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#DeclarationOfIndependence Draft 1: The King has "waged cruel War against human Nature itself, violating its most sacred Rights of Life & Liberty in the Persons of a distant People" by kidnapping & enslaving them.

Spoiler: #Slavery got cut in round 2. /thread #HappyFourthOfJuly
I'm not making this up. Here's more on the passage about #slavery that #ThomasJefferson put in the 1st draft of the #Declaration & took out of later drafts. #BlackLivesMatter…
More on why #ThomasJefferson removed his fiery indictment of #slavery from later drafts of the Declaration. Fact that he was enslaving people as he wrote it was NOT the reason! #1619 #1776…
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Protesters want #AndrewJackson's statue removed because he ordered the removal of an estimated 100,000 #indigenous people from eastern states. 15,000 died along the #TrailOfTears headed west. #native / thread…
In Dec 1830, #AndrewJackson told Congress "Indian removal" was approaching its "happy consummation," moving "savages" west, freeing land between TN & LA for white settlement, & "reliev[ing]" Miss & western Alabama of "Indian occupancy."
"What good man would prefer" forests & "savages" to "our extensive Republic" occupied by 12 million "happy people" & filled w/ the "blessings of liberty, civilization & religion?" Jackson asked Congress in 1830.

The white supremacist's portrait hangs in the Oval Office.
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Thread with some bits from my @researchEdhome talk today in which I thoroughly indulged myself & talked endlessly about history, with special mentions to brill work of @SuzanneLPowell @jcarrollhistory @whitburn_robin @Justice2History @PaulaLoboWorth @mrwbw @kenradical @histassoc
This is where we finished up: a guide for better (curriculum- centred) conversations betw senior & middle leaders. It is #notachecklist. Repeat: NOT a checklist! Not an audit tool! Use it as a short cut to a bureaucratic management exercise, & it self-combusts. @researchEdhome
So how did we get there? I celebrated the published work of 5 teachers & did my best to get at just a tiny bit of WHY they had become so productive in their curricular theorising, so useful to others & producers of such quality curricula. What is the significance of their work?
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As Confederate statues come down, I'm reminded of what still needs to go up. Encourage @Reagan_Airport & @Amazon to memorialize those enslaved at Abingdon: "The Virginia portion of Amazon’s HQ2 should acknowledge what lies beneath"… #slaveryarchive #DC
If you visit Abingdon ruins today, you will be transported to the past - but not to the era of slavery -- to the 1990s. At this site of a former plantation, there is no mention of the enslaved, slavery, or enslavement. Signage is entirely about enslavers. #AbingdonEasyFix 2/10
Inside the old terminal's exhibit hall, at the bottom corner of one display case, you can find the only reference to slavery. #AbingdonEasyFix 3/10
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Black Slavery Myths Debunked

Claim: Every civilization had slavery.

FACT: “Slaves were NEVER chattel until the 19th century — NEVER in world history were slaves considered chattel until modern times.”

— Dr. David Neiman


African Americans were enslaved for a much longer time than the Bible says the Jews ( 250 vs. 210 ) years were.

Of course, followed by more years of legal aparthied.…
Many scholars say the Jews weren't slaves. But, that they were actually paid. Anyway, if it didn't happen. It's still interesting. Why? Because that's the story African Americans clung to during slavery in America.
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𝘗𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘗𝘳𝘦𝘫𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘤𝘦 wishes to express sympathy for the families, friends and communities of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks, and indeed for the many other people of colour around the world who have suffered at the hands of individual racist police, [1/14]
racist police practices more generally, and the systemic racism that runs through criminal justice systems. We also wish to extend our solidarity with the many thousands who have been moved to protest on streets all over the world in response. [2/14]
𝘗𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘗𝘳𝘦𝘫𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘤𝘦 has been documenting and analysing all forms of racism, historical and contemporary, throughout the world for over fifty year. [3/14]
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.#Juneteenth. I hope it becomes a federal holiday.
Its been celebrated in #Texas for 40 years today.
It is emancipation day.
A time for families to come together and remember hardships & be thankful for the #FREEDOM that we have.
It is a time of rememberance.
..Let’s have a conversation.
#Slavery, the buying & selling of other human beings, human trafficking, has been around for thousands of years.

