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1. A thread analysis of #Argentina-#China relations through our previous reports, reports from our on-ground reporters, and SM influencers.

Argentina already has a base operated by the #Chinese military in the province of #Neuquén. Image
2. Now plans to add a port for #Beijing in the #RíoGrande, on the continent's southern tip.

The location of Rio Grande is of extreme strategic importance and crucial for the world in general. Image
3. Since 2018, #Chinese fishing vessels have spent 1 million hours fishing between #Argentina’s maritime border and the high seas, yet spent 600,000 hours ‘in the #dark,’ suspected of illegal fishing within #Argentine waters in the South Atlantic.
Report:… Image
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Licha ya cha changamoto nyingi zilizozikumba uchumi wa Dunia Nchi nyingi za Africa zimeonyesha ustahimilivu katika ukuaji wake.E.g #Tanzania 4.6%, #Kenya 5.2% ,#DRC 8.6% n.k kwa 2022. Pongezi za Dhati kwa @mofURT @BankOfTanzania @mwigulunchemba1. Image
Uchumi wa Sub-Saharan Africa unatagemewa kushuka kufikia 3.1% in 2023 kutoka 3.6% in 2022 (IMF forecasts) kama ikishindwa kuwa 'resilient' kutokana na persistent sluggishness of the global economy na kutegemewa kupanda tena kufikia 3.7% ,3.9% kwa 2024,2025 respectively.
Kupanda huko kunategemewa kuletwa na ongezeko chanya katika uchumi wa Dunia baadaye mwaka huu huku #India na #China zikitarajiwa kuwa chanzo kikuu cha ukuaji wa nusu wa uchumi wa Dunia zikitarajiwa kukua kwa 5.4%( India) na 5.2% (China).
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Extinction is happening. It is important that this is communicated in spaces such as schools/museums/ zoo's etc. Yet extinction narratives should be based on actual facts & should not be sensationalized. Extinction narratives around Mountain Gorilla's, as an example (1/n) 🦍
This weekend I was with my family in Brussels train museum. Which now also hosts an exposition on biodiversity & extinction. It also focusses on the endangered mountain gorillas #animalia
Yet, the short text (in Dutch and French) that explained why mountain gorillas are endangered contained at least 6 factual errors (!). 1. They do not only exist in the #DRC also Uganda and Rwanda. 2. There are around 1063 individuals instead of 600
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On 14th March, in #Kigali, #Rwanda, @MosengoOmba, the General Secretary of @CAF_Online, called me a “mercenaire” (mercenary) because of my journalism, which criticises, FACTUALLY, what is going wrong in CAF. I am going to ask him who the real mercenary in African football is.
For the first time in the history of @CAF_Online, we have a General Secretary that is NOT the LEGAL national of any African country. Yes, he is of #DRC descent. But he has no legal citizenship of any country in #Africa. I will explain…
Under the laws of the Democratic Republic of Congo, dual nationality is strictly forbidden by law. Once you take up the nationality of another country, you CANNOT be a national of DRC. @MosengoOmba is a citizen of #Switzerland, and lost his DRC nationality, as a result.
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I’ve written a longread on the ‘Russia question’ in the #DRC #Congo. My main point: #Russia was (is?) being considered as a serious partner by the Tshisekedi admin., not primarily due to Russia, but due to (perceived & real) Western policy failure(s).… 1/n
First, #Russia has been trying to gain influence in the #DRC, similar to how this was done in #CAR. E.g. in February 2021, it donated a large consignment of weapons ( 10,000 Kalashnikov rifles and around 3 million cartridges of ammunition) – which is how Wagner entered #CAR (2/n)
Another similarity: the number two of the Russia Embassy in Kinshasa, Viktor Tokmakov, was moved from Bangui to Kinshasa, and was widely considered the organizer/go-between for Wagner in #CAR.… (3/n)
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "Yesterday I returned from my visit to #Türkiye and #Syria. I was deeply shocked and saddened by the devastation and suffering I saw and heard. In the Hatay province, 🇹🇷, almost every building has either collapsed, or is leaning dangerously"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "I imagined how terrifying that morning must have been, in the pitch black, the rain and snow, and the awful noise of buildings collapsing and people screaming"-@DrTedros #Türkiye
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1. New UN report on AQ and IS is out, here are the most interesting tidbits in my opinion: Like this paragraph saying that several member states noted IS-#Somalia's Al-Karrar office sending $25k a month to IS-Khorasan via crypto…
2. Obligatory mention that everyone's least surprising candidate to succeed Zawahiri is indeed Sayf al-Adl and AQ's silence is meant to protect the Taliban
3. Buried in here but yet should be WAY more significant is the assertion that veteran AQ leader Abu Ikhlas al-Masri, captured in Kunar #Afghanistan in 2010 and freed during the Taliban takeover in 2021, is now leading an AQ unit in Kunar. AQ presence in Afghan is very undersold
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"Ilhan Omar Is Not Mama Africa" . . . If you responded to @IlhanMN 's claim to be the voice of the continent on the House Africa committee, I might have quoted you here. Sorry I couldn't include everyone. #Somalia #Ethiopia #Eritrea #Rwanda #DRC…
There've been some problems with the Black Agenda Report @blkagendareport website in the past few days, but I hope they've been corrected or will be soon. Last I heard it was possible to get to the site from a phone or a Mac, but not from a PC.
The House voted to remove @Ilhan from the Foreign Affairs Committee last night. @IlhanMN
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LIVE: Opening of 152nd WHO Executive Board meeting…
"Three years ago today, I declared a public health emergency of international concern over the global spread of #COVID19 – the highest level of alarm under the International Health Regulations, and for the moment, the only level of alarm"-@DrTedros #EB152
@DrTedros "As you know, on Friday the Emergency Committee met to consider whether that remains the case. The committee has advised me that in its view, #COVID19 remains a global health emergency, and I agree"-@DrTedros #EB152
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Two weeks after forces in Puntland killed IS-Somalia's head of ops, Abu-Albara Al Amani of Ethiopia, US forces conduct a rare raid in #Somalia targeting Bilal al-Sudani, a top Islamic State figure seen as a key facilitator for ISIS's global network. 🧵
Bilal al-Sudani, aka Suhayl Salim Abd el-Rahman of #Sudan, was designated under the US #Somalia sanctions program in 2012 for facilitating the travel & financing of foreign fighters for #AlShabaab since 2007. He later joined the IS splinter faction.…
Al-Sudani was linked to a South Africa-based ISIS facilitator, Abdella Hussein Abadigga, that was designated for sanctions in early 2022.…
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🚨#Sukhoi|🇨🇩#RDC| Humblement, merci @GeoConfirmed pour vos aimables propos et votre remarquable travail! 😊

