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#USDT depegged today!

What happened?

A thread.🧵 Image

About 12 hours ago, whale"0x3356" created a new address to deposit 52.5M $USDC and borrowed 40M $USDT on #Aave and #Compound.

Then he started depositing 40M $USDT into #Coinbase and #Kraken 6 hours ago. ImageImage

$USDT started depegging after whale"0x3356" deposited $USDT to exchanges.

And whale"0x3356" withdrew 25M $USDC from #Coinbase 4 hours after depositing $USDT.… ImageImage
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1/ The founder of always deposits $CRV to #Aave and borrows $USDC& $USDT.

He deposited 291M $CRV (34% of the Circulating Supply) on #Aave and borrowed $65M $USDT & $USDC now.

Let's take a thread to see where these $USDT and $USDC were transferred to. ImageImage
2/ Let's start with a summary.

- 37.7M $USDT was deposited to #Bitfinex;

- 51M $USDC was transferred to Wintermute Trading;

- 14.2M $USDT was used to buy ETH and USDC during the USDC depegging.
3/ Founder deposited a total of 37.7M $USDT to #Bitfinex.

Among them, 31M $USDT was transferred to #Bitfinex from April 10th to April 14th.

At that time, the price of $BTC rose above $30,000.… ImageImage
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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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1/ Arthur Hayes(@CryptoHayes) deposited 75K $USDC into #Coinbase after he tweeted he was going to buy shitcoins.

Let’s take a thread at which coins Arthur Hayes currently holds. ImageImage
2/ Here are the tokens held by Arthur Hayes' 2 addresses starting with "0xA86e" and "0x534A":

- 6,943 $ETH($13M)
- 200,580 $GMX($10.72M)
- 239,628 $ENS($2.25M)
- 17M $LOOKS($1.4M)
- 1.96M $WILD($966K)
- 105,814 $FXS($655K)
- 266,393 $SUSHI($200K)
3/ Check out my previous tweets about which coins Arthur Hayes holds on Feb 8.
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1. What a mess these two #SEC lawsuits have created: first, the one filed yesterday against #Binance, and second, the one today against #Coinbase! What are the reasons? The SEC has deemed 12 #crypto tokens as securities, namely: Image
2. BNB, BUSD, SOL, ADA, MATIC, #FIL, ATOM, #SAND, #MANA, #ALGO, AXS, and COTI. Because of this, the SEC is accusing both crypto exchanges of running illegal exchange operations. How might this affect the broader crypto market? First of all, we have an increased risk associated Image
3. with #altcoins. Therefore, building a crypto portfolio using blue-chip coins like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum would be much more sensible under these circumstances (however, please bear in mind that ETH is not entirely outside the possible #SEC regulatory purview). Image
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Earliest man established the sea to be in mysterious commune with the heavens and beyond our power to influence. Leonardo da Vinci thought that the tides to be the breathing motions of a large beast and tried to calculate the size of such a creature’s lungs. Image
Human imagination populated the world’s oceans with monstrum marinum. ImageImageImage
Some, like the mermaid, are familiar and knowable, while others remain inscrutable and of impossible scale, like the legendary Scylla and Charybdis, the six-headed serpent and the great undersea colossus whose maw formed a whirlpool that could devour a ship whole. ImageImage
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It's likely that you'll be hearing more about another XBB descendant lineage, XBB.2.3*, alongside XBB.1.5 (Kraken), XBB.1.9.1 (Hyperion), and XBB.1.16 (Arcturus).

To aid communication, we're nicknaming XBB.2.3* "Acrux" (after the star
This is in keeping with the new nicknaming system that uses astronomical names and includes information about the lineage (starts with A-H = BA.2 lineage) and recombinant ancestry (has an R in the name = recombinant descendant).…
It's easy to track variant info thanks to amazing tools by folks like @Mike_Honey_, @RajlabN, and @nextstrain.…
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How many of the withdrawn $ETH has been re-staked after the #Shanghai upgrade?

How many were sold off?

We analyze the top $ETH withdrawal addresses and staking addresses.

1. 🧵
Here are some findings. ImageImage

A total of 1,024,099 $ETH ($2.15B) has been withdrawn.

Here are the top 15 withdrawal addresses:👇

- 3 addresses re-staked $ETH after withdrawal, with a total of 19,844 $ETH.

- 3 addresses transferred $ETH to CEX after withdrawal, with a total of 71,444 $ETH. ImageImage

Address"0x08De" withdrew 50,956 $ETH, then transferred 5,572 $ETH($11.8M) to Huobi ETH2 Staking address and transferred 45,000 $ETH($95M)… ImageImage
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Market microstructure is so important in trading.

Here’s some brilliant analysis from Kaiko that I’ve summarised.

A must read thread for crypto traders. 👇🏼
Volumes - Amid last weeks broad market rally, #Crypto trade volumes reached their highest level since the FTX collapse.
On 14 March, trade volumes on the 18 most liquid centralised exchanges rose to $51bn, hitting 4-month highs.
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Hello Spring 2023!