The flag of freedom in the US is stained as much with the institution of slavery as with the blood of those who fought to abolish it.
..No one should own anyone else.
No one should force another human being against their will.
#China has millions of #Muslim #Uighurs imprisioned.
Humans are #trafficked for money every single day.
Women & children (girls & boys) trafficked as sex slaves.
Regardless of race.
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@AndreVanDelft @moeva18 @telegraaf @TonyChocolonely @Teunvandekeuken Draadje over @TonyChocolonely

Slavernij als Marketinginstrument.

@Teunvandekeuken nam er -terecht- afstand van!
Teun wilde slaafvrije chocolade.
Lees hier hoe het begon.…
@AndreVanDelft @moeva18 @telegraaf @TonyChocolonely @Teunvandekeuken Tony’s Chocolonely is ontstaan vanuit het tv-programma Keuringsdienst van Waarde. Eén van de presentatoren is Teun ('Tony') van de Keuken. Omdat geen enkele chocoladereepfabrikant durft te garanderen dat er geen kindslaven worden ingezet bij de productie, besluit Van de Keuken
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Establishment Psychopathy: a selection of evidence setting out some of the ways in which colonial violence & structural racism continue to privilege our “ruling class”... [thread of threads] 🧐✊🌹🇪🇺 #ColonialViolence #BritishEmpire #ReparationsNow #BlackLivesMatter Image
The magnificent #BlackLivesMatter protests are proof of structural racism around the world... This thread ⬇️ shows how the UK Establishment still benefits from slave money, and why it will ALWAYS resist a proper discussion of #history. 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #Colston #Slavery #RhodesMustFall
Colonial wrongdoing was often rewarded with wealth and a peerage… Our ludicrous system means that this chap #Trenchard ⬇️ gets to make our laws in part because his grandfather liked to burn villages in #Nigeria. 😧✊🌹🇪🇺🇳🇬 #SystemChange #ToriesOut #COVID19
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Dear .@louiegiglio, with this thread I follow the example of Paul, who publicly rebuked Peter in book of Galatians when Peter tried to placate the faction called judaizers by practicing segregation. Your championing of the term #whiteblessing in reference to #slavery is SIN. 1/
Your sin against Black people, especially women, was public. Therefore, your rebuke must also be public. For, you are an international leader. People of European descent and BIPOC in your network will follow your lead into sin, if you are not corrected publicly. 2/ #whiteblessing
I intend to do 3 things in this thread:
1) correct your thinking on white privilege and white “blessing,”
2) suggest a 3rd term that is the essence of this entire set-up: #WhitePatriarchy,
3) reflect for a moment on the impact of your sin. 3/ #whiteblessing
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Today's episode of "What in the Caucasity?" should be the LAST. In 1795, an anthropologist sorting human skulls into groups liked a female skull from the Caucasus Mts best & reasoned that since Europeans were the best-looking people, all Europeans must be from the Caucasus Mts.
"Caucasian" isn't simply a racial term, it's a #racist term, selected in 1795 solely because the anthropologist who published the 1st classification of humans into biological "races" thought Europeans were the world's best-looking people.…
"Caucasian" is widely used in medical research as a synonym for "white." C'mon #MedicalTwitter: you can fix this.…
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A thread about Establishment wealth, reparations, & why the Tories will *always* defend the statues of slavers & Empire racists… 🤨✊🌹🇪🇺 #Colston #reparations #ColonialViolence #resist #slavery #BlackLivesMatter
This chap is Richard Drax, Tory MP for South Dorset since 2010. His full name is Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, and he comes from a long line of Tory MPs and other assorted Establishment figures over the centuries. 😋✊🌹🇪🇺 #Drax #ScroogeMcDuck
He owns c14,000 acres of Dorset, making him the largest private landowner in the county. Pic shows his country seat, Charborough House. 🧐 #NiceGaff #Dorset #CountryLife
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To all those saying that slavery happened a long time ago, that it didn't benefit them directly, and that they not racists so why should they care - THIS is why you should care. #thread #slavery #blacklivesmatter #ukprotests #bristolstatue #RhodesMustFall 1/4
You may think that you don't personally benefit from slavery, but you almost certainly do. Many of you may be surprised to find your ancestors + people with your name in this database - like Thomas J. Cheeseman a British slave over. Check it out here: 2/4…
Even if you don't find your own name in the database, you live in a county whose infrastructure and economy benefitted massively from slavery and other immoral acts, and those benefits created advantages - in education, business, healthcare - enjoyed by subsequent generations 3/4
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#Slavery was America’s original sin, but it was also ours in Europe. After all it was the Portuguese, Brits, French, Spaniards, Dutch, Danes, and the occasional Norwegian who drove the #slavetrade. Less obviously barbaric, but far bigger in scale was Europe’s #Colonialism ...
This was considered respectable well within living memory. Top them up with centuries of #Antisemitism , a rising #Islamophobia and endemic #racism against the #Roma and it's not good enough for us in Europe to be smug about the upheaval in the US, but let's look in the mirror!
Talk to the #Congolese in #Belgium, the #Syrians in #Germany, the #Pakistanis in the #UK, the #Somalis in #Norway, the #Afghans in #Sweden, the #Chinese in #Italy what their daily experience of life in Europe is like. Full of a thousand humiliations, comes the honest answer.
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John A. Macdonald's anti-Indigenous and anti-Chinese racism is well documented. What is lesser known, however, is his connections to the history of #slavery and the #BritishEmpire. JAM was not a slave owner, but his second wife's father was. Thread.
There have been debates recently about the legacy of the British Empire. Was it good or bad? Here there can be no doubt: British imperialism was a ruthless project of thieving on a global scale. It was not "benevolent"; it was exploitative. Full stop:…
Many empire apologists point to the fact that Britain abolished slavery (in 1833 - though it was a drawn out process), and they contend that abolition = absolution. That's absolute rubbish.
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I've taught pre-K to college & wrote my PhD dissertation on #racism. All research shows Ms Newsome is 100% correct: if your kids are old enough to talk, they're old enough to talk about racism. <thread>
Children's Community School in Phillie has resources to help parents & teachers talk w/ kids about #racism.…
Children as young as 2 use "#race" to reason about people's behavior (Hirschfeld, 2008).…
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There is no racism in Islam.

