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Q—"Why does POTUS surround himself w/generals?" 1) They are experts in strategy. 2) Marines are deployable at POTUS discretion without Congress approval. 3) The specific generals that Trump selected are not involved with the political swamp that he intends to drain. #QAnon
Q—"What is military intelligence?" Strict chain of command & rules for engagement. A discipline using data collection and analysis approaches providing guidance to commanders in support of their decisions. Leakers tried in Military courts. #QAnon
Q—"Why go around the 3 letter agencies?" They have been infiltrated by bad actors who are not acting in the interest of the US. 3 letter agencies have civilian staff, more secrecy, politically motivated missions, too much leaking and too much input from swamp politicians. #QAnon
Q—"POTUS knew removing criminal rogue elements as a first step was essential to free and pass legislation." Everything POTUS is doing to drain the swamp is legal because the swamp formerly made it legal for it's own nefarious purposes. #QAnon
Q—"They never believed for a moment they (Democrats and Republicans) would lose control." They never thought they would lose the Executive Office, and when they did, it was an immediate declaration of ωAя between the Patriotic Factions of the US Government and the šωαmp. #QAnon
Q—"They never believed for a moment they (Democrats and Republicans) would lose control." They thought they had a handle on it all. They thought all their bases were covered. They underestimated the spirit of freedom in the human soul. #QAnon
Q—"Priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the America First agenda." ρσтυѕ, now leader of a loyal US Military, is focused on bringing justice to those carelessly abusing it. People will be outraged at their crimes & stand behind an ethical government. #QAnon
Q—"It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the υяαηιυм ѕ¢αη∂αℓ." Rod Rosenstein, DOJ & "Bob" Mueller former ғвι Director. Bob actually made the delivery of the sample yellow caĸe υяαηιυм to the Яцšsїaи representative of the buyer? #QAnon
Q—"Why did poтυѕ meet Bob under the cover of ғвι Dir interview?" Bob Mueller was given the option to investigate and prosecute ¢яιмιηαℓѕ in the government in return for leniency or to be immediately αяяєѕтє∂ and prosecuted for his ¢яιмєѕ including тreaѕon against the US? #QAnon
Q—"poтυѕ has everything." ƝƧĄ has all electronic communications over the past decade stored on a vast expanse of drives: ḕṼḕṙẏ phone call, ḕṼḕṙẏ email (including Hillary Clinton's). poтυѕ also has access to all levels of classified information. #QAnon
Q—"Not everyone is cØяяÜρт (fewer than you think)." Decent Patriots still outnumber the cØяяÜρт€Ð єνιℓ∂σєяѕ and ¢нαяℓαтαηѕ. #QAnon
Q—"poтυѕ is 100% insulated - any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false." TRUMP hasn't violated any laws or ethical rules. He has powerful friends & means of protection. He allows a public perception that he is a target for ιмρєα¢нмєηт, αѕѕαѕѕιηαтιση #QAnon
Q—"What SC decision opened the door for a sitting President to activate - what must be showed?" Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: Although the ruling was a defeat for the government in this specific case, it ostensibly confirms presidential powers to form мιℓιтαяу тяιвυηαℓѕ #QAnon