The swap lines are open, and we're buying $GOLD $TLT and #Bitcoin (unbelievably)

But what about the Qs?

Let' dig into the market 🧮!
Asia closed ↘️ with $HSI🩸🇭🇰

$NIKK 26946 -1.4%
$SSEC 3235 -0.5%
$TWII 15120 -0.2%
$HSI 19021 -2.55% ⬅️ 🩸
$KOSPI 2379 -0.7%
$IDX 6612 -1.0%

Australia ↘️
$ASX 6898 -1.4%

India ↘️
$BSE 57260 -1.25%
Europe ↘️ sharply with $MIB 🩸🇮🇪

$DAX 14523 -1.65%
$FTSE 7222 -1.55%
$CAC 6824 -1.45%
$AEX 713 -1.25%
$IBEX 8552 -1.95%
$MIB 24951 -2.1% ⬅️ 🩸
$SMI 10422 -1.8%
$MOEX 2354 +1.35% ⬅️🪆

$VSTOXX 30.04 🔺

$DAX range = 14501 - 15324 ♉️ ⬅️ buy?
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Herkese günaydın 🤗 öncelikle dün açıklanan makro verilerden bahsedelim.Perakende satışları,ABD'deki perakende satışlarının Şubat 2023'te, piyasa beklentilerine göre %0.3 azalması beklenirken %0.4 düştüğü açıklandı.
Ocak ayında da %3.2 artış yaşanmıştı.En büyük düşüş mobilya mağazalarında (%2.5), yiyecek-içecek hizmetleri sektöründe (%2.2), çeşitli perakende satış noktalarında (%1.8), otomobil ve parça satıcılarında (%1.8)
giyim mağazalarında (%0.8) ve benzin istasyonlarında (%0.6) yaşandı.Bununla birlikte, online perakendecilerde (%1.6), sağlıkta (%0.9), yiyecek-içecek mağazalarında (%0.5%), genel mal mağazalarında (%0.5) ve elektronik ve ev aletlerinde (%0.3) artış görüldü.
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Herkese Günaydın 🤗, dün #ABD'de açıklanan #enflasyon verisi, #Bitcoin'in yukarı yönlü fiyatlanmasına neden oldu. Rapora göre, tüketici fiyatları endeksi (#CPI) ocak ayında %6,4 arttıktan sonra şubatta %6 artarak piyasa beklentileriyle uyumlu gerçekleşti.
Gıda ve enerji hariç tüm kalemleri kapsayan çekirdek #CPI endeksi, ocak ayına göre %0.5 artış gösterdi ve bu artış piyasa beklentilerinin üzerinde oldu. (daha ayrıntılı bilgi için 👉…)
#enflasyon verisinin beklenti halinde gelmesi #bitcoin tarafında olumlu karşılandı ama unutulmaması gereken birşey var "#enflasyon halen daha %2 hedeften uzak" ve önümüzdeki süreçte #FED atacağı adımlar önemli.
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Macro Review 03/10/23

🧵 1/8

The #Kraken may have been unleashed on financial markets this week with volatility up across asset classes.

Let’s dig into the critical 🧮 from the week!
© Adobe Stock

After a week of reflation and my #CrashRiskRising call from 02/26/23, Jay Powell stepped up to the plate and told us “dot plot going higher.”

The UST2Y ripped, the curve inverted further, and the MOVE ↗️

Chart: MOVE index 140.06

After two days of Powell chatting with Congress, the UST 2Y accelerated to 5.05%, a multi-year high, before crashing hard on the SVB news.

Chart: $UST2Y with -1.6 STD move in 2 days
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Saturday is Day 381 of #Russia's attempt to obliterate #Ukraine from the map, to destroy an independent nation and centuries of culture.

This is the only thread you need for all the news and developments around the war, here's y'day's thread to catch up:

Starting today with the British Intel update. London confirms that #Wagner troops have reached the centre of #Bakhmut. However they explain why #Ukraine is still holding #Russia at bay in the #Donetsk town.

They don't supply a map, so I've added 2 from Google + DeepState to help
There are so many exaggerations, lies & fakes in all wars; I guess these days it's easier, quicker to spread + difficult & time consuming to try to spot fakes.

But here's one. As news of Leopard tanks being deployed by #Ukraine, a crude photoshop of a🇷🇺 chevron on an old photo
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$USDC trading between $0.88 and $0.95 on exchanges like #Kraken, #ByBit, #Gemini, et al. (it doesn't trade on #Coinbase who have merged USD and USDC)

USDC redemptions closed til Monday.

Yr money is trapped in a burning building anon.

To the rekt & those about to rek: 🫡
sound: ON 👆
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Hey you 🫵🏾

Twitter is noisy as hell so here are some of the major #Web3 news you may have missed today ❤️

P.S I put an Easter egg at the end for all you loyal scrollers 👀

1/7 @coffeezila has ripped the @CelsiusNetwork scandal wide open in a recent youtube video.

The crypto investigator and popular youtuber disclosed that the platform was guilty of concealing critical information from investors and exaggerating interest rates
2/7 @EOS blockchain recently announced plans to

incentivize its developer community in anticipation of

the launch of the #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), scheduled for next month.

