU Board of Dir, VP at Heritage Fdn, & Trump Transition Team).
—Paul Keene (Fmr NRA President).
—G. Kline Preston IV (Nashville attorney).

Also of interest:
—Sheriff David Clarke.
—Rep Rohrabacher (CA-48).
—Rep Massie (KY-04).
43. Few details, but Deutsche Bank is forwarding newly discovered red-flagged transactions involving Jared Kushner to Mueller.

Note: Although no source background is cited (Bank or German gov), Handelsblatt is a reputable German business newspaper.
44. New—Mueller interviewed secret White House visitor George Nader at least twice.

Nader is a name-dropping Bannon assoc w/ a mysterious job who claims connections to Prince Zayed of Abu Dhabi that no one can verify.

Kushner stopped mtg him: too fishy.
45. Fishy move given Sessions' pressure on DirFBI Wray to purge Comey aides: Boente tapped for FBI Gen Counsel.

Boente is key witness for corroborating Comey testimony.

As Dist Atty for EDVA & Head of DOJ NatSec Div, Boente knows where bodies are buried.
46. Although Yates warned White House month prior that Flynn lied & was risk for blackmail, Kellyanne Conway (then Senior Trump Advisor) said Flynn continued to sit w/ Trump on leader calls & intel briefs up to the very day he resigned: 13Feb17
47. I'm not convinced story of Flynn concealing FBI interview from White House is ironclad, but... That truth doesn't matter now.

The same day (2Dec17) McGahn told Mueller White House 1st learned abt Flynn via Yates, Flynn was charged.

Easy Obstruction charge is off the table.
48. On 13Jun17, Trump confidant @ChrisRuddyNMX told PBS Mueller had "real conflicts" as special counsel.

Lying to public isn't a crime. But if Trump encouraged turning public against Mueller, that's substantive Obstruction.

And that's a crime.
49. "*IF* there were some reason to [fire Mueller]...there would be holy hell to pay."
—Senator Lindsey Graham, 30Oct17. The day Manafort & Gates were indicted by Mueller.

"I have zero concern Mueller is in jeopardy of losing his job. I see no reason for him to be dismissed..."
50. Today's news Trump ORDERED McGahn to fire Mueller doesn't replace Comey firing as Exhibit A for Obstruction. ("Ordered" is a loaded word, that's why NYT found 4 sources).

1st story revealing Mueller investigating Obstruction was allll Comey (14Jun17).
51. Trump stmts to DOJ/FBI Russia probe officials...

a. Comey—Jan17: "I need loyalty. I expect loyalty."
*Comey fired.

b. McCabe—May17: "Who'd you vote for?"
*McCabe retires.

c. Rosenstein—Dec17: "You on my team? Where's Russia probe heading?"
***Doesn't look good***

52. Hope Hicks telling Trump & Mark Corallo that emails from Trump Jr chasing Russians for dirt on Hillary “will never get out” reminds me of Sep17 story of reporter overhearing Trump's lawyers say "[McGahn] has a couple documents locked in a safe."
53. Lawyers for Rick Gates:
❌ Walter Mack
❌ Shanlon Wu
❌ Annemarie McAvoy
✔️ Tom Green

Probably fair to label Tom Green's experience cutting deals w/ Fed Prosecutors as "extensive."
—Keating Five
—[Many more...]

*Green visited Mueller two weeks ago.
54. [Leaked after Nunes memo release] 4 diff judges OK'd Page FISA/extensions➡️harder for TrumpRussia defendants to claim FISA affidavit was improperly obtained.

Memo will definitely be used in pre-trial motion to suppress evidence (all of it) via FISA.
55. If the Nunes Memo is nothing but a political hit-job banging the drum for a shakey thesis half supported & half hobbled by cherry-picked intelligence & material omissions of fact, the Page FISA is more than enough.

So why the section on Papadopoulos?
56. Likely reason is that accusations against Steele Dossier & FBI/DOJ in Page FISA are just contextual support for *primary* target of the Nunes memo—evidence obtained from Papadopoulos.
57. With 80% of memo devoted to alleged omissions & misuse of Steele Dossier in Carter Page FISA affidavit, the focus on FBI/DOJ drama is understandable, but inconsequential: a red herring.

Criminal indictments from Page FISA are already compromised.
58. Reminder: Papadop triggered his own counterintelligence investigation (Jul16)—& likely his own FISA warrant—when he told an Australian diplomat in London (May16) Russia had dirt on Clinton.

