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When a politician posts a piece of nonsense about #ushistory and #slavery on #Juneteenth, I do not RT it.
But we must set the record straight. Slavery in America was entwined with Christianity from the outset and to claim otherwise obliterates the facts. #1 of 14
#sschat ImageImageImage
African slavery in the Americas began in 1517 when the Spanish priest de Las Casas advocated importing Africans to replace the enslaved indigenous people who were dying in large numbers. He later regretted this recommendation.… #2 of 14
The English later came to dominate the African Triangle Trade and, like the Spanish and Portuguese, justified the slave trade with missionary zeal as bringing "salvation" to these "heathens." #3 of 14
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1/10: This #Juneteenth, we confront a horrific but essential part of American history:

The brutal exploitation of enslaved Africans, whose unpaid labor fueled the rise of the United States as an economic powerhouse. #BlackHistoryIsAmericanHistory Image
2/10: From the early 1600s, millions of African people were forcibly brought to the U.S. and exploited for their labor.

They were the engine that powered America’s rise as an agrarian economy, particularly in the South. #slavery Image
3/10: Enslaved Africans were integral to lucrative industries such as tobacco, indigo, and rice in the 17th & 18th centuries.

However, it was the cotton industry in the 19th century that turned the U.S. into an economic colossus. #EconomicHistory Image
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Today is #Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

Related words from James A. Garfield…

“We began the war for the Union alone, but we had not gone far into its darkness before a new element was added to the conflict...In lessons that

1/6 This color graphic is entit...
could not be misunderstood, the Nation was taught that God had linked to our own, the destiny of an enslaved race-that their liberty & our Union were indeed 'one & inseparable'...The soil beneath our feet was watered by the tears of slaves, in whose hearts the sight of

yonder proud Capitol awakened no pride and inspired no hope. But, thanks be to God, this arena of rebellion and slavery is a scene of violence and crime no longer!" ~1868 in @ArlingtonNatl.

“Soon after the great struggle began, we looked behind the army of white rebels, and

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#JimCrow was #SlaveryByAnotherName.Black People were Enslaved Well into the 1960s.#USHistory-#Slavery should be mandatory to stop the spread of #AntiADOS,#AntiBlack ignorant rhetoric.#ADOS(American Descendants Of Slavery) is OWE a Federal Debt-#Reparations. ImageImageImageImage
Jim Crow laws created ‘slavery by another name’
After the Civil War, the U.S. passed laws to protect the rights of formerly enslaved people. Jim Crow was designed to flout them.…
Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II by Douglas A. Blackmon…
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Law of Nature and natures God. Image
Laws of Nature and natures God.

…but where can those be found?


Reliance of the Laws of Nature and natures God is the bedrock underneath the “shinning city on the hill.”

DIG! Take back Dominion!

Gen 1: 26-28

“A Republic, if YOU can keep it.”

Declare your truth.

A man, created by God, child of God.

If one doesn’t know who they are someone else will tell them through their adventures of confusion. #slavery

“All Men (Wo-men) were created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights…”

#liberty Image
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Independent India has always been a vibrant democracy, except for the #Emergency years of #IndiraGandhi from 1975-77. That it has taken a decisive turn to religious majoritarianism under the #BJP and under #Modi since 2014 doesn't change that fact. (1/)
Democracy is not necessarily congruent with liberal values or even human rights. #Slavery was legal both in the democracy of Great Britain as well as the USA for almost a hundred years since the US' formation. Even a White woman was not considered equal to a man in America. (2/)
#Blacks in the #US did not have equal rights even after the abolition of slavery for another 100 years under #Lincoln, but we still think of the US in #1960 as a democracy.

