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Let's take a deep dive into all things WadPay including what makes it different than any other project


#WeAreWadzPay #WeAreXDC
WadzPay is building an interoperable and agnostic blockchain-based payments ecosystem.

- Provides infrastructure for CBDCs, stable coins, and cryptocurrencies

- Executives have experience with SWIFT, MasterCard, Ripple, Visa, Fidelity, etc.
What problem is @WadzPay solving?

E-Commerce is exploding but our system only allows

- Fiat to Fiat payments (paypal, venmo, cashapp)
- Digital to digital payments (Exchanges, tip bots, wallets)

Wadzpay is bridging current and future payments with its technology
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Versión en español ⬇️

Spanish Version ⬇️
🇵🇦 Ley Panamá blockchain, cripto, metales preciosos tokenizados.

21/04/2022 fue un gran día.

Panamá logró un gran paso hacia la integración del sistema financiero tradicional con las nuevas tecnologías y economías digitales🥇

Se aprobó en la cámara legislativa, el primer debate de una ley que mejora la economía de un nuevo Panamá.

Esta ley es un compendio de 3 anteproyectos de grandes mentes innovadoras y diputados del país; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, entre otros.
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🇵🇦 Panamá Blockchain, Crypto, Tokenized Precious Metal Law

21/04/2022 was a great day.

Panama achieved a great step towards the integration of the traditional financial system with new technologies and digital economies🥇

It was approved within the legislative chamber, the first debate of a law that improves the economy of a new Panama.

The law is a mix of the 3 previous drafts of great innovative minds and deputies of the country; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, among others
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Thread on QTP :

1) We are launching batch 7 of our Quantitative Trading Program(QTP).

Start Date: 23rd April ‘22

Course Duration : 6 months

Timing : Every Sat & Sun from 9:30 am to 1 pm

For more details please visit:…

#python #algo #system #trading
2) Focus :

The program focuses on:

Python programming,
Trading strategies,
Quantitative analysis,
Automation &
Machine learning for trading
3) Past Participants :

We have done this program at many large proprietary trading desks such as Futures First, KIFS Trade Capital, Marwari Shares etc and institutes like IIT-D, IIT-B,IIM-B, NMIMS,JBIMS to name a few.

So we surely have good credibility in the this domain :)
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1/ Top "verified" #algorand #nft projects by sales vol on @nftexplorerapp thru 03.09.22. A 🧵

@MetaPunksOG moves into #12;
The APEs @algorillas #15;
@AlchemonNFT breaks 20k total NFTs sold

Algorand now has ~15 million $Algo in sales vol
2/ Close Calls - NFT Projects Narrowly missing Top 20 for March 9th

Young G @GraffeAlgorand
Aegir Legends @starsightlabs
Big Brain Belugas @Algoluga
Algo Lynx @linxnftlabs
Fighting Fish @FightingFishNFT
3/ Fast Growers in the Top 100 by % Sales Volume Week Over Week (March 2nd - March 9th)

Forum Astros @headline_crypto - 33%
Young Brute Gang @YoungBruteGang - 18%
Corvus @corvusnft - 10%
Alex @Algo_Alex_NFT - 10%
Flemish Giants @Flemish_Giants - 9%
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#Shitcoins glory days passed on BSC/Pancakeswap, guess??
It didn't die completely.
It went from #SOL, to #AVAX, to #ALGO and to #FTM.

With Andre Conje's exit, guess where I figured the money going??
Should be a joke right?

$MAIA @MaiaDAOMetis having been seriously established is launching the Hermes Protocol, which is similar to what $SOLID (Solidly) did on Fantom before Andre's exit on the 10th.
Money would flip sides.

Happy that everyone is waking up to the Metis Chain.
If you doubt, you win!.
$METIS, a is an underated layer-2 protocol. But with NFTs, Yield Farming, and Degen Plays all primed to kick off, and following the Fantom Opera Network's fallout.

I'm going to be focusing on Degen Plays off the METIS network.

And would be concentrating on picking out some gems
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Gm #algofam! We read the updated @algofiorg roadmap and listened to their latest AMA hosted by @AlgoHQ so you don’t have to 😎 Here are our highlights #algorand #algo $algo


Algofi is gearing up to become a 1-stop DeFi shop by building out a full suite of products powered by the Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM). In this first “salvo”, as the team put it, they will be releasing a DEX, StableSwap, V2 lending protocol, & enhanced analytics.

Along with these new releases, the team provided updates on both the Aeneas Liquidity Program rewards and the rollout of their governance token (BANK).

More to come on this below.

