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#Suicide is a hard subject, one I think we often avoid. I have some things about this subject I'd like to share. I'll be doing so this week.
The first thing: feeling #suicidal is not a weakness. It's not a failure or a personality flaw. #Tragedy and #depression can happen to ANYONE. There but for grace, or merely chance...
If you had asked me three years ago, I would have said #suicide was cowardly. I didn't understand, then, how quickly life can change, or how little we control. I don't believe suicide is ever an answer, but I better understand the complexities behind the issue now.
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@SpeakerPelosi It's time, Madam Speaker.

The Constitution enumerates the following as impeachable:

1. Treason
2. Bribery
3. High crimes
4. Misdemeanors

@SpeakerPelosi #1 used to mean working for a wartime enemy. But the Rosenbergs were executed without one.

#2 = Graft, including selling foreign policy.
a. The Trumps received $millions in trademarks from China; POUTS then interfered in judgments vs Huawei and ZTE

@SpeakerPelosi #2b.
i. RU oligarchs made hefty inauguration fund contrib'ns.

{2 years later}

ii. The Senate lifts sanctions vs Oleg Deripaska.

iii. Deripaska immediately announces he's bringing jobs to McConnell and Paul's state. (McConnell is up for reelection.)

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Multiplicty in Clinical Trial is really a disturbing issue for statisticians and trialists! (and for me😬)
b/c there is no consensus on multiplicity issue: When, Why and How to deal with it?
-I’ll try to explain by using *frequentist* point of view
Briefly, multiplicity is using many (multiple) comparisons. It increases the likelihood that a chance association could be deemed causal. In other words, we carry out multiple tests, it becomes highly likely that one of these tests will be significant by chance.
What is the source of multiplicity?
1-Multiple endpoints (i.e. death and death+HF rehosp)
2-Multiple treatments/arms (i.e. PCI vs Med-Tx vs CABG in pts with CAD or Riv15 mg vs Riv20 mg vs ASA)
3-Multiple interim analyses
4-Multiple subgroups

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A modest proposal from me for a conceivable (at least) way through the Parliamentary impasse 1/
Assumption #1: that no serious statesman could even contemplate No Deal, and that there is nothing remotely close to a Parliamentary majority for it. 2/
Assumption #2: there is no way forward (except No Deal) that will not require an extension of Article 50, so just ask for it now. 3/
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2019 campaign is about the next level. It is an achievement based campaign. It is not about personalities.
But it is difficult to ignore the below or simply assume it never happened. Read on!

Tompolo was paid 13Billion.!

Ex-CDS,Alex Badeh dug a pit toilet to hide $32m.
Patience Jonathan is claiming $31m, she has sued the Nigerian state.

Fani-Kayode took 740M

Dasuki used trucks to load over $35B from the CBN.

Olisa Metuh took 400M.

Aziboala, GEJ's cousin took 6B naira.

Nenadi Usman took 3.5B naira.

Fayose took 3B naira.

Obanikoro took #4B
Olu Falae took 100M naira.
Tony Anenih - 400M naira.

Oritsejafor - $35M

Former Air Chief Amosu - #2B.

Lucky Igbinedion-16B naira.

Bode-George & Dabo -#100B

Jolly Nyame - #2.4B.

Joshua Dariye-700M naira.

Nyesom Wike stole #4b.

Diezzani with $20 billion missing oil money?
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LONG THREAD: I am often asked about male privilege. It happened a lot yesterday, because of stuff that happened on the internets, which I will not be directly addressing here. But this seems like as good a time as any to share some thoughts about the topic more generally...
1) I think that the concept of privilege (in general) functions best as a tool to help people in the dominant/majority group see otherwise invisible advantages that they may be experiencing as a result of *not* being a member of a marginalized/minority group... of a million possible examples: do you ever worry about people not taking you seriously, or employers not hiring you, or doctors ignoring your medical needs, etc., because you are transgender? if the answer is no, then you experience cisgender privilege!
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1/ Thread: Here are my 12 thoughts on #Brexit. We are at half-time in Art50 process. Departure UK from EU now exactly 12m away. Right moment to take stock and list a few backward- and forward-looking thoughts. (You can also read the full blog-post here:…)
#1: When the UK voted leave, many said the EU would be weakened. Today it is clear that the contrary is true: it’s the UK not the EU that has been weakened by Brexit.
#2a Whatever people say, it would have been possible for Britain to change its mind about Brexit. Many political decisions, even after referenda, have been reversed in many countries.
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Thread: the broader historical context of the West Civ programs at Arizona public universities—criticized by @stefsaul as "injections of conservative thought" and defended by @SohrabAhmari as transmitters of "common intellectual patrimony of liberal civilization."
In the second half of the 19th c., the dominant form of higher education in the US shifted from the liberal arts college—small, classical, usually religious, focused on teaching—to the research university. CW Eliot's presidency at Harvard may be taken as an emblem of the shift.
The research university expanded the liberal arts college horizontally and vertically—horizontally, by expanding and updating the range of subjects taught (esp the modern sciences); vertically, by incorporating existing professional schools and creating new graduate programs.
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