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Important THREAD on UK’s Black woman MP @HackneyAbbott’s letter to @theobserver/@guardian and White Britain unleashing opportunistic attacks on the MP.
Buckle up🧵
#DianeAbbott #Racism #Antisemitism #WhiteSupremacy #WhitePrivilege #BlackLivesMatter #HierarchyOfRacism #CRT British Black MP Diane Abbo...
White British establishment has been way too racist and harsh towards #DianeAbbott (“DA”) among #BlackWomen—not denying many of their points—compared to others. Issues of DA erasing #GTR or #Holocaust memories or not—not denying the importance of it—is a separate issue than… 2/ Tweet from Siobhan Miller (...
…the main topic pointed out in the subject of the letter: White #HierarchyOfRacism that exists to date. Having worked as a London-based banker who was involved with diversity, I’ve seen Black was 9x more, Muslims up to 8x more discriminated at institutional & security levels…3/
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«The “doctrine of discovery” is not part of the teaching of the Catholic Church».
True, it isn't today.
«Historical research clearly demonstrates that the papal documents in question..have NEVER been considered expressions of the Catholic faith».
Well.. 1/…
The tricky point is precisely the focus on the "Catholic faith". Historians have never claimed that those Bulls had a dogmatic value: they didn't teach doctrines one had to believe so as to obtain salvation. Their value was legal: sources of international law for Christianity. 2/
There is a vast historiography on how the Holy See justified the Iberian colonial empires. For the Portuguese case, see Giuseppe Marcocci, A consciência de um Império: Portugal e o seu mundo (Sécs. XV - XVIII), (Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade, 2012). 3/…
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For many #ConstitutionalLaw scholars, last years' #Dobbs decision on #AbortionRights at the #SupremeCourt came as a dismaying shock, because it showed conclusively that #conlaw wasn't a realm of ideologically consistent intellectual foment, but rather, a matter of *politics*. 1/ A kraken strangling a coin-...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Writing for @CreditSlips, the #FinanceLaw scholar #AdamLevitin admits to feeling a bit of schadenfreude in that moment. The "blue collar" law scholars in "grubby" banking and money fields have always treated the conlaw set as "slightly clueless toffs":… 3/
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@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Children of #Donbass - THE #WAR IS ON! CHILDREN vs THE #NAZIS | 5 months ago…
#SaveOurChildren deNAZIfication - Special Military QperationZ WORLDWIDE
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt cc: @ DaniMayakovski
#Ukraine. Images from the #Azov Battalion children's camp, where children from the age of 8 are #brainwashed into #Nazism and prepared militarily by indoctrinating them into a #hatred of #killing Russians. (2015)
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Ukrainian children drugged and indoctrinated by the #Nazis into shouting the #Hitler salute of "#SiegHeil" while being laughed at. (2016)
This video was captured from the flash drive of a press reporter from the #AzovBattalion at the #Mariupol base.
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Join us Thursday, March 23 at 8pm eastern for our next happy hour with @jbrentmorris where he will discuss his new book Dismal Freedom: A History of the Maroons of the Great Dismal Swamp (@UNC_Press).

#thecivilwardoc #slavery #historybook #booktalk #bookevent #history #historian
Dismal Freedom is the first book-length study that fully examines the lives of maroons (fugitive slaves) and their communities in the liminal world between slavery and freedom in the swamp along the North Carolina/Virginia border.
To sign up head over to our Patreon page and subscribe! You will also be eligible to attend all future happy hours.


If you are a graduate student or contingent faculty member and would like to join, please DM us and we will provide the link for you!
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Join us March 23 at 8pm eastern for our next happy hour with @jbrentmorris where he will discuss his new book Dismal Freedom: A History of the Maroons of the Great Dismal Swamp (@UNC_Press).

#thecivilwardoc #slavery #historybook #booktalk #bookevent #history #historian
Dismal Freedom is the first book-length study that fully examines the lives of maroons (fugitive slaves) and their communities in the liminal world between slavery and freedom in the swamp along the North Carolina/Virginia border.
To sign up head over to our Patreon page and subscribe! You will also be eligible to attend all future happy hours.


If you are a graduate student or contingent faculty member and would like to join, please DM us and we will provide the link for you!
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भारत में इस्लामिक विजयों के कारण #गुलामी
1. इस्लामिक विजयों के कारण भारत में मंदिरों का विनाश सर्वविदित है लेकिन भारतीय गुलामी के बारे में बहुत कम जानकारी है। भारतीय भूमि पर इस्लामी विजय के परिणामस्वरूप अक्सर बड़ी संख्या में लोगों को पकड़ लिया जाता था
और उन्हें गुलाम ..cont 2
2.बना लिया जाता था। इस तरह पकड़े गए पुरुषों और महिलाओं को अपने आकाओं के लिए #गुलामों के रूप में काम करना पड़ता था जो हमलावर सेना या शासक वर्ग के उच्च अधिकारी थे। गुलाम लड़कियों को सेक्स या वेश्यावृत्ति के लिए मजबूर किया जाता था। जब मुस्लिम सैनिक लड़कियों के साथ जबरदस्ती cont..3..
3. सोते थे, तो लड़की के समुदाय ने उसे स्वीकार करने से इनकार करते थे और उसके पास इस्लाम कबूल करने के अलावा कोई विकल्प नहीं बचाता था। इसके अलावा गुलामों का जबरन धर्म परिवर्तन दिल्ली सल्तनत (1206-1555) और मुगल साम्राज्य (1526 से) में एक नियमित विशेषता थी। इस्लामी शासन के दौरान, ..4
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#Slavery in India
1. The destruction of temples in India due to Islamic conquests is well known but little known is the fact about Indian slavery. Islamic conquest of Indian land often resulted in capture of large number of people and their enslavement. Men and women ....cont..2 Image
2. so captured had to work as #slaves for their masters who were high officials of the invading army or the ruling class. Slave girls were forced for sex or prostitution . When Muslim soldiers forcefully slept with girls,the girl’s community refused to accept her and she ..cont3
3. would be left with no choice other than converting to Islam. Moreover forceful #conversion of slaves was a regular feature in Delhi Sultanate(1206-1555)and Mughal empire(from 1526). During Islamic rule, slaves were of two types-military and labourer and they were....cont..4..
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Enslaved Teenager Diana Bastian of Nova Scotia
Warning: Disturbing Content
📜 a thread...
Bastian lived most of her life as a slave in obscurity but entered historical consciousness as a result of her rape, pregnancy, and subsequent death.
We can learn of Bastian’s tragic story because of a brief burial-record document inserted in the St. George’s Anglican Church’s burial registry in Sydney. Her story tragically evidences the vulnerability of enslaved African Canadian Black women.
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The U.N. is a happy organization?