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1/ Top "recognized" #algorand #nft projects by sales vol on @nftexplorerapp with added data from @ALGOxNFT thru 01.26.22. A thread

Joining Top 20:

Akita Kennel Club @AkitaInuASA #11
Al Goanna Eggs @al_goanna #12
Graffealgorand @Graffealgorand #18
Big Brain Belugas @Algoluga #19 Image
2/ 7-Day Leaderboard (January 26th, 2022)

1: Akita Kennel Club (@AkitaInuASA) - 83600A
2: M.N.G.O (@yieldling) - 64200A
3: Big Brain Belugas (@Algoluga) - 55000A
4: Algorillas (@algorillas) - 29800A
5: Graffealgorand (@Graffealgorand) - 27300

Newcomer: @ReaperHillsNFT
3/ 24-Hour Leaderboard (January 26th, 2022)

1: M.N.G.O (@yieldling) - 19000A
2: Big Brain Belugas (@Algoluga) - 16400A
3: Graffealgorand (@Graffealgorand) - 3600A
4: Akita Kennel Club (@AkitaInuASA) - 3100A
5: Tofu Homie Club (@TOFU_Homie_Club)-3000A

Newcomer: Art Show @T_LoP_
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1.) As a builder on #ALGO, the recent price action does not worry me. In fact it excites me 👇
2.) Known supply coupled with unknown demand is a unique feature of crypto. For instance, if gold goes up in price then gold miners can use increased profits to mine more gold.
3.) The fixed supply prevents this from happening in crypto, and so in turn the markets are necessarily more volatile. But why does this mean that a market sell-off excites me?
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Some of the 🎯's achieved during 2nd half of 2021:

At this stage, we had ALL moon-boys calling 200k in 2022 and cons like @TheMoonCarl calling 300k, then 700k, and then 200k.

Around here, we knew market was ♨️and profits were taken. Image

This one is pretty self-explanatory. #BTC did 39,000$

Note that ALL gurus were calling UpOnly. Some were calling Up, Down, or Sideways ("Wow. No shhh!"...)

Their only goal is to bring more followers into their "kingdom" Image

#Solana had a MASSIVE run since early 2021 and most investors were not buying afraid of a crash because "it has gone up too much".

There was quite a lot of fuel in this train. Still, buying for 5$ and not taking profits on 100$+ is the dumbest thing an investor can do. Image
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Yo les kheys ! Nous y voilà, dernier jour d'une année 2021 qui aura été exceptionnelle à tous les niveaux. Je profite de cette occasion pour vous proposer mon bilan de l'année, mes échecs, mes réussites et mes objectifs pour 2022. Let's go 🧵
Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, je suis arrivé relativement tard sur le marché crypto (fin Janvier 2021). Avant cela, j'étais surtout sur de l'investissement traditionnel (ETFs et assurance vie notamment) comme tout boomer qui se respecte (j'aurai 30 ans en Janvier).
J'avais déjà quelques connaissances sur la technologie de la blockchain, ayant rapidement travaillé sur le sujet lorsque j'étais chez Ubisoft, mais je ne m'étais jamais intéressé à l'aspect spéculatif de la chose.
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L'ambiance actuelle sur le marché m'inquiète. Les gens sont méga bullish, peu d'entre eux comprennent l'importance de prendre des profits, et la majorité pense que les arbres vont monter jusqu'au ciel. Faisons le point 🧵
Avant de commencer, je précise que tout ce que je vais dire n'engage que moi. C'est mon opinion personnelle au regard des évènements actuels. Je ne suis ni expert ni gourou, et je suis bien conscient que je sors ma boule de cristal dans les tweets qui vont suivre.
Déjà c'est quoi un bear market ? C'est une tendance baissière qui s'établit sur le long terme. Les prix de l'ensemble des actifs diminuent drastiquement et la majorité des projets ne s'en relèvent pas. Les gens voient leur capital fondre, ce qui finit par les faire capituler. Image
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An eye opening reminder about the number of #Crypto Exchange hacks (2011-2021).

A Thread 🧵...
🔶 Mt. Gox (2011-2014)
Assets Stolen - 850,000 #BTC
Losses Recovered: Trial ongoing
Type of Hack: Database breached
🔶 Poloniex - 2014
Assets Stolen: 97 #BTC
Losses Recovered: 100%
Type of Hack: Bug Exploit
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The above language is not John Deaton’s interpretation of the SEC’s Complaint. The above is from Judge Torres herself. She acknowledges that the SEC claims Ripple created the secondary market for #XRP - including all sales - whether between individuals or sold on exchanges.
Judge Torres recognizes the SEC’s claim that b/c Ripple undertook efforts to create a secondary market for XRP, that, therefore, ALL #XRPHolders must have entered into a common enterprise with Ripple - regardless of whether they acquired #XRP directly from Ripple.
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95% of people are chasing meme coins

But few are looking at one of the biggest long-term opportunities in crypto...

