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This thread is dedicated to the next armed conflict/#war #Azerbaijan vs #Armenia. You heard it here 1st folks. The #EU is silent on Azerbaijan aggression to Armenia to appease #Turkey who by the way is making ground in #Libya. Will #Moscow back Armenia?…
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#LIVE: 75th UN General Assembly session kicks off, and for the first time it is being held virtually with prerecorded messages from world leaders
#LIVE: #UN Secretary-General #AntonioGuterres urges the world to be prevent a #ColdWar and halt conflicts so it can focus on #COVID19 pandemic at #UNGA #UN75 #coronavirus Image
#LIVE: US President Donald #Trump says @UN must hold China accountable for #coronavirus outbreak #Covid_19 #UNGA #UN75 Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/16/2020…
DNA damage caused by migrating light energy…

#energy #damage #dna #light
Machine Learning Widens the Gap Between Knowledge and Understanding | by David Weinberger | OneZero…

#understanding #MachineLearning #knowledge
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@IHME_UW (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) and @UWMedicine (University of Washington’s School of Medicine), no lightweights, have come out with
global projections of #COVID19 by nation.
Short summary 👇…
They modelled 3 scenarios:
1. Worse case:
- mask usage stays at current rates, and,
- governments continue relaxing social distancing requirements.
This leads to 4.0 million total deaths by the end of the year.
Best case:
- mask usage is near-universal, and,
- governments impose social distancing requirements when their daily death rate exceeds 8 per million.
This leads to 2.0 million total deaths if by the end of the year.
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#BREAKING: #Turkey's behavior in the Mediterranean raises concerns, says European Union foreign policy official
#BREAKING: #Turkey must stop unilateral actions in the Mediterranean, #EU says
#BREAKING: #Turkey’s actions raise questions about the future of its relationship with the #EU, bloc’s chief envoy Josep Borrell says
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#SaudiArabia FM Prince Faisal bin Farhan has been quite busy these days! Today in #Italy, right after #Cyprus and, before, a North Africa tour. On geopolitics, Riyadh and Rome have two major things to talk about: #Libya and #EastMed. Both have to do with #Turkey.
#Italy and #SaudiArabia do not traditionally have an in-depth, serious geopolitical engagement. This is for many reasons, many of which are common to other continental #Europe-an countries, excluding #France. I have analysed those in my @ECFRMena paper:…
This same paper is part of a wider effort, done within @ECFRMena, to provide ideas to the #EU and #Europe-an countries on how to engage geopolitically w/#GCC monarchies, who are now impactful players in the entire #MENA, including the #Mediterranean.…
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#Turkey has become a major player in the new Great Game. Its need for energy and desire to expand its influence prompted Turkish governments to push for becoming the principle route for #CentralAsian energy exports. (1/n)
In the summer of 1997 the #USA and Turkey jointly sponsored the idea of a 'transportation corridor' for a main oil pipeline from #Baku in #Azerbaijan through #Georgia and the #Caucasus to Turkey's Ceyhan port on the #Mediterranean. (2/n)
#Kazakhstan and #Turkmenstan would be encouraged to feed their oil into this pipeline. This, the #USA argued, would give the expensive and lengthy Baku-Ceyhan route the necessary oil volumes to make the project financially viable. (3/n)
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🟠Also in the Central Mediterranean Sea: Black Lives Matter!

Alarm Phone Central Mediterranean Regional Analysis, 1 January - 30 June 2020.

#CivilFleet #FreedomOfMovement #FerriesNotFrontex #BridgesNotWalls…
Over the past 6 months, January to June 2020, the Central #Mediterranean has continued to be a zone of violence, human rights abuses, disappearance and death, as well as a stage of struggles for #freedomofmovement, both by people fleeing #Libya & #Tunisia and by the #CivilFleet.
In 2020, so far, the #AlarmPhone has supported 77 boats in distress in the Central #Med, carrying ~4,500 people. This does not include dozens of boats that called us but where we were unable to establish sufficient contact to retrieve crucial information, such as GPS positions.
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Today, @alarm_phone @RescueMed @seawatch_intl & @BorderlineEurop launch our report "Remote Control". It outlines how the EU collaborates with the so-called Libyan coastguard to coordinate migrant pull-backs to #Libya through aerial surveillance of the Central #Mediterranean.
Join us at 18:00h CEST for the live stream launch, following the below link! We will be joined by @sallyhayd and @StatewatchEU to discuss the current situation in Libya for migrants and Europe’s accountability for #remotecontrol operations.
The EU does not escape responsibility for violating the non-refoulement principle simply by averting direct contact with the people fleeing Libya! We demand the immediate revocation of the Libyan Search & Rescue Region. End EU aerial surveillance facilitating pull-backs now!
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Thread. What is the link between #red & worms? Why is there an insect whose Latin name is '#worm little worm'? Let's start with a Sanskrit term: "krimija", "worm-made". (I know no Sanskrit, so please feel free to offer better translations). This was borrowed into Persian as قرمز.
2... qermez (contemporary Tehran pronunciation: ghermez), meaning 'red'. Above, popular Iranian children's TV character kolah ghermezi, 'red hat'. This appears to have happened in early Islamic times; in Middle Persian 'red' is 'sukhr' (New Persian sorkh). What about the worms?
3. Well, before the advent of synthetic #chemistry in the 2nd half of the 19th century, #dyes & pigments were mostly obtained from plant roots, or in certain cases, animals. The most famous is the 'imperial purple' obtained from the glands of Mediterranean sea snails.
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A boat in distress with ~68 people fleeing #Libya just reached out to #AlarmPhone. They are almost in Italian SAR zone & their engine has problems.