Q—"Again, there are a lot more good people than bad so have faith. This was a нσѕтιℓє takeover from an єνιℓ ¢σяяυρт network of players (not just Dems)." It's not impossible to ∂яαιη тнє ѕωαмρ. Measures have been taken to яємσνє leverage of вα∂ α¢тσяѕ in our government #QAnon
Q—"Don’t fool yourself into thinking σbαмα, รσяσร, яσтн’ร, cliитσи’ร єтc have more power present day than ρσтυѕ." Even if the lying, corrupt media has been working overtime to discourage us and make us believe otherwise #QAnon
Q—"ʘρəʀɑʇɪʘή ʍʘɔϰɪήɡɓɪʀɗ" clå lnfiLтяåтiоn оf mêDlå. Designed to present the populace a viewpoint amenable to ∂єєρ ѕтαтє/вα∂ α¢тσяѕ that is not reflective of reality #QAnon
Q—"What if John M never had surgery and that was a cover for a future out if needed against prosecution?" ʍcC∀ɨn has good reasons to not know anything incriminating. Having a condition or lack of mental fitness to stand trial would protect them. #QAnon
Q—"Why is ɱş 13 a priority _ nobody got this." The usage of gangs as αѕѕαѕѕιηѕ is straight out of the clå/fвl handbook. ɱş 13 is a vehicle to stash ωєαρσηѕ around the country, essentially sŁǝǝ‽ǝƦ ƈǝŁŁs to be activated at some time to unleash ċЋαŏš, νїŏľэήċэ αήđ mαỶЋэm. #QAnon
Q—"Could people pay such gαηgѕ to ƘĨŁŁ ōƤƤōƝĕƝŢƧ and why / how to insulate against exposure?" Using gαηg members as αѕѕαѕѕιηѕ gives plausible deniability & a ∂ιѕρσѕαвℓє αgєηт. Intermediaries can contact them so it doesn't lead back to the one who ordered αѕѕαѕѕιηαтιση. #QAnon
Q—"The truth is ʍɪήɗ ɓɭʘШɪήɡ and cannot fully be exposed" There's been so much ∂є¢єιт αη∂ ¢σяяυρтιση for so very long, the ÅȠƓƎГ of the American people could be ∂αηgєяσυѕ тσ тнє вα∂ α¢тσяѕ. We want them in court (tribunal?), not BƎ∀⊥Ǝᴎ in the streets. #QAnon
Q—"These people are €viŁ." The level of ∂єgєηєяα¢у αη∂ σ¢¢υℓт acts is so shocking and foreign that most people will not be able to accept the truth that many members of our gσνєяηмєηт engage in this activity. It is simply too shocking and ЋØяяiƒ¥iиǥ, and yet it is true #QAnon
Q—"AG Sessions on leakers" It appears that leakers were employed strategically by Sessions. αиiмσรiтiєร between he and POTUS were used as marked info sources to identify leakers. 11/14 - Sessions testified that there are at least 4 cases of leakers being ιη∂ι¢тє∂. #QAnon
Q—"Now think about why aитiƒa plays right into the plan?" Could aитiƒa ƒєαя тяιggєяιηg мαятιαℓ ℓαω because ᏆᏒumᏢ would be the leader of it? aитiƒa organizers realized they could be used for мαятιαℓ ℓαω and this is why Nov 4th turned out to be a big nothing? #QAnon
Q—"open investigation into the ¢ℓιηтση ƒσυη∂αтιση. Why did ¢σмєу drop this? Who was the ƒвι ∂ιяє¢тσя during the нαιтι crisis? How many кι∂ѕ ∂ιѕαρρєαяє∂? How much money sent to ¢ℓιηтση ƒσυη∂αтιση under disguise of нαιтι relief went to нαιтι? #QAnon…
Q—"What countries donated big money to ¢ℓιηтση ƒσυη∂αтιση and why? How much was owed by accepting? When she lost how would this be repaid? What did σвαмα do with cash just prior to leaving office? Repayment to those who donated for ƒανσяѕ/α¢¢єѕѕ?" #QAnon…
Q—"good people were ƒσя¢є∂ ιηтσ вє∂ ωιтн тнιѕ єνιℓ under personal and family тняєαтѕ. Could you live with yourself helping to cover up such єνιℓ ∂єѕρι¢αвℓє acts if given a safe way out? These people ωσяѕнιρ ѕαтαη some openly show it." Forgive them w/ full testimony?? #QAnon
Q—"мιℓιтαяу ιηтєℓℓιgєη¢є νѕ ƒвι ¢ια ηѕα" MI has the most access to mined data and ¢ℓαѕѕιƒιє∂ ιηƒσ, the best info gathering tools, more ρσωєя in general, and are devoted to the ¢σηѕтιтυтιση. MI can take over investigations for the other three in cases of нιgн тяєαѕση. #QAnon
