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A lot of people have asked for a list of ALL the book titles from #ExLibris, but NOBODY asked for (or wanted) a thread of tweets with all of them! STRAP IN!
Aardvarks & Odd Sharks
Abbrevs, FYI
Abnormal Abdominal Excercises
Abominable Snowhens
Accursed Carnivals & Circuses
Actually... The History of Humansplaining
Advanced Oneiromancy
Aggrivating Agriculture
Alchemy at Home
Alliterative Literature
All Pain, No Gain
All the Pretty Unicorns (@seanmccoy)
All Them Golems
Alluring Lures
The Almond Almanac
Almost Never Say Never
Almost Unspeakable Evils
The Ancient Ones are Tons of Fun
An Annotated History of Note Taking
Antagonists of Antiquity
Archaeologically Illogical: A Novel
Architecture Lectures
The Art of the Steal
As I Die Trying
Assisting Astrology with Technology
Bad Bards & Wrong Songs
Bad Omens & Omelettes
Bagging Your First Bagiennik
Bags of Molding
The Ballad of Derpy Jibjob
Banshees & How to Banish Them
The Barbarian Diet
Barbecuing with Hellfire
Barely Any Blank Pages, Vol. II
Barghests & Houseguests
Barry Totter & the Sensational Sequel
Barry Totter & the Trailing Trilogy
Battles That Devolved into Dance Parties
Before There Were Books: A History
Behemoths at Your Behest
The Benefits of Benevolence
Bewitching Your Stitching & Sewing
Black Cats & Broken Mirrors
Blessings through Salad Dressings
Bob Hoblin's Guide to Hobgoblins
The Bold Kobold's Boulder
Book Safes & Where to Hide Them
Bookshelves of the Wood Elves
Bridezillas & Groomsminotaurs
Bronan the Brobarian
Broomstick Mending: A Flier's Guide
Brunch or Second Breakfast?
Bugbears: Neither Bugs nor Bears
Bureaucratic Inaction in Action
Burglary for Bunglers
Burly Braids for Dwarven Beards
Burning Books & Combustable Compendiums
Bygone Times, Remembered
Capturing Bluecaps
Carnivorous Plants as Pets
Cauldron Cooking for One
A Celebration of Levitation
Centaurs Are People, Too
Centipedia Bugtannica
Centuries of Hazy Memories
The Chainmail Deliveryman
Changelings That Change Things
Charismatic Phantasms
Cheating Death: A Gambler's Guide
Chicken Soup & Other Popular Potions
Childrens Fables Unsafe for Children
Chiromancy for Charismatic Chemists
Choose Your Own Misadventure
Civilization Still Exists, Despite It All
Clearing the Air of Aericos
Close Talkers & Slow Walkers
Clownfish & Mimefrogs
Colossal Fossils
Common Mispellings & Grammatical Errers
The Complete Guide to Being a Creep
Conjuring Conniving Consorts
Conjury to Avoid Jury Duty
Cosmology for Cosmetologists
Counting Dragons Before They Hatch
Creepy Critters to Give You the Jitters
Crummy Potions for Losers
Cucumbers: The Vicious Vegetable
The Cult of the New
Curious Incident of the Warg in the Night-time, The
Curses & Cutpurses
Cursing Your Cousin's Crockpot
Dad Jokes: A Desk Reference
Dangerous Strangers
A Dark & Stormy Knight
Dastardly Dudes
The Day the Sun Never Set
Deadly Traps Disguised as Books
Dealing with Your Demon Posession
Debauchery & Depravity
The Demon in the White Castle
Despondent Despots
Devices of Discomfort
The Devil's Lettuce
Diabolical Bodily Follicles
The Dicey Goblin Guide to Dragon Eggs
A Dictionary for the Unwary
Dismissive Missives
The Disorganized Organist
Do Wizards Dream of Magic Sheep?
