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#ViktorOrban had a speech that made waves last week. I watched it so you don't have to.A thread.The #Hungarian prime minister went to #Romania in the middle of the #Carpathians in a region where a sizable minority of around 1 million #Hungarians have lived for centuries. They /1
were sent by the #Empire as settlers & have been living isolated, hundreds of km from the border with #Hungary proper, maintaining their language, identity, surrounded by a majority of #Romanians. The choice of the location matters as the audience lives there (star)/2
in beautiful surroundings. #Hungary has been supporting this minority investing in #agriculture #schools loans, building new sports arenas while the #Romanian government has been tolerant of this encroachment on sovereignty to maintain #social #peace good relations /3
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With invitation and by assistance of @UKRinOSCE today I have had a high honour and privilege to speak on behalf of Ukraine at #OSCE Annual Security Review Conference. These are major ideas voiced in prepared remarks.
European security architecture has been destroyed by all-out unprovoked/unjustified RU aggression against UA. Europe lost its status as one of most peaceful continents in world and now is arena of major interstate war of magnitude unseen since 1945.
Russian all-out war against Ukraine is not totally unexpected for those who for some time tracked Russian foreign policy trajectory - or better to say how Russia foreign policy progressively deteriorated into outright militarized revisionism.
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Su Twitter è possibile vedere diversi account di destra esaltare l'operato di #Orban riguardo al blocco del nuovo pacchetto di sanzioni contro la #Russia in quanto comprenderebbe il patriarca della chiesa ortodossa #Kirill.
Il problema con Orban è che, "casualmente™", 1/
Ha vinto le elezioni con la stessa modalità che permise a Yanukovich di essere eletto (in entrambi i casi l'#OSCE ha criticato il "vantaggio sleale" che il partito vincitore aveva durante le campagne elettorali, con utilizzo di fondi non trasparenti 2/…
E una presenza incontestata nei media) e che, purtroppo, ricordano da vicino casi come quello dei 65 milioni "occulti" alla #Lega per le elezioni europee grazie alle compravendite di carburanti dalla 🇷🇺 Rosneft. Non che #Salvini nemmeno ci provi 3/…
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#LeFigaro #Censors Journalist Anne Laure #Bonnel's #Donbas Article | May 31
- “For over eight years, these left-behind people have lived in cellars without access to a job and other fundamental rights for the full enjoyment of a dignified life,”…
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#Poroshenko-#Patria-#Niinistö -sotarikokset, alkaen #Maidan2014, #kansanmurha #Donbass'ssa paljastuvat salatuista #ETYJ -arkistoista.
- Valejuristi anoo raivokkaasti pikaista syytesuojaa sotarikollisjärjestö #NATO'lta.
- Elinkautinen myös salaajille.
#Patria-#WZM Ahmoilla ryssien kimppuun?
”Novorossijan kronikka | 11.02.15”, Sevastopol.
#Niinistö'n #Puola'n-valtiovierailulla 30.3.–1.4.2015
– "Sokka on irti ja kaikki variaatiot kolmannesta maailmansodasta, #WW3 on käyty vaalien alla", hän totesi.…
Death Toll Up To 13,000 In #Ukraine Conflict, Says #UN Rights Office | Feb 26, 2019
- Some 13,000 people have been killed, a quarter of them civilians, and as many as 30,000 wounded in the war in eastern Ukraine since it broke out in April 2014; the #UN.…
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Sotarikollis -järjestö #NATO'n rahoittamalle #ETYJ'lle otti ohraleipä #Mariupol'ssa. Jopa 8 vuoden ajalta, alkaen #Maidan 2014, salatut #Azov-#Nazi'en #sotarikokset, #Donbass #genocide -aineisto syyniin. @IntlCrimCourt
- #Patria - '#SokkaOnIrti'. Image
Mäntyniemen sotakeisari yritti saada #NATO -sotarikollisten syytesuojan, eroamaan joutuvalta @BorisJohnson'lta.
- Todennäköisesti #Patria '#SokkaOnIrti' -vehkeilijä, valejuristi ja EMU- sekä vaalipetoskonna saa istua lopun osa surkeasta elämästään.
@BorisJohnson #ManchurianCandidate.
Selected by #Gematria.
#Finland's Presidential Elections 2018 and the Cabal bankers Holy Grail
- The #Kabbalah Myth of '#Esli' = 627, the #GoldmanSachs #LuckyNumber.
('Win by 62,7% is not possible in #democracy)
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FSO officers during the May 9 Parade in #Moscow Image
Lets continue
🇷🇺⚡️The issuance of Russian passports to residents of the liberated Kherson region will begin before the end of 2022.