I have read and heard variations on this assertion repeatedly since the murder of George Floyd. But this is simply untrue. Islam's track record on discrimination is not better than Christianity's, just (somewhat) different.

#racism #BlackLivesMatter
In Islam, there is a (theoretical) equality between believers. But this equality does not encompass non-Muslims. While there have been periods of remarkable tolerance towards minorities in Islamic history, Islam discriminates against non-Muslims, both in theory and in practice.
The harshest form of discrimination in the foundational ideals of Islam, like in much of the world, was between free citizens and slaves. While Islam sought to restrict the enslavement of people within Islamic societies, slavers could enslave non-Muslims from non-Muslim lands.
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Whites have internalized a toxic message about who they were & are.

This has been done by design to demean us.

With the truth of our history reclaimed our self-esteem will be restored.

And from this springs courage and the surety to say "no" to the continuation of lies & abuse
An instinct & an intelligence drive anti-White efforts

The instinct is one of envy & produces the vicious assaults to which Whites are subjected routinely

The intelligence, driven by paranoia, understands that Whites are unbeatable unless handicapped by ongoing deceit & abuse
The hingepins of the disenfranchisement, abuse & enslavement of Whites, now & in perpetuity, are fictions about:

🔶Holocaust & WW ll


These must be undone.

They must be exposed.

Once removed, the door to our prison falls

and we stand again as a free people.
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A report on Kailasa temple at #Ellora that appeared in The Portland gazette, Nov 28, 1820.
Notice how Budhism is referred to as the 'Brahmin religion' here. #IncredibleIndia ImageImage
US$ 20 reward for apprehending or returning a slave and US$ 10 for finding a Bay mare (Brown horse), both in the same column.
Virginia Argus, Aug 13, 1806. #slavery #USA ImageImage
Negroes (mother and 3 children!) for sale. Oct 24, 1804, The Enquirer. #slaves #USA Image
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🔴 مشهد حقيقي

لبيع عبد في اسواق العبيد في احدى البلاد الاسلامية قبل أجبار الدول الاسلامية على تجريم الرق وايقافه من قبل الغرب

#الرق #حقوق_الإنسان
🇸🇦 وثيقة سعودية رسمية لتسجيل عبد

#الرق Image
🔺 وثيقة رسمية لعبد مملوك صغير السن

صادرة من وزارة الداخلية السعودية Image
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