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1. Highly laudable and interesting discussion
@AtlanticCouncil on a pressing topic. Arguments are met by argumnents, as it should be. Nevertheless, some reflections:
2. The future Russia and Eastern Europe policy of the Biden administration will have consequences beyond the US and the region itself, as will how the driving forces behind such a policy are articulated and defined - "values vs interests".
3. However, I would argue that the "values vs interest"-dichotomy is a false one. Upholding the normative global rules-based order in general and the #Europeansecurityorder in particular is a critical value and hard security interest.
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1. #Russia’s military build-up along the borders of #Ukraine, statements by Russian government officials, the exorbitant tonality in Russian state TV and other escalatory actions are reasons for real concern for European security. #OSCE2021SWE
2. Regardless of the intention/s (there might be several) behind this, it is a form of strategic communication, signaling – to Kyiv, the Biden administration, the EU and N4-capitals Berlin and Paris...
3. test reactions and to state that managing, not to speak about solving, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict can only be made on terms acceptable to the Kremlin.
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What is missing in the #Artsakh ceasefire agreement is any tiny bit of humanity towards or hope for #Armenia|ns. All humanitarian parts of the UN resolutions and the Madrid Principles have been left out on purposed (as #Aliyev smilingly announced).
(sorry being negative!)
UN res. 822 (2) urges both parties to immediately resume negotiations fopr the resolution of the conflict within the #OSCE Minsk Group.

The now signed deal makes no mention of this. #Artsakh's future won't be determined by the OSCE anymore, but AZ, RU, AM and TR. Bad news!
UN res. 822 (3) called for unimpedent access of international humanitarian relief and adherence with humanitarian law.

This was left out, too. #Azerbaijan and #Russia will now decide if humanitarian relief is allowed or hum law will be adhered to. Bad news, too.
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Today, Ilham Aliyev openly criticised the behaviour of the #OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, especially #Russia & #France. Although he did not name Kremlin directly, he accused third country for supplying arms to #Armenia during last #KarabakhWar. ⬇️
The main criticism was on passive role of co-chairs for implementation of UN resolutions in past 27 years.
Criticism of AZ officials on #KarabakhConflict increased since the occupation of #Crimea in 2014 and separatism in Eastern #Ukraine. ⬇️
They demanded that #Armenia should be punished in the same way, citing sanctions on #Russia for violating Ukraine's territorial integrity. It is clear that the AZ side will insist at the next Geneva meeting withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied territories and ⬇️
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The #UnitedNations Security Council meeting on 19 October was the next confrontation between the positions of #Armenia and #Azerbaijan that have emerged in the international discussions around #KarabakhConflict over the past years. ⬇️
Until now, #Armenia has been considered a representative of the real political status because it controls #NagornoKarabakh and surrounding regions. #Azerbaijan referred to the UN resolutions on restoration of its legal jurisdiction over the occupied territories. ⬇️
It is clear from the speeches of AZE officials that the draft statement prepared by France&Russia at the #UNSC meeting on the #Karabakhwar on October 19 was not adopted. The reason for this was that the draft statement did not refer to four UN resolutions adopted in 1993. ⬇️
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Some organizations may not survive new #Karabakh conflict: CSTO (Russia does not assist Armenia). EU’s #EasternPartnership (2/6 members at war) Also tough for #OSCE, already in crisis. Baku and Yerevan already used veto powers to block decisions, could now make OSCE unworkable.
And just to clarify: I DO know that Russia’s commitments to Armenia only extend to the territory of ROA. My point is that Putin’s absolute neutrality to a supposed CSTO ally undermines the rationale of the organisation.
Also worth clarifying that Eastern Partnership is an initiative, not an organisation. It will persist in some form but not in current format I’d say.
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Russian Diplomacy, August 21:
Lavrov spoke with #Belarus' FM:

"They emphasised that all external actors need to respect the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus, and stop trying to provoke confrontation in Belarusian society and undermine the process of normalising the situation." Image
Russian Deputy FM Morgulov spoke with #Iran's ambassador Kazem Jalali about a range of bilateral issues Image
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Urinary History Taking for #MedStudents #TrishasTweetorial

Struggle to take an effective, comprehensive #UH in a 5 min #OSCE?