That's not in the Steele Dossier.
59. Memo insinuates Papadop evidence in Page FISA is suspect. Combined w/ mention of Strzok texts, it could be what it looks like (desperate), but Schiff's strong pushback on release gives me pause.

Hail Mary or not, a Motion to Suppress Evidence from Papadop CI is coming.
60. Not a notarized confession, but looks like a trend...

—Jun 2008: Carter Page claimed he worked for Gazprom (cable to State Dept).

—Jun 2013: FBI alert Page Russian Intel is working to recruit him.

—Aug 2013: Page claims he's "informal advisor to staff of Kremlin."
2016 Papadop redefines Nunes memo—

💥Late May: Papadopoulos tells Australian diplomat Russia has Clinton emails.

Jun: FuGPS hires Steele.

5Jul: 1st Steele-FBI mtg.

💥Late Jul: After Wikileaks-DNC (26Jul), Aus shares Papadop Intel—FBI opens case on him.
61. Mueller's 5 Investigative Buckets.

1. Businesses & Money Laundering
✅ 2 indictments (Manafort/Gates).

2. Russian Info Ops.

3. Russian Hacking.

4. Russia-Trump Campaign contacts.
✔️ 2 guilty pleas (Flynn/Papadopoulos).

5. Obstruction of Justice.
62. Rachel Brand replacements...

—If Trump uses line of succession:
US Attorneys
1. John Bruce
2. John Parker
(Boente ineligible)

—Possibles (DOJ Assistant AG's):
Makan Delrahim
Beth Ann Williams
Steven Engel
Stephen Boyd

SolGen Noel Francisco
Mueller Grand Jury for District of Columbia indicts 13 Russian nationals at Russia-based Internet Research Agency for improperly influencing 2016 US election.

—Traveled to US w/ fake visas/IDs & disguised $1.5 million on servers, political ads.

—Contact w/ Texas grassroots org.
63. Russian conspirators posed as real, Pro-Trump Americans using fake IDs.

One nugget: they fraudulently paid (via fake emails/accounts) Americans to wear Hillary impersonator costumes.

Example👇from Oct16 Trump rally in Florida.

Read indictment:
64. Btwn 18-20Aug16, Russians emailed & Facebook messaged 3 Trump campaign officials using fake email/FB acct (joshhamilton024@gmail.com; Matt Skiber FB).

Contacts encouraged by American Chair for Trump Campaign in unnamed Florida County (15Aug16) & Florida for Trump FB Acct.
65. 3rd Cooperating Witness for Mueller (4 w/ Rick Gates in the wings).

Richard Pinedo, Santa Paula, CA. Owns online Auction Essistance (clever); sold bank accts/fake identities to Russians—2014 to Dec 2017.

2Feb18: charged. 12Feb18: pled guilty & signed cooperating agreement.
66. Legal value of Conspiracy charge against 13 Russians (Internet Research Agency) for Mueller:

—Gov need only show Trump Org/campaign officials committed at least one overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. United States v.
Ballistrea, 101 F.3d 827, 832 (2d Cir. 1996).
67. On 13Sep17—if not planted disinformation—Russian conspirator emails: "FBI busted our activity (not a joke)."

Indictment cites 1st report (6Sep) of Russia-based Internet Research Agency (bot/troll farm) buying Facebook political ads.

...Other headlines from 12-13Sep17?

68. Headlines from 11-13Sep17 that Russians might notice...

—Andrew Feinberg gave FBI 1,000s of Sputnik emails/docs.

—FBI probing Flynn Jr.

—Mueller focused on Facebook/Twitter.

—Mueller starts getting Trump campaign docs.

—FBI expands Clinton email grand jury subpoenas.
69. Revealed in Russian conspiracy indictment today:

—Russians worked to elect Trump ON US SOIL.
—"They paid in rubles" AND dollars.
—Influence ramped up 1Jun16.
—Trump campaign officials AND grassroots helped (wittingly? TBD).
—Russians helped anti-Trump rallies AFTER election.
70. Mueller office confirms Alex Van der Zwaan plea (Skadden, Arps, London) is about Manafort.