A deep dive into how $XRP is building a frictionless decentralized liquidity pool for the world 🌍

(Not financial advice)

/THREAD/ Image
1/ The problem:

“With today’s internet of information you can’t store, move, transact value without a powerful intermediary. And that’s what blockchains solve”

Quoted by @dontapscott a leader in the decentralized blockchain revolution Image
@dontapscott 2/ Before blockchain

The internet had a problem with transferring $ value peer to peer

The only 2 options for sending money were:

1. Send $ using a cross border payment via bank transfers
2. Use a 3rd party and trust a stranger with private information

Lets dive into those👇 Image
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I accidentally tweeted before I finished: but here’s a few more thoughts to consider:

What about the thousands of #XRPHolders who acquired XRP for non-investment purposes? What does the SEC say about that: 👇👇 Image

What about the thousands of #XRPHolders who acquire the minimal amount of XRP to utilize the #XRPL and the DEX to purchase #CSC or other tokens? Or the thousands that utilize it as a bridge / transfer asset?

For those of you who think I’m making this 💩 up, read for yourself what the SEC alleges: 👇👇👇 Image
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How I have automated my #algotrading and spend less than ₹10 to execute it monthly. This is running on #AWS

Thread 👇

1. use Python to execute the #algo
2. commit the #algo files in a git repo - I use GitHub (you can use anything else)
3. Use AWS Lambda to start and stop the AWS ec2 small instance (I will switch to AWS Fargate later)
4. Pull the latest code from git.
5. Server starts at 9am - auto-login
6. starts data service by 9.15am and start collecting data for signal generation
7. Wait for Signal
8. Log everything in a log file.
9. All positions and PNL are logged every minute to the Dynamodb database. (This helps to understand what happened through the day)
10. close all positions at 3.14pm - send PNL on telegram
11. upload all log files to AWS s3 for review.
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How does a middle office risk management job differ from a risk management job on the trading floor?
@garp @PRMIA @actuarynews @SOActuaries @irmglobal
TMO - Treasury Middle Office roles differ from bank to bank.
In other non-banking financial institutions, MO roles may vary according to portfolio size and responsibilities handed over to the risk management team.
MO is primarily responsible for overseeing trading (front office) activities and applying controls, and reporting violations thereof.
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Design your first algorithmic trading system using this simple approach:

(1/5) To begin with, design a simple strategy that works and can be executed using a simple infrastructure. As far as possible, keep it simple, intuitive and don’t overuse indicators.
(2/5) Once backtest results are positive, conduct a walk-forward test or a paper trading test, and see how the system behaves in the live market environment.
(3/5) Once you establish that the system is behaving as expected, you may start running the strategy in the live market environment. Start with a small capital and gradually increase the allocated capital, don’t go too big too soon.
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$algo i longed it some hours ago... i hope it will reach the blue rectangle.
Green rectangle it's a good buy area!

#algorand #algo #crpyto #altcoin
$algo faster than i expected... let' see if will push a little more!

#algorand #algo #crypto #altcoin
$algo i'm sure could pump more, but i'm ok with profit and im going to close it!

#algo #algorand #crypto #altcoin
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Sır gibi saklanıp küçük yatırımcıya gösterilmeyen formüller;

*kullanıcı peryot değiştirlebilir
**kullanıcı tersini yazarak aşağı kesenleri de bulabilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image

10günlük hareketli ortalaması 50 günlüğü kesenler

*kullanıcı peryot değiştirlebilir
**kullanıcı tersini yazarak aşağı kesenleri de bulabilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image
3⃣ son 3 peryottur hacmi artanlar

*kullanıcı 3 vs değiştirebilir

#matriks #algoritma #algotrading #explorer #taramaFormülleri Image
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Missed a good profit bcoz of insufficient fund.. #NSE #SYSTEMTRADING #ALGO #NSE

Learning: always better to keep your fund to 100%. Image
#NSE #SYSTEMTRADING #ALGO #NSE I mean it's a good profit if I exit now. Let's see if that's really a good profit at 3:15 ..

Fingers crossed..
#NSE #SYSTEMTRADING #ALGO ok.. roller coaster mode initiated...
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For those that have been paying an attention! 😉

#ALGO #algorand

awesome move!

Void filled, bounced from the support nicely ✅

Look to take profits in the blue box.

#ALGO #Algorand Image
While many were telling you "to the moon" I told you to take profits

Yes, the price could've run through but it didn't and now you're stuck here

If you did a good place to re-open is in the grey box with an SL shown. I believe there is more continuation in #ALGO #ALgorand Image
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