As in the People's Republics of Donbass, the process will be purely voluntary.
⚡️The #Kherson civil administration has announced that the region will fall under full Russian legislation before the end of 2022
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Da 60 giorni una parte dell'opinione pubblica ha scoperto l'esistenza dell'#Ucraina. In particolare quella appartenente alle galassie di estrema destra, no-vax e filo-dittatori vari. E sovente vediamo quest'ultimi ripetere il mantra dei 14.000 morti del #Donbass. Small thread 🧵.
Iniziamo subito sgomberando il campo da ogni dubbio: ci sono stati circa 14.000 morti nel #Donbass? Sì, è vero. Lo afferma UNHCHR in un report del 17 gennaio. Però le vittime sono 3404 civili, 4400 militari ucraini e 6500 separatisti!
Vi rinvio al report completo del UNHCHR, che è ’Alto commissariato delle Nazioni Unite per i diritti umani, e lo potete trovare qui:…
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 58) - Comenzamos un día más nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania con este vídeo en el que la artillería ucraniana deja fuera de combate media docena de T-72 y un UR-77 de limpieza de minas cerca de #Mariinka.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 58) - En este otro, sin embargo, vemos el resultado de una emboscada a soldados ucranianos que se salda con varios capturados.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 58) - Una nueva entrega de "Mad Max" o alguna otra película distópica en versión "Z". Lo que hay debajo de tanta chapa y rejilla parece alguna versión de un Kamaz-5350. Image
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152mm Giatsint-B Howitzers in #Lugansk
Chechen Special Ministry of the Interior Regiment soldiers in #Popasnaya, Donbas region, a city where a battle is currently ongoing ImageImageImageImage
#RussiaUkraine #Mi8
Reportedly remains of one (of the two) UKR Mi-8 helicopters that took part in the attack on a village in #Bryansk Region (Russia) on April 14, was shot down by a S-400 SAM system on it's way back
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Il rapporto INTEGRALE sulle violazioni del diritto internazionale umanitario e sui diritti umani, sui crimini di guerra e sui crimini contro l'umanità commessi in Ucraina dal 24 febbraio 2022 dell'#OSCE.…
Il rapporto è stato redatto da tre esperti nominati in una Missione speciale ai sensi del Meccanismo di Mosca dell'OSCE. Segna un importante passo avanti verso una piena comprensione degli atti illegali e criminali commessi in Ucraina.
Alla Missione non è stato chiesto di esaminare la legittimità dell'invasione russa stessa. Tuttavia, il rapporto afferma che "la Russia è l'aggressore e quindi responsabile di tutta la sofferenza umana in Ucraina, indipendentemente dal fatto che derivi o meno da violazioni
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 49) - Iniciamos el #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania con este vídeo en el que un #drone ucraniano es capaz de disparar dos veces sobre un carro ruso sin que este pueda hacer nada por evitarlo pese a intentar huir.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 49) - Los #EEUU estarían considerando el envío de helicópteros Mi-17 (sin especificar la variante) como parte del próximo paquete de ayudar militar a Ucrania.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 49) - El Presidente de los #EEUU (@POTUS) ha aprobado liberar durante los próximos 6 meses un millón de barriles de crudo al día para suplir al petróleo ruso y contribuir a hacer viables las sanciones.

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The last mistake that EU zionist bitches are forcing #Finland to make, is only to absurdly #provoke its neighbor Russia.
- Russia will #occupy Finland this spring.