The price of $EOS has increased by nearly 8% in the past week.
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ELI5: Why did #SilvergateBank / $SI just implode?

I realize some people may be wondering WTF just happened so here's the unannotated short version...

The story begins when $SI, a small regional bank, decided to go full crypto.
A bunch of crypto companies used $SI to hold user deposits, stablecoin backing, etc - $USD cash. As it got more crypto customers it grew - $SI went from being a small bank to a medium bank, holding IIRC ~$15 billion in customer deposits.
Since it had all this cash around $SI execs decided to invest it in a very safe asset: US Treasury bills. Basically they loaned the government of the United States money in exchange for interest plus guarantee of getting it back in N years.
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#Bitcoin türev borsalarına yaklaşık 100 adet #btc taşında.Bu fiyatı yukarı veya aşağıya doğru çekebilir dikkat etmekte fayda var ⚠️ Image
Bu işlemi yapan balinamızın adresi 👉… @Blockchair
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Herkese hayırlı günler 🤗 #pazartesi gününe #bitcoin teknik ve on chain analiziyle başlıyoruz 🚩Öncelikle dün 23.800k kadar olan shortlardan bahsetmiştik.Dün o bölgeler temizlendi 🤷

+++🧵 Image
Şimdi teknik tarafta dün bahsettiğimiz düşen kama kırılamadı 🤷ama günlük bazda #Elliot 5 dalga modeline göre "A" dalgasından tepkime aldık ve "B" dalgasına doğru bir ilerleme var oda 23.900k denk geliyor.

Teknik tarafta kısa ve uzun vadede "SAT" yönlü bir ilerleme söz konusu. Şimdi on-chain tarafına geçelim. Spot tarafına 24 ve 144 saatlik bazda stablecoin girişleri yetersiz kalıyor. Bu durumda, piyasa hacimsizliğinden en çok zarar gören taraf türev piyasaları oluyor.
+++🧵 24-144(MA) Hours Inflow Sta...Image
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#Tether watch!

Got another juicy thread today tracking down Binance wash trading. Very juicy.

So, i was looking at the #USDT again that keeps flowing into #Binance via #Kraken. I did the crazy thing again, and found it in Binance Hot.

But this time i went even further.
See that red line? I figured, maybe the bot network is stupid enough to transfer all the funds in at once, because there's pages of IN at 6H22M - but the amounts are *ASCENDING* in order! Sorted almost!

So i clicked on *every wallet* in that screenshot. Here's the analysis:
Look closely now.
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𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘃𝗮𝗹𝗶𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗶𝗻𝘃𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗯𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗳𝗶𝘁 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝗯𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗰𝗿𝘆𝗽𝘁𝗼 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴
We may all have been familiar with the recent Kraken story, the exchange is actually banned from offering stacking as a service at the moment. Another confirmation that one of the most common measures of regulation of the crypto industry by the government is a restriction.
1/5 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘀 𝗻𝗲𝘅𝘁?
We are likely to see investor churn as a result of these negative headlines.
Staking is not an incredibly complex or difficult process to understand. Simple in concept, it has spawned many tax, regulatory, accounting, and now legal issues.
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Sars2 persistence doesn't seem to be entirely latent.
I'm noticing slow cognitive decline in people surrounding me, becoming more and more unaware and distracted by balloons. Sars2/sars3 is slowly and surely eating their brains.
Besides a lot of new ailments, or deterioration of previous ones, proneness to sickness, migraines, & organs damage, tinnitus, etc, there is more erratic behavior, less capacity of assessing risks, blithe unawareness of the surrounding hazards, and a fascination for balloons.
We can see people becoming ghosts of themselves, fading personalities, lack of character, loss of ethical principles, and a lot of worsening of skills. Their gait is even becoming more precarious.
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“LINES, SINES, & SARS—will COVID become an endogenous virus? asks his eminence, T “#Kraken” Gregory. (AFAIK, no Nidovirus has ever become part of a metazoan genome & coronaviruses rely on an entirely cytoplasmic replication cycle.. so this is **exceedingly** unlikely)
The convo itself should be linked & saved for comic value (I’m blocked by all of the major participants—someone sent me screenshots..). It’s entertainingly revealing.. Ed covers some of the logical issues here
But a quick FYI: if you had COVID-19, it’s VERY UNLIKELY it invaded your reproductive organs. Not sure where that claim is coming from or if the data behind it is robust. (Ebola does actually do weird stuff like that and of course, still isn’t integrating into people’s genomes).
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🇺🇦⚡️A video from the body cameras of some illuminated members of Kraken unit, who intimidated their military personnel, is circulating on the network
#ukrainewar #ukraine #russia #nato #kraken #warcrimes
This video certainly confirms the fact that the Kraken fighters act as detachments that do not allow ordinary fighters to refuse to perform combat missions.
The nationalists tie the hands of the troshniks and cover their eyes with scotch tape. To intimidate the soldiers, they put them on their knees with the inscription "traitor" and open fire in their direction.
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