They bravely crossed the #Mediterranean & now they need immediate assistance.

@guardiacostiera Image
The situation on board is worrying as people were panicking the last time we spoke to them. Their boat is drifting. They have been at sea for over 30 hours and are just a few nautical miles from #Lampedusa. A wooden boat can capsize at any moment - rescue should not be delayed!
We are relieved to say that the people in distress were rescued to Lampedusa by the Italian coastguard! There were 67 people on board. After our last call we feared that panic was spreading on board and, according to the CG, people jumped overboard when they approached them.
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LIVE: @NavalInstitute is holding their 147th Annual Meeting virtually. @USNavy 🇺🇸 ADM Foggo will be the keynote speaker, talking about what the #USNavy is doing in @eucom @africom @NATO.

#Power4Peace #Open4Business #USNavalInstitute

Listen here:
"I encourage our younger #leaders – especially the Junior #Officers, Chief Petty Officers, and #Sailors out there – to join the debate, share your insights and innovative approaches. We have much to #learn from each other." - Admiral Foggo Image
"We face 2 strategic competitors— #China and #Russia, but we cannot forget other serious threats coming from #Iran and Violent Extremist Organizations. Competition can be good. It keeps us innovating and makes us better." - Admiral Foggo
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1/ At the risk of sounding uncharacteristically snarky, there's only one way I know to "boost" your immune system -- which is to activate it by getting sick or hurt.

Kind of like boosting the presence of firemen in your neighborhood by setting your house on fire...
2/ Look, seriously, instead of trying to look for a silver bullet supplement or drug -- recognize there is *very clear* evidence that poor lifestyle and diet can result in an inadequate immune response.
3/ As much as I try to stay away from the diet and exercise wars, I can't really avoid it when someone is asking me about the immune response.

Not only was there a lot of evidence of this before #covid19, there's quite a lot of it unfolding in real time during the pandemic.
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Our new report on Struggles of women* on the move is out! It covers the whole Mediterranean, gathering the voices and experiences of women* living in refugee camps, resisting deportations and protesting the violence they suffer. Read their stories here:…
In #Morocco, we document the protests that took place on International Women’s day on March 8, exactly one month ago. Friends of the #AlarmPhone also report the racism & persecution they face as black women and sub-saharan travellers in Morocco & how they fight against it.
In the Central #Mediterranean, we write about the brave & calm voices of women that call us from the sea. We thank the women of the SAR community, amazing witches that defy orders to conduct rescues. We hear testimonies from women in #Tunisia & their struggles against the UNHCR.
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🔸REPORT: 91 people still missing since 9 February 2020.

The families are desperately searching for them. All relevant authorities remain silent.

This report provides evidence based on the testimonies of relatives & friends of the missing.…
The families of the 91 keep asking #AlarmPhone where their loved ones are & what happened to them. Due to the silence of authorities & their unwillingness to cooperate we have not been able to give answers. How long will relatives & friends have to live with this uncertainty?
@guardiacostiera, @Armed_Forces_MT, @Frontex: your silence is indicative of your unwillingness to take responsibility for what happened. You were all alerted & should have intervened. The #Mediterranean is a liquid cemetery because you refuse to end lethal migration policies.
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1/ Hey #NutritionTwitter -- Help become a resource on #coronavirus/#covid19 and provide good advice and information right now to your followers as this timing is very meaningful.

Whatever partisan battles you've been fighting, I'm sure you originally got in this to help people.
2/ Viruses can survive outside the body for a while, but under most conditions it will die in time from exposure to things such as ultraviolet light or heat. This is why quarantining yourself for a couple weeks is so powerful.

You want to isolate it from new hosts (other people)
3/ If you have a healthy immune system that is becoming increasingly deadly to the virus inside your body while forcing its remains outside your body (in your living space) to endure exposure before coming into contact with any new hosts, you've massively reduced the risk.
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Last week’s white supremacist terror attacks in #Hanau, #Germany, were devastating.