Donuts: A Visual Guide
Dorby's Most Dangerous Dungeons
Dork Souls Strategy Guide
Drams by the Gram
Drinks to Help You Think
Dryads & Their Forest Fads
Dungeon Decorating for Dummies
Easy Potions for Difficult People
Eat, Prey, Lovecraft
The Elder God Delusion
Enchant Your Favorite Armchair
Encyclopedia Cycloptica
The End is Nigh
The End is Nigher
Equal Rights for Orcs
Escape from the 9th Dimension
Essential Essences to Numb Your Senses
Eternal Darkness of the Thoughtless Mind
Ettin into Trouble
Events That Occured Prior to Now
Every Cave Has a Silver Mining
Every Page Infested with Mold
Everyday Objects as Caltrops
Everything I've Eaten So Far in My Life
Everything is Bad if You Dig Deep Enough
Examples of Egg Samples
Exercise Those Demons (@PuppyShogun)
An Exhaustive Lineage of Every Person Ever
Exorcism the Easy Way
Expedient Ingredients
Fabulously False Fables
Fairly Hairy Fairies
The Fall of the Orange Menace
Family Trees of Infamy
Famous Fae Feuds
Famous Ignoramouses
Fangs for the Memories
Fantastic Furballs
The Farmer's Folly
Fashionable Fascism
Five-hundred Fireball Spells
Fizzy Lifting Drinks
A Focus on Hocus-Pocus
For Whom the Bell Trolls
Fortune-Telling for Unfortunate Tellers
Forty Five Fish to Flee From
From Barbarians to Librarians
Frost Giants & Ice Queens
Fully False Facts
Fun with Funeral Pyres
Fungi for Fun Guys
Furthering Phobias
The Gaping Maw of the Endless Void
Gasses for Passing Classes
Gelatinous Cubes & Other Squishy Squares
Ghastly Ghouls & Ghosts
Gigantic Giants
The Gilded Guide to Glitter
Good Book, Bad Title
The Good Old Days Were Always Bad for Someone
Gorgon with the Wind
The Grapes of Wraith (@CBJPodcast)
The Graverobber's Guide to the Galaxy
The Greatest Grated Cheeses
Gregory's Guide to Goblins & Gremlins
The Grimalkin's Grimoire
Grognards & Old Guards
Grumpy Old Fuddy Duddies
A Guide to Gargoyles
A Hands-On Guide to Papercuts
Haphazard Hazards for Dingy Dungeons
The Hardly Boys
Harpies, Hags, & Bog Witches
The Hassles of Famous Castles
Hate at First Date
Haunted Furniture & Upholstery
The Hellhounds of Baskerville
Hellscaping: Evil Lawns & Gardens
Help! I'm Trapped in This Book
Herbology for Her Biology
Heroic Heroes of Heroism
Hexes from Heck
Hindsight is 20/20
Hippos, Griffins, & Hippogriffs
The History of Unsweetened Tea
History Repeats Itself
History Repeats Itself, Again
History, as Written by the Victors
History's Biggest Boneheads
Hocus-Pocus for Better Focus
The Homebrewer's Guide to Cooking Concoctions
Horrible Creatures, Vol. III
Horrible Creatures, Vol. IV
Horses or Half-Centaurs?
How Things Were Before
How to Be Efreet Free
How to Take Hostages
How to Train Your Human
How to Write Good
How to Write Gooder
I Dare You to Read This Book
Identifying Who Is Lying
Ignoring Unimportent Portents
An Illustrated Guide to Invisible Illusions
Images You Can't Unsee, Vol. II
Images You Can't Unsee, Vol. VI
I'mma Let You Amulet
Impressive Empresses
Imps & Other Magical Wimps
In My Day & Other Ramblings
Incandescent Incantations
An Incomplete Guide to Procrastination
Incorrect Maps & Inaccurate Atlases
Incorrigible Dirigibles
Ineffective Elixirs
Infestations During Celebrations
Infusing Refuse with New Uses
Insensitive Incenses
Insidious Instruments
Insignificant Incidents
Intermediate Augury
Interpreting Important Portents
Invisible Beasts & How to See Them
Iron Maiden Maintenance
I, Rowboat
Ironic Tonics
Irregular Regulations
Itchiest Itching Powders
Jackalopes & Other Jumpy Dopes
The Jester Investor
Jinxes of Ancient Sphinxes
Jokes for Jerks
The Joy of Spooking
Judging Books by Their Covers
Juggling Struggles Solved by Sorcery
Juices with Various Uses
Jumping Jellyfish
Ketchup's Many Magical Applications
Killer Cats & Devil Dogs
Killing the Mood: A Complete Guide
Kings, Queens & In-betweens
Kitty Caterpillars
Knaves with Knives
A Knight Fights for His Squire's Rights
Knowledge You'll Never Need Vol. I
Knowledge You'll Never Need Vol. II
Knowledge You'll Never Need Vol. III
Kobolds That Broke the Mold
Laughing Drafts & Comedic Remedies
Laughter Is the Best Elixer
Laundry Throughout History
Law (of Physics) Enforcement
Least Successful Court Jesters
Lectures on Levitation
Legerdemain for Your Domain
Legions of Lesions
Less-Than Leviathans
Lessons Learned from Centuries of Smiling
Let's Make an Amulet!