#sdocs @MedicsAcademy @MedTweetorials #TrishasTopTips 👇👇
When did you last take a urinary history?
Before we start #FristThingsFirst I’m a Realist

Urinary History is not ≠ to Urogynae History #PelvicFloorDisorders

For ☝️ use:
#Urinary dysfunction
#Sexual dysfunction
#Bowel dysfunction
#Vaginal dysfunction
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#OSCE | @JBLemoyne participe aujourd’hui au 26e conseil ministériel de l’Organisation pour la sécurité et la coopération en Europe à Bratislava. Conflit en Ukraine, sécurité européenne et Balkans sont au programme.

Lire la déclaration complète 👉 Image
@JBLemoyne Intervention de @JBLemoyne à la ministérielle OSCE : Ukraine, N4, sécurité européenne, droits de l’Homme.

La France🇫🇷 est pleinement engagée à l'@OSCE 👉 Image
@JBLemoyne @OSCE @RP_France_OSCE @francediplo_ASD « La France🇫🇷 est engagée pour la résolution du conflit en #Ukraine. L’amélioration de la situation humanitaire sur place fait partie de nos priorités »
- @JBLemoyne Image
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US President Donald #Trump is being impeached for briefly withholding military aid to #Ukraine, but it should never have been provided in the first place. Here are just some of the reasons why it should be withheld. #withholdwar
#1 - #Ukrainian tanks rolled into Mariupol on the 9th of May (2014), leaving dead bodies and a burning police station in their wake. “Rocket-propelled grenades fired in city centre streets, shooting, where yesterday people were shopping.”
#2 - An airstrike killed “5 women… 3 men,” in the centre of Lugansk on the 2nd of June. #Ukraine denied the #airstrike and blamed a bomb from inside the admin building and a heat-seeking rocket that targeted the air conditioner.…
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Algunas reflexiones al finalizar la reunión informal de @OSCE en #Eslovaquia:
Debemos aprovechar un instrumento como #OSCE. Hace falta un diálogo político real en temas relevantes y la voluntad de alcanzar soluciones.(1/3)
Hay que reconocer que tenemos una serie de principios y compromisos que hay que respetar. También debemos reconocer la necesidad de la cooperación y la gobernanza global para afrontar nuevos retos resultantes de la #globalización, el #cambioclimático y la #digitalización.(2/3)
Nuestra respuesta a esos retos debe basarse en los valores universales de la #justicia, la no discriminación, la #solidaridad y los #ddhh. No nos podemos permitir prescindir de @OSCE ni de ningún otro instrumento multilateral.(3/3)
@SpainOSCE @Slovakia_OSCE @EmbEsEslovaquia
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Some comments at the end of #OSCE meeting: We have to take advantage of @OSCE. We need a real political dialogue on substantive matters and the intention to reach solutions. The starting point is the recognition that we have principles and commitments we have to abide by.(1/3)
We also need the real recognition of the need of cooperation and global governance to face new challenges that have emerged as a result of #globalization, #climatechange and #digitalization.(2/3)
@Slovakia_OSCE @EmbEsEslovaquia
Our responses to challenges must be based on universal values of #justice, non-discrimination, #solidarity and #humanrights. We cannot afford wasting @OSCE in the present situation. As a matter of fact, we cannot afford to waste any multilateral instrument.(3/3)
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SHORT THREAD on the upcoming #Helsinki summit b/n #Putin, @realDonaldTrump.
1. Amidst modest,if not low,expectations on the very deliverables of the meeting it's interesting to see public & back-channel efforts of #Moscow & #Washington to build the agenda for the summit.
2. @AmbJohnBolton 's visit to #Moscow was meant to lay the ground for the summit & it appears the parties have reached agreement on the basics. What #Putin & #Bolton were conveying to one another is important.…
3. There's plenty of speculation over what the two will agree on in #Syria - the topic likely to dominate the summit. That said, given what's happening now b/n #Rus #US diplomats it's clear they been tasked to elaborate on broader agenda to make the talks look substantive.
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