Say and remember their names:

Ferhat Ünvar
Gökhan Gültekin
Hamza Kurtovic
Said Nesar Hashemi
Mercedes Kierpacz
Sedat Gürbüz
Kalojan Velkov
Fatih Saraçoğlu
Vili Viorel Păun
The murdered in Hanau are the brothers and sisters of the dead in the #Mediterranean. Members of #AlarmPhone know affected families in Hanau and grieved with them – something we have done so often with the families of those killed and disappeared along Europe’s external borders.
Our whole #AlarmPhone network stands in solidarity with the families and friends of the murdered. We stand in solidarity with all those who fall victim to racism in #Europe, at its external borders, and elsewhere.
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Great to be @MiddleEastInst for an event on #EU-#MiddleEast relations with @AlexVatanka, Przemyslaw Osiewicz and @KianpourWorld. What do changes in EU personnel and the new @EU_Commission mean for EU-MENA relations?
Listen to our own MENA episode on Europe and #Iran here:…
What are the main issues in MENA region for EU?
1) #MiddleEast Peace Plan
2) Iran
3) #Libya
4) #Syria

For reference, here is Osiewicz's latest MEI piece:…
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🔸Press Release! Over the past 4 days the Alarm Phone was alerted to 22 boats in distress escaping #Libya, carrying ∼1,150 people. 400 people who had reached out to us were rescued to #Europe. ∼700 people were returned to Libya or their fate is unknown.…
Repeatedly, we informed relevant authorities to the severe distress of boats off the Libyan coast but repeatedly they did not act quickly or adequately. We don’t know what happened to several boats. We fear interception by Libyan militias or that lives have been lost.
We were also informed of yet another privatised pushback. A merchant vessel illegally returned migrants to #Libya. Upon arrival in #Tripoli, some of the 64 people refused to disembark. According to testimonies, a person was shot by Libyan authorities & thrown into the sea.
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Our Central #Mediterranean Regional Analysis is out!

It covers the period 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2019 & discusses key developments in this region of the #Med.

In 2019, we were alerted to 101 boats escaping #Libya or #Tunisia, carrying over 6,200 people.…
Our analysis of the central #Med highlights some of the following:

🔸#CivilFleet & #AlarmPhone rescues
🔸Non-assistance & interceptions by #Europe & allies
🔸“Privatised” push-backs to #Libya
🔸Recent shipwrecks & the invisibilised deaths at sea
🔸Messages from Libyan #detention
Despite all atrocities we witnessed in the central #Med, people did not stop struggling for #FreedomOfMovement & #safepassage. Many boats reached #Europe autonomously, NGO vessels returned to sea & rescued hundreds of people & migrants resisted their illegal push-back to #Libya.
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The latest “Brief” papers published by the #Emirates_Policy_Center analyze key legal, regional and international consequences of the maritime agreement signed recently by #Turkey and the Government of National Accord in #Libya.

The Turkish side was able to impose its legal will over the Government of National Accord and capture Greek maritime areas in the Mediterranean by exploiting divisions and chaos in #Libya and backed by this agreement.
By applying the rules of the international law on the terms of the Turkish-Libyan memorandum of understanding, it is evident that these terms are in violation of the rules of international law and the international Law of the Sea. #Turkey #Libya
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#Turkey motion on military deployment to #Libya debated at Parliament now.…
Turkey's special envoy to Libya, AK Party deputy @emrullahisler supporting intervention in #Libya citing Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk) & his stand during the #Italia|n-Ottoman war. Image
#CHP Deputy Chairman @enginozkoc accusing #AKP of failed foreign policy & diplomacy "only interest in #Libya is oil".

#Turkey has already started its own exploration drilling off northern #Cyprus, which was called "unauthorised" by the #EuropeanUnion Image
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Our 8-week report is out! It covers the period 28 Oct. to 22 Dec. 2019. We engaged in 95 distress cases in the #Mediterranean, involving around 3,184 migrant travellers, of whom about 1,869 reached #Europe. Over 300 people lost their lives or went missing.…
#Aegean Sea: 60 distress cases, involving over 1,347 individuals. 38 boats with over 834 individuals on board reached #Greece. 22 boats with over 513 individuals were returned to #Turkey. We fear that at least 5 cases involved illegal push/pull back practices.
Central #Med: 19 distress cases, involving about 1,269 people. 13 boats with 786 people on board were rescued to #Europe, 9 of them by the civil fleet. 3 boats with about 219 people were returned to #Libya. 3 boats with 264 people on board capsized or went missing.
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1/#Turkey had well established "soft power" lines of influence throughout the Greater #MiddleEast (North #Africa, Horn of Africa, Eastern #Mediterranean, etc.).
2/But now #Turkish leaders are ready to assume greater risk to assert overt military power in an expeditionary manner to expand #Turkey's influence, and therefore leverage, on conflicts beyond the country's near abroad (#Libya being farther than say #Cyprus or #Syria).
3/However #Turkish leaders don't want to risk significant casualties to their own forces in these expeditionary ops, whether far away like in #Libya or closer to home like in #Syria, when #Turkey's military has spent so much time and $$ building a proxy force of #Syrian fighters.
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