Libelous Libations
A Lich in Wonderland (@dustinbschwartz)
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt
Lochs, Locks, & Lox
The Lonely Bones
Lost Languages of the Pointless Past
Love Potions & Soothing Lotions
Lycanthropic Topics
Magical Home Dentistry
Magical Sports of All Sorts
Magicats & Kittenchantments
The Magician's Desk Reference
Magnets: How They Work
Malodorous Maledictions
Mandated Man Dates with Mandrakes
Marvelous Miracles & Mysterious Mysticism
Mastering Misery, Vol. III
Matagot Milk?
Math for Long Baths
Meanies or Disgruntled Genies?
Melt Any Object
Memory Charms for Forgetful Folk
Merman Overboard
Methodology in Mythology
Milkable Mammals
A Millennia of Military Mistakes
Mischief Management
Monkey Paws & All Their Flaws
More Like Droolbooks
The Most Boring Dreams, Shared
The Most Effective Places to Spill Spoiled Milk
Move Along, Nothing to Read Here
Mumbo Jumbo for Better Gumbo
Murder Mice
My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Mysteries Throughout History
Mystery, She Wrote
Nancy Druid
The Nap That Never Ended
Naysayers Through the Years
Nearly Forgotten Empires
The Necromancer's Guide to Sorting Skeletons
The Necropoppycock
Nectars for Protectors
The Neverstarting Story
Not a Guide That Won't Help with Double Negatives
Not-So-Secret Societies
Nuttiest Numbskulls
Oddly-Shaped Ghosts
Of Mice & Minotaur
The Off-Kilter Kilted Killer
The Off-Kilter Kilted Killer Returns
The Official Ex Libris Strategy Guide
The Ominous Omnibus
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Quest (@MattMorganMDP)
An Oral History of the Spoken Word
Other People's Children
Outrageous Mages
Owlbears & Other Fowl Pairs
Pandimensional Pandas
Parasites & You
Parasites in You
Pentagrams & Pickled Hams
The Penultimate Ultimatum
Pets You Might Regret
Phinding Phoenixes
Placating Poltergeists
Plagues & Plagiarism
Playing (and Winning) the Blame Game
Please Don't Steal This Book
Poets Who Didn't Know It
Poorly Translated Tales
Positive Politicians That Didn't Ruin Anything
Powerful Peace Treaties
Pranks to Ruin Someone's Day
Pretty Powerful Powders
Prognostication for Procrastinators
PS, I Love Ewe
Puppers & Doggos
Queen Quong
Queens Behind the Scenes
Questionable Animal Husbandry
Quick Spells for the Busy Wizard
The Quickest Ways to Ruin Someone's Day
Quilting Your Life Away
Quitting with Style
A Quivering Archer Bows
The Really Bad Curse Words
Reanimated Animals
The Reaper's Keeper
Recent Indecencies
Recreational Potion Use
Reflections on Eldritch Elections
Resourceful Sorcery
Reverse Mermaids
Rings of Mood Detection
The Rise & Fall of the Gnoman Empire (@AdamBuckingham)
Rotten Things to Do
Rotten Things to Say
Rotten Things to Think
The Roustabout's Well-Thought-Out Walkabout
Rudimentary Rudeness
Rules for Writing Rulebooks
Runes for Your Dining Room
Runes of Ruination
Rustiest Chains & Cages
The Saga Chronicles: Book IV
The Saga Chronicles: Book XVII
The Saga Chronicles: Book XXXIII
Scented Candle Seances
The Secret of the Lotus Garden
The Shieldmaiden's Secret
A Short History of Barely Anything
Shortest Mysteries in History
Silly Billy's Bogus Birthday
Silly Billy's Dumpy Day
The Similarillion
Simple Home Surgery
Slimes, Blobs, & Sticky Globs
Snowflakes: The Complete Pictoral Reference
The Sorcerer's Guide to Salad Dressing