Van der Zwaan:
1. Tried to hide secretly recorded conversation w/ Rick Gates & Unnamed Person A (Sep16).
2. Deleted emails Mueller asked for, including email w/ Person A in Sep16.
71. Lawyer Alex Van der Zwaan (Dutch citizen) was middle-man for research report fmr Ukrainian President Yanukovych paid w/ embezzled funds to Skadden Arps (law firm).

Who arranged payment? Manafort.

Lawyers facilitate int'l money laundering because attorney-client privilege.
72. Fmr Ukrainian President Yanukovych, via his Justice Minister Lavrynovych, moved $1.1 million in embezzled funds through Manafort to Van der Zwaan at Skadden Arps.

Skadden refunded $567,000 to Ukraine in June 2017.

That leaves $533,000 for Manafort to account for.
73. Mueller investigation is the Usain Bolt of Special Investigations.

Most don't file any charges.

Of those that do (see pic), charges trickle out over years...

Mueller has already charged 18. Which means more are coming.
74. Key point from new Mueller superceding indictment:

—Alleged Manafort & Gates crimes overlap w/ when they worked on Trump campaign/transition.

Both join cmpgn 29Mar16; Manafort fired 19Aug16; Gates stays thru transition Jan17.

See: Counts 26/28 to 32—Bank Fraud Conspiracy.
75. Unnamed Congressman revealed in Rick Gates Statement of Offense—to which Gates, per Plea Agreement, will provide allocution—is Rep Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48).

Rohrabacher knowingly violated 52 USC § 30121: accepting straw donor contributions from Russia-backed Ukraine 19Mar13.
76. Office of Congressional Ethics complaint (4Jul17)

March 2013: Reps Royce (retiring 2018) & Rohrabacher knowingly took undisclosed contributions from Pro-Russia Ukraine via Manafort & Lobbyists (Mercury LLC).

Criminal violations
52 USC § 30122/30122.
77. "Members of Congress" in Manafort Superceding Indictment (Paragraph 23) are Rep Dana Rohrabacher CA-48 & Rep Ed Royce CA-39.

Both implicated in same Pro-Russia Ukraine straw donor scheme w/ Manafort & Mercury LLC (Company A). See Rick Gates Statement of Offense, Par. 16.
78. Status Update

✔️Guilty 5Oct17: Papadopoulos

✔️Guilty 1Dec17: Flynn
Campaign/White House

✔️Guilty 12Feb18: Pinedo
Russian Facilitator

✔️Guilty 20Feb18: van der Zwaan
Manafort Subcontractor

✔️Guilty 23Feb18: Gates
Dep Campaign Mgr/Manafort Assoc
79. Mueller enters motion to essentially drop all Eastern District of Virginia (Alexandria) Grand Jury charges (tax & bank fraud) against Rick Gates filed 22Feb18 as part of apparent cooperating witness plea deal.
80. If Mueller is asking witnesses what Trump knew & when he knew it, he already knows some of the answers.

Mueller asking about:

Stolen Emails
—"Russia, if you're listening..."

Wikileaks coordination
—"I love Wikileaks!"

Roger Stone-Assange
—"Podesta's time in the barrel."
81. Paul Manafort's busy morning in DC Federal Court

—Gets his trial date: 17Sep18.
—Stays awake while Judge reads dozens of new money laundering charges.
—Pleads "not guilty."
—Absorbs angry bench-slap from judge over his public statement about Gates' plea deal last week.
82. So basically, when asked about a meeting they both attended, Josh Raffel told Mueller the truth and Hope Hicks told Mueller... the opposite of that.
83. Mueller issued subpoena last month for all emails/texts/notes/etc sent & rec'd (1Nov2015 to Today) from unnamed "Witness" and...

Carter Page
Corey Lewandowski
Donald J. Trump
Hope Hicks
Keith Schiller
Michael Cohen
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates
Roger Stone
Steve Bannon
84. Haha, Sam Nunberg outting himself live on MSNBC w/ Katy Tur right now: "I refuse to comply w/ Mueller subpoena. Why do I have to spend hours pouring over emails, where me & Roger Stone say bad things about people!?"

2 Aug 2015: Lewandowski fired Nunberg from Trump campaign.
85. Sam Nunberg, MSNBC today:

—"Trump may very well have done something during the election... I don't know."

—"I don't want to testify against Roger Stone, my mentor!"

—Hey Katy [Tur], waddaya think Mueller is gonna do to me?"