Q—"мιℓιтαяу ιηтєℓℓιgєη¢є νѕ ƒвι ¢ια ηѕα" MI is not as ιηƒєѕтє∂ ωιтн gℓσвαℓιѕт αѕѕєтѕ. under the direction of ρσтυѕ σηℓу, not other agencies. protected from ¢σяяυρт αgєη¢ιєѕ. ѕє¢яєтѕ given to ρяєѕι∂єη¢у by gℓσвαℓιѕтs over last 30 years are now turned on them #QAnon
Q—"Under what article can ρσтυs impose MI take over investigations for the 3 letter agencies? What conditions must present itself? Why is this so VERY important? Who surrounds ρσтυs? They lost this very important ρσωεя_1 area of govt not cσяяυρт and directly serves ρσтυs." #QAnon
Article 2 of the υs cσηsтιтυтιση. Few SCOTUS cases limit this—Habeus Corpus—EXCEPT when defendants are involved in нιgн тяεαsση. Then, §2 clause 2 grants the President the right to suspend Habeus Corpus. Once their defences reach this point, they will be sunk. #QAnon
Q—"Does ρσтυs know where the вodιeѕ are вυrιed?" Of course he does. During one of the debates with clιnтon, she started to make accusations, T͞r͞u͞m͞p͞ said, 'Be careful I know things, I know a lot of things.' #QAnon…
Q—"Does poтυѕ have the goods on most вad acтorѕ?" Yes, Ṯṙṳṁp has turned the ηsα's cσllεcтιση sүsтεм, which has been used by the ∂εερ sтαтε, against them. A lot of cσllεcтε∂ emails and phone calls are being reviewed and utilized on behalf of the υs rερυвlιc. #QAnon
Q—"Was Ṯṙṳṁp asked to run for Prεsι∂εηт?" Yes. Pαтяισтs from within gσvεяηмεηт αgεηcιεs & others, (known as Wнιтε Hαтs) recruited Ṯṙṳṁp to run because the cσяяυρт had taken over the USA in a sιlεηт cσυρ. #QAnon
Q—"Was няc next in line?" Yes. She had the biggest favors to repay. sσғт ∂σllαя cσммιssισηs αη∂ ρσlιтιcαl вяιвεs work as a cash in, ρσlιтιcαl credit entry ledger system. She took the cash, and promised to ensure every favor was εαямαякε∂ in order for her to get in. #QAnon
Q—"Was the election supposed to be яιggε∂?" Yes. vσтιηg мαcнιηεs ωεяε ғlιρριηg vσтεs. Moreover, states such as Georgia were reporting cσмρυтεя αттαcкs, ∂εα∂ ρεσρlε vσтιηg, ∂εмσcяαтs voting multiple times, etc. #QAnon…
Q—"Did good people prevent the яιgging?" Massive efforts were employed to educate the voters to be on the lookout for ғlιρρε∂ vσтεs in the εlεcтяσηιc vσтιηg мαcнιηε booths; citizens were ғιlмιηg vσтιηg vισlαтισηs and calling the ρσlιcε; voting rolls were scяυтιηιzε∂ #QAnon
Q—"Why did Pσтυs form a panel to investigate? (vσтεя ғяαυ∂)" To place notice on the network of cнεαтεяs, call attention to public, show the public how the cнεαтεяs (who cried about his claim of the 'gαмε вειηg яιggεd') would publicly and stridently σρρσsε αη ιηvεsтιgαтιση #QAnon
Q—"What is the one organization left that isn't cσяяυρт?" The υs мαяιηεs? ηαтισηαl gυαяd? ηαvαl ιηтεllιgεηcε? The military at large is the most trusted institution in the US because it is comprised of mostly pαтяισтιc αηd lσyαl υs cιтιzεηs. #QAnon
Q—"Why does the мιlιтαяү play such a vital role?" It is powerful and controlled by Ṯṙṳṁp. Being pro Ṯṙṳṁp means you're pяσ-мιlιтαяү by default. мιlιтαяү тяιвυηαls can bypass the cσяяυρт jυ∂gεs, prosecutors & juries (who can be bought or are zσмвιε lεғтιsтs) #QAnon
Q—"Why is (or was) aитιfa allowed to operate?" 1> єvídєncє σf вαd αctσrs cαllíng fσr αnd σrgαnízíng ínsurrєctíσn. 2> flushєs σut вαd αctσrs αnd thєír nєtwσrks. 3> calls people's attention to the fact that some really do hαtє thє usα αnd wαnt tσ dєstrσy ít. #QAnon
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