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Whether you're with her in person or setting up a date, sometimes a girl will completely dodge your suggestion for the two of you to head somewhere private. When this happens, look out!

It's not an accident when a woman declines to go somewhere quieter and more private with you or come see you at home.

Unless she's a complete social newbie (and there are SOME girls like this... most AREN'T though!) she knows what she's doing.
What's she doing?

She is preventing the courtship from advancing to the "beginning of intimacy" stage.

See, you need somewhere more INTIMATE to start making things intimate.
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Alguien le tiene que explicar a la Secretaria de Economía Raquel Buenrostro que el dinero no lo crea "mágicamente" el gobierno, sino que sale de los impuestos del pueblo trabajador en conjunto con la iniciativa privada, y que no puede imprimir dinero infinito como en #Venezuela🤦
Tampoco puede "mantener" sin trabajar a todo #México enviándoles el sueldo a su casa porque no existe modelo económico que pueda sostener semejante chuminada, pero no se preocupe, la invitamos a visitarnos en el #GPPAN, aquí le damos unas clases de economía express. #SíHayDeOtra
Finalmente hago un llamado al #PuebloConsciente para no dejarse engañar por este tipo de ocurrencias y "soluciones" mágicas, hoy más que nunca necesitamos cerrar filas, ponerle rumbo a #México hacia un buen puerto, uno donde reinen las #3s, Salud, Seguridad y Solvencia Económica.
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Only once in the last 36 years have all four #1 seeds reached the Final Four (2008). In fact, only four tournaments witnessed three #1 seeds advance to the Final Four. That means 29 of 35 Final Fours featured two or fewer #1 seeds
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The Eastman v. Jan. 6 committee saga continues.

We have another ruling:…

(Spoiler: It isn't good for Eastman.)

Brief recap:

🔹The J6 committee wants Eastman's emails.
🔹Eastman tried to withhold some claiming attorney-client privilege . . .

(Basically, this means that Eastman is claiming that the committee can’t have these particular emails because they are privileged communication between him and his client, Donald Trump.)

He also claims work-product (privileged because written in anticipation of litigation)

The committee responded by invoking the crime-fraud exception, which says there is no attorney-client privilege over legal advice was given in furtherance of illegal or fraudulent activity.

They also said no, these were not in anticipation of litigation. . .

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1. To accelerate the growth of our network and to show our good faith to the #cardano community, we will be donating ADA continuously every 48hrs by the amount of followers gained starting tomorrow. Our first round of 1.5k will be delivered tomorrow for proof: video + transaction
2. Requirements: we must add 500+ followers every 48hrs to trigger donations, this campaign will end once we hit 50k followers, spam accounts will be blocked (no profile image, followers, new accounts)
3. Yes this is a marketing campaign that will benefit us in the following ways: connect us to the Cardano community fast, establish contacts w/ dApp developers, and provide promo influence to our future portfolio + in-house dApps.
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Some thoughts on pivoting to product

to pivot to product, it will help to have:

1) SME (e.g. healthcare, EMR)
2) deep persona expertise (e.g. nurses in large hospitals)
3) strong skills in a key PM skill area (e.g. analytics)

How about certifications (1/n)
IMHO, certifications can help in one of two situations:

1. A company with no product chops using something like "CSPO" to fill tons of newly opened positions because of an "agile transformation"

2. A signal you're serious...

#2 is interesting ... (2/n)
"As an SDR, I started to see how important it was to nail the product. I started to read everything I could. I took free courses. I paid for a product manager course"

Is very different from:

"I'm a CSPO bc a 12hr course, now hire me"

How about "tech" experience? (3/n)
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Studie belegt #Modelle: Schulen treiben die Pandemie
Diese Studie zeigt, dass in der 2. #Welle der #Lockdown wenig brachte. Erst durch das zusätzliche Schliessen der Geschäfte und #Schulen setzte in Deutschland eine positive Wirkung ein #twlz #RKI #KMK…
Wissenschaftliche Evidence - #Schulen treiben die #Pandemie: Wie haben #RKI/#KMK nach 18 Monaten #Kitas und #Schulen aufgestellt? Keine #Raumluftkonzepte, nicht einmal #Hepaluftfilter, keine geeigneten Hygienepläne, kaum vorbereitet auf Distanzlernen #twlz
zur Krönung: Die #Maskenpflicht wird in den meisten Bundesländern - für die nicht pandemiegerechten #Kitas /#Schulen - aufgehoben. Anstatt #Raumluftkonzepte und #FFP3 beginnt nach den Sommerferien die nächste Runde Infektions-Roulette - diesmal mit #Delta
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