Maintenant qu'il est admis que le #Su25 N'A PAS violé l'espace aérien rwandais, quid? 🧵

En effet, le Porte-Parole du @RwandaGov est clair: Il parle bien de violation de son « espace aérien. »

Doit-on croire qu'il n'était pas au fait de la nuance entre frontières terrestres et espace aérien lorsqu'il a émis le communiqué ci-bas? ⬇️
Pour rappel, sur cette trajectoire, et à ces altitudes, l'espace aérien est bel et bien sous le contrôle de « Kinshasa FIR (FZZA), » comme l'attestent toutes les publications d'aide à la navigation disponibles.

Cela ne fait aucun débat! Standard Instrument Departures. Goma International Airport, Standard Instrument Arrivals. Goma International Airport, De
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🚨#Sukhoi|🇨🇩#RDC| « De la nuance entre frontières terrestres des états, et espaces aériens... » 🏞️

A Thread...🧵

@FMLarousse @StanysBujakera @LitsaniChoukran @MwangiMaina_
Il est très tentant de croire que le Sukhoï #Su25 des @FARDC_off, en opérations contre le #M23 ce Mardi aurait, de facto, violé l'espace aérien rwandais en s'alignant pour sa phase finale d'aterrissage en piste 35 de l'Aéroport International de #Goma...

