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I am trained in #developmental #psychology and #neuroscince. I have been screaming the #teenagebrain is #underreconstruction from the rooftops! Am totally ashamed of my peers who wilfully ignore this. #neuroplasticity #frontallobes #psychologists #gender #rogd #trans #detrans
The teenage brain is under reconstruction. The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until minimum aged 25. A bit longer for males. The prefrontal cortex is largely responsible for: decision making, planning, organisation, focusing, impulsivity, aka executive functions
Managing emotions, predicting consequences of one’s choices and moderating social behaviour. This is #science #facts Anyone who says otherwise is brainwashed by #ideology Shame on any professional who ignores this #gender #trans #detrans #shame
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1/ #Sleep & #Dementia: @NatureComms
Study of ~8,000 people followed for 25 years! Look at the figures. Sleeping <7 hrs per night chronically increases risk of dementia by 30%.  Get your sleep!

#MedTwitter #MedEd #Geriatrics
2/ Sleep and Dementia Risk: @nytimes

@PamBelluck wrote a great article on this NatureComm paper showing heightened risk of #dementia for “short-sleepers,” defined as <7 hrs of sleep a night.

#Aging #Delirium
3/ What’s the Mechanism?

Our brain’s “trash” clearance (like the body’s Lymphatic system but by brain’s “glial” cells & called Glymphatics) kicks into ⬆️ gear in sleep. So less sleep is like your waste management system going on strike. Kapische??

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The Seeker of Truth

What are we? Where have we come from? What is our origin? Some studies have shown that our DNA is similar to that of stars. Are we made of stardust? You are above and beyond your physical body and mind because you replace more than 90% of your
physical body in less than 240 days. One #atom at a time. Atom by atom our physical body replaces the previous one. This discovery was made by Radioactive Isotope analysis. So, what happened to our body of last year? Where did it go? Well, the answer is, our previous body is
now scattered all over the cosmos. It is dead now, but our consciousness is still alive and the same as the previous one. It hasn’t changed a bit. The belief that the physical body is ours or we are the physical body, is not correct. If you think you are your physical body,
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What is Mind?
An emergent phenomenon. Image
Which then means, that Mindlessness would be when any of those connecting processes [indicated by arrows] are distorted or perhaps they cease to function [frozen, ruptured, dysfunctional] momentarily or for longer durations.
This then leads to immense clarity on what constitutes "consciousness".

Again, an emergent phenomenon, not unchanging, that arises from the operations of the 8 senses. I include interoception,proprioception and awareness of mental formations by the Mind,in the spectrum of senses
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1/ CBD & Autism Case

I saw a 10 yo with autism &
anxiety in follow up today after 1 year of CBD. I am compelled to share his significant improvements

He no longer spits, hits,throws things , harms himself or his parents

@autismspeaks @canucksautism @Autism @AutismSociety
2/ His #sensitivities have improved enough to go to an amusement park all day without any meltdowns

His #rigidity has improved. His mom can now make an unplanned stop to pick up milk or run an errand without a major outburst
3/ His principal and teachers have upgraded his school attendance from 830-1030am, to 1/2 day, to now attending school full time. Also he no longer runs away

He is socially more comfortable, his mom notes that all the kids at school now say hi when she drops him off.
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(1/n) This thread is a #summary of the #book "Write it down and make it happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser

#habits #productivity #motivation #neuroplasticity
(2/n) A lot of people only have vague ideas about what they really want. They desire more money, a better job, someone to love or the chance to travel somewhere exotic.
You may have similar desires of your own. But if you want to make them a reality, you need to be precise.
3/n So rather than saying “I want money,” say, “I want exactly enough money to open a restaurant.” And when it comes to love, figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s someone who is funny, kind and doesn’t mind that you don’t want to have kids.
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