Finland #seizes #Russian #art | Apr 6
- 200 paintings from the #Hermitage and #Tretyakov
The economic attack of the #NATO-#CIA regime against #Finland has been going on for yrs, driving the poor into bread lines. The elections has been falsified since 10/2007, when #GoldmanSachs acquired 20.02% of the election result service company (Tieto Co)…
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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As expected, the UN Human Rights Council (@UN_HRC) has established an international commission of inquiry for #Ukraine. The structure & mandate of the new body combines aspects typical of commissions of inquiry with elements of the new ‘investigatory mechanism’ model. #HRC49 1/11
By that I mean that the #Ukraine COI has a typical structure (a three-member panel) and a typical mandate: to investigate all violations and abuses of IHRL & IHL, to examine factual circumstances and the root causes of violations, and to recommend accountability measures. 2/11
But it also has elements of an ‘investigatory mechanism’ mandate: to collect, preserve, and analyse evidence with a view to supporting future criminal trials at domestic or international level (akin to the existing IIIM (Syria), IIMM (Myanmar) and @UNITAD_Iraq). 3/11
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#NATO (#Rothschild wants WAR) countries pour weapons into #Ukraine, risking conflict with Russia
-formerly neutral countries like Sweden and Finland are sending weapons. And Germany, long allergic to sending weapons into conflict zones, is sending Stingers…
The Finnish Awakening Published January 5, 2022…
#Rothschild's #China asked Russia to #delay Ukraine war until after #Olympics, US officials | Mar 3
-The report indicates that senior Chinese officials had some level of knowledge about Russia’s war plans or intentions before the invasion started last week…
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#Zelensky hopes Ukraine can join EU soon amid Russian onslaught | Feb 28
- Ursula; 'They are one of 'US' (zionists) and we want them in,' she told Euronews in an interview on Sunday, after emphasising existing EU-Ukraine cooperation.
Volodymyr #Zelensky was a Jewish #comedian. Now the world’s eyes are on him | Feb 27
- Over the course of a few years, Zelensky — who is the first-ever Jewish president of Ukraine, a country with a long and complicated Jewish history…
(#Ukraine. Oligarchs and #NATO funded #Azov-#Nazi battalions neutralized?)
Russian army: "All civilians in the city can freely leave" | Feb 28
- "All civilians in the city can freely leave.. along the Kyiv-Vasylkiv highway. This direction is open and safe"…
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New #Ukraine 🇺🇦/ #Russia 🇷🇺 Thread
I'm obviously not able to catch up on events. Will try to jump in.
Russian helicopters launching flares over Vyshgorod in the #Kyiv Oblast, clashes ongoing
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#Ukraine #Donbass

"This morning Ukrainian soldiers broke through the southern #DPR front and advanced toward the Russian border.
According to my information, they did this in order to descend southward from the breakthrough point, which seemed to them the most successful, to the DPR "Novoazovsk" customs checkpoint, which they were to attack from neutral ground and seize.
Then they were supposed to hang the Ukrainian flag on it, immediately receive the #OSCE blind men there, and claim that Ukraine had returned part of the Russian-Ukrainian border. But something went wrong...
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Not happened yet, but I will be very surprised if Russian tanks are not on Ukrainian territory by the morning. Initially in Donbas territories.

A few more made up "atrocities" or staged attacks will be broadcast by 21st century Lord Haw Haws and then a hot war on the frontline.
My guess is #Ukraine's forces are likely to be pushed back beyond the current frontline, which has been frozen for years. I doubt it will extend to Odesa, Kharkiv or even Mariupol' yet.
It will be symbolic advance, a few small villages, maybe Slovyansk.
I've not been wrong so far
President @ZelenskyyUa is to address the nation

#StandWithUkraine #Ukraine
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Compare this to the #Kremlin's refusal to even cooperate with the OSCE Vienna Document process.

Transparency is a way of reducing tensions, by making one's intentions clear. /1
#Ukraine's leaders have reiterated that they have no plans to advance into Russian-backed separatist territory, and have ordered their forces to exercise restraint in responding to fire from Russian-controlled territory. /2…
#Ukraine's leaders have invoked the #OSCE Vienna Document process as a way to build confidence through increased transparency. But #Russia has refused to cooperate at all. /3
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Today as the #Kremlin's #disinformation cycle goes into overdrive, it's worth remembering that while the volume is louder, the pattern is familiar.

The stories don't need to be credible or logical. Their purpose isn't to convince. Their aim is to sow doubt & confusion. /1
Confusion & doubt make it hard for audiences to know what is true, leading to paralysis.

They can make collective action difficult, by sowing dissension & distrust between partners. /2………
Thinking about the two big #disinformation stories swirling about today, we can see that little attempt is being made to make the narratives particularly credible. /3
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Good Morning! ☕️
New #Ukraine 🇺🇦/ #Russia 🇷🇺 Thread
Woke up to 1000's of new tweets..not a good sign..i doubt i can go through all of them
BREAKING: At least two people slightly injured in shelling by Russian-led separatists toward kindergarten in #Luhansk, eastern #Ukraine
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