*Bannon/Stone mentioned more than once.
86. Only some Persons named in Sam Nunberg subpoena for his communications are relevant (Bannon/Stone/Hicks/etc), the rest are a smokescreen (Lewandowski/Page).

But Start Date is very relevant: 1Nov2015. Candidate Trump signed Letter of Intent for Trump Tower Moscow on 28Oct15.
87. Erik Prince told everyone at Seychelles mtg (Jan 2017) that Trump *authorized* him to seek Russian back-channel (according to Emiratis/Europeans involved, WaPo, 3Apr17).

—Prince denies that. I'm guessing George Nader does not.
88. Erik Prince confirms meeting Kirill Dmitriev—CEO of Russia Direct Investment Fund (state-owned)—in the Seychelles Jan 2017.

RDIF is under US/EU sanctions for Crimea, but Prince-Dmitriev mtg isn't a violation.

*So why did Prince hide mtg from Feds?
89. Mueller issues first document subpoena for Trump Organization business records.

Until now Trump Org complied w/ document requests voluntarily.

Ball is on Trump's side of the "red line."

PS: There is no 5th amendment privilege for document subpoenas.
90. Businesses—like Trump Org—have no 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. (Braswell v US, Supreme Court, 1988👇).

Only caveat: prosecutors must describe docs w/ "reasonable particularity"—If Mueller has weaknesses, particularity ain't one.
91. *Lack of Candor is a fireable offense at FBI; in the White House? Not so much (Duh).

Andrew McCabe stmt—“This is part of an effort to discredit me as a witness [to Trump's Obstruction of Justice for Comey firing]."

*Too little Candor w/ IG abt his too much Candor w/ WSJ.
92. Mueller has taken over investigation into Guccifer 2.0, brought FBI agents who worked case onto his team.

Russian military intelligence (GRU) didn't *direct* DNC/DCCC cyber theft through civilian hackers, they *ran* it. Guccifer is a GRU officer.
93. The nexus of Stormy Daniels & Mueller is Michael Cohen.

If DOJ & Rosenstein OK'd charging Paul Manafort w/ crimes not directly related to Russia, it's even easier to charge Michael Cohen—who is already being examined for 2015 Russian real estate deals.
94. Condensed reasons for Biglaw avoiding Trump like the plague:
1. He hurts current business.
2. He hurts future business.
3. He doesn't pay.
4. He actually did it.
5. He WANTS to tell Mueller he did it.
95. Question–How "the heck" does Russia probe relate to SDNY no-knock FBI seizure of records kept by Michael Cohen on Access Hollywood tape & other items?

Answer—Directly. Wikileaks released Russia-hacked Podesta emails 29 mins after tape.
96. Prosecutor's Fallacy aside, simultaneity of Access Hollywood & Podesta emails went from coincidental to probative the moment communications btwn Trump surrogates & Russia (or agents of) were revealed to be a trend kept under wraps.
97. Well well well...

Michael Cohen. Prague. August or early September 2016. Via Germany. Just like Steele Dossier claimed. No passport stamp inside Schengen Area.

Cohen was in Italy late July, early August 2016.
98. Veselnitskaya, in her own words: “I am a lawyer, and I am an informant. Since 2013, I have been actively communicating with the office of the Russian Prosecutor-General [Yuri Chaika].”

99. Long & short for Mueller:

a. Putin knew abt Trump Tower meeting (9Jun16) in real-time—Potential blackmail.

b. Goldstone DID NOT misrepresent Kremlin-Veselnitskaya connection to "useful idiot" Trump Jr BEFORE meeting.

c. Trump Air Force One stmt ➡️ Intent to Obstruct.
100. Given Veselnitskaya "I am an informant" news—what did Candidate Trump know?

✔️ Jr called blocked number before confirming 2016 Trump Tower mtg.

✔️ Jr testified he called President Trump on blocked nbr when mtg story broke 2017.

⁉️ Trump has *blocked* phone number.
101. Given that companies paid Michael Cohen for insight/access to Trump, we can safely assume Cohen didn't deliver a Ukrainian "peace plan" to Michael Flynn's White House desk out of the goodness of his heart.

Mueller wants to know if Artemenko paid him.
102. Americans conspiring w/ random Russians is small fry.

Mueller is building towards something bigger by indicting Russian GRU officials first...

He's going to eventually show Americans conspiring w/ Russian *Government.*

We knew who Guccifer & DCLeaks were in 2016.
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