Rien n'est moins vrai! 🙃
Mais pour le comprendre, il faut prendre de la hauteur!⬆️

Bien que l'axe final de la piste 35 de l'Aéroport de #Goma se trouve bel et bien au dessus des frontières territoriales du #Rwanda, cet espace reste sous la surveillance de la #RDC, selon les conventions internationales. Map Data. © 2023 SkyVector, ARINC, OpenStreetMap
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1/20 Sovereign Africa Ratings @saratings is a most important development to pay attention to in Africa NOW. Africa is fast becoming the most important continent. And South African President Ramaphosa is mum on this vital African investment development.
Crude oil and copper prices have gone separate ways in recent months. Copper has risen 36% since last July while oil has fallen 22%. The divergence between the two markets is very rare in history. Image
But what happened in November to create this divergence? What would the impact of the middle East throwing themselves into the #ClimateEmergency Is it Relevant?… #ClimateScam
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NEW: US facing "diverse, geographically dispersed & highly unpredictable threat environment" Nat'l Counterterrorism Center Dir. Christine Abizaid tells @WashInstitute
Attack/threat "most likely to occur in the #UnitedStates from lone actors...motivated by a range of ideologies" from #ISIS #alQaida to racism & white supremacy, sometimes a combination, per NCTC's Abizaid

"The threat is unpredictable" both in US & the Western world, she says
As far as non-US based groups/actors, #alQaida & #ISIS continue to pose top threats to the US homeland, per NCTC's Abizaid
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In 2022, Russia’s war in Ukraine overshadowed much of global politics and other conflicts exacted a high toll, with the number of people fleeing violence reaching a new high.

But there’s also been good news!

Here are @CrisisGroup's 10 reasons to be hopeful in 2023 ⬇️ Image
1️⃣ The deal between 🇪🇹Ethiopia's government and Tigray leaders could end one of the world’s bloodiest conflicts and offer relief to millions in northern Ethiopia. Plenty could still go wrong, but any lull in the horrific violence is good news.…
2️⃣ After 3 years of tension, 🇨🇴 Colombia and 🇻🇪Venezuela finally restored one of Latin America’s most important bilateral relations, providing opportunities to address ongoing security and humanitarian issues at the border.…
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Now that M23 has agreed to withdraw what’s next?

Well, their withdrawal is not news they did it in 2013 and I predicted their return this is mainly because the people they fight for are killed every time they retreat

Is M23 testing EAC?

#DRC #M23 #Rebels
Looking at both Luanda and Nairobi process there is high chance they won’t be implemented by Kinshasa making it easy for rebels to enjoy impunity in the eastern DRC.

This will give FDLR, Mai Mai, Pareco, and others more power to recruit and control different territories.
If the EAC force is given all territories controlled by M23, they will have the mandate to keep peace in those areas and make sure refugees return home in peace these include refugees that have been living in Rwanda and Uganda for many years!
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#ISCAP (#ISIS - Central Africa) released a new video.
It mostly features footages from Democratic Republic of #Congo (#DRC) & shows some of their weapons.

First; rather rare FN FNC and South Korean Daewoo K2 assault rifles can be seen. Both chambered in 5.56x45mm.

1/ ImageImage
Additionally large quantity of AKM and Type 56 rifles, Bulgarian Arsenal AR rifle, RPG-7 & Type 69 RPG Launchers with PG-7V/Type 69-1 and OG-7V projectiles are frequently used by the militants.

A Chinese Type 85 HMG appears as well.

2/ ImageImageImageImage
Besides the noted weapons above; 7.62x54mmR General-Purpose Machine Guns are also quite common among the militants. The video shows PK/Type 80 machine guns along with a #Bulgarian 🇧🇬 Arsenal MG-1M machine gun.

3/ ImageImage
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#DRC: #ISIS released a video covering the activities/development of the groups' Congo Branch (of IS Central Africa). Will note a few interesting weapons and other aspects here.

Please note: much of the footage was previously seen- so not loads to note. Curious W85 action though.
- Rare Command Arms XRS47 ( rail system with a commander.
- Lots of hip fired HMG action, seems to be usually W85 captured from the Army locally. Quite ineffective, but I guess it gets through the jungle foliage...
- Drone use- this time after (& during...?) an assault.
I hope you noticed the FN FNC in the post above. We see these a couple of times- wondering if we are starting to see a new regional status weapon? Oh, and a Type 81(-1). Both are used by the Armed forces locally, likely captured. Quite a bit of disorganised infantry assaults.
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1. Time for a status update on #IS.