This happynwo site is now the forwarding address for: (which was a blank site in 2020 with only "Ⓒ Copyright New World Order Project 2020" at the bottom.)

Ha! Found it. Image
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🧵PART 1🧵
SELLING-OUT #AmericanTaxpayer's
¬RUSH COAL phase-out
¬PUSH invest in EVs/renewables
¬US commit $100B
¬Honor OLD #ClimateChange Agreements
@WEF @WHO want #Democrat POWER GRAB of #AMERICA
#KlausSchwab of #WEF
Violates #InalienableRights
ForcedGunControl #Biden's
#ExecutiveOrder 14067
Using Race/Bias/Belief/Credit
a Subjective
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“Were these monuments built for Germans to collectively remember what had been done, or a performance of contrition for the rest of the world?”

Fascinating @TheAtlantic essay by @ClintSmithIII on 🇩🇪 remembrance and lessons for the 🇺🇸 #slavery #Reparations…
I grew up around many of these monuments in Berlin and followed the debates since I was a child. And I believe that #Stolpersteine are among the most effective ways to remember, because they are immediate, personal, and created and maintained by civic action.
“Dear father! I am saying goodbye to you before I die. We would so love to live, but they won’t let us and we will die. I am so scared of this death, because the small children are thrown alive into the pit. Goodbye forever. I kiss you tenderly.”

Judith, 12, Belarus, 1942
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#OTD in 1864 Brig. Gen. Henry H. Lockwood wrote to his superiors about his concerns regarding Maryland's apprenticeship system, especially as it applied to newly emancipated children. Lockwood explained how former enslavers were exploiting the system to their own advantage. Image
#Slavery was abolished in #Maryland on November 1, 1864, when the state legislature adopted a new state constitution. The new constitution did not outlaw forced labor. Children of "unfit" parents could legally forced into apprenticeships that often times resembled slavery.
The children of newly emancipated people were overwhelmingly subject to forced apprenticeships, often times being forced to work for the people that formerly enslaved them and their parents. This development was concerning to General Lockwood.
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For #HumanRightsDay2022 let’s remember that #ModernSlavery is a #HumanRights issue first and foremost & so the surest path to ending this severe form of exploitation once and for all is to put #HumanRightsFirst.
Why do we fight to end #PrisonSlavery? Because every person has an inalienable right not to be held in #Slavery or #Servitude. Put #HumanRightsFirst and take action today:…
Qatar still has yet to effectively end its #Kafala system leaving its majority #Migrant worker population vulnerable to continued exploitation. Tell @FifaWorldCup to put #HumanRights before #Football today:…
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Dear Gabrielius, I don't know what's wrong with you, maybe last decade you was out of Earth, however I am here to help.
95% population of Earth and 80% of EU doesn't know who are these exotic countries "Baltic States" you are talking about, so let me explain.

So called 'Baltic States' are simply post-Soviet republics, which lived under communist nomenclature. After USSR's end communist crooks didn't have any Nuremberg for their crimes and went straight to EU.
What they started to do?
Here starts interesting. Cause before being communists they were 3 Reich guys. So they returned to pre-Soviet practics and created a cast of privileged "true" citizens and a cast of "non-citizens" with the stamp of ALIEN in the passport.
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This photograph of Silas Chandler (right) and Andrew Chandler (left) has been used by Neo-Confederate groups to perpetuate the Black Confederate myth for decades. The following is a 🧵 about who Silas Chandler was and the truth behind this image.
Silas Chandler was born on January 1, 1837, in Virginia and was enslaved by Roy Chandler. When Roy Chandler received a land grant in Mississippi in 1839 he moved Silas and 38 other enslaved people to a new plantation in Palo Alto, near the town of West Point.
Silas was trained as a carpenter and married an enslaved woman named Lucy Gardner in 1860. He was then forced leave Lucy to join Roy Chandler's son, Andrew, after he enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861. The photograph is believed to have been taken around that time.
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