Sorcery for Stamp Collectors
Sparkly, Spunky Sprites
Spectacular Sports Spells
Spells for Any Occasion
Spells That Don't Work So Well
Spoopiest Spooks
Spreading Disease with Ease
Sprucing Up Your Torture Chamber
Squares, Dweebs, & Dorks
Startling Sequences of Events
Stonewalled by Stone Walls
Stories So Short They're Practically a Paragraph
Strangler Things
Stuck in Yucky Muck: A Novel
Studious Studs & Their Studly Buds
Succumbing to Succubi
Sureluck Hopes & The Lucky Guess
The Swordless World War
Swords & Other Sharp Objects
Symphonies of Suffering
Taboo Voodoo for You, Too
A Tale of Two Dungeons
Talisman Repair
The Tattletale Heart
The Tavern Brawler's How-To Guide
Tax Codex 671-442.21b
Tax Evasion 101
Teeny Weeny Genies
Tentacled Creeps from the Deep
Terrific Tyrannies Through Time
Thieves Can: A Robber's Guide to Reading (@DonaldAShults)
Things to Be Outraged By, Vol. IX
Things to Be Outraged By, Vol. XVII
Thinner Thaumaturgy in Thirty Days (@gilhova)
Timeless Tales of Timid Snails
The Tome of Vagaries (@DonaldAShults)
Tonics for Better Phonics
Too Gory Bedtime Stories
Top 100 Games of All Time
Torturous Tasks to Take Up Your Time
Totally True Tales
The Tourist's Guide to the Underworld
Trances & Funny Dances
Troll-Proof Bridges & How to Build Them
Trolls IRL
Turpitude for Rude Dudes
The Twelve Best Days No One Noticed
Two Hundred Pages to Start Fires With
Unbelievably Belabored Fables
Uncommon Commoners
Undead Butlers: A How-To Guide
Underground Architecture
Underworld War II
Unicorns: Narwhals on Land?
Unnoticed Notes from Notable Notaries
The Unofficial Ex Libris Strategy Guide
Unusual Uses for Bat Wings
Unusual Uses for Newt Eyes
The Upstairs Neighbor's Guide to Nonstop Noise
Using Fruits Instead of Newts
Vaccines for Cranky Teens
Vague Recollections: A Collection
Vampirical Evidence
Very Vile Villainy
Vicious Fishes
Victories No One Was There to See
Villianous Vendettas
The Voodoo That You Do
The Voyage of the Wet Guppy
Wand Maintenance
War & Cockatrice (@dustinbschwartz)
Wards Against Warts
The Watched Cauldron Never Bubbles
Weak Drinks to Make You Stink
Wendigos of the Western World
Werebears Bare it All
Whaling for Fun & Profit
What Had Happened Was
What if This is All a Dream?
Whatever You Do, Don't Read This Title Aloud
The Wheel of Thyme
When Draculas Attackula
Who Watches the Watchmakers?
Wicked Stuff
Winter: The Cold Time of Year
The Witchelin Guide
The Wizards Fair of 893
Wizards That Went Wrong
Woodworking: Forgotten Elms (@PuppyShogun)
The Word of the Wings
World Leaders, Ranked First to Worst
The World's Tastiest Poison Teas
Worst Stories Ever Written, Vol. I
Worst Stories Ever Written, Vol. II
Wyrms, Wurms, and Worms (@DonaldAShults)
Wyverns Are Dragons, Too
Xenophobic Aerobics
Xerosis Through Hypnosis
XXX: Naughtiest Roman Numerals
Xylography for You & Me
Xylophonic Incantations
Yes We Cantrip (@PuppyShogun)
Yesterday Never Came
The Yesteryear of Yore
Yetis & Their Love for Spaghetti
Yodeling Yogurt & Ice Scream
Your Worst Fears Come to Life
Zen and the Art of Manticore Maintenance (@MattMorganMDP)
Zeppelins: Through Booms & Busts
Zingers & Feeling Stingers
Zombies: Undead & Overdone
Zonky Bonners & Other Forgotten Phrases
Zzzzz: Sleep Spells & Napping Drafts
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