We’ve been collecting and analysing #IS comms and chatter continuously for the last few years.

This is what the short- (50-day) and long-term (200-day) rolling averages look like for #IS attacks as of 10 October 2022.
2. In #Syria, after a three-fold decline across 2020/21, #IS’s reported activities have been hovering at roughly the same level since last summer.

Note that there was a fleeting surge after the #Ghwayran prison-break, but nothing sustained.

See tweet #12 for caveat.
3. In #Iraq, #IS’s network is seemingly in a similar place.

These days, less than half as many attacks are being reported on average compared with this time in 2020 and 2021.

See tweet #12 for caveat.
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#DRC, "Solution Country" to the climate crisis ? My colleague @jm_senga and I recently traveled for @amnesty to the South-East of the #DRC, where industrial mining of #cobalt threatens the survival of entire communities. 👇🏽THREAD 1/11
As @Precop27RDC comes to an end in Kinshasa and ahead of #COP27, Congolese and international policymakers must stop turning a blind eye to the fate of people at the frontline of industrial mining of strategic minerals… 2/11 Image
The mining city of Kolwezi, in the former Katanga province, has all the features of a "sacrifice zone." There, multinationals extract #cobalt and #copper, 2 minerals that are driving the energy transition. 3/11 Image
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "WHO is continuing to support the government of 🇺🇬 to respond to #Ebola outbreak in 4 districts. So far:
-63 confirmed & probable cases have been reported, incl. 29 deaths
-10 👩‍⚕️ have been infected & 4 have died
-4 people have recovered & are receiving follow-up care"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "WHO has released $2 million from Contingency Fund for Emergencies and we are working with our partners to support the @MinofHealthUG to strengthen the response by sending additional specialists, supplies, and resources"-@DrTedros #Ebola #Uganda
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[Thread] Who is Igor Morozov, the man Putin has put in charge of facilitating Russian companies' access to African markets? How does AFROCOM, the body promoting Russian business interests in Africa that Morozov chairs, operate? Find out more in this week's investigative report🧵
Igor Morozov is known by every African ambassador in Moscow. The discreet senator and ex-FSB colonel has been AFROCOM's head since 2020. In his role, he makes ready use of his contacts in the intelligence services. Meanwhile, he is also making regular trips to Africa 2/9
In February, the Ethiopian authorities welcomed Morozov with open arms. This trip was also used to prepare the visit, 5 months later, of Sergey Lavrov. AFROCOM is at the heart of economic diplomacy in Africa, from #Sudan to #Uganda via #Angola and the #DRC 3/9
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1. In his latest statement, #IS spokesman Abu ‘Umar al-Muhajir spoke at length about #IS’s targeting of Christian communities in #Africa.

This continent-wide campaign is likely to intensify across #Mozambique, #DRC, and #Nigeria in the next few months, peaking in December.
2. As part of this, Muhajir spoke about recent developments in #Mozambique.

September has seen #IS’s cells penetrating further south there than ever before, razing "Christian villages" to the ground as they go.

L: #IS-related violence in 2021
R: #IS-related violence in 2022
3. At the beginning of this month, about 20 #IS fighters from #CaboDelgado crossed the #Lurio river and entered #Nampula province.

Up until that point, #Nampula state had seen just one attack claimed by #IS. As of today, that number is at eight and counting.
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[THREAD] Ever since Félix Tshisekedi took power, Washington had hoped he would curb #China's huge influence in the country. Four years later, the United States is bitterly disappointed… 1/6
In March 2022, Amos Hochstein, an adviser to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, arrived in Lubumbashi. The mining city, which looks like a quaint rural town, is one of the places where cobalt, copper and a part of the world's energy future are traded. 2/7
Hochstein, who is said to be close to US President Joe Biden, is one of the people devising the new US strategy on the subject. He led the Bureau of Energy Resources under Obama, an office involved in the country